OK, the Now Part We’ve Got; the Apocalypse, Not So Sure

I started this column in mid-July, as I was sitting through a thunderstorm the likes of which I have not seen since I was seven years old driving through a hurricane in the Mississippi Delta.  So, I was not indoors.  Kate dashed out to see that the rain gauge was at 2.5 inches.  In 45 minutes.





Tornadoes in Kansas, Montana, Minnesota, Arkansas.

Montana Floods.

Fremont County Floods.

Tragic Arkansas Floods.

North Platte spilling over Pathfinder.

Then, later in July:

Huge floods in China

Startling late July rains in Gillette.

Landslides in Pakistan.

Now in August, unprecedented floods in the Indus River Valley.

It’s enough to motivate a fellow to dig out the Book of Revelations.  My father made me read the Bible daily so I did actually read the Book of Revelations several times.  Years later the chief result of this education was an enduring  paranoid worry about whether George W. Bush actually had the Mark of the Beast tattooed on his person, probably in a discreet location.  I forgot most of it, but if you get cable TV here, channel 27 is CNN and channel 29 is MSNBC, my favorite morning news channels.  Guess what Channel 28 is as I switch between the news channels:    The Mormon Channel !!!  So, crunching abs during commercial breaks on CNN, I have been receiving some useful refreshers on Revelations as I pant through my morning calisthenics.  (The proudly boasting women who buy into a role as 24/7 procreative accessories… I skip past those testimonials pretty fast.)

My working hypothesis is that WyoFile readers could fall into two categories, generalizing here: believers and non-believers.  As an equal opportunity offender of everyone’s sensibilities, I ain’t sayin’ in which camp I squat.

But all of this bad stuff happenin’ makes me, like Steven Stills, wonder what’s goin’ on.

I stumbled upon (without actually using the “StumbleUpon” web site)  a blog which cites a verse in Revelations that one-third of the seas will turn red, just before the apocalypse.  Man, only BP could do that.

Stay tuned: next week: Mysteries of the Universe Solved.

Or Probably Not.

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