How to republish content from WyoFile

As a public service, all WyoFile stories and columns are available free of charge to Wyoming and regional media. WyoFile editors and reporters also collaborate with local newspapers on specific investigative reporting projects.

Editors may pull original WyoFile stories directly from our web site. Please send a notification to prior to republication.  The use of photos may require additional permission from the original creator of the content. You must credit WyoFile in the byline and link to in online editions. As a courtesy, we appreciate it when our reporters’ names are included. Editors also may optionally include a tagline at the end of stories, such as: WyoFile is a nonprofit news service focused on Wyoming people, places and policyOur republishing FAQ has complete details on using our content.

Text can be simply highlighted and copied. (Note that you may need to delete inline photos or captions from stories before reusing them.) We recommend the free Readability app if you experience difficulties in copying text from our site. Please check with WyoFile at before reprinting photos. We usually embed cutlines and credits in IPTC metadata format in the “caption” or “description” field with each photo, but you can always copy cutlines and credits directly from the WyoFile site.

Document files in .PDF or other formats are public documents and may be downloaded and freely redistributed unless otherwise noted.

We ask that you run our stories unedited, in their entirety. Style edits or other necessary changes made for consistency or logistical reasons are acceptable. Please contact us if you would like to run a shorter version of one of our stories. If you send us an email when you pull a story for republication, we’ll be sure to notify you promptly of any changes, updates or corrections made later.

You do not need to ask for specific permission before republishing a WyoFile story. We appreciate it when editors send an email to letting us know, so that we may track where our stories end up. We also appreciate tear sheets of nice layouts of our material, which can be sent to WyoFile, 301 Thelma Dr., Suite 444, Casper WY 82609.