The worst part of Rick Perry’s imitation of an Alzheimer’s patient on the stage during the November 9 debate was not his forgetfulness; it was Ron Paul’s playing him like a marionette and feeding him the wrong line which he desperately embraced. That was pitiful.

Let’s put Rick Perry on the dais with Vladimir Putin and wait anxiously for Our New Cowboy-boot President to try to recall why he was there and what he was doing.


Meanwhile, Herman Cain tries to remember which women he baited and which countries have nuclear (or, per George W. “nu-cu-lear”)  weapons. Let’s not imagine him on the dais with any world leader. Lacking knowledge, sensitivity and candor, here’s a flash in the pan.

I like Rick Perry. He is ruggedly handsome, sometimes disarming, his policies about immigration in a Latino state and juvenile health care have been, well, caring. In this thunderous storm of Tea Party emotions, he, like Romney, has postured far to the right. Too bad. This is a guy you could have a couple of beers with, or go to a game with, or go bird hunting with Dick Cheney with, and have a good time. But, no matter how much he denies it, he is out of the game.

Sometimes I wake up at 2 a.m. and have thoughts which are not particularly coherent. Mixing rationality and fantasy, some weird stuff emerges, only to evaporate in the light of day. Yesterday I imagined a Michele Bachmann/Michelle Obama ticket. Scriptwriters’ field day.

Some days Barack Obama wakes up in Europe and walks in a dreamlike state down the aisle with a nightmarish version of Nicholas Sarkozy; Sarkozy vouchsafes his great secret that Benjamin Netanyahu is an inveterate liar, to which Obama, dreamily or at least detached from reality, responds, yeah, I know, and I have to deal with him daily.

Oooops, except that wasn’t a dream. It was a gaffe. A big capital F-ing gaffe, way worse than Perry’s stumbles. I guess the President didn’t want to offend the French.

It’s coming down to a Gingrich—Romney battle. Romney’s victory it is, unless he loses it. I predict Romney.

Who’s the V-P? Romney will run for the center, picking up independents and disillusioned Democrats. He needs a V-P to pick up the Tea Party and anti-abortion crowds.

Here’s a Sage Grouse poll:

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  1. After the body count has mounted until there are only two or so left, look for a surprise Jeb Bush candidacy that will electrify the Republicans.

  2. The GOP should arrange for a Cain/McCain ticket. Or vice versa. So as to conserve the alphabet some.

    Perry’s alzheimer’s moment with the grin and the bobbingheaddoll laugh reminded me too much of the eight awful years with a complete idiot at the helm.