A Little White Around The Edges

The shift from autumn to winter is taking place, as seen in this leaf with a new white tint bordering its red, yellow and orange coloring. (Photo by Mack Frost/WyoFile Flickr Group)

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  1. Just when I thought I found a site that would ease my homesick heart, I stumble upon the misuse of it’s/its once again. Is it required that all publications do this??!! Photo Friday, Nov. 4, autumn leaves, IT’S…coloring. EEEKS! Otherwise, an interesting pub that I will return to.
    -Jania Struttmann
    Sun Lakes, AZ

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for pointing out the common it’s/its misuse, Jania. We get in a hurry sometimes, but that’s no excuse. Glad to hear you will return. — Dustin Bleizeffer