The Wyoming Capitol Square Restoration Project is one very shiney step closer to completion.

Gilder’s Studio artisans spent six days regilding the Capitol dome earlier this month — a process that involved multiple pretreatments, treatments and primings of the underlying copper panels, roller application of the gold leaf and specialized brush polishing according to the Wyoming Capitol Square Project website. One stage called for an especially soft Russian squirrel hair brush.

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Seven ounces of gold were used. The entire state Capitol restoration process — including an overhaul of the Herschler office complex — is currently expected to cost $300 million.

Matthew Copeland

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  1. Would it be possible to use a metal less expensive than GOLD? How about fool’s gold – perfect “fixit”. Easy to find. Or maybe they could use some other soft metal, like silver-plate?

  2. They could cut costs by Not spending that much on an old building. Especially for one designed only to house liars and thieves while they screw the general populace. Yeah, we need 300 million spent on us so we will cut education, screw old people altogether. And let’s not do anything new and reasonable, just keep hitching up to the same old battered wagon. Then we’ll pretend the money problems come from less fossil fuel usage, lol, they’ll Never know the difference, we have these sheeple trained well.