A voter receives her ballot and instructions from poll worker Lori Iverson in Jackson on Nov. 3, 2020. (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am totally opposed to Park County counting ballots by hand in the next election or any other.


What is the need to “restore our citizens’ faith in elections in Park County”? We’ve never had any problem with election integrity here in my 90-year lifetime. The Sons of Freedom demanding this foolishness — who are they? What are their names? What do they stand for? They may be a cult within a cult! It seems to me that anyone demanding officials declare a for-or-against stance is not “pure and unbiased”.

To say that this is a “bipartisan effort” is absurd. There are 29,000 human beings in Park County, yet, apparently only 50 showed up at the last Park County Commissioner’s meeting to address the issue — one of them a Democrat.

The first batch of “volunteers,” after seeing the inane nature of the hand counting process, will never volunteer again! And who is training the groups?

The State of Wyoming will be waiting for hours or days for Park County to total up its votes.

The Park County Republicans have their share of notoriety for communications to legislators and obsession with censuring anyone who dares disagree with them. Where do they get the gall to impugn the integrity and honesty of our county officers and commissioners — all of whom are Republicans?! Who do they trust? Apparently no one. Neither their government, nor elected officials (except their chosen ones!) nor their fellow citizens. They don’t even trust their fellow men and women in the Park County Republican Central Committee. Watch how they treat folks who get up on their hind legs and challenge the Oath Keeper state chairman, the executive committees and the various county organizations that swallow state-party dicta, then request non-disclosure agreements from everyone present.

Who is going to protect the security and validity of the person’s ballot for the time it takes hand counters determine if it “is accurate to the intention of the voter”?

The missive from the party also says — “a hand count should verify the machine count.” I’ll tell you who the people who are legally and professionally qualified to run and evaluate fair elections will be looking for if it doesn’t — the meddling middlemen volunteers and election judges who handled our secret ballots, not the voters or the county clerk. That will be a real scrap!

These self-appointed party-purity enforcers say they are hunting RINOs — Republicans in Name Only. I call those doing the hunting “Republicans Ignorantly Needling Others.”

If anybody can tell me about anything that ever happened in Park County that had to do with election fraud or deception, please weigh in on it. I’ve been around a long time. I do recall one election where “they” didn’t like the winner. The challenger who lost by over 400 votes was pressed to ask for a recount. The recount changed about seven votes and cost taxpayers about $5,000.

What is happening with our Republicans nationwide? Why don’t the members of my party trust anybody anymore?

There are 61 state, county and national lawsuits regarding the presidential election that Donald J. Trump lost by 8 million votes. Yet, he’s still on his soapbox red-faced and ranting. With that zany unhinging, we’ll be waiting for Sens. Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley or Gov. Rick DeSantis to take him out in the next Republican presidential election convention.

And so it goes in America today! It’s your right to be guarded, suspicious, fearful, rigid and afraid. Go for it. But, please leave the rest of us alone who believe in truth and integrity, and don’t try to shove down our throats every cockamamie conspiracy that ever came down the pike.


Alan K. Simpson

Precinct Committeeman, District 25-1

Al Simpson served three terms as a U.S. senator from Wyoming.

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  1. I’m a bit late to this party, but wish to put my two cents worth in. Thank you Sen. Simpson for your thoughtful comments. We’ve known each other for the better part of 60 years. We don’t always agree politically, but your old school GOP values are a respite from the current extremism. I too am an “outsider” now, but still visit and pay attention. I am saddened by how my birthplace has become a refuge for the radical right. We use to listen to each side, debate with civility, and respect individual rights. Now it appears it is walk through the door on the far right, or find your way out. Let there be no better evidence than Liz Cheney. Dare that a died in the wool conservative wants to question an assault on our democracy. Throw her out, she is a Republican of the old school. Indeed, thank you Al for holding on to the values of a once respectable party.

  2. Thank you Al Simpson! The noise making mob are pushing towards a reckless attempt to convene a Constitutional Convention, which scares me more than the rest of it. Vladimir Putin is laughing.

  3. Oh how I wish Senator Simpson was 30 years younger!

    Trump is toxic and he is psychotic.

  4. I’d like to use my 3rd comment to make some points from a unique perspective, avoiding the election integrity issue. There are trustworthy sources in the new media, in my opinion, and there is an unlimited volume of source material you can use to develop your own opinion. There are some good comments and articles on Wyofile here and there, so I keep coming back.
    I regard Mr. Simpson’s article as establishment serving opinion. Park County is not the issue in my view. Integrity of process and intent is. I have made points to spur discourse that can motivate dedicated researchers. The response, in my view, from some people, has been disappointing, even sometimes juvenile. I want more diverse opinions, people. Please challenge yourselves.
    Do folks know the libraries here are nice? You can actually, you know, read and stuff. FYI, if you can’t spell a 5-letter word, there are resources to help you that people like me fund with our taxes and by buying used books. Good ones. The best books were printed before we were born, in my view, because back then they really had a more mature and rounded audience. The vocabulary difference alone would embarrass our teachers from childhood, in my opinion. Walter Millis was against war. Are you?
    I have taken the time to look at Alan’s history and discovered that he is a career lawyer and politician from a family of such. He has moved from one political post to another for decades, like a calf changes udders, in my opinion. Good for him. Some people fit into that environment. I find politicians creepy, but that’s me. He has, in the past, accused retirees of being greedy recipients of pensions and social security, while he secures a steady flow of taxpayer-funded income for himself.
    Good for him. And no, I don’t think he is an alien. That one surprised even me.
    My concern is that blatant incivility has become the standard in discourse. As baby Bush said, “You are either with us or against us!”. I was offended then, and I am offended now. As my wife and I tell the salesmen who need an answer RIGHT NOW, “If that is the case the answer is NO!”. I say NO a lot. I am saying it again.
    As to Trump… (Yes, that is a proper name and that is how it is spelled.) He made good choices and bad ones. The bad ones were doozies, and he has tarnished his legacy, in my eyes. History will give him a C+, in my opinion, but fails to those presidents before and after. There are many areas the “With us or against us” crowd will not want me to talk about. We will avoid those.
    Discourse is now not civil and limited by lack of knowledge and lack of curiosity, and lack of intellectual diversity, in my opinion. I have friends and family I cannot broach those issues with today. Because “The science is settled” and disagreement brings ridicule. The very sentence is an insult to science, in my opinion. I try to probe the minds of such people and marvel at what I call mental mediocrity more often than not. They remind me of the folks who would complain when I blew out the grading curve in college.
    I will end with a metaphor.
    It is a dark night. The sky is full of stars. There is no wind, so the sea is flat and calm, like a mill pond. The ship has a slight list to port and is going down by the head, fast. There is no question at the time as to who the men are and who the women are, or what the meaning of is is. 126 male passengers are allowed in the lifeboats, including Mr. Ismay, Chaiman of the White Star Line. 189 male crewmembers are allowed on the boats, as they are needed to steer and row the survivors to safety, so we are told.
    Over 1500 passengers and crew are lost to the icy sea. Many are women and children, as the whole process of evacuation is a disaster in and of itself.
    The plan to fit the ship with enough lifeboats for everyone had been scuttled before the ship was ever built. They had been deemed unnecessary and unattractive on an “unsinkable” ship that actually is flawed in that the watertight doors require sealed bulkheads on top to be truly watertight and a gash across 5 compartments is “impossible”. Note the word. Impossible.
    Warships at the time are fitted with powerful searchlights, which can spot the danger well ahead of time to turn the massive vessel. But there is no such device, and the ship’s running lights have the opposite effect, making the dark ocean and sky ahead appear darker still. Binoculars for the lookouts have mysteriously disappeared, and the still ocean means that bergs and growlers create hardly any wake and are therefore stealthy in the night.
    The captain has decided to take the southern route, against all better judgement and standards, and ignores warnings of the pack ice, bergs and growlers. He orders she be kept at high speed as he retires for the evening. Over 1500 souls are lost, including the captain himself and the ship’s lead designer. Blame is placed on no one involved. Instead, the captain of a different ship, who is asleep and fails to respond to her pleas for help, is the scapegoat for the tragedy. People in power follow this protocol as a matter of course, in my opinion, because it is convenient. After the fact, the priority is not truth, but maintaining the status quo.
    In my opinion, 2020-2024 is a similar and even greater tragedy unfolding. No one involved is being held accountable, and the pumps have not even been turned on to slow the sinking of the Republic, the economy, the schools, or world peace.
    The people who voted for Trump are considered 3rd class passengers and are not allowed to get to a lifeboat, in my view. They are locked below decks, in my opinion. Certain well positioned people aren’t worried though. They believe, as John Astor did, as Alan Simpson does, that this ship is unsinkable. But down she goes.
    But the music is nice, is it not? Have another brandy.

  5. Senator Simpson, thank you for speaking out on this issue. We are no longer Wyomingites, but having been born and raised there, (Tom Morgan of Gillette was my father in law, a Democrat who thought very highly of you) I am appalled at what’s going on in Wyoming and the rest of this country. As you said in your article of 2018, where are the grownups? Oklahoma is problem enough with our inept governor, but it seems to me that my dear Wyoming is even worse. Praying that people will start doing what is right and honest. Thank you for your great service to Wyoming and for continuing to speak out.

  6. As a native of Wyoming now among the thousands of natives living in other states, a big thank you to Al Simpson for his letter. Right on the nose. the comment that he should address the Wyoming legislature is a good one, although most of those people would look at their shoes during your talk. They need a good Simpson spanking, for sure.
    I would say however… Al.. where have you been ? What took you so long to get your respected voice in to this current and coming mess? I hope you arent too late, but thank you for your letter. Maybe now its time for you to have a serious column in Wyofile and the Casper Star supporting Liz Cheney’s committee and her candidacy for congress.

  7. Senator,
    I have had opportunity to interact with you, your son Colin, your brother Pete and his son Milward many, many times. I consider Milward and Amy good friends. You have a lot of layers and they are all wrapped in a commitment to integrity and service and for that I thank you.

  8. Senator Simpson, you are amazing. Thank you for putting into print a sensible view. God bless you, Alan. You are a true Statesman.

  9. When is the last time angry name calling changed anyone’s mind about anything, sir?

    Also find amusing those who reference 61 dismissed cases but not the 37 that are moving forward.

  10. Beautiful, Senator Simpson. If only there were more statesmen, as opposed to party operatives, in politics today. But why would a reasonable person subject themselves to the type of harassament directed at party non-believers, of any stripe?

  11. Shows why this senior statesman lasted so long, he is mostly right!!!! and always a gentleman says a lifelong Democrat.

  12. Thank you Alan Simpson! I think there are a lot of Republicans in Wyoming who are through following the ‘Red-Faced Ranters’, and we need to start speaking up at every opportunity.

  13. Thank you, Alan Simpson!
    I am and have always been a fan of your honesty and integrity!

  14. Mr. Simpson,

    Thank you for taking a moment several months ago to have your photo taken with my hockey playing granddaughter Teaghin and Senator Senator John Barrasso in the Shoshoni convenience store, only in Wyoming would such an opportunity occur.

  15. God bless ya Al! Thank you for your continuing service to the people of Wyoming and the state of common sense and vice versa………

  16. Al Simpson was the last great representative this state had. He was sensible, straightforward and knew what diplomacy and compromise was and how it kept this country great.


    1. In the 60+ court cases, there was no verifiable evidence of what you claim.

      You’ve been lied to. It’s time to get back to reality.

    2. You, sir, are obviously living in an alternate universe. Hoping that you will come to your senses and start believing in honesty and integrity instead of crazy stories from Trump and his followers.

  18. What a fantastic, down to Earth letter from a great representative of our state! Long live “Sensible Straight Shootin’ Simpson!”

    Someone with a brain in the Republican party is finally speaking up besides Liz Cheney. Of course it’s someone who has nothing to lose, but still, it is a genuine leader.

  20. Mr. Simpson, thank you for your clear-eyed, sane and witty piece. As a Democrat who left Wyoming many years ago, it is so refreshing to find one other Republican (besides Liz Cheney) who understands what true patriotism is and is still above ground in Wyoming. I despaired of hearing from anyone other than Liz, especially after her (mis)treatment by the Wyoming Republican party. Thank you again!

  21. Great letter Alan. I am so sick of the fear mongers and bullies threatening our society. If they think it is so bad here, they should move to Russia and live under a real dictator.

  22. This is an example how a lie goes around the world before the truth even gets is boots on! And when you take the oath for office it’s not suppose to be an oath to lie . And why would you pardon someone who admitted perjury if you weren’t the same.

  23. Mr. Simpson, if you and other Republicans felt this way about ‘red-faced and ranting’ Trump before he was elected, why didn’t you call him out at the time?

  24. You have only yourselves to blame Alan. The Republican Party has tolerated and even encouraged these loonies for 50 years in order to gain or stay in power. Sow the wind and reap the tornado.

  25. Spot on Alan,
    I suggest every American voter whether Republican or Democrat read
    AUTHOR- WILL HURD Former US Congressman and CIA Officer

  26. Al, You haven’t lost your gift of stating your position clearly, logically, and with a bit of humor. We all wish that more level-headed, intelligent, congenial, and ethical individuals like you were representing us in Washington. Thank you for this piece.

  27. Thanks Alan! Here’s to you and Rep Cheney as the last hope for restoring credibility amongst Wyoming Republicans.

    Your old friends in the press stand ready to report.

    Best, Pete Jorgensen

  28. I agree with this article. Of all places I don’t think a hand count is needed in Park County. All elected officials are republicans they would be the ones cheating. That being said all you commenters need to stop being such boot lickers. You all exalt the writer of this article like he is a hero. He made millions from being a senator, it wasn’t just some selfless form of public service. Maybe the fear of blindly following and downright worshipping an office helps sow the seeds of mistrust.

    1. I don’t believe he is dishonest at all. Have you met and spoken with him? Al is true Wyoming, who achieved success. You are nobody and envious. He is an an old man, an elder statesman. Leave him alone. He understands he cannot take his money with him. F off

  29. Thanks, Al; we’re living in strange times. I would never have expected to make common cause with Liz Cheney but she has stood for the Constitution and the Putin wing of the Wyoming GOP questions the integrity of its own election success.

  30. Amen. Replacing the impartiality of a machine with the partiality of humans makes sense only if you want to go back to the good old days of corrupt political machines. Or, wait! Is that the point?

  31. Senator Simpson always told it straight and,
    for that reason, he accomplished many legislative wins for Wyoming. Democrats respected him and worked with him for those Wyoming wins. His excellent book tells that story and, as a bonus, is very funny! Thank you Sir. Hi

  32. You said it well. You are an honorable man, who once spent time with me and my wife at the Grand Hyatt in DC. I have also had some interesting conference calls with you during the WSB annual meetings. Al, you are true Wyoming. Thanks for calling out the idiotic sycophants. God bless you.

  33. Mr. Simpson, Thank You for putting it so eloquently, and yet so elementary that even the morons could grasp the meaning. I remember you well during your tenure, and always believed you represented Wyoming honorably, and with the utmost of dignity. (And I’m a Democrat)

  34. Senator Al,
    At 90 you still have the courage and energy to say what needs to be said. I would never have believed independent thinking, down-to-earth people of this state would get sucked into the cults like Oath Keepers or Proud Boys or Patriots or whatever other titles they can generate.
    They all seem to have one thing in common. That is to sell folks on the idea they are victims of one kind or another. They are not fighting for freedom, but are being manipulated in the interest of casting great doubt on the value of our democracy.
    I’ve voted in every election since 1956 and volunteered in the past as one of the citizens to help run them. Watched as we progressed from paper ballots to modern equipment to help make counting faster and more accurate, and know the good citizens who work hard to make sure they have been run properly. Who are these people who drank the Koolaide to believe the last election was not valid. Zero proof in the courts. It is an insult to citizen volunteers, County Clerks and employees who do a great job. The last time there was a group with a “hit” list of people to take out in Johnson County was during the Johnson County Cattle War. That didn’t work out very well.

  35. Sen Simpson….can you please run for election again. We need honorable republicans like you and Liz Cheney in our party.

  36. Very honest and accurate assessment of current politics. Thanks for contributing Senator Simpson.

    1. What is wrong with cross over voting? Ok, so I have only been in Wyoming for a little less than 60 years, but it is my observation that Wyoming people take pride in voting for the best qualified person. How else do you explain the election of Democrat Governors in 28 out of the the last 47 years.

  37. Unintentional comedy is the best comedy.
    Why don’t members of your party trust anybody anymore?
    Let’s see… Fiat Money… Market Manipulation… Remember the Maine… The Lusitania… Smedley Butler… Pearl Harbor… Prescott Bush… Bay of Pigs… Operation Mockingbird… Operation Northwoods… MKUltra… JFK… Bobby Kennedy… Chappaquiddick… Gulf of Tonkin… Waco… Ruby Ridge… Fluoride… GMO’s… WMD’s… Enron… If you like your plan… If you like your doctor… 2 weeks to stop the spread…
    The list above is abbreviated. Refusing to hear a case is not the same as hearing it and deeming it unworthy based on the evidence. Lying is not the same as honestly speaking. I have seen judges be dishonest. I knew a Republican politician who was dishonest. I researched voting machines while pursuing contracts and found the whole process to be corrupt and the machines easily hacked. Park County may be fine. But trust is earned, not given. Politics is a dirty business. Law is a dirty business. Journalism is a dirty business. If you want trust you must demand transparency of yourself and others and show you are not a bad actor.
    Why do people get divorced? Because they trusted the wrong person.

      1. For the record I will state this is an opinion only, because I want Wyofile’s readers to know why this horse refuses to die. This will help you understand why the segment of the population who suspects fraud is so stubborn. Not all of us are stupid, or duped, just stubborn. Give us a break. We have degrees and some of us are very smart. Many, like me, actually have experience with computers at the manufacture and customization level.
        This has layers like an onion. Voting machines, as a rule, are vulnerable by design.
        Always were from the very beginning. It is just a computer and many have wifi built-in whether they tell you that or not. Often the motherboard is a clone and simply comes with standard components that the reseller may or may not activate for the integration. Wifi is often built in whether you want it or not. The ones we use today are based on models that were created to help Hugo Chavez win in Venezuela. Look it up. Many people thought that was rigged.
        FYI this is not a Party issue. Bernie and Tulsi and Ron Paul know there is something very rotten in Denmark.
        Thumb drives. Software is the key. There are videos online from mainstream media, pre-Trump, you should watch. Things were different then. I was there.
        I really wish people had memories like they used to. This was NEWS.
        It is simply a matter of modifying the software by loading a patch into a program that was made ready for the update. Once installed, these machines have software that counts votes by percentages. Why do you think they would do that? What if for every 1 vote for Bubba, Meynard gets .25 and Bubba gets .75, and for every Meynard vote, he gets 1.25 and Bubba gets zero? Then at the end of the compilation, any partial totals are discarded? You would never know without a periodic batch hand count and an inspection of the user input data on the individual machine. This was demonstrated many times in past years and it was as plain as day. Even the machines that print totals were made to give the win to the wrong party. This are basic embezzlement methods applied to votes at a granular level.
        When the Bushes were winning elections (Don’t blame me. I never vote for people I believe to be criminals.) the media was very interested in Diebold and others and actually practiced investigative journalism. I was working in the industry and reviewing bid requests so I had to be aware. But you couldn’t win the bid unless you already had a contract somewhere else. So only the guys who were good ole boys could qualify. I was a Democrat at the time. So no silly party-line insults please. Unless he was living under a rock, Alan knows this or does not care.
        The stories from the many whistleblowers from 2020 all seem to line up…. thumb drives, software patches loaded, user input log discrepancies, erased input logs, and actual wifi connections on the screen of machines that “were not connected to the internet”.
        I am not saying we had a problem in Wyoming. We are not a swing state, and Republicans are the majority. There would be no point in cheating. That does not mean there aren’t crooks or goofballs. I was with a Republican politician for years, and that is why I trust no one today but my wife and my bartender. The arrogance and lies eventually wore me down and I left.
        There were many such stories regarding the Dominion machines and the tabulators and the antics of forcing poll watchers out of buildings, boarding up windows with cardboard, and counting without observers. Then there were the stories of the paper ballots. Truckloads in the dead of night. Ballot harvesting, etc. True or not, that is odd. So in the swing states, where these rumors and video tapes come from, there are unanswered questions. My experience with judges is 50/50, half good, half corrupt. People judge shop for that reason. So that is a non-issue. Again, call this all opinion only. Research. Use various search engines. The ones that don’t censor are the best, but you can still find a lot on Youtube, for now.
        If you heard one rumor that your husband was cheating, and it came from Mrs. Kravitz, that you can disregard. If you hear it 20 or 30 times, from all over town, you may just want to check his collar for lipstick, and look at his cell phone. Or you could be like the majority of judges, Senators, Congresspeople, and the mainstream media, and tell yourself it is just not possible.

  38. Senator Simpson, how I wish you were still in Washington, lending your common sense approach to the current mess. Please continue speaking out. We need more voices like yours.

  39. We who still believe in the reliability and integrity of our election process thank you for standing up for traditional Republicanism. Traditional Republicanism that encourages us all to get along and work together rather than judging that all are guilty and must prove their innocence when we chose to refrain from the pervasive group think now practiced around the state. Thank you Senator!

  40. Amen Al , if you had been setting in Mitch McConnells chair like you should have been I’d like to think we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in

  41. The ones that need to read this and get off the koolaid won’t bother to as they gave up reading years ago. The truth, and I thank you for an honest and refreshing article regarding the ridiculous that has consumed the GOP statewide. Park County is not alone in being assaulted by literal morons.

  42. In my opinion, Mr. Simpson, you are a real Republican and a patriot. The RINOs are those who are looking to replace our democracy with a one-party system.

  43. Al, thanks for articulating the unspoken wisdom of the silent majority. An astute voice of reason amongst the cacophony of babbling puppets. I appreciate your perfect conversion of an abrasive acronym, coined and parroted by prima donnas whose fawning over their own reflection in the mirror has clouded anything closely related to reality.

  44. Well at last. A sensing there may be thoughtful and rational citizenship alive in our State.

  45. Wow! Senator Simpson statement is, as always, succinct yet lays out the dangers facing our electoral process methodically. I hope my fellow Republicans read it and think about it. Senator Simpson please run again, we need your clear headed common sense wit!

  46. I’m not sure if these are shots fired from the hip or from the lip, but, either way, they are right on target. As ever, the truth is refreshing. Thank you , Senator Simpson

  47. Thank you, thank you Al Simpson. We miss you. Please speak out more.

    You speak for many of us here in Big Horn County tool.

  48. Thank you Alan for another strong message for Wyoming citizens. I hope there are still Republicans who believe in our democratic process of voting who will feel embolden with your support and statement. When Republicans need Democrats to elect their candidates, they are indeed in trouble.

  49. Great Op Ed by wise Senator Alan Simpson! Thanks to Sen. Simpson for making the absurdity of election ballot hand-counts — and other frivolous election changes — so clearly suspect. Who are these conspiracy promoters and why should we listen to their fraud claims? We need more honest, practical Republican thinkers like Senator Simpson.

  50. Thank you, Senator Simpson! The National and Wyoming Republican Party has gone off the rails and Park County is leading the way.

  51. Thank you, Al Simpson, for this clear-eyed and forceful opinion! We wish there were more Republicans like you in this hyper-partisan time in our democracy.

    1. Probably not gonna happen. The Oath Keepers, Trumpians, far right wingers don’t often read anything that disagrees with their inane mantra. An echo chamber of Tuckypoo Carlson, Qanon, Hannity, Steve Bannon etc is where they receive the sermon of Farout Righteous Indignation.

      1. That’s a bold statement Mr. Sinden. I’m sure we’ll see the usual wyofile suspects criticizing Mr. Simpson for not supporting the chrump idiocy of the new age Republicans.

        There is no room for differing opinions with chrumplicans. Conform 100% or be criticized and attacked. Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll see proof of that in some of these comments