2012 Legislative Session nears its end; get your input to your representatives

The 2012 Wyoming Legislative Budget Session has ended its third week.

This means that all legislation must have passed from its house of origin to the other chamber. In other words, if a bill did not get three readings in its house of origin, passed all three, and was transferred to the other house, it can’t be passed into law this year.

Of the 244 bills numbered for introduction, 138 remained active this week after the crossover deadline on Tuesday. The Senate introduced 97 pieces of legislation and 71 of those bills have moved to the House for consideration.  The House introduced 82 bills and passed 67 bills on to the Senate for deliberation. Sixty-five bills were not considered for introduction.

Other important dates are coming up.

Today – Friday March 2, 2012 – is the last day for a bill to be passed by a committee to be considered by the entire chamber.

March 5 is the last day for a bill to have its first reading in the second house; March 6 is the last day for second reading; and March 7 is the last day for the third and final reading.

After that, the House of Representatives and the Senate will try to work out any differences in bills they have passed in conference committee.

So if you’re tracking a bill that’s important to you, now is one of your last chances to get in touch with your representatives to voice your opinion!

To track the status of bills, go to http://legisweb.state.wy.us/lsoweb/session/BillsInfo.aspx

For contact information for your representatives, go to http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWeb/LegInfo.aspx

For general information about the legislature, go to http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWeb/Session/SessionHome.aspx


Guy V. Padgett serves as WyoFile’s business manager.

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