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Wyoming scrambles after losing 'Obamacare' legal challenge

While Wyoming’s all-Republican congressional delegation decried the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision late last week to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and vowed to repeal the law, their Republican counterparts at home appeared to labor under the assumption that Wyoming may very well have to meet a series of tight deadlines under the law that […]

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Shake-up in alcohol, tobacco and suicide prevention services rankles providers

A major shake-up is coming in how a federal grant to help prevent suicide and the use of alcohol and tobacco will be administered in Wyoming. Some critics say it will result in significant layoffs at community-level organizations, and it could diminish some one-on-one prevention services. The change has also raised questions about the bidding process that awarded a contract for health services.

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Health on Hold: Lawmakers put the brakes on health insurance exchange effort

After nearly two years of study and building a wide coalition of stakeholders, Wyoming’s Health Insurance Exchange Steering Committee is temporarily on hold. Some say the suspension is appropriate amid legal uncertainty about federal health laws. Others say the move feels like a political affront to what had grown into a fairly large and diverse group of stakeholders during the past two years.