Cheney For Wyoming Announces County Leadership Teams   

November 4, 2013    

[Press Release] Today, the Cheney for Wyoming Campaign announced its leadership teams for all twenty-three counties. “I am honored that these community leaders have agreed to oversee our campaign efforts in their counties.   The dedication of hard-working individuals like these will be key to our campaign’s success, and I am grateful so many of them are signing on.  People all across Wyoming are ready for change.  They know we cannot continue business as usual.  We can’t keep going along to get along when our freedom is at stake.  Now is the moment we must stand and fight, and I am honored so many citizens across Wyoming are joining me in this effort,” said Liz Cheney, candidate for US Senate.

The Cheney for Wyoming Campaign also announced that former state legislator and former Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Mining Association Bill Budd and his wife Carrie of Big Piney will join Dick and Maggie Scarlett of Jackson, Bill and Toni Thomson of Cheyenne, and Byra Kite of Laramie as statewide co-chairs of the Cheney for Wyoming campaign. 

In addition to the Cheney for Wyoming statewide co-chairs, and our 23 county leadership teams, we are honored to have a statewide advisory board that includes: Jim and Janet Curry of Casper; Harriet Hageman of Cheyenne; Lois Herbst of Shoshoni; George Lemich of Rock Springs; Kim Brown of Farson; DJ Mansell of Gillette; Bernie and Sally Seebaum of Douglas; and Margaret Parry of Rock Springs.  Margaret Parry also serves as the Cheney for Wyoming finance chair. 

Cheney for Wyoming County Leadership Teams

Natrona County

Tom & Julie Scarlett


Laramie County        

Randy & Pattie Johnston        

Jim & Donna Weaver


Sheridan County

Ryan Mulholland


Sweetwater County

George Lemich           

Margaret Parry


Albany County

Baillie Miller

Rachel Rubino

Kimberly Starkey


Carbon County

Joy Teska

Dr. Charles & Jewel Young


Goshen County

Steve & Cheryl True


Platte County

Sherri Cullen

Judy Horton


Big Horn County

Diana DiLorenzo


Fremont County

Daniel Cardenas

Lois Herbst

Judy Legerski

Lindy Linn

Pat Moore


Park County  

Paul & Judith Cali


Lincoln County

Cherie Harriet

Harvey Klein


Converse County

Bernie & Sally Seebaum


Niobrara County

Charlene Miller


Hot Springs County

Dan Bravenec


Johnson County

Tom & Roz Harriet


Campbell County

Cory Schroeder

Vanessa Schroeder

Dick Wallis

Sue Wallis


Crook County

Wade Dennis


Uinta County

Jack Avery


Washakie County

Dena Bower    

Alison Lass     


Weston County

Stephanie Bonnar


Teton County

Jackie Montgomery


Sublette County

Bill & Carrie Budd

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  1. All you gotta say is someones trying to take your freedom away and you can get elected in Wyoming. Its an over-used and out-dated platform. Its hard to say where common sense lies, if its anywhere.

  2. Hmmm, and just Saturday I got a fund-raising plea from Enzi in the mail.

    In addition to her general carpetbaggery, I’m annoyed that Cheney is foisting a campaign upon us so looooooong before the election.