Windsor drops bid for #26-2 well near Clark

This week Windsor Energy Group notified Shoshone National Forest and Wyoming Bureau of Land Management officials that it will not proceed with its proposal to drill “Federal Well #26-2″ near Clark, effectively stopping a federal review of the proposal. A draft environmental assessment for public comment had been due in January, 2012.

Christina Denney, chairwoman of the Clark Resource Council issued a written statement:

“Clark Resource Council is very relieved that Windsor Energy has withdrawn their plans for drilling on the Shoshone National Forest.  Clearly the complex hydrology and geology of the Line Creek drainage coupled with the serious contamination already present makes this area inappropriate for oil and gas development.

However, we remain very concerned about how viable Windsor is and their ability to clean up or remediate the serious groundwater contamination from the gas well blowout and Windsor’s other development in Clark.”

Wyoming Outdoor Council;

We’ve advocated for more than five years that this proposed project would have been undesirable on the Shoshone, our country’s first national forest and one of the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s heritage landscapes.We and our members were instrumental in urging the Forest Service to take this project seriously and not to bypass thorough environmental review, as the agency had initially planned to do.

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Published on December 8, 2011

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