Volunteer Josh McNary pulls a fence post from an abandoned corral in the BLM’s Raymond Mountain Wilderness Study area during a Public Lands day event in 2014. (Courtesy of Julia Stuble)

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners made public access to the 32,000 acre Raymond Mountain Wilderness Study area more difficult when it deeded three acres to a rancher, and then declined to reestablish a county road easement on the transferred property. A destination for hunters, anglers, climbers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts, the WSA and it’s surroundings have received considerable public investment in recent years, including habitat and access improvement projects by Wyoming Game and Fish and the BLM and the Public Lands Day volunteer cleanup event pictured here. Critics of the county’s move say the transfer was made in order to stop environmental data collection and the monitoring of public land grazing impacts on water quality.

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