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WyoFile’s Wyoming: Hyattville and Medicine Lodge

November 16, 2010

Tucked away amid the red, rolling foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in north central Wyoming, Hyattville is only six miles from Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site, …

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WyoFile’s Wyoming: The Occidental Hotel

October 19, 2010

On a visit to Buffalo in 1997, at the intersection of Main and Fort Streets, Dawn Wexo happened to glance to the right and …


Bears by the Numbers, Keeping Tabs on Our Bruins

December 1, 2008

Casper — Ever since that day in 1961 that the Craighead brothers, Frank and John, placed a radio collar around the neck of Marian, a …


Wyoming Ruling Complicates Snowmobile Scene, Pro-Snowmobile Group Declares Victory

November 17, 2008

CASPER  —  U.S. District Judge Clarence Brimmer said in a Friday ruling that, while he didn’t like another federal judge’s decision to throw out Yellowstone …


Yellowstone, Teton Plan Reduces Snowmobiles in Park

November 10, 2008

Photo Credit: Jim Peaco
Casper — With the winter season closing in and Wyoming snow outfitters in limbo, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park officials unveiled …


Wildfires and Personal Responsibility

August 31, 2008

Casper — While still on staff at the Casper Star Tribune, I trained for a week with Bureau of Land Management firefighters in Casper, to …


“Does the River Run Downstream?”

June 23, 2008

"These animals that are just running around out here, … they couldn't be wild, could they?"
Casper – Retailers have the expression that you “open your …


Close Elk Feedgrounds Before It’s Too Late

May 12, 2008

An open letter
Dear “X” and Governor Dave Freudenthal,
I’m writing to the next director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and to the Wyoming governor, …