Apps for Birding

I have not tried some of these and do not offer opinions or ratings, but following is a partial list of applications of interest to birdwatchers.

The Sibley series of bird field guide books is outstanding. Sibley’s people have now issued electronic field guides for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms, including 2,300 audio recordings.

Not a field guide, but a compilation of information to help people find birds, often rare birds, is BirdsEye.

BirdJam software, which I do use on my iPod Touch, organizes bird songs and calls which are purchased elsewhere and installed using the iTunes program.  BirdJam makes it easier to find the vocalizations on the iPod Touch or other iPods; but is much better on the iPod Touch or iPhone because of the larger viewing screen. BirdJam has some new products focusing on sparrows and warblers.

A comprehensive collection of 2,400 tracks from 674 bird species is available from BirdTunes.  I have not had any experience with this company.

Birdwatcher’s Diary is an app which allows downloading of sightings in the field.  I have not had any experience with such programs.

Some of this information was derived from the American Birding Association.  There are other programs out there.

Good Birding!

— RT Cox, The Sage Grouse

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