Geoff O’Gara of Wyoming PBS offers an interesting look in Wyoming Capitol Outlook at some of the behind-the-scenes forces shaping a tie vote this week in the House on whether to give wind energy companies a break on up-front infrastructure sales taxes while raising the per-megawatt tax rate.

When Rep. Matt Teeters (R-Lingle), who initially voted against the bill, moved for reconsideration, it was considered likely that his vote and a few more would move to the plus side, and break the tie in favor of the wind tax. But several legislators went the other way, defeating the bill. There is no debate on a reconsideration motion, but conversations with various legislators suggested the following pressures at work: 1/ Municipal and county governments want that big chunk of sales and use taxes up front, and they lobbied heavily; 2/ some legislators just don’t like wind energy; 3/ some Tea Party adherents saw it as more government taxes (even though it would have eliminated a tax as well); 4/ and some legislators simply don’t like to see a bill reconsidered.

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