Patagonia clothing is displayed at the Jackson Hole Resort Store on the Jackson Town Square on Aug. 16, 2021, along with swag from the resort and valley. Patagonia will no longer sell to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort after a resort owner co-hosted a conservative political fundraiser. (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

Patagonia, the iconic sportswear company that’s built a worldwide reputation on outdoor athleticism and environmental activism, will no longer supply Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with its products after a resort owner hosted a fundraiser for the right-wing House Freedom Caucus.

Patagonia confirmed Tuesday that it would no longer sell to the resort, its largest single customer in the Jackson Hole area. The resort company operates retail stores in Teton Village at the base of the ski area, as well as Hoback Sports and the Jackson Hole Resort Store in nearby Jackson.

The move came after Jay Kemmerer, one of the resort’s owners, co-hosted a fundraiser Aug. 5, 2021, at a posh Jackson hotel for the House Freedom Caucus. U.S. Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) headlined the event. Admission to the event cost a minimum of $2,000 per couple.

The three have parroted the former president’s false claims of election fraud and been panned by conservation groups for their environmental records. Patagonia and the caucus also diverge on social priorities like voting rights and advocacy for minorities and disadvantaged groups, according to widely reported public positions.

Protesters hold signs near a House Freedom Caucus fundraiser hosted in part by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort owner Jay Kemmerer. The fundraiser featured former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

Patagonia’s decision centered on “our really strong commitment to using both our business and our brand to advocate for our strong priorities,” said Corley Kenna, head of communications and policy at Patagonia. “When there’s a misalignment on that, then we take action.

The resort president said Jackson Hole is committed to environmental action.

“JHMR retail will continue to offer world-class brands across our retail locations with the aim to provide the best service and product assortment for our guests,” president Mary Kate Buckley said in a statement. “We  have been a leader in the ski industry in adopting initiatives to reduce our energy consumption, recycle the consumables used by our employees and guests, and treat the spectacular natural habitat which surrounds us with vision and care.

“We are proud to be the largest mountain resort operating on 100% wind today,” the statement reads. “We will remain focused on operating a world-class mountain resort and protecting the health and safety of our guests and employees.”

Kemmerer’s fundraiser drew a gaggle of protesters, some of whom suggested that skiers and others should no longer support the world-class ski area by buying ski passes or otherwise engaging in business with it, according to reporting by the Jackson Hole News&Guide. One protester, Jorge Colon, said he was willing to cancel the season ski pass he bought to access the expansive ski area, which is internationally known for long runs and radical terrain.

“It’s just a shame that it’s gotten to this point,” Colon, an active septuagenarian who has worked various jobs at the ski area over the decades, told WyoFile. “I know they supply a lot of people with work, but to be backing up that group…is pretty embarrassing.”

Profits vs. priorities

Resort management has struggled to separate itself and its operations from Kemmerer’s political views. Members of the corporation’s board published an opinion piece in the local paper touting the company’s own environmental priorities and its commitment to the community and guests and the welcoming of a diversity of views.

Patagonia’s Kenna acknowledged a “long and strong relationship” with the “workers and the management team at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, if not Kemmerer himself.

Protester Jorge Colon said he is willing to cancel his season ski pass at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort after an owner, Jay Kemmerer, hosted a fundraiser for the House Freedom Caucus. (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

“It’s very fair to say that Jackson Hole is a really important community for us,” she said. “We have several [sports] ambassadors that live there. Plenty of my colleagues enjoy going there and appreciate all that the area has to offer,” including the natural environment.

Kenna would not disclose how much business Patagonia does with the ski and resort company.

“It is our largest customer in an area — that’s really critical,” she said. “That tells you something about the importance of this relationship. We don’t take ending it lightly.”

An open invitation promoting an Aug. 5, 2020, fundraiser for the House Freedom Caucus.

The House Freedom Caucus formed in 2015, and both Jordan and Meadows led it at one time. The caucus and the three fundraising conservatives hold views that are at loggerheads with Patagonia’s ethics.

Jordan and former U.S. Rep. Meadows received 3% and 2% scores respectively for their votes on conservation issues from the League of Conservation Voters. The House stripped Greene of her committee assignments in February for “spreading dangerous and bigoted misinformation,” according to a characterization by The New York Times.

“It’s a shame that those people are doing what they’re doing,” Colon said of Kemmerer, “especially when we know as much as we know today. You can’t get away with that shit in Teton County,” he said of the fundraiser.

Patagonia has undertaken other boycotts, but is willing to reconsider its withdrawal from the mountain resort, Kenna said. If owners recommit to priorities “especially protecting the planet,” Patagonia would “consider sitting down and talking through that,” she said.

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“This is very much about staying true to our strong feeling and our responsibility as a benefit corporation to stand up for and advance our priorities, our policies to protect our planet and our communities,” Kenna said.

Angus M. Thuermer Jr. is the natural resources reporter for WyoFile. He is a veteran Wyoming reporter and editor with more than 35 years experience in Wyoming. Contact him at or (307)...

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  1. Jackson Resort will now get more of my business. Most pleased to hear Mr. Kemmerer Patagonia and its competitor North Face have no clue about much of anything and think someone cares about their pro-left policies. I ceased buying Patagonia and North Face products long ago for that very reason.

  2. In my opinion,cancelling is not the answer,whatever happened to continued dialog as difficult as that may be.

  3. I wonder how Patagonia feels about the 13 dead US servicemen that were killed in Afghanistan because of Biden’s incompetence and disregard for our military. They care more about trees than they do soldiers. Patagonia has never been on the same level as Arcteryx anyway so it will be easy not to buy their products.

  4. “Hi, thanks for buying from Patagonia! where both our products and our politics are made in China!”

  5. It’s comical to read all of the butt hurt comments here. Patagonia is a private company and they can make decisions as they please. Apparently, they chose not to partner with a business that embraces QAnon whack jobs and a sexual predator masquerading as a Florida congressman. I applaud their decision and I’m going out to buy more Patagonia gear.

    1. I’m not ‘butthurt’ I just laugh at the tactics/hypocrisy of a company like Patagonia. First, the product/brand isn’t very good/stylish, but that is besides the point. If Patagonia wants to be consistent they will look into every company they sell to. If the heads of those companies don’t conform with their belief system, they should stop selling to them. Now doesn’t that sound ridiculous? That is why I laugh at this type of ‘corporate’ action.

    2. It is quite simple, Patagonia as a private company is acting incredibly childish and refuses to do business with organizations that hurt their feefee’s. That’s fine. That is their right as a private business. They mistakenly think they are making a statement for the good of their company by doing so, a company with a less than stellar record considering it supports domestic terrorist organizations materially and financially.

      So what people here are doing is the EXACT same thing. Patagonia doesn’t want to sell it’s products at this location due to it’s politics? Well then the consumers are going to choose to not buy Patagonia’s products ANYWHERE for exactly the same reason, politics. You live by the sword you die by the sword, and this argument goes both ways.

      At the end of it all, nobody is FORCING Patagonia to sell to anyone or sell anywhere. On the other side of that same coin, nobody is being FORCED to buy Patagonia’s products and support terrorism. Plenty of other superior companies out there I can buy with that don’t use my money for unlawful woke politics.

  6. As ever the tolerant Left. Dependable as the Northern Star. And the Leftist elite corporate chieftains at Patagonia (who, amongst other curiosities livery around in private jets) claim they are pulling the plug on Jackson Hole as a show of face and upholding a “democratic society”………… Who knew……….?
    Yet, their twenty cents per hour slave labor factories whose product line is solely based on plastic (where does that come from, by the way…….?) look upon themselves as being so, so dignified, honorable, compassionate………..


    1. Some genuine Russian disinformation has found its way onto WyoFile’s pages… from east of the Ural Mountains in Siberia , no less.

      You are wrong abut Patagonia using ” twenty cent per hour slave labor “. Patagonia is a member of the global Fair Trade Labor Association that goes directly against sweatshop labor practices. And as for your comment on plastics. Patagonia began farbricating textiles for fully recycled plastics over 30 years ago. Their Capilene ™ cloth is made from recycled polyester beverage bottles, and can be re-recycled. I own several garments made from the stuff. Excellent for layered wicking winter and foul weather use, and it holds up very well. Very comfy. Especially excellent for long underwear…being in Siberia, you should look into that.

      Please read: to help recalibrate your thinking

  7. Thanks for an informative article as it stimulated so many to respond. Wyoming legislation has legalized the right of every citizen to be and act stupid. Case in point , no seat belt law. Some one recently exercised that right a few miles down the road. Free dumb wins again. That said, whose freakin’ right is it to tell a Wyoming Coal oligarch that he can not support and fund Domestic Terrorists. He can spend his money any way he wants. The right to peacefully assemble and listen to a speech is fundamental. I do take issue with the misinformed on clothing , gear and alpine technical clothing. You pay for what you get. My 1993 Storm Jacket is and will always be one of the best high altitude products made. And Chouinard‘s intro of a curved piolet / ice axe was huge, and slayed vertical ice in Ten Sleep Canyon and the East Face of Cloud Peak. His company has donated to many environmental causes both urban and rural. His use of fair trade and sustainable resources mirrors what Europe is doing. The factories that make his clothing and gear meet fair work policies recommended by the UN. Again, if a tax playing Wyoming citizen wants to fund White Nationalism ,Russian inspired propaganda or the violent over throw of the US they have the backing of the Wyoming Constitution to do it and without the tyranny of seat belts , face masks and vaccination. Some may not like these options , but in the end JHMR is a world class area, managed by some of the best .. from previous CEO to the current, and all management Supervisors are highly skilled and passionate leaders. The thoughts of one do not impact one of the best run ski areas in the world. So many more important issues like health. I suggest that some who chronically respond with poopy pants look into a better diet.. btw pastures greened back up with the rain?

  8. In general it feels like we are moving to become more divided in all aspects of life. We will eventually have liberal and conservative versions of everything (already do in many examples): Mfg, Retail, Banking, Media, Entertainment, etc. And the divide will widen which is sad. I wish more people could disagree with someone and not have to cut them out of their life/cancel/boycott as the loss of diversity of thought will lead to poorer outcomes. I think that most want to get to improved outcomes in life but many just disagree on the best way to get there. I wonder what would happen to Michael Jordan when he said “Republican’s buy sneakers, too” if he had said that today.

    1. Well said.
      I used to love having open conversation about current events.
      That just can’t happen anymore.
      You must take a knee and kiss the ring of mainstream propaganda or you are a lunatic and a leper.
      People used to want to learn things. Now they research enough one sided sources to back up a shallow train of thought and they are ready to argue.
      When you disagree they ask for your sources with one goal in mind….to mock their credibility.
      It is a sad state of affairs. The dishonest comments blaming Russia for opinions they disagree with…calling unruly protesters with legitimate concerns terrorists….when Democrats themselves were questioning voting machines and election results just 5 years ago…is truly beyond the pale.
      No introspection or self awareness. No humility.
      Just arrogant pride and revisionist history.
      Just decades ago it was the Republican party under Bush that paraded about like they could do no wrong. The slide into fascist tyranny is almost complete.
      But they will have nice outfits.

  9. Nobody trusts the press anymore to be unbiased. You have the right bias and the vast majority left bias. This reporter was very obviously left leaning. There are very few reporters who have the integrity to keep their opinions out of their writing. The good reporters keep their opinions out of the story and keep you guessing about what they think.

    1. Teachers used to hold their bias in check and actually teach critical thinking.
      Somewhere along the line they became “Educators” and teaching went all to Hell.
      Now they run the school to prison pipeline for the elite.
      Critical thinking is a rare thing. Obedience and conformity are the lesson.

    1. Yes, address the issue of the challenges with the loud, mean, irresponsible House Freedom Caucus with the clever rejoinder that Patagonia is overpriced. Solid plan.

    2. Really, Patagonia? Are you in the clothing business or in the catty business of politics? What a jump! I didn’t know you were the newest apparel authority who dictates what or to whom stores can sell. These people you are rendering “bad guys” by removing your clothing from their store have to make a living holding conferences. Is that really skin off your teeth or is it cutting your nose off to spite your face? Since you seem to be the big authority, What stores have you discontinued around the world in an effort to stop terrorists from purchasing or wearing your clothing or is that okey dokey by you?
      Would Doug Have approved this—I hope not!! He was more about the environment, peace and love. That’s the real goal isn’t it?

  10. Bravo to Patagonia. Neither the resort or the company will be hurt by this action. Statement it is to all you folks who think the narcissistic patriotism per Trump, Jordan, Green and the antivaxers is going to strengthen democracy. No, you folks who buy into the biggest lies ever will fortunately or unfortunately pay with many of your lives and hopefully in the process will not bring down this democracy. I too was once a Republican, but no longer. That “party” is not conservative but simply a dishonest money and power grab. Bravo to Liz Chaney as well. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.: JFK. You folks are doing nothing for this country. Try for once to take action for the greater good like Patagonia does routinely. Ah…This is a waste. of words. “never try to teach a pig to sing. It just irritates the pig and frustrates you.” Kemmerer, Green, Trump and the rest of you narcissistic “Republicans” will keep lying, cheating and trying to subvert voters who will not vote for you. and you will never sing I am afraid. Don’t take the vaccine, please. There are certainly microchips in it.

    1. the nouveau republicans are a stain on current politics. willfully ignorant and an unhealthy aversion to facts and truth. most self described “patriots” are more keen to spread lies and misrepresent truth to cover for their obsession with the failures of their orange lord and savior chrump.

      it’s cute that there is no chance of self reflection. instead of honestly looking at their flawed ideas and tactics, they blame EVERYTHING on the globalists, RINO’s, socialist’s etc….

  11. WyoFile considers this to be “independent reporting” and yet writes a biased line as “The three have parroted the former president’s false claims of election fraud.” PARROTED? This is a negative, prejudiced term that has NO PLACE in “independent” reporting, not to mention calling the claims of fraud to be false without support of that accusation.

    “a person who sedulously echoes another’s words”

    If you desire to be TRULY independent, then this should have been how the sentence was written, “the three have expressed support for the former president’s views of election fraud.”

    So how difficult is it to be truly independent and even-handed in your reporting? What’s that adage that a journalist’s personal opinions shouldn’t be obvious from their reporting? Well, yours is obvious and, sadly you couch is subtly so the average reader will be swayed by it.

    Well, not this reader. When you enter the world of journalism, you need to leave your opinions and biases at the door.

    1. Reporting accurately, which is what they have done here, is their job. These individuals ARE parroting the former President’s false claims that the election was stolen from him. That is a thing they are absolutely doing and that is demonstrably true.

      In any case “publishing things I don’t agree with” does not mean that something is automatically biased.
      Not a single person has any obligation whatsoever to publish your specific personal viewpoints other than you. That’s how free speech works, that’s how the marketplace of ideas works.

      Further, merely having bias (Which literally everyone has biases) does not automatically make everything or any given thing that person or entity publishes untrue or incorrect.

      I would personally suggest actually utilizing reason, and actively engaging with information, rather than just mindlessly writing off anything and everything that contradicts what you may already believe in any way as ‘biased and therefore false’.

      1. One basic assumption you make is that President Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen is false; That is still debatable, since no court has actually looked at any evidence (they just refused to hear the cases), and more and more evidence of irregularities is coming to light.

        I also find interesting that you apparently support free speech, the marketplace of ideas, and hearing minority points of view, but are opposed to this minority view.

        1. I agree with you!! I didn’t know there were so many communist sympathizers in Wyoming!!
          The leftists on this site are brainwashed sheep! Our country was booming under Trump and he generated the highest employment numbers for women and minorities. He brought companies back to the US from overseas by corporate tax reductions, resulting in thousands more jobs for Americans. Now look what has happened to our country under the Democrats. We are being overtaken by communist indoctrination in our schools, politics and businesses, as well as the leftist radicals in BLM and Antifa. If you liberals don’t believe it, I urge you to educate yourselves by reading Mao’s “Rules for Insurgency” and learn how they are being used by the Democratic Party, BLM and Antifa today! I believe that the owners of ANY business have the right to hold fundraisers for any political party – it’s called Americans freedom of speech! Patagonia sounds like it has been overtaken by radical leftist environmental sympathizers, and I, as an avid skier at Jackson Hole, will never buy their clothing again!! THAT is my right as an American!! Jackson Hole is an avid supporter of the environment and I urge every skier around the world to support Jackson Hole by making your reservations for the ski season for the next 10 years!! Do your part and boycott Patagonia products for their arrogant leftist intimidation tactics . They deserve no less. I’ll be back to your incredible resort in January Jackson Hole, you are the greatest ski resort in America! Do not bow to the threats of the leftist hypocrits like Patagonia who call themselves environmentalists while flying their jets around the world spewing deadly carbon that destroys the environment!

    2. Well said.
      The left believes so firmly in their position that lies are accepted behavior to reach the goal of authoritarian control. If the facts were enough they would stick to the facts.

      1. how many documented lies and mistruth’s did your orange chrump have in his term?

        i look forward to hearing about fake news, lamestream media, and george soros lies in your response.

    3. Can you prove that the claims of election fraud are TRUE? I live in Georgia and Wyoming and I have seen that the Georgia election which is a voting machine followed with a paper trail backup is as safe as you can get and after 3 separate audits did not change the results .
      Bias is an opinion. Truth is reality and that’s what was reported. Truth is you don’t like the results.

  12. Jay, Jorge, Yvon and everybody who contributed to this first amendment fest, Thank you. Where else could we get this diversity of opinion? USA! USA!

  13. Who buys Patagonia? Rich Leftist trust fund babies, so whatever. Everything that isn’t socialist gets labeled “far right”, so it’s either surrender or be called names.

    1. Exactly. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
      They never give an inch, but demand obedience.
      They call that “compromise”.

  14. This is turning out to be a great thread of comments. Conservatives vs Communists is absolutely the best debate ever. Please keep it up! Let’s shoot for 100 comments! I can’t wait to see what gems come up next.

  15. Patagonia lost me as a customer. Did not really think their merchandise”s quality matched the price anyway.

    1. FYI I have had a black Patagonia down jacket for more than ten years , maybe 15. When the zipper broke they fixed it for free.. It still looks great. It is my “go to” jacket.. They also replaced a down three quarter length coat after the zipper broke twice. I could choose any other coat at the original price of the first one. Don’t knock their quality because they said screw you.

  16. Sounds like it’s going to be a Q ANON kind of Christmas in Jackson this year. Happy Trails. Jorge; (your’re a star in the cuckoo’s nest) c’mom up this fall, we’ll go fishing.

  17. Patagonia looses me as a customer because of this. If they don’t like the personal politics of the resort owner, they won’t like mine either. And if they choose to take such a bold step, I’ll do the same.

    Goodbye, Patagonia…

    1. Good for you Jason, I’m sure Patagonia will be reeling after the loss of your business.

      It makes me giggle when you all try on ‘cancel culture’.

      1. The Article ends with Patagonia going “oh gee we might do business with you if you do a big redoubling environmental co-marketing campaign with us. ‘ It’s feel good green consumerism to distract from their toxic and ethically questionable manufacturing partners.

        You have to be a complete moron to buy anything from a company that employs chinese slave labor and wants you dead because , so good riddance.

      2. Keep whining, Jason. I’ll buy more of their stuff.

        JHMR has made some pretty stupid decisions and it’s not “cancel culture” for actions to have consequences; that’s how we grew up in the West, but I’m guessing the people who flew here don’t get that with the same intensity as those of us who grew here.

        And yes, I’m a gun-totin’ God-lovin’ Christian, but I recognize reality, and I know climate change is a real problem that’s gonna hurt us all. Pristine Rocky Mountain powder? Come on, we can all agree that’s a good thing. Climate change threatens that, and then we all gotta go to Alberta to ski. Eww. Funny-lookin’ money and sales tax!

        Seriously, this is a capitalist country. My capital will go elsewhere, and I know precisely who’s taking my money at Bridger. Where we don’t wear a lot of Patagonia, so I guess I’ll pretend to be a city slicker. By Montana standards, I am,

        God loves powder, though, or He wouldn’t give us so much of it. Can we please keep it that way? Well, if God doesn’t, I sure as heck do.

      3. Maintaining high standards and dismissing life that exists below the waterline is not only high-minded but meaningful relative the quality of life for all.

        Patagonia is a leader in this area and hopefully all the other good companies will take a more evolved approach to sell their gear, etc… All the others; ignore them. Low end companies and the people who prefer that sort of thing have already been left behind.

      4. I considered Spring Creek resort as my favorite go to place in Wyoming. But l stand with Patagonia. and there stand. Ski Mount Hood and stay at Timberline Lodge

    2. And where they will lose you as a customer they have gained me and my companies business for this.

      1. Please post your business so people know you agree with this.. I feel people have the right to express there political view without being ostracized. He never claimed that dems can’t ski cause the resort never demonized your view. But we see your extream views demonize a group of people based on their view. This stuff makes me mad that I voted democratic, this is how they act. Patagonia sucks anyways. For the price, way better options available.

        1. I have never gone to Jackson Hole to purchase a Patagonia product like … never! I will continue visiting any area that doesn’t try to force me to purchase anything or feel anything of their choosing because ( wait for it ) I am an American!

    3. Brian O’Grady, St. John’s, NL.. Canada

      Jason not surprised about your comments! Look where you come from, a place where your Governor denies school’s the right to protect themselves from the Delta variant and karma has hit Abbott with himself being infected.

      I guess you’re good with conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists! Wow!

      Good for Patagonia to take a stand against this resort! I wouldn’t be caught dead skiing in this place as a matter of fact the family skiing trip will be heading elsewhere not to Jackson Hole!

      1. How many churches has Canada torched so far?
        Over 60 I hear.
        Gestapo raiding the ones that haven’t burned.
        But you have the moral high ground.
        Go Team!

    4. Patagonia never had me as a customer. Not because of their constant fake virtue signaling and pretending to care about the environment…No, its because their prices are 4x higher than the exact same gear, made in the exact same factory offered by non-brand name suppliers. People don’t buy Patagonia because it good gear, they buy it because they have been convinced if they wear it, those around them will think they have money and are better than everyone else. Just look how popular Patagonia is among the tech-bros out here in SF. It’s expected that you get a Patagonia fleece vest once you make a certain pay level here…pathetic.

      This story is nothing more than a PR stunt by Patagonia (probably paid a few “news outlets” to release this story). The Ski resort has a small gear shop with virtually no Patagonia gear. Now, if a large distributor, say REI, decided to go against their political “wokeness”, you better believe they would have turned around and walked the other way, whistling a non-disruptive tune, pretending this fund raiser never happened.

  18. Kemmerer has the right to host Marjorie Taylor Green…
    -and –
    Patagonia has right to express disgust at Kemmerer for hosting unscrupulous politicians whose words and deeds are a detriment to our republic…

    They are both making a bold statement and they both have the right to make their statement. Can all the phony conservatives please stop whining about the 1st Amendment? This is how the 1st Amendment works.

    1. As a long time loyal American that remembers Pearl Harbor and our dedicated patriots that love America and the blessed voice of Kate Smith that made “God Bless America” an historic memory,
      I’m sick of traitors to freedom of speech, the constitution, law abiding citizens who are the backbone of our Country. Politicians and cancel culture people need to move out and find the soviet life style they want to dump on America. As a retired Life Elder ordained minister, I trust God to settle the issue.
      My graduation honor speech was one of hope. I hoped to leave my earthly journey and leave a better country behind for all the children of America. Obviously, I have failed that larger dream.
      God forgive me is my prayer. Rev. David P. Cole

      1. So what you are saying is that you actually think the first amendment should apply only to you, and no one else, because “freedom”.?

      2. Humility is what is missing in this divided country.
        These people have made themselves into gods.
        Those who value our Lord are reviled.
        Thank you for your words.

  19. Much silliness from too many self-important beautiful folks. One rich ass trying to piss on another rich asses parade. Too funny. What’s funnier is all the concerned American citizens spouting their incredibly well thought out, researched and meaningless opinions

    1. Jeff, the point of this isn’t a pissing match. These Caucus members (Greene, Meadows and Jordan) are not simply “republican conspiracy theorists”, Patagonia pull out is standing up for the environment against climate deniers. Patagonia specifically said they would come back to the table if the resort owner would discuss that topic and commit. If you support these people it quite simply means you don’t give a toot about the environment (among other things).

    2. So Patagonia wont give them a few boxes of tech-bro jackets to sell this season over a fundraiser? im sure neither side cares,

      This is probably nothing more than a PR moment that Patagonia most likely paid for in a few news outlets to let their customer base know they shouldn’t feel ripped off for buying jackets at 4x the cost of a non-name brand made with the same materials and by the same factory in China.

      You can usually tell by the headline whether its a “paid ad” based on the overall tone.

      1. Good Call.
        My MSN news feed magically started showing ads for Patagonia right after this spat occurred.
        Coincidence? Nope.

  20. Many comments here echo my sentiments that Jackson Hole can do a whole lot better by losing Patagonia entirely. It’s “has been” selection of overpriced merchandise…is panned throughout the free world. And, now for Patagonia…to all of a sudden decide they’re going to “make a political statement’. and take this asinine action…..should “sew it up” for anyone with brain…that these ignorant millenials (leading Patagonia) have finally “gone over the edge” as they try hard to “infect” others with their myopic and “woke” actions…which can only be equated to those who really believe that they’re “legends in their own minds”.

    1. Your comment is full if misinformed opinions. Jackson Hole isn’t going to do better by losing a world class brand, though this obviously isn’t going to kill the resort either. I can understand that you personally may not like the Patagonia brand, but it is most certainly not ‘panned across the free world’. In fact, it’s not even panned by a simple majority. Just because your feelings are hurt, doesn’t mean everyone else’s are hurt as well.

      It is clear you are uninformed about the company, this ‘political statement’ isn’t all of a sudden. Patagonia’s business model is all about activism. This isn’t new to Patagonia, it’s par for the course for them. The business isn’t run by millennials (which is people aged ~23-37 years old btw), the owner is literally in his 80’s.

      Your diatribe full of buzzwords is, interesting. It’s really hard to unpack incoherent rambling and buzzwords, but it seems you think the leadership of the company is full of themselves (‘legends in their own minds’) and are not mentally sound (‘gone over the edge’).

      Buddy, I’d recommend you do some more reading, and less watching of fox news. There’s a whole world out there full of great people, they just don’t all look like you.

      1. What Patagonia is doing is “Blackmail” pure and simple.
        They are saying that we all have to see things their way or the highway.

        1. That is how the left operates.
          Note they are willing to do business…
          but only if the resort bends over and takes the paddling.
          Such immaturity.

  21. I sure hope the resort doesn’t cave and go on the apology tour. Say good riddance to the self righteous pettygonia brand and move on. Don’t look back. Stand your ground. There are plenty of other companies that would love to take their place. I was never really impressed with their brand and this just makes me less impressed. There are way more conservative people out there than these yahoo’s know, they’re just not as vocal (as they should be) but, their money is just as green and they are happy to take it elsewhere if they feel they are getting ‘cancelled’.

    1. Sorry Cori, we just had an election and saw the numbers. Even if their are ‘quiet conservatives’ I’m sure they still voted, and the numbers don’t lie.

      What are some of these other companies that are chomping at the bit to take Patagonia’s place? How come they haven’t done so already? I mean, this activism is not new to Patagonia, so I don’t see how it changes anything.

      Also, you aren’t getting cancelled. That’s not a thing, it’s called boycotting and you are literally advocating for it yourself. If you don’t like Patagonia, continue to not buy them.

      I will never understand why ‘modern conservatives’ have hitched themselves so tightly to such obviously corrupt people. These ‘conservative politicians’ don’t have your interests in mind, they also know your money is just as green, and are hoping you are dense enough to fork it over to them. Notice how Patagonia is putting their business at financial risk to try to do a good thing (stopping the spread of corruption that is currently seeping through the republican ranks of our democracy). Now notice how the event was requiring a minimum buy of $2000 to enter the event, which purports to support the legal funds of a group of rioters who literally stormed our nation’s capitol.

      1. Well said. This is about taking a stand against corrupt politicians that are perpetuating lies and supporting efforts to destabilize free and fair elections across the country. (BTW, Putin is getting his money’s worth). I am a fiscally conservative ex-Republican that is shocked at what has become of the party.

      2. This is so sanctimonious. To imply that those politicians on the left aren’t corrupt. I can appreciate the fact America is a two party system and a LOT of people pick sides and spew the evils of the other side. Give us all a break. And stop talking about how well read people know better. Im not even sure what that means because people these days only read what they agree with. The Republicans AND Democrats are both corrupt and play all the same games. If Patagonia wants to back away thats their business. I dont buy then anyway because they are so overpriced.

  22. Good-bye, Patagonia. How stupid this is. You will lose as many customers as you gain as will all companies that choose to take a political stand on either side. Why don’t you all just go back to trying to make the best products for your customers.

  23. The resort want to spin this as about their environmental footprint and their efforts to offset it.

    That is funny.

    There is tons of money spent trying to convince people how green industrial tourism is (almost any business these days). Liberals fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Always will. Just say you run on wind power.

    What is this really about? The Kemmerer family supporting far-right politicians. And Patagonia supporting the opposite.

    Nothing more.

    1. Hey George,

      I agree that it looks like the resort is trying to spin the story to distance themselves from the far-right politics. Speaking only for myself, but as a Liberal, the spin is extremely obvious. Not sure why you have the opinion that Liberal minded people ‘fall’ for this stuff. I’d argue that it’s rather they want to see the good in people and give them a chance to fix or redeem themselves. Unfortunately mercy and forgiveness have been in short supply for awhile on the conservative side of the bench.

      1. Hey Justin,

        You may be right. I refer to the liberals in Teton County (you need to live here). Our liberals are easily swayed by the whole green-agenda marketing efforts intended obfuscate the degree to which companies do more harm than good in regards to protecting the ecosystem, or human rights, etc. And, the liberals run the propaganda machine (sometimes paid for by conservatives, AKA the JHMR in Teton County). Jackson Hole can never be “green”. It’s like saying an oil refinery, or coal plant, is green because they recycle, or because they use wind power. Google “Lying About Recycling”. Liberals may be hip to these facts but they ignore all common sense and give places like the JHMR (& the Town of Jackson) the “green” certification pass. Of course, doing otherwise makes them complicit. Tourism is all about wasting natural resources for pleasure.

        Best to ya in Oregon

  24. “You can’t get away with that shit in Teton County,”—- Get over yourself Jorge. This is America, it’s called the First Amendment.

    1. I think you misunderstood the quote. The resort is very much not getting away with it, as it’s in the news, we’re conversing about it here, etc… Of course both sides have the right to do what they are doing. Right’s are just legal protections, full stop. Rights don’t mean something IS right, good, moral, or correct. It simply means the government affords protections under the legal system. Most would consider bad-mouthing someone to be, well, bad. You still absolutely have the RIGHT to do it. Conversely, exercising your right to free speech almost always holds consequences, those consequences just won’t be from the legal system.

      1. “I think you misunderstood the quote”—- nope. = Perfectly clear what was said. = deflection

        “Most would consider bad-mouthing someone to be, well, bad.” = virtue signaling

        “I will never understand why ‘modern conservatives’ have hitched themselves so tightly to such obviously corrupt people.” = hypocrisy

        Your need to challenge everyone who disagrees with you with obvious Alinsky tactics reeks of desperation.

        Anyone who’s been to Portland lately knows it is a dystopian dump terrorized by Antifa cowards. Yet you feel entitled to dictate to WY residents? That’s rich. Seems like you’re over-invested for someone in OR? Or perhaps your simply a paid provocateur.

        1. Nice.
          How many of these folks actually have read Rules for Radicals?
          But they have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs.

    2. Arlo – Patagonia and the JHMR are both privately-held companies. This situation has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

      1. Canceling a retailer simply because the owner hosted a political fund raiser for the opposing party, and then telling the owner they would “reconsider its withdrawal” if the owner “recommits to priorities” dictated by the company, is simply political censorship, i.e., “Stop your affiliation/endorsement of an opposing political party and we’ll let you sell our product.”

        The fundraiser was held off-site, with no affiliation or sponsorship by the resort The cancellation wasn’t based on poor performance, unethical or illegal practices, etc. While both companies are indeed privately held, and are free to run their businesses as they please, the “canceling”, although not “illegal”, had everything to do with the principles of the First Amendment.

        When you have the current regime admitting that they are “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation”, so that big tech and big government conspire to censor or cancel people, you have the same attack on the principles of the First Amendment, that are also illegal.

  25. Way to go Jorge

    “Illegitimi non carborundum” (“don’t let the bastards grind you down”,)
    Do they realise that on the back of the Patagonia lable there is a message foe them……..Vote the assholes OUT!

    Great to see your still up and around

    Keep Up The GOOD WORK

    1. You forgot to mention the “tag” and the product were made in CHINA. Enjoy your mindless Kiwi-Communist lock-down as you sponge off your government.

      1. Maybe try disagreeing without personally attack Dean? What do you know about them to determine they ‘sponge of their government’? Why would you even think that? There is literally zero connection between the information they provided and your statement. Attacking the government system for the country they live in for what reason? Did they establish their countries current political system? Do they even ascribe to it? Again, no connection between what you said, and the information you posted.

        To your first point about the product being made in China. Grab all your clothes, I mean ALL of them, check the tags. Tell me how many are manufactured in the good ‘ol US of A. You may be surprised, but its been almost 30 years since the USA has had textile factories pumping out fabrics en masse, and even then the industry was in a steep decline. You simply can’t buy products made in the USA if they aren’t made in the USA. If you don’t like the outsourced manufacturing, maybe try to figure out how to keep that manufacturing in the USA.

    2. Well said ?????,
      Democracy is in peril!
      Money buying power, gerrymandering our votes while killing our planet for profit.
      Margarita (Jorge’s sister).

  26. Liberals protesting on the roadside. Writing opinion pieces like this . Making stupid business decisions like Patagonia. It’s all protest. Protest of a difference of opinion. Protest of our first amendment to the Constitution. None of them value our freedom of thought, speech and choice in America. They are shooting themselves in the foot and in the end will bleed to death from it (or their children and grandchildren will). Do any of you honestly believe that you are more dedicated and better equipped than the founders of this country who were also of differing opinions but worked together to create the greatest, fairest and most profitable system of government ever devised.? You think yourselves an elitist group that can and should control and guide the common human’s life because he is not as capable. Do you not realize that you are nothing more than an arrogant and self serving class represented well by George Orwell’s pigs?

    1. Well said, and I certainly agree with you! Jackson would be a difficult place for people who think as you, Jay Kemmerer, and I do! Thanks for posting your thoughts as I could not commented as well as you did!

    2. I can recognize that the people that turned up to this meeting are not people who just disagree with liberals but truly supportive of a criminal oligarch authoritarian more in to Nazism the to the American Constitution. Freedom of speech would be even more under attack if Trump and is Neo Fascist base ever got near the White House again. I remember he once called the Free Press the enemy of the people. Why would anyone with any sense of morality ever say such as thing in this country. Trump has proven himself to be the grandest con man in the history of the world and morally corrupt in many way beyond his business dealing, taxes and his treatment with anyone that does not genuflect daily at his feet. I question anyone who can look at this man as say, well, that’s not so bad because clearly they also seem to lack something in their personality that would demonstrate they could support a American Dictator. This group at this meeting represents this!

      1. Thank you Charles Randolph. You nailed it. Folks just seem to think it’s a battle between liberal thinking and conservative. NO.. It’s a battle between morality, truth, and honesty and a bunch of very corrupt politicians supported by equally corrupt people with money.

      2. Just a tip, Charles…
        If you are going to let your cat walk across the keyboard, you should go back and clean it up a bit. Spelling and syntax are real things.
        You do not grasp what Nazism and Fascism are. That is glaringly obvious.
        Don’t be embarrassed. Most Democrats have no clue. They obey the concepts and march in black shirts, but they see themselves as the good guys. That’s fine in the bubble. Go team! But it does not make a persuasive argument.
        Here is a clue. Conservatives pick on Trump too. He is a reality show guy. He beat the real fascists because he is real, flawed and abrasive, but very real.
        Get yourself an ice cream. And clean the cat box.
        We have a sense of humor., and we are much much smarter than the average leftist.

        1. That’s right, obey the concepts. Wear the red hat, wrap-up in the flag, storm the capitol and “Give ’em hell”. Oh wait, that’s what Trump had ya’ll doing huh? My bad. FYI, once YOU crawl out of your bubble, you may just realize you’ve been projecting all along.

          Please, enlighten a dumb librul and tell me what you think Fascism is. Please, I want to know what Fascism Trump defeated. Also, calling a con-man REAL is honestly embarrassing.

          1. Fascism is the merger of corporations and government to form a single governing body, which disregards the will of the individual. Of course there are individuals like yourself who take comfort in imposing the will of the Party in power upon those who stand out from the crowd of sycophants and groupies. I never wore a red hat or went to a rally. I am a classical liberal who can out reason you in my sleep. Trump is just a man. After 40 years of fascist presidents he actually made a difference. Your love of authoritarian ideas will only serve you so far. The matrix has you. Your masters will take advantage of your inability to see reality. Get the shot. Obey the orders. Have fun.

  27. Absolutely fantastic! Common sense people finally speaking out. There are so many issues that tolerant ordinary people have let go in deference to radicals on both sides. For example, environmental groups ran loggers out of the forest because they told themselves and every one else that their work was damaging the forest. That lie has been told so many times it has become truth. I am going to speak out about this. I have lived my entire life in Wyoming. I did not have to breathe heavy smoke all summer when I was young. The loggers kept the fuels from building up and put the wood to good use. When they harvested the timber it made fire breaks that stopped the mega fires from happening. The loggers put out the fires when they were small not after they became so large that NO ONE could put them out. I hear the bs that we are going through this because of global warming. Ok, environmental groups need to stop causing global warming by blocking timber sales and forest management. Get this, burning wood adds to global warming, less trees add to global warming, ecological damage to our forest from forest fires is a thousand times worse than forest management.

    1. I would suggest you get some REAL information rather than spouting timber company and “forestry” propaganda that make your conservative wet dreams seem like reality. The areas that burn the fastest and hottest are the logged-over areas. The “managed” and “thinned” areas burn like paper, too. The gullible US public has been fed a line of BS regarding “forest management” by timber interests for decades, and they have, for the most part, swallowed it whole. Now the chickens have come home to roost. The smoke in your eyes is courtesy of those greedy interests just referenced, some of the true eco-terrorists. Get ready for more next summer, too…that is if we still exist then.

      1. I was just about to reply, but you got it all handled, thanks for laying out truth. It’s the only way some people will ever hear it.

    2. I don’t wanna get in the way of this logger myth-making – but it’s an oversimplification of a massively complex system. You may want to look into fire-suppression policies, how that shaped forest management, and how that’s affected wildfires today. But to match your oversimplification with my own: for nearly a century the position of the Forest Service has amounted to believing there are no ecological benefits to wildfires. So instead of letting small, naturally occurring low-intensity burns happen, policy dictated that they must be suppressed. And why did this belief come to pass -because the value of forests was seen as a crop. The more trees that burn, the fewer there are to cut down. That’s why the Forest Service is under the Department of Agriculture.

      Forty Years a Forester, The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America, and Smokescreen: Debunking Wildfire Myths to Save Our Forests are three great books on the subject.

  28. Just saw this article. I’m cancelling my trip with my girlfriends that has been confirmed for early January. I’ll give Taos a try.. My small vote for supporting democracy.

    1. Trust me, the slopes at the JHMR are too packed and we thank you for choosing Taos. Taos is great. Everybody should go there. EVERYONE. Go to Taos. Please.

  29. In order to form a more perfect Union . more American corporations, manufacturers, and outlets should follow Patagonia’s lead by example.

    The usual rabble of detractors – here lambasting Patagonia – definitely make that case as plain as could be. If they only knew anything about Patagonia , that is . Those seven blind Hindu men of yore, examining an elephant and claiming to know the beast , have met their match in Wyoming with its cabal of the blind leading the blind examining a wooly mammoth and exclaiming it is irrefutable populist democracy personified because they say it is. They are the puppets thats erve the Jay Kemmerers up there in the penthouse suites.

    To the point: that being More Yvon Chouinards and Patgonia is far more desirable and better for the planet than the Jay Kemmerers, his family namesake Kemmerer Coal and his greedy leadership at Chemical Bank, Gulf Oil, and First Wyoming Bank before he bought America’s finest ski resort ever could be. Ultracapitalism is its own worst enemy when it has no conscience nore remorse. Nobody can accuse Patagonia of being soulless..

    What has Jay Kemmerer ever really done for the world-at-large? Please be specific. – because Yvon Chouinard’s resumé and legacy is positively monumental. His detractors need to recalibrate.

    1. “Nobody can accuse Patagonia of being soulless.” How about the workers in the third world where 97% of the products are made?

      Shilling for a third world product with an inflated first world price tag, and a “founder” who spent a lifetime pursuing self-absorbed “sports” isn’t exactly a convincing argument. Just another successful capitalist (like Kemerer) on the opposite side of the political spectrum that you can’t tolerate.. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Carl- you might want to fact check yourself about where and why Patagonia has its products made. Then contrast and compare to all the other clothing brands.
        Recall that the once huge and productive American textile industry, located mainly in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, is all but nonexistent these days. It outsourced and went overseas well before Patgonia ramped up, and it was mainstream brands that did that, Example: the last of the last Levi Strauss factory making the iconic blue jeans stateside closed in San Antonio TX in 2003. Converse tennis shoes now emanate from China, Thailand, and India. There are a huge number of makers who have sweatshops on the American territory island of Saipan that technically produce clothes ” Made in America” but the workers are flown there from mainland Asia to work for contractors that more resemble indentured servitude. But hey, Made In America by American investors lowballing and insourcing only part way back from the Third World.
        I could go on , but I’d rather you read about it from Patgonia’s own honest assessment of itself. Its advocacy of the Fair Trade Labor Association of global manufacturers assuring the integrity of the entire supply chain from factory to retailer – TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE – is quite admirable. As is Patgonia’s commitment to sustainable raw materials and fully organic commodities used in its raw materials in all manufacturing locations globally. E.g. the principle of Rengenerative Organics

        Read on:

        Then ask yourself how many other American-based corporations and brands are doing anything anywhere near this degree of dynamic capitalist integrity

  30. Born in SARATOGA Drafted into ARMY from WYOMING. Moved back to WYO. Hunted fished and had family. Came back from VIETNAM. 1969. WYOMING was and in my book will always be MAGAA. Gary OWEN 7TH CAV.

    1. God Bless you for your service! Resided in Harrison for 14 years, wonderful country, but before that Lander, Wyoming. Both wonderful places to resided, and will always be conservative and MAGAA! Patagonia can go support socialist liberal policies…I would never buy their products.

    2. You are embarrassing yourself and your service to this country. This is coming from a multiple combat tour veteran, we fought to support and defend the constitution, and the MAGA crowd tried to overturn that election undemocratically. Anyone who falls in with that crowd disgraces their oath and simply aren’t cut from the same cloth.

  31. Patagonia….”we’re not going to allow you to sale our goods.” Whatever! BTW I work in the outdoor retail industry and Patagonia is absolutely one of the worst companies when it comes to packaging all their product in plastic. It’s absolutely hypocritical. Maybe we should boycott Patagonia for using so much plastic.

  32. Fine. Patagonia is dead to me anyway. It’s mediocre gear with terrible support marketed to rich urbanistas, pushed via woke virtue-signaling.

    As if Patagonia’s self-righteous pullout from JH is helping the world be a better place. Give me a break. At least it is making room for another apparel maker, perhaps one that doesn’t have such a singular and idiotic view of the world, one that isn’t intolerant of other people’s’ ideas.

    1. Yep, intolerant of alt-right sycophants who believe in ‘liberty for me, but not for thee’. There’s is nothing inherently American about tolerance of ideas, and this modern conservative idea that ‘all ideas are acceptable’ is repugnant. It’s very obvious that their are good ideas, as well as bad, and many in between. Just because you ascribe to ideas that the majority view as horrendous, doesn’t mean the majority needs to tolerate those ideas. Our country has always had this notion of being able to discuss and debate ideas. Debate is a system that is meant to weed out bad ideas, and bring good ones to the surface. Clinging to crap because it’s crap is a crappy idea.

  33. Bravo Patagonia. Fascism has no place in America. If we don’t stand against it – the message is that is it ok. It is not ok.

    1. Where is Santa Cruz, Wyoming? Because one doesn’t think as you do, they are Fascist! Really. Do you even know hat a Fascist is?

      1. It’s near Cowpie…a few miles to the right, if you’re facing south, a little left of Consultant Heaven.

      1. You may want to look up the word Fascism. I already know you won’t, since you think you know what it means, so I’ll do your due diligence for you.

        “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.”

        Damn, they even call you out like that by saying it’s a FAR-RIGHT form of government. Hmm, interesting… Wait, ultra-nationalism, MAGA, nah, definitely not related. Hold up, dictatorial power, you mean, like feeling like you were cheated out of being president (because it’s some sort of award?!?!) and deserve another term (without being voted in) then when you don’t get that, nor win the election, you send a crowd of your supporters in to perform a failed insurrection. Forcible suppression of opposition, oh, like mass-arresting protestors so you can get a picture taken with a bible in-front of a church. Or mass-arresting protestors via Homeland Security and CBP with ununiformed officers and throwing them in vans, snatch-and-grab style.

  34. A company that puts it’s money where its mouth is! How refreshing. This is also good PR for them.

  35. Overprice garments for the rich and famous. In one simple news release you piss off half your customer base. At some point all this “woke” consumerism is going to bite left/right leaning businesses on the hind end. Sort of like Northface that refused coats for an oil company because of the so called environmental stance – ignoring the fact that polyester and nylon is a derivative of petroleum products. Ditto with Patagonia. To bad, so sad, their loss.

  36. Patagonia is being despicable. Do they need to check my political views before they will allow me to wear their clothing? Are they so confident in their opinions that no one else is allowed to differ from them without being financially attacked? It’s an arrogant and foolish approach to life in America. The beauty of this country is that we can speak our minds and support who we want without suffering retribution. That’s how we learn from each other and make the country better. Patagonia is being authoritarian. Disgusting! (Notice that I’m not calling for a counter boycott).

    P.S. Wyofile’s political bias is not conducive to good journalism.

    1. Wow, Judd.

      Nice to hear you have issues with the folks trying to protect the environment.

      Folks might not know that protecting the enviroment used to be a favorite tune of yours when discussing development in Jackson Hole.

      Good to see you supporting the Kemmerer family and their pro-development, anti-enviroment agenda, among other positions. Or is it just the right of the Kemmeter famy to be left alone, and express themselves without any blowback, that you support?

      Personally, I don’t bother protesting the KKK or Nazis. Too busy and none changes their mind. You have a point.

      As for the “financially attacked” JHMR, I don’t know how that is possible. It is Patagonia that is losing sales. The JHMR will not be harmed in a meaningful way.

      And while Wyofile’s political bias might not conducive to good journalism, it is probably better than journalism supported by advertising dollars. You can share your opinions freely and expand on stories published here in comments. I learn a lot from comments. And you are free to submit stories to Wyofile for publication.

      The idea that we can speak our minds and support who we want without suffering retribution has never really been true. Cancel culture runs through every political and personal agenda. Just read the comments here. Some attract Patagonia, some the Kemmerer family, You attack WyoFile and Patagonia.

      But I understand the point you’re trying to make.

  37. Hilarious that a conservative fundraiser triggered the Liberal Elites and their indoctrinated servant class. The Kemmerers should host triggering events weekly. Maybe the Elites would sell their mansions and return to their coastal dystopias full time (doubtful).

    1. Bill,

      The servant class (that resides here) doesn’t think much of the Kemmerers, the JHMR, or the liberal elites. And, Jackson Hole is full of conservatives (sometimes as clueless as the elite liberals). But yep, plenty of liberals with trigger issues (aided by the local newspaper, public radio). Very few people in Teton County truly care what Patagonia does, or what the Kemmerer family does politically. Squeaky wheels get attention from the media.

    2. Maybe then the greenies and the “woke” will stay out of Wyoming! Patagonia just lost a solid customer. How ridiculous to think that the right didn’t wear their clothing!

  38. Much ado over nothing it seems to me. I recognized the name, but that’s it. Then again, my income status never allowed me to shop for overpriced clothing. For me, Ross Dress for Less was high-toned. I am glad that they pulled out of fascistlandia, though, so they must not be all bad!

  39. The loser is Patagonia.

    Sure, the few members of the Kemmerer clan involved look like clueless idiots (especially to Jackson’s liberals) hosting nut jobs from the republican party. But, the Kemmerer family doesn’t need Patagonia. Better to take profits from the Kemmerer family and plow them into issues Patagonia cares about. And better to stay out of local politics at a family-owned ski resort.

    I would be more upset with the ski resort’s treatment of employees in regard to compensation (horrible).

    As for the silly idea that the JHMR cares about the environment, that is rich. The Kemmerer family made mucho money from its coal mine in Kemmerer; but, more telling, is that industrial tourism is all about wasting natural resources for pleasure (especially industrial tourism/hospitality aimed at the ultra wealthy).

    And Patagonia isn’t much better (they will admit it, though).

  40. I read through this article and tried to give Patagonia the benefit of the doubt.
    They failed. They are now Pettygonia. Now and forever. Over-priced and Unethical wearable Kitch.
    This is not about conservation (hunters and fishermen pay for that, not ski bunnies and yuppies).
    Jackson Hole clearly has a commitment to its own conservation priorities, but Pettygonia is unconcerned.
    This is about squashing the voices and rights of the individual members of the party out of power by a corporation that has aligned itself with the party in power. That is fascism by definition.
    No surprise in this nasty political climate, but surely a black eye in Wyoming.
    Jackson Hole should simply revamp their stores and bring in new vendors.
    There is no end of suppliers of over-priced duds for the 1% and the damage has been done.
    Face it. That is Pettygonia’s target market.
    The people with the largest carbon footprint.
    Would an average person pay $16 for 1 pair of socks? NO.
    Did the stores host the event? NO.
    Did MTG pose for photos wearing Pettygonia ski wear? NO.
    Was Pettygonia portrayed as a sponsor or participant? NO.
    But don’t you dare have your own beliefs and dare to share on your own time. OH NO.
    Cancel Culture Fascism is a blight on this country and does not have a place in Wyoming.
    Let us hope that this blatant bullying is met with strength and rugged individualism.
    It is perfectly acceptable to not subscribe to the leftist religion and to refuse to join their gang.
    I urge the Kemmerers to box up the inventory and demand a full refund and make Pettygonia pay the shipping. But will they stand tall? Only time will tell.
    My two cents.

    1. “That is fascism by definition”


      Conservatives and liberals do the exact same thing all the time when anyone expresses views hostile to their agenda/snow-flake feelings (mirror here).

      Pretty sure it is just Yvon Chouinard (lives in Jackson) expressing his displeasure with the politics of the Kemmerer family (waste of time, imo).

      Either way, we will agree that Patagonia makes crappy overpriced clothes. And agree that this is a foolish attempt at political correctness. And agree that Patagonia is hardly one to stand as an example of a company that hasn’t greatly harmed the environment.

      But fascism, don’t buy it. Just the free market in politics playing out.

      1. Yes and I am glad that you are standing up against Patagonia and they are over priced and NOT MANUFACTURED in the USA as well.

      2. Hi George,
        Our general opinions are not that far apart.
        As to my fascism comment, I do stand by it. These leftist corporations walk in lockstep with the Democrat Party. It is the Party from 1984 in Spades. They run the media, academia, big tech, big pharma, and the spy agencies. The millitary is now theirs too.
        No one who thinks differently is allowed to exist without persecution, boycott, and threats. There are hundreds of not so bright trespassers locked in solitary confinement in a prison in DC, without charges and denied bail. 6 months in solitary is one heck of a punishment for someone who the Democrat run capitol police escorted into the building.
        Why? Because they disagree with the Party.
        Protesters who serve the Party have killed, maimed, burned, and battered countless victims and properties. They walk free.
        The Party persecutes any business that does not obey.
        The Party runs schools like prisons. The Party is the source of inequity, but paints itself as the Messiah.
        On the other hand… Conservatives are remarkably restrained and tolerant. Sometimes they take a stand. Sometimes they do so in error or with bad taste. Sometimes they are just plain wrong. But their hearts are in the right place.
        I do not speak of RINOs. RINOs are members of the Party.
        I welcome reasonable discourse. These observations did not happen overnight.

        1. Oh boy, held without charges, HUNDREDS in solitary confinement. Get real Bob. Turn a channel on other than Fox. Try to accept that a side you support may actually be the baddies (even if you didn’t participate in the bad behavior). Then try to figure out what YOU are going to do about it.

          You make these claims about ‘real conservatives’ but they simply don’t line up with reality. You speak about things in terms of how you wish they were, as if that is how they actually are. Your political party, for better or worse, doesn’t actually ascribe to the beliefs they claim to. This is backed up by their very own actions. The vast majority of republican senators, and even congress people tow the line and follow the zeitgeist to ensure reelection. Most of them I’d wager don’t even have strong personally convictions for what they believe. The vast majority of the politicians in this country (Republican and Democrat alike) are part of a social class that most Americans will never belong to, and they prefer us ‘ants’ squabbling over scraps while they rake in the dough.

          Trying to put your party on a pedestal, while also distancing yourself from RINO’s is comedic. I can only hope you and others begin to pull out of the bubble and truly see some other perspectives. Or don’t and continue to think the librul’s are satanic, blood-drinking, baby-eating, space-laser having, socialist-fascists who are trying to run this country, so they can destroy it. You know, you do you.

          You know

    2. Honestly I stopped reading when you said, “That is Fascism by definition.” No, it’s not. Google Fascism, read the definition, click a few more links and read a few more definitions. Try to really get a good grasp on what it means. Then reread what you typed so you can see how nonsensical it is.

  41. So, anyone wanting to buy Patagonia products will either have to buy them somewhere other than at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or else buy a different brand. Is that really such a terrible inconvenience for anyone? It sounds to me like a case of “cutting off your nose to spite your face” or perhaps “a tempest in a teacup”. Maybe both. Buy whatever you want wherever you want and everyone get on with your lives.