WyoFile Annual Reports

Each year, WyoFile reflects on its accomplishments and challenges of the previous twelve months. From this introspection comes our annual report. In them, you’ll find an examination of WyoFile’s finances, reporting, reach, accomplishments and other performance metrics from the past year. Click on the links below to access each year’s annual report.

WyoFile 2022 Annual Report

WyoFile 2021 Annual Report

WyoFile 2020 Annual Report

WyoFile 2019 Annual Report

WyoFile 2018 Annual Report

WyoFile forms 990

WyoFile is committed to transparency in our operations. In that spirit, we post our annual IRS form 990 here for the public to access at will. Please contact us at admin@wyofile.com if you have any questions about our finances or operations.

WyoFile 2021 form 990

WyoFile 2020 form 990

WyoFile 2019 form 990

WyoFile 2018 form 990

WyoFile 2017 form 990

WyoFile 2016 form 990

WyoFile 2015 form 990

WyoFile 2014 form 990

WyoFile 2013 form 990

WyoFile 2012 form 990