Another Legend Leaves Us; Remembering Gene George

By R.T. Cox

My friend Gene George died on February 4 in Casper (click to read his obituary in the Casper Star-Tribune).

Gene, trained as a geologist, knew more about petroleum geology than most. I knew him as a generous donor of information; he spoke for no fee at several programs I organized to educate attorneys about oil and gas issues. Gene, a modest person, spoke well and tolerated questioning with grace. He laid out the geologic facts in elegant style; everyone understood his presentations.

Gene George was a good listener, a loyal friend and a good judge of credibility. While he was a success in business, he volunteered a lot of time to organizations in Casper and around the state.

Gene was always a tireless advocate for the oil and gas industry, a role which may have ruffled some feathers in the environmental community. I always knew him to be rational, fact-based, credible and fair.

I will miss his analytical skills but mostly I will miss his winsome smile.

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