Environment mule deer migration

America’s longest mule deer migration discovered in Wyoming

April 22, 2014

The discovery of America’s longest mule deer migration by Wyoming scientists adds to a burgeoning awareness of where animals move and why they move.

Featured Thumbnail image for Corporations lie. So what?

Corporations lie. So what?

Commentary by WyoFile April 22, 2014 April 22, 2014

Corporate coercion could drive away legitimate researchers and replace them with the sort of scientists who used to work for the cigarette companies.

Featured Wyoming winter hiking

Wyoming’s wind, cold followed spring breakers to Utah

April 22, 2014

Winter-weary Wyomingites escape high-altitude, ice-encrusted tundra by migrating to the Utah desert, but they don’t always find what they’re looking for.

Featured Investigative Reporters and Editors

Regional journalists sharpen watchdog reporting skills

April 15, 2014

UW and WyoFile hosted a training session for reporters from leading professional journalism organization Investigative Reporters and Editors.

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Education board punts science standards back to panel

April 12, 2014

The Wyoming Board of Education returned the legislatively-banned Next Generation Science Standards to a review committee of teachers with no instructions.

Featured Wyoming same-sex marriage

Wyoming same-sex marriage case rests on state constitution

April 8, 2014

Proponents of same-sex marriage in Wyoming aim to use the state constitution to strike down a law defining marriage as between a man and a …

Economy Wyoming non-labor income

Surprising sources behind today’s economy

April 8, 2014

In Wyoming today, income from non-labor sources is more than twice the combined personal income from people working in the state’s staple industries.

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Minority leader wants open debate on Wyoming’s savings policy

April 1, 2014

Proponents of rethinking Wyoming’s savings strategy say the state may not be getting a good return on its $1.6 billion “rainy day” fund.

Featured Wind River Indian Reservation

Evergreen State College drops BA degree plan for reservation

April 1, 2014

Protests against Wind River Development Fund end bid to begin classes in fall.

Featured Women in Wyoming - Phyllis Preator

Women in Wyoming; Phyllis Preator

April 1, 2014

A passion for history and love for the land drives artist, author and historian Phyllis Preator to preserve the story of the McCullough Peaks.

Featured WyoFile Pete Simpson Forum

Take A Risk: How to create a society that matches its scenery

March 25, 2014

Wyoming is America’s monolith of demographic, educational, political, and economic monoculture — and monoculture’s collapse.

Featured WyoFile Pete Simpson Forum

Permanent Mineral Trust Fund is Wyoming’s financial centerpiece

March 25, 2014

The creation and conservative management of Wyoming’s Permanent Mineral Trust Fund has served Wyoming well for decades past, and helps keep taxes low.

Featured Wyoming winter hiking

Destination nowhere: Winter in the Red Desert sand dunes

March 25, 2014

Even in the coldest of winter, Wyoming’s Red Desert is alive with a beautiful, shifting landscape.

Featured Thumbnail image for Halliburton joins University of Wyoming’s list of energy donors

Halliburton joins University of Wyoming’s list of energy donors

March 20, 2014

Officials say Halliburton’s $3 million gift underscores the close collaboration between the energy industry, state government, and the University of Wyoming.

Featured University of Wyoming

Message from Session: UW Must Do More to Help Itself

Commentary by Guest Column March 20, 2014 March 20, 2014

University of Wyoming President Dick McGinity says UW has little choice but to examine increased student tuition and fees.

Featured University of Wyoming

Let’s talk about the direction of the University of Wyoming

Commentary by Guest Column March 20, 2014 March 20, 2014

Emeritus professor of geology Peter Shive wants to have a conversation about the fossil fuel industry influence on UW.

Featured Mardy and Olaus Murie

The Muries: Wilderness Leaders in Wyoming

March 20, 2014

The Murie Center carries on the conservation biology and ecology efforts of couples Olaus and Mardy Murie and Adolph and Louise Murie.

Featured Wyoming Community College funding

Community colleges cheer boost in enrollment-based funding

March 18, 2014

But in sober assessment of funding model, colleges say the short-term focus hobbles planning and innovation

Featured Thumbnail image for Legislature wraps budget, looks to interim and special session

Legislature wraps budget, looks to interim and special session

March 11, 2014

In 19 days the Wyoming legislature approved a $3.5 billion budget and passed some 132 bills, while setting the stage for a special session.

Featured Wyoming Indian Chiefs - State Basketball Champions

Wyoming Indian Chiefs win state 2A basketball title

March 11, 2014

Boys overcome ragged play in semis with strong showing in finals. Lady Chiefs finish the season strong in third place.