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Group plans $100 million project to remake science at UWYO

October 23, 2014

A task force is nearing completion on a $100 M “Science Initiative” plan to remake the teaching of science at the University of Wyoming.

Featured First same-sex marriage licenses

First same-sex marriage licenses issued in Wyoming

October 21, 2014

Same-sex couples applied for Wyoming marriage licenses today in the wake of a court ruling. Advocates say the licenses represent a new era for the …

Featured same sex marriage

Q&A: Al Simpson on same-sex marriage in the Equality State

October 17, 2014

WyoFile spoke with former Sen. Alan Simpson (R) to get his views on the same-sex marriage case and what it means for the Equality State.

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Wyoming’s stalemate on same-sex marriage may break this week

October 14, 2014

A federal court prepares to decide the same-sex marriage issue in Wyoming, while advocates look back on the movement in the Equality State.

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Guide to 2014 Wyoming general election debates and voting

October 13, 2014

PBS hosts 2014 Wyoming general election debates October 13 and October 15-16. Absentee voting is underway, and Election Day is November 4.

Energy drilling simulator

University of Wyoming opens oil & gas drilling simulation lab

October 7, 2014

$1M in taxpayer funds used to match $1M gift from WPX Energy to build drilling rig simulator for UW students.

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Eastern Shoshone protest Arapaho withdrawal from Council

October 1, 2014

The Eastern Shoshone Business Council says it will not go along with the process proposed by the Northern Arapaho to replace the Joint Business Council.

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Wyoming businesses seek to pool data to lower healthcare costs

September 30, 2014

Private employers aren’t waiting for state help to gather healthcare cost information that could lead to lower prices from providers.

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U.S. Senate candidates challenge 18-year incumbent Enzi

September 23, 2014

The Wyoming race for U.S. Senate pits well-funded incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi (R) against a former Catholic priest, an airline pilot, and a cook.

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UW law school says it meets needs of state, energy industry

September 16, 2014

Lawmakers and faculty discussed the University of Wyoming College of Law, and expressed hope for a new era of cooperation after last fall’s chaos.

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Northern Arapaho dissolve joint council in bid for sovereignty

September 10, 2014

In a historic move, Northern Arapaho leaders have withdrawn from the Joint Business Council, a governing body they sat on with the Eastern Shoshone.

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Gov. candidates weigh options for Wyoming Medicaid expansion

September 9, 2014

With more red states moving to expand Medicaid, candidates for Wyo. governor take their stand on the issue.

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Gosar challenges Gov. Mead to five live-streamed debates, Mead declines

September 4, 2014

Democratic candidate for Governor Pete Gosar has proposed a series of live streamed debates across Wyoming that will take questions from the public.

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UW attempts to rebuild after Sternberg shakeup

September 2, 2014

Administration is taking measures to bring stability to academic affairs, and win back trust by better engaging faculty.

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Mead, Murray, and Balow win contested primary races

August 20, 2014

Wyoming primary election results came in late last night, bringing to a close several contested races in the GOP primary.

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Who bankrolls Wyoming’s top-funded primary candidates?

August 19, 2014

For many of the top-funded candidates, self-financing played a major role in amassing campaign cash.

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Wyoming GOP debates for Governor and Treasurer analyzed

August 12, 2014

In yesterday’s televised debate for the GOP primary for governor, viewers saw a mixture of the anti-federal impulses within the state’s Republican party.

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GOP candidates for Wyoming governor & treasurer debate on PBS

August 12, 2014

Gov. Matt Mead and Treasurer Mark Gordon faced off against their GOP primary challengers in a live debate that aired on Wyoming PBS August 11.

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Eleven primary races that could change Wyoming politics

August 5, 2014

Several key primary races could change the direction of Wyoming politics.

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‘Medicaid expansion still very important’ on reservation

August 3, 2014

Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Healthcare officials say Medicaid expansion could help local clinics, at no cost to the state.