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Striker, the charmer.

Striker, our incredibly intelligent Springer spaniel, was diagnosed with lymphoma several weeks ago. We did one expensive course of chemo and daily doses of prednisone, which, until December 30, worked out to maintain a quality of life. One morning it was clear that the time had come.

In the interim, though, Striker had a wonderful Christmas in Missoula, delicately kissing our nine month old granddaughter, chewing up pig ear treats and enjoying his exalted status. That granddaughter won’t remember him, but the rest of us will. This special dog got a huge love-up session at the vet clinic. Our vet kept reassuring us that we were doing the right thing, but we knew that already.

Striker went to sleep in my arms.

Next spring the people at the park will wonder why I am swimming only one dog.

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Published on January 11, 2011

  • Terry Del Bene

    Thank you for sharing Striker with us.

  • Dan Nelson

    May you be comforted by your joyous memories of the wonderful time you had with your very special friend, Striker. Your love for him was as unconditional as was his for you.

  • Bruce and Donna Walgren

    Please accept our condolences on your loss of Striker.

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