CASPER — Bill Larsen and Jack Graves didn’t know each other before Saturday, but they learned of plenty in common as they rested weary legs while awaiting entry into the Ford Wyoming Center.

Both men, adorned in cowboy hats and wild rags, are cattle ranchers, who formerly ran sheep. They also shared excitement for the day’s main attraction: an appearance by former President Donald Trump. There was also agreeably less enthusiasm for the thousands of people who snaked by. 

“We don’t do crowds very good,” Larsen said. “That’s why we live here.”

Larsen, of Casper, didn’t see anything unusual in his kinship and banter with Graves, from the Riverton area. 

“That’s what Wyoming people do,” he said. “I watch the news, and on the streets of New York City people are bumping into each other and they don’t even speak to each other. That’s not the way we do things out here.” 

But there’s one native New Yorker that Larsen and Graves hold in higher esteem: Trump. 

“He’s not that way,” Larsen said. “He’s for the people.” 

Cattle ranchers Jack Graves, of Riverton, and Bill Larsen, of Casper, take a break from the entrance line at Donald Trump’s Save America rally on May 28, 2022 in Casper. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Hours later, inside the arena overlooking Casper, the 75-year-old former president on his first ever political trip to Wyoming told Larsen, Graves and roughly 8,400 other loyal fans what they’d come to hear: The 2020 election had been stolen from them, they can’t trust the media, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney is their enemy and they should vote for Harriet Hageman to replace her. He even tantalized the crowd throughout his rambling 88-minute speech with hints that he may run for president a fourth time in 2024.

“Wyoming, all of America is counting on you,” Trump said. “So important. We all know how great of a state you are, how beautiful you are. But you’ve become, politically speaking, you’re at the top of the list. We have a lot of elections coming up … I think [the House race] is the most important election that we have, right here.”

The Trump effect

For Larsen and others, Trump’s endorsement of Hageman was all they need. 

“Donald Trump thought that she’s the one,” he said. “That’s good enough for me.” 

Although Trump was the main attraction, it was a Hageman diatribe about being “fed up” that triggered the most raucous applause from the near-capacity crowd. 

Thousands turned out to hear former President Donald Trump and other far-right politicians speak in Casper May 28, 2022. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Hageman, a Cheyenne attorney, took to the stage at 4:25 p.m. sporting her signature round glasses and turquoise jewelry. She told the crowd “I am Wyoming,” and that she’d driven 23,000 miles around the Equality State since announcing her campaign. 

Her 12-minute-long speech returned repeatedly to a “we’re fed up” motif, and the frustrations she voiced with the federal government and progressive policies proved a crowd pleaser. 

Voters are fed up with the press and social media platforms, Hageman said. Democrats were wrong on important issues like COVID-19 and the 2020 election, she said, and chose instead to shut down the discussion and block “conservative speech.” 

Cheney was another target of the “fed up” refrain, but Hageman gaffed while trying to make the case that she’s the better candidate.

“I am that person who will represent you, your fallacies,” she said. 

Hageman realized the blunder and pivoted, saying in closing that she’d represent voters’ families, businesses and interests.  

Parts of the all-day Casper event were tailored to Wyoming-specific issues, while other talking points, and the political figures who appeared, were cookie-cutter parts of many Trump rallies. 

“He does repeat some of the same things at all his rallies,” Bar Nunn resident Thomas Suffel said during a bathroom break mid-Trump speech. “But he always makes sure that he understands the people and the culture of where he’s going, and he addresses them, which makes it very interesting.”

Barr Nunn resident Thomas Suffel at Donald Trump’s Save America rally on May 28, 2022 in Casper. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Suffel watches every Trump rally he can on television and he wasn’t disappointed seeing him in person. Trump, he said, is “dynamic” and “magnetic” and “knows how to handle a crowd.” 

Trump took the stage nearly 45 minutes later than scheduled. He dubbed Wyoming “ultra MAGA country,” a nod to the acronym from his 2016 campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. In his lost reelection bid, the former president won Wyoming by a greater margin than any other state.

Wyo shout outs and shots

Trump took shots at Wyoming figures besides Cheney. 

Among those targeted was Gov. Mark Gordon, a fellow Republican, who greeted Trump at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport alongside U.S. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) earlier that day. 

“He gave me a beautiful hat,” Trump said, referencing the governor. “But I said, ‘You know, I’d rather not have the hat. I’d rather have Democrats not voting in the Republican primary.”

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell chats with Hageman-Trump rally goers in Casper May 28. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

It was Barrasso who gave the former president a cowboy hat, according to Michael Pearlman, Gordon’s spokesperson. The governor gave him a pair of spurs. 

Trump’s frustration with Gordon stemmed from the Wyoming Legislature failing to pass a bill to ban crossover party voting, which many believe could help Cheney. During the 2022 session, Gordon did not take a public stance on the issue. The bill was backed by Trump, but died quietly after failing to get an introduction vote by deadline. Several previous attempts have been unsuccessful at the state capitol. 

“The Democrat crusade to gut election integrity is something that nobody has ever seen anything like in this country,” Trump said. “Wyoming, all of America is counting on you.” 

Trump advocated for single-day paper-ballot voting. 

Wyoming already uses paper ballots in its elections — votes are cast by paper and counted by machines. Park County Commissioners recently denied a request by Republicans to hand-count 2022 ballots after the county attorney advised against it, citing several state statutes and federal law. The commission has asked the Wyoming attorney general to weigh in on the prospect of recounting ballots from 2020 by hand. 

In response to a record number of Wyoming voters casting absentee ballots in 2020 the Legislature passed a law giving county clerks the option to begin processing those ballots starting the Thursday before Election Day. 

Absentee voting for the Aug. 16 primary election in Wyoming begins July 1. 

Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne at Donald Trump’s Save America Rally in Casper May 28, 2022. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Trump also took time to praise devotees. Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne made the list of those the former president “loves,” and got the label “tough cookie. 

“You’ve done an outstanding job,” Trump told Eathorne. “You’ve done outstanding, but this is politics, right? So, Frank, so if [your candidates] don’t win, you did a lousy job … But I think you’re gonna win big.” 

Wyoming State Treasurer Curt Meier, Lynn Friess and her late husband, Foster Frieiss, and Sen. Bo Biteman (R-Ranchester) — who sponsored the failed crossover voting ban bill — were among other Wyoming denizens Trump lauded by name. 

Orderly Casper 

In downtown Casper, there was hardly a trace of the Trump rally happening two miles away at the Ford Wyoming Center. Welcome signs for rally goers were absent, and passersby decked out in Trump gear were seldom.

An attempt to organize a protest of the Hageman-Trump rally garnered few participants. Casper residents Britt Boril, Betsy Bower and Jeff Streitmatter were what remained of an already small protest when WyoFile caught up with them Saturday afternoon walking northbound on South Poplar Street carrying anti-Trump placards. “Anybody who’s willing to accept [Trump’s] endorsement, at this point, why would you do that?” Boril said. 

Casper residents Britt Boril, 32, Betsy Bower, 36, and Jeff Streitmatter IV, 26, protest the Harriet Hageman-Donald Trump rally in Casper May 28, 2022. (Dustin Bleizeffer/WyoFile)

Around the same time, a young man hung his head out of a passing vehicle’s window and screamed, “Fuck Joe Biden, bitch!”

That wasn’t the protesters’ first jeering. WyoFile reporters watched a large truck sporting Trump flags blow thick, black diesel exhaust on them, and they said “a few” younger people yelled obscenities and flipped them off. Older people driving by slowed down to read their signs as more of a curiosity.

The protesters’ politics and desires for Wyoming were decidedly different from those of the crowd amassed at the rally. Bower has family members who are Trump supporters, and she described them as having a “different mindset.” Her hope was that the Wyoming congressional race would focus on issues like “beekeeping, gardening, driving fewer trucks [and] moving toward solar power. 

“I wish there were a way to convey what it means to make progress and not destruction,” Bower said. 

At the rally, WyoFile reporters and other journalists had more pleasant interactions with the vast majority of Trump supporters. The most notable antagonism directed at the media came from the former president himself, who propagated the term “fake news” and whose presidency coincided with accelerating distrust in the press. 

“Oh, you got a lot of press back there,” Trump said. “Why are there so many? Why, oh why are there so many? 

“Fake news,” he added, as the audience jeered. 

7-Eleven shop owner Adam Radogna traveled from his home in Ohio to a Donald Trump rally in Casper on May 28, 2022. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

But even a man wearing a “Fake media is the virus” T-shirt was happy to give an interview and maintained civility. Adam Radogna, a 33-year-old Cleveland, Ohio, convenience store owner, was there with Trump rally groupies who go by the nickname “Front Row Joes.” He’s spent about $30,000 traveling to Trump gatherings around the country, he said. His group of a dozen was in line at 4 a.m., early enough to live up to their moniker. 

Radogna affirmed his belief that the “media is the virus,” but said it’s not cut and dried.

“There’s a lot of media that actually reports the good news,” he said, “but we know how the media is and how they twist things.” 

One attendee who was enamored to see Trump and cheered enthusiastically throughout even apologized for the former president’s slights. 

Lusk resident Karen Alvis cheers at the conclusion of remarks from Harriet Hageman, a Cheyenne attorney who’s challenging U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s lone seat in the House of Representatives. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

“The press takes such a beating, but not all of you are bad guys,” Karen Alvis of Lusk told a WyoFile reporter after one of Trump’s jabs at the press. 

Still, Alvis was sold on both Trump and Hageman: “They represent us,” she said. 

Trump country? 

Views of Trump and his hand-picked Cheney challenger were largely homogeneous — all in support — in the pre-event line that arced around the parking lot. Attendees reported a three-hour wait to get in, which created ample opportunity for local candidates to stump. 

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Sheridan resident Brent Bien, who’s challenging Gordon in the Wyoming governor’s race, worked the line trying to drum up support for his campaign. 

“I’m glad he held this rally for me,” Bien joked. “Cheyenne is a microcosm of D.C., and we need to change that. It starts with electing principally conservative Republicans in place of the RINOs.” 

Cheyenne resident Don Odom, a trucker, promotes his bid for a seat in the Wyoming House while attending a Donald Trump rally on May 28, 2022 in Casper. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Oilfield trucker Don Odom took a similar tack, intercepting a journalist strolling by in hopes of some press for his own campaign. The Cheyenne resident, a newcomer to Wyoming politics, is running for the open seat in the just-created Wyoming House District 61. 

Odom and most of the rally attendees who spoke to WyoFile were unconvinced by the determinations of every state’s election officials, the federal electoral system and — in more than 60 cases — the judiciary system, that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election by more than 70 electoral and 7 million popular votes. Like scores of others in attendance, Odom holds a deep-seated belief that the man he was there to see — in a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity — is the rightful president of the United States. 

“I haven’t been in a position to see the proof that they claim was there — so I still don’t know for sure — but in my heart I feel like it was taken from him,” Odom said.  

Larsen, the Casper rancher, agreed. Trump was the victim of the “biggest cheating scandal the country’s ever seen … It’s pretty maddening, really,” he said. 

Where Odom bucked from the crowd is that he’s not a Hageman supporter. Instead, he said, he favors state Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne), another far-right challenger to incumbent Cheney. 

Basin resident Larry McCracken, an aircraft refurbisher who’s between jobs, was in line and eager to take in his fifth Trump rally. McCracken, who is a Wyoming newcomer from the Midwest, feels that he’s surrounded by people who fall short of being true conservatives in his new home. 

Basin resident Larry McCracken thinks Donald Trump’s endorsement of Harriet Hageman in her race against U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney will give her a boost. “I think he helps everywhere,” he said. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

“You’ve got a good crowd here,” McCracken said. “But just from talking to [Basin] people … a lot of them say how conservative they are and then you get to talking to them and find out they aren’t.”

Instead, he said, people in Basin, population 1,400, “they’re more like a Liz Cheney kind of person.” 

At the suggestion that his observation might not bode well for Trump’s hand-selected U.S. House candidate, Hageman, McCracken offered up two words. 

“Uh oh.” 

Maggie Mullen, Dustin Bleizeffer, Tennessee Watson and Rone Tempest contributed reporting. 

Mike Koshmrl reports on Wyoming's wildlife and natural resources. Prior to joining WyoFile, he spent nearly a decade covering the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s wild places and creatures for the Jackson...

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  1. It is pointless to try to have a constructive argument on these topics.
    We see their sources as evil and dishonest, and they see ours the same way.
    One on one, we can break through if the other party is honestly trying to engage.
    It takes time and patience to break through the brainwashing. But it can work.
    The two sides online are like oil and water. Worthless to try.
    We can agree on legalizing corner crossings and weed. No more.
    The rest is a moot point.
    They think Cheney is a hero and we think she is a traitor to the Constitution.
    You need to really point out that Bush and her father were evil in our eyes and that is a good starting point. But you can’t focus just on what their side does wrong, or the defenses go up and you are done. Leave Trump out of it. He screwed up approving the vaccines and the lockdowns and is still listening to advisors with bad ideas. The corporate media and elites will villainize him outside of law as they have done for 6 years. Just as they cover up the failings of the current administration. They fear him and that fear is passed on in many ways.
    If you read the story of the Von Trapp family, they could not talk politics with their neighbors either, and for the same reason. We can’t hike across the Alps. We need to hold our ground and wait out the crises for two more years.

      1. 1. Backing illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East and Europe as a member of the State Dept. And a Congressperson. Nuremberg code violations and breach of ethics as her family stood to financially benefit. Morally wrong and in direct violation of world agreements.
        2. Voting to impeach a sitting President on false pretenses. RussiaGate. Proven to be a Clinton dirty trick, after years of fake news.
        3. Voting to impeach a previous President ad hoc also on false pretenses. Ukrainegate. Another hoax. Biden is up to his neck in crimes there. Trump did nothing wrong.
        4. Unconstitutional fake 6 committee. Illegal and dishonest. A campaign stunt by the most hated people in America. A show trial. Hoax. This will embarrass them all.
        5. Fraud. Cheney does not represent Wyoming. She represents her brand. She chose to market here so her dad could run her career. He thinks she can be President, which would make him king. That is treason.

    1. Thanks Bob, spoken like a true Banana Republican . This was not a gathering of Wyoming Intelligencia but an event held by a manure salesman . We witnessed gleeful Wyoming adults rolling in it. Of course we smell what they are stepping in, fascist lies, bigotry and unAmerican activities. Go Liz!

  2. Why would anyone take away my right to change parties and vote for whom ever I have the RIGHT to vote for here in Wyoming. Trump totally wants to control how people vote.

  3. A lot of comment centering on oil economy noted here. Refining capacity in U.S. fell by 4.5% in 2020. NOT from lack of crude supply but from a 13% drop in gasoline consumption and decreased demand for refined products secondary to Covid. People just weren’t traveling much. As a result 5 refineries across the U.S. shut down. Not temporarily but for like, permanent! I’ll repeat! NOT a supply issue! Refineries shut down in Australia and across Europe also. So, enough of the XL link construction halt fantasy. Valero, the chief beneficiary of the crude supply the XL would have increased, posted total throughput volumes in bpd (barrels per day) for this last quarter of 2.8 million bpd. That is 390,000 bpd over this same quarter a year ago! Valero,s quarterly refining margin more than doubled to $3.21 billion from a year earlier. So c’mon, look at facts. Enough repeating Fox News Tuckerisms.

  4. Roger in reply to no oil was flowing yet thru pipeline. That is true. But it was really not that far from completion/testing/oil moving. We have no shortage of crude. We have SUPPLY of oil issue. That is what the XL would of solved. You sir are all wrong on inflation not causing higher taxes paid. You sir just look to offset your foolish reasoning by being a democrat and making up excuses to cover up. Our supply chain issues hasn’t been eliminated by “mayor Pete”. One wonders if he and his “wife” figured out how to breast feed their kids to off set the baby formula shortage. Hold on to your shorts Roger these issues will get worse before they get better. We likely be facing electric power shortages this summer and sky high heating bills this winter. Biden is shipping your natural gas to Europe to replace Russian Supply. Being Green is going to be costly.

  5. Thank goodness it is finally over and there was no bloodshed. The Ford Center’s prohibition on everything from six-shooters to selfie sticks meant that there were a whole bunch of “good guys with(out) guns” , without protection, huddled together all afternoon feeling pretty scared and vulnerable I’d imagine. Wonder why they all gone and done a foolish thing like that for? I reckon it’d sure been a heck of a lot safer ifn’ everybody had been loaded for bear………..
    P.S. The Pillow fella ought to offer a line of security blankets. They would be HUGE sellers at these rallies……REALLY HUGE…..

  6. A fun and energetic rally fully packed with united, happy people inside and outside. No violence or property damage. Far different from the pessimism peddled and imbibed here. America First candidates are 100 wins, 7 loses in the Republican primaries. No wonder the media and their followers are angry. God Bless the USA!!

  7. Biden caused the Ukraine war. It is all him.
    Blame Putin if you are a Nazi.
    But then we all knew that already, didn’t we?

    1. from posting debunked conspiracy theories to posting russian propaganda.

      welcome to the new age chrump of reasoning (or lack thereof)

  8. To everyone that thinks Ukraine is Trump caused. You are so wrong. Obama/Biden/McCain even helped start this. Obama/Biden helped over throw a government. Called the Maiden protests. I believe. McCain was actually over there in 2013 and met with leaders of a very murkey far right group. It actually started out in 2008/09 as socialist related party. Nazi tie more then likely. As fire runner to CIA kept the Nazis alive after WW2. To stir things up with Russia. CIA spent lot of money thru the years with Ukraine Nazi’s. All this mess in Ukraine belongs to Democrat. Remember Biden bragged about getting high ranking Ukraine official fired. Of course he was investigating that gas company Hunter was involved with. Trump was ABSOLUTLY right to ask Ukraine for investigation. I. E. Hunter Bidens laptop seems to get used for door stop at FBI office. So don’t blame this mess on Trump. Trump was also right about NATO and the U. N

    1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what Trump and Putin discussed in their private meeting where staff of neither autocrat were allowed to be present? Wouldn’t surprise me if it were what Trump’s response would be following Putin’s eventual invasion of Ukraine. No wonder Russia did whatever they could to help Trump’s election and re-election. Remember, Trump publicly declared that he trusted Putin’s word more than he trusted his own intelligence community’s word.

  9. The term “ultra MAGA” was used by Biden in a recent speech to vilify Trump, Republicans in general, Predictably, those same Republicans seized on the aphorism and put it on tee shirts that are selling like hotcakes. That’s why Trump used the term in his speech–to mock the president.

    I can’t stand Trump, but “Let’s Go Brandon” tee shirts live on in another form. FYI

  10. Something I was told more than a few times growing up, “There’s a sucker born every minute and ten people to take advantage of him.” There were an over supply of suckers in Casper this past weekend.

  11. Makes you wonder how many of those Trumpanzees in attendance are even eligible to vote, or have had their right to vote taken away? I’ve got to imagine that Chump, the Pillow guy and his minions got back on that plane and laughed about “never seeing so many thrillbillies in their lives”. It takes a real ‘chump’ to believe Chump’s Big Lie but the 8,400 Wyoming rednecks are just plain backwater enough to buy into anything. Wish I was there, I could of sold oceanfront property in Arizona to the masses

  12. I will never understand how people dive head first into fandom for politicians. Saw it with Reagan, Clinton (both of them), Obama, and now Trump. Just weird.

  13. The group of people that were there on that stage are literally the modern day equivalent of the snake oil salesman.

  14. Liberals and RINOS are destroying Wyoming and the Country. With all the chaos and destruction going on… how can anyone think (like this WY resident) the most important things Wyoming should focus on are… “Her hope was that the Wyoming congressional race would focus on issues like “beekeeping, gardening, driving fewer trucks [and] moving toward solar power.” Lord save us please!

  15. Too many spoiled Americans think that fascism can’t happen (is happening!) here. Democracy is fragile. I disagree with Cheney on almost all her policy decisions, but I will vote for her because she is brave enough to stand up to violence and ignorance and do her Constitutional duty on the January 6 Committee.

    1. she is the original purveyor of fascism. check out her anti bds legislation and her dads patriot act. she never lets a good crisis go to waste. she voted against withdrawals in syria under trump and for the involvement in the ukraine. she has no credibility to represent wyoming.

  16. If rational thinking prevails, Liz Cheney will retain her seat in the Congressional House of Representatives.

      1. Mr. Jones. What has Biden done so well these days? Shall we count them. 1. Ukraine war. 2. Cut XL pipe line and crude supply 3. Higher gas/electricity/Natural gas bills. 4. Inflation that eating everyone up 5. 200 plus mass shootings this year ALONE. 6. Open Southren Border. 7. Huge influx of drugs. 8. Huge uptick in OD deaths—are they replaced by illegals? 9. Higher taxes. 10. Bows down to his master XI of China with wink/nod to Putin. Yes sir quite accomplished year. O don’t forget. Hunter Biden allowed to skate free. Now name 1 GOOD THING this man has done—in his entire career

        1. Well, mostly he hasn’t tried to over throw our government by way of an insurrection and instill an autocracy. Thats plenty, so if that makes me anti Trump and pro-Biden well then I’m proudly pro Biden and Anti Trump 100%. I’ve thought Trump was the textbook definition of a narcissistic con man since I was 9 years old, his presidency proved it.

          1 The border was still open under Trump. People can get on planes or climb walls and stay here anytime they want illegally until they get caught. I agree that we have a border problem, but it goes well beyond just the physical border and a wall won’t solve that.
          2 Make drugs legal and regulated and the problem gets way better.
          3 The Ukraine war is on Russia and Trump’s bud Putin, if it’s on anyone, it’s on Trump as he didn’t help the situation by making us look weak to dig up dirt on his political rivals via Ukraine. Turns out that the Ukrainians could have really used all of those Javelin missiles that Trump withheld for political dirt.
          4 High gas prices by way of shutting down the Keystone was a bad political miscalculation and I don’t support it, but a lot of this is also because of Russia invading Ukraine, the fallout from that, and OPEC.
          5 High electric bills are because of high natural gas prices, not the myth that we can all be saved by coal. The high natural gas prices are also mostly on Russia’s war.
          6 Don’t care about China, economically we (the US and China) have each other both by the balls. If China could have made a move, then they would have already done it.

          If you want to be a conservative, fine, but be a real conservative and don’t support a delusional autocrat. I’m pretty sure that would be the opposite of conservatism, the idea that one leader gets to rule us all.

          1. Okay, now repeat after me, THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE IS STILL MOVING CANADIAN OIL AND HAS NO IMPACT ON US GAS PRICES!!!! If gas is high because of Biden he sure has a lot of power because it is high all over the world and not just in the US.

          2. 1-6 was not a insurrection. Merely a freedom of speech assembly that got out of hand. Yes unfortunately some people got hurt. Some died. But all preventable. Poor event planning on known trouble event in making. Every football coach and more use the same exact words to fire up the teamTrump did. You are wrong sir. Biden and crew are throwing away our country. $82 billion in arms left to Taliban and 13 dead military personal on botched withdrawal. $40 plus billion going to Ukraine on wasted cause. Between Obama and Bidens admin there is combined 400 plus mass shooting events. 225 this year alone! More events then days in the year. Schools should of been hardend years ago! Teachers should be trained/armed. Students starting in 1st grade should start to be trained on firearm safety. Self defense Ballistic shields should be in EVERY CLASS ROOM! If teachers don’t want to be trained. Then can them. Replace them. Plenty of teachers/admin types out there. Increase teachers pay. Janitorial as well. We waste all this money overseas. Let’s ABSOLUTLY shut the drug flow down. It can be done. As long as the family unit destruction and single parent crap goes on this problem will continue. $120 billion is what I just pointed out your man Biden and group Pi@&ed away in last 6 months. Biden when he was V. P botched the Iraq deal Badley when he was put in charge. Billions Pi&@ed away there. Biden was put in charge of ALL THE SHOVEL READY JOBS when he was VP the first time. Billions wasted there. You Democrats just won’t/can’t admit he and most are cluster f@&ks. You all critize Trump for a few mean tweets. Liz Cheney hasn’t done a single thing for Wyoming. She has lived on daddy’s name. And Dick wasn’t that good. Trump spoke the truth about him and John McCain who was also worthless. So Liz got mad and had to get even for daddy. She will lose re election. Run as democrat in Virginia. Wait and see. That is what she will do to keep her gravy train running. I will take a mean tweet or two. Is Trump perfect? No. But at least the man cares about the USA. Last thing. USA is not a democracy. We are a REPUBLIC!! Read the pledge of allegiance and U. S CONSUTITION!! Find the word Democracy in EITHER. Lot of us gave blood sweat tears for your right to have your opinion. But make your opinion worth while

        2. Larry, please show me where taxes have gone up. The standard deduction (which decreases taxable income) increased, so from that standpoint taxes have decreased. I’ll be checking back. Thanks

          1. Roger. Do you lack the economic common sense to figure out that inflation has increased the cost of Goods. Thus raising the amount of sales tax you pay? Also since real estate prices are climbing that affects your property Tax. Also in regards to Biden and oil supply. Yes the keystone pipeline is still operating. But Biden cut the XL pipeline. That severed more oil supply. From Canada/Montana/North Dakota. Oil Supply was severed. Train is way to expensive of way to move oil. Remember all the train derailments?

          2. And that, Mr. Skow is where I say goodbye to this conversation. All the best to you sir, all the Best Mr. Skow. It has to suck believing all of what you said, but I do hope you find some solace in some of what you believe somewhere in your noggin. This country definitely has its problems, but if we can’t even agree on what said problems are, then we are screwed.

            Also, to Mr. Sinden’s point, what tax hikes are you talking about? Actual taxes where we all pay our fair share, or are ranchers having to kick in a little more for subsidies? I haven’t noticed, no idea what you’re talking about. Either way, I’m good with paying more to keep our mutual society going. Again, all the best.

        3. Why is everything Biden’s fault? The world is a complicated place and no one, esp not Trump can control the politics of the world. You need to do your homework sunshine.

        4. The Biden Year!! Standing up to Trumps Debacle of a Presidency!!
          1. Ukraine war- isn’t that Russian that invaded Ukraine?? We are supporting Ukrainian forces. Now sending training for the Rockets!!
          2. XL Pipeline closure- Canadian pipeline that was owned and operated by canadians to transfer Crude Oil to the Gulf of Mexico for transport. Already leaked and contaminated US and Indian waterways.
          3. High Gas and Oil Prices- Thanks to Putin and Opec!! We do not have control over oil but a very small size or percent.
          4. Inflation- Biden is partially to blame when you have fast economic recovery, higher paying jobs market and lots of consumer spending.
          5. 220 + shootings- NOT BIDENS FAULT!!! This is a brewing mess mix with Mental health Illness with declining annual funding by Congress! A super divisive President like Trump and his Alt-right Administration pushing guns and fighting for what you want!
          6. Open Southern Border- Trumps bad policies and his losing Administration running radio ads to get people to march north after migrating.
          7.)Drugs – are being made here. Flown in from Mexico by Drone and were also brought in during Trump era on Elaine Chao’s Ship to her Maryland Port that was Financed by JP Morgan. $3 Billion worth Cocaine!!

  17. “The Democrat crusade to gut election integrity is something that nobody has ever seen anything like in this country,” Trump said. “Wyoming, all of America is counting on you.” The hypocrisy is astounding in a statement like this. Still peddling his lies because that’s all he has left.

  18. Great reporting. Proves how close yet far Casper, where I used to live, is from Denver where i live now. When Biden was elected people drove around in cars honking, screaming, and waving flags for hours.

    1. Anyone who believes that Liz Cheney is a RINO has been thoroughly brainwashed. Liz’s voting record is one of the most (if not the most) conservative voting records in Congress. She is the poster child of conservatism. Oh, and she also upholds the constitution and obviously cares about the rule of law.

  19. One of my many fallacies is switching from Democrat to Republican to vote for Lis.

  20. Simple choice is do you like America of four years ago or America today. Wyo file seems to have given leftist’s a voice.
    Trump is greatest president in my lifetime. Kept promises and met the Washington swamp [Cheney] head on

    1. I like America without Donald Trump and his toxic, destructive behavior. Trump was the worst president of my lifetime, and he IS the swamp

  21. I cannot wait for the televised January 6th committee hearings to start and then we will see just how traitorous Donald J Trump really is! This big lie will always apart of his legacy and he will be known as a failed oligarch in the vain of his friend Putin that tried and failed to overthrow our Democratic Republic!

  22. “I am that person who will represent you, your fallacies,” she (Hageman) said. — wow, that’s what you call a Freudian Slip. A whole lotta “fallacies” in Casper on Sunday, including that dimwitted Boebert and golly gee, they even flew in the “My Pillow” guy! And the disgraced former bad cop former even badder husband F. Eathorne was wandering around grinnin’ and grippin’. You can’t make this stuff up! Never before have so many fallacy “believers” been housed under one roof in Wyoming, so I guess that could be considered some kind of record. And just before some of you right wing whacko’s reading this accuse me a being a liberal – nope, long time GOP’er. Well, until my party was hijacked by a bunch of lunatics. See you at the polls and GO LIZ!

  23. “Fuck Joe Biden, bitch!”

    That’s the spirit.

    I try to save those words for church where they belong.

    Too many let their political views morph them into bullies.

    1. If you ask people that hate President Biden why, most will spit out a bunch of memes and quotes from Tuckipoo Carlson and Steve Bannon. They gotta have someone to hate.

  24. I went to see the new Marvel movie ” Doctor Strange and the Madness of the Multiverse ” this week. It’s about a sorceror and a red witch.
    Donald Trump coming to Casper with the My Pillow guy to support the Wicked Witch of the West Harriet Hagemen is no less fantastical and just as surreal from the looks of it…

    The Madness of Trumpverse , indeed.

    1. Thanks, Dewey. Guess it’s ok that we can’t go to the movies here in Worland. You have to admit though, it takes a weird kind of bravery to be seen with the ” my pillow guy”. I wish I could laugh at their complete lack of humanity but it’s just too sad and scary.

  25. Thanks to Mike and WyoFile for getting this story out during the busy Memorial Day weekend.
    God Bless our Troops.