Why Join Our Giving Circle

Some members support WyoFile with more substantial donations. Their contributions enable WyoFile to invest in expanded coverage and tell more of the stories that must be heard. In these times of diminishing local coverage and emptying newsrooms, Publisher’s Circle contributors are bulwarks against misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. Their investments help ensure that the facts are revealed and available, free of charge, for everyone who wishes to participate in civic life.

Supporters can donate online with a credit card.

Checks may be made payable to “WyoFile” and mailed to:
PO Box 1099
Lander WY 82520

Donate Stock
We accept gifts of appreciated stock, which are handled by the Wyoming Community Foundation on our behalf. To make a gift of stock please reach out to Vickery Fales Hall, Director of Donor Relations at WYCF at vickery@wycf.org or 307-721-8300.

Donor Advised Fund
You can support WyoFile through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Giving through a DAF allows you to maximize your tax benefit and make grants when you’re ready.

Give from your IRA
If you are 70.5 years or older, you can give a tax-free gift, in the form of a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your traditional IRA account.

An IRA Charitable Rollover, also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), is a way to make a tax-free gift that benefits you and WyoFile. Even though the SECURE Act raised the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age to 72, the QCD age remains at 70.5, so QCDs can be used for charitable giving, even before RMDs begin.

EIN: 27-0410642

The following are members of WyoFile’s Publisher’s Circle:

Guarantors of the Free Press

Susan Lasher and Chris Pfister
Jim Stanford
Margot Snowdon and Yves Desgouttes
Steve Sharkey
James Speyer
Myrna and Stephen Greenberg
Paul Klingenstein and Kathleen Bole
Patrick Larvie

Protectors of the Free Press

Edwin Thomas
Eugenie Copp and Ken Overfield
William McDowell
Kent Nelson
Richard and Carmel Kail
Eva Crane
Ferrill and Belinda Roll
Henry Oliver and Barbara Roastingear
Michael Sellett
Pete Williams
Jim Scott

Champions of the Free Press

Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Brad and Katherine Mead
Marjane Ambler
Christopher Findlater
Charles Woodman and Melody Lin
Barbara and Roger Gose
Clay and Jullian Moorhead
Jessica Kellett and Drew Zepernick
Shane and JoAnn Skeim-True Family
David and Becky Evans
John Curtis
Emerson Scott
Jean Townsend
Linda Burt
Story Clark and Bill Resor
Meredith and Tory Taylor
Jennifer and Charlie Wilson
Larry Birenbaum
Emilene Ostlind and Andrew Parsekian
Ralph and Louise Haberfeld
Larry Rocke
Rae Lynn Job
Jim Roscoe and Sons
Kristine and Paul O’Brien
Zach Hall
Bill and Gloria Stuble
Anne Pendergast
Sarah Mentock
Miller Resor and Allegra Parisi
Marilyn Kite
Laurie and Thomas Pettinger

Charlotte and Tim Belton
David and Leslye Hardie
Richard Ridgway
Kenneth Lay
John Buckley and Anna Bennett
Jessica Case
Anne Young
Jane Ifland
Andrew and Nancy Carson
Ronn and Linda Smith
C.J. and Laurie Box
Pete and Jean Jorgensen
Berthe Ladd
Jean Anderson
E. Michael and Cean Weber
Jack and Donna Glode
Alice and Tom Hogarty
Gary and Mary Scott
Brent Blue
Phelps and Pam Swift
Michelle Sullivan and Brian Kuehl
Blake and Sara Swift
Jason Katz-Brown
Bill Watson
Theresa Ellbogen
Paul Lowham
Evan and Jennifer Green
Carson Stanwood and Monique Lai
Kim Cannon
Pete Scott