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Wyoming betting on coal-bed methane comeback despite industry bankruptcies

Over the past several years coal-bed methane gas operators in the Powder River Basin have idled thousands of wells due to low pricing, and a handful of operators struggle on the verge of bankruptcy.

Black Diamond Energy Inc. and Loral Operating, for example, each have failed to put up the full amount of state-mandated “idle well” bonding. Each has also failed to perform required “mechancial integrity testing” to ensure their idle wells do not create environmental or human health hazards.

In all, the fate of some 11,800 idle coal-bed methane wells in the basin remains uncertain, creating a potential liability that could cost millions of dollars to address.

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Makin’ Bacon

Makin’ Bacon In the midst of historic mineral revenues and state reserve accounts, Governor Mead is celebrating a huge infusion of federal dollars for the Greater Sage-grouse and is asking for federal money for flood disasters.  Maybe he envies the larded up massive highway spending in our neighboring Montana, with two Democratic senators and one […]