The problem solving, the power struggles and the priorities of the 67th Wyoming Legislature.

Join Wyoming Public Media and WyoFile reporters for the Cheyenne Roundup, a weekly look at what’s happening in the Wyoming statehouse.

Every Monday of the legislative session we’ll preview the week ahead, what bills have died and what’s still kickin’.

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Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 1

It’s week one of the Wyoming Legislature’s 2023 general session and this is the first of many more Cheyenne Roundups to come. Every Monday for roughly the next eight weeks Wyoming Public Media and WyoFile reporters will gather to give listeners a preview of the legislative week ahead. Today – on the eve of the session – we’re taking a bigger picture look at what the next 40 legislative days might bring.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 2

The 67th Legislature is through week one. Lawmakers swore their oaths. The governor gave his State of the State. From energy policy to fentanyl overdoses to limits on the secretary of state’s authority, WyoFile and Wyoming Public Media reporters run down the latest at the Capitol.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 3

With two weeks down and six more to go, the 67th Legislature has close to 400 bills in play. This week WyoFile and Wyoming Public Media reporters talk abortion access, Medicaid expansion, the Indian Child Welfare Act and a bill to limit talk of sexuality and gender in public schools.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 4

It’s what some call ‘chaos week’ at the Wyoming Legislature — the frantic days in which bills that don’t meet mounting deadlines start to die. Plus lawmakers aim to have a supplemental budget by Friday. Join WyoFile and Wyoming Public Media for a rundown of the action.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 5

The power went out in Cheyenne Friday, but lawmakers still reached the halfway point of the session. With one month to go, deadlines are thinning down that pile of nearly 500 bill drafts. From budgets to abortion to fishing boats, reporters recap bills both alive and dead.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 6

Draft legislation peaked at 497 before a slew of deadlines cut the pile nearly in half. It’s typical to see bills die at this juncture, but what was unusual was the number of House bills that died because they failed to get an initial floor vote. This episode we look at what perished and why.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 7

Last week we talked about dead bills. This week Wyoming Public Radio and WyoFile reporters examine the survivors. From efforts to prop up the coal industry to helping rural communities fund EMS, the session has hit the stage when draft legislation is becoming law.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 8

With the last week of the 2023 general session finally here we go back to week one when Gov. Mark Gordon called on lawmakers to save, not spend. So, did they? Yes, in record amounts. We’ll also look at why a tribal hunting bill died and how anti-LGBTQ bills have fared.

Cheyenne Roundup: Episode 9

The 2023 general session is a wrap and so is the Cheyenne Roundup — just for now. Stay tuned for interim session episodes before we’re back in 2024. But before we take a break, reporters share their session obsessions and answer listener questions.