Underwrite WyoFile and show your support for in-depth news coverage of Wyoming people, places and policy.

Who are WyoFile readers?

  • People from around the state who have the ability to purchase goods and services.
  • Highly educated and civically minded.
  • Our readers are extremely committed to Wyoming and invested in Wyoming’s future. Many continue to read and support WyoFile even when they move out of state.
  • Community influencers. Many of our readers are thought leaders and actively involved in local policy processes, education, health care, energy, environmental issues and more.

Benefits of Underwriting WyoFile

  • Reach a statewide audience: WyoFile is a statewide online news publication with readers in every county in Wyoming. Underwriting with WyoFile allows you to reach not only a local audience, but puts you on the radar of future visitors.
  • Generate sales and increase support: Advertisement is not cheap and you want to be sure to put those dollars towards an effective medium. Underwriting WyoFile guarantees that you will reach a well-educated audience that has the means to use your services.
  • Enhance brand image: Underwriting with WyoFile shows your customers and potential customers that you give back to the community. Your underwriting dollars are going towards supporting in-depth news coverage of the people, places and policy of Wyoming. Demonstrating an investment in the peoples right to know helps your customer see your investment in Wyoming. Today, most people prefer to stand behind businesses that stand behind them.
  • Reach WyoFile’s Growing Audience: Since WyoFile’s inception, we have had continual growth. We reach thousands of readers each week on our website and are growing every day.

Please contact Anna Goforth at underwriting@wyofile.com