Single-Party State

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Published on June 1, 2012

  • Mark

    Oh, and by the way, how are those govt. subsidies working for your “taking responsibility for your own wellbeing”? You’re welcome.

  • Mark

    Yeah, Caroline. Who ever heard of an elitist rancher. I mean aside from Taylor Haines. Or the Warren Family. Or Cynthia Lummis, or . . .

    How many ranchers are in the state legislature even though they only account for 2-3% of the economy? Hell, that is pretty much the definition of elitism.

  • Steve Lovelace

    “Real Wyoming people do not spend their lives reviewing statistics” Interesting comment. It brings up many questions. How does one become one of these Real people? Is there a list of criteria? If you are not a real Wyoming person, exactly what is your ontological status? Are these Real Wyoming people somehow an elite among the pretenders? OK… that much is tongue in cheek. Has there been abuse at the hands of an elite? I would suggest Wyoming Range War by John W Davis for a case study.

  • Carolyn M. Johnson :-)

    Hmmmm….if working all my life (still at 69), as have all the generations of my
    family since 1908 in Wyoming, taking responsibility and accountability for our own wellbeing, calculating the risks and dangers of one of the most dangerous occupations (ranching) as we work and teach our children … learning to think
    about consequences of our own actions instead of expecting the government
    to think and provide for us … if that’s “elite,” then it means a different thing
    to you than to most of us. Real Wyoming people don’t spend their lives reviewing statistics, but seeking to make the world a better place for their having existed.

  • Jon Anderhub

    Wyoming ranks 2nd in work place fatalities and ranks 48th in accountability.
    These are abuses against the people of Wyoming.
    And if you do not see the elite of Wyoming perhaps it’s because you are one of them.

  • Carolyn M. Johnson :-)

    The last comment from Brodie is so much B. S.! Wyoming doesn’t have an
    elite! When was the last “abuse” perpetrated??? Sheesh!!!

  • Brodie Farquhar

    Greg ignores Wyoming history, which has had a number of Democratic governors. And the Wyoming Democratic Party has emphatically NOT given up, focusing on legislative races with 28 candidates for House and Senate. The Party is working a long-range plan to build the depth and quality of our bench and make steady strides at increasing our presence in the legislature and fielding creditable candidates for state-wide office, including the congressional delegation.
    Greg’s point is apt, however, in that when a single party is overly (or completely) dominant, it can be abusive toward the interests of its people, kowtowing to the interests of an elite. That is certainly the case here in Wyoming.

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