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The Drake's Take Kerry Drake

Temper tantrum isn’t helping Republicans govern

November 25, 2014

If the House doesn’t like what’s happening, it should preempt Obama’s order by passing a bill on immigration reform.

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Voters across Wyoming endorse Republicans and local control

November 5, 2014

In Wyoming’s Republican sweep, voters favored incumbents and local control in education issues, and said ‘no’ to out-of-state university trustees.

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Political allies Simpson and Cheney differ greatly in public life

Commentary by Guest Column November 4, 2014 November 4, 2014

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is taking part in a new PBS documentary, but isn’t likely to “spill his guts,” says journalist Geoffrey O’Gara.

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Could federal protection mire sage grouse conservation?

October 28, 2014

If greater sage grouse are put on threatened or endangered list, some fear state support and sportsmen’s money will evaporate.

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Wyoming’s stalemate on same-sex marriage may break this week

October 14, 2014

A federal court prepares to decide the same-sex marriage issue in Wyoming, while advocates look back on the movement in the Equality State.

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Green River dams get little support in survey

September 30, 2014

Ten smaller reservoirs eyed for decade-long construction push

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U.S. Senate candidates challenge 18-year incumbent Enzi

September 23, 2014

The Wyoming race for U.S. Senate pits well-funded incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi (R) against a former Catholic priest, an airline pilot, and a cook.

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Northern Arapaho dissolve joint council in bid for sovereignty

September 10, 2014

In a historic move, Northern Arapaho leaders have withdrawn from the Joint Business Council, a governing body they sat on with the Eastern Shoshone.

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Mead, Murray, and Balow win contested primary races

August 20, 2014

Wyoming primary election results came in late last night, bringing to a close several contested races in the GOP primary.

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Liz Cheney’s defense of dad is getting weaker

August 12, 2014

The media needs to stop trying to “balance” its reports on torture by grabbing a Cheney to respond every time the topic comes up.

The Pitch

Delegation wants Grand Teton to keep road open

August 3, 2014

Delegation wants Grand Teton to keep road open

Featured Two Elk part 4

Two Elk Saga Part 4: “Like I was purchased?”

June 3, 2014

“Are we a bunch of naïve buffoons? I don’t think we are. I just think we are way too trusting.” — Former Wyoming Gov. Dave …

Featured Two Elk part 1

The Two Elk Saga Part 1: “Wearing suits and using big words”

May 22, 2014

“My name is Mike Ruffatto. I’m president of North American Power Group and, on behalf of the Two Elk Power Company, I’m here to request …

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Two Elk Saga Intro: How one man’s dream became state, federal nightmare

May 20, 2014

“As much as we wanted it to be real, it wasn’t” — former Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal, September 10, 2013

The Drake's Take Kerry Drake - WyoFile

Could Sen. Enzi support the feds just once?

May 20, 2014

What on earth makes Enzi believe that Cliven Bundy is above following a court order that any other American citizen would have to obey?

Energy Report Dustin Bleizeffer - Wyoming News

Gov Mead begs for coal’s rescue while denying man’s role in climate crisis

May 16, 2014

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead says he understands the market realities of climate and coal, but remains “skeptical” of climate warnings.

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Arapaho promote mediation in reservation border dispute

May 6, 2014

A symposium in Riverton will explore possibilities for mediating the Wind River Reservation border dispute arising from an EPA decision.

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Journalists need help getting over Liz Cheney

January 13, 2014

Drake takes a satirical look at the end of Liz Cheney’s Senate bid; “… Something inside of me died the night CNN said she was …

Featured Liz Cheney - Wyoming news

Liz Cheney withdraws from U.S. Senate campaign

January 6, 2014

Liz Cheney quit the Wyoming Senate race against Sen. Mike Enzi on January 6 citing unspecified health issues with her children.

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‘Scrap the cap’ — Warren has right idea on Social Security

November 26, 2013

Kerry Drake outlines Wyoming’s congressional delegation’s stance on Social Security and his agreement with Elizabeth Warren’s plan to eliminate the cap on income subject to …