Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, takes a sip of coffee during the first day of the 66th Wyoming Legislature Monday, March 1, 2021, inside the state Capitol. The session, which the majority of legislators are attending in person, will run through Friday, April 2. (Michael Cummo/Wyoming Tribune Eagle)

Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) posted a meme on his congressional campaign’s Facebook page accusing White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci of lying and suggesting that Fauci should be executed.  

“After prosecution, the chair, the gallows, or lethal injection?” Bouchard wrote in the post, which was accompanied by an image of Fauci superimposed over a hanging noose.

The Wyoming Democratic Party reported the image — which Bouchard told WyoFile he designed himself — to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Earlier this week, The Intercept published a trove of documents from the National Institutes of Health showing the United States funded pathogenic research in Wuhan, the Chinese province where the novel coronavirus is believed to have first emerged.

A meme posted by House candidate Anthony Bouchard advocating for White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci to be executed. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Conspiracy theorists have speculated that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab and was either accidentally or deliberately released into the public. The publication of the Intercept article has renewed interest in the theory, particularly among conservatives like Kentucky Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

Bouchard has made skepticism about the COVID-19 pandemic, and government responses to it, a central piece of his political identity. He has promoted unapproved treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and was a key figure in anti-public-health-order protests at the Wyoming State Capitol last winter.

He also sponsored legislation during the 2021 legislative session to prevent vaccine mandates.

In recent days, Bouchard traveled to Worland, according to Cowboy State Daily, to join protestors against a vaccine mandate issued by Banner Health, which operates a healthcare facility in the area.

What they said

Bouchard defended his post Friday, describing Fauci’s actions as a “crime on humanity.” He also alleged liberals had evoked similar imagery toward officials like former President Donald Trump.

“If that’s the way it’s going to be, that only [Democrats] can say it, but if somebody else does something it’s a problem… oh boy that’s scary,” Bouchard said.

Democrats condemned Bouchard’s post.

“Senator Bouchard’s willingness to lower the political discourse to such despicable and dangerous depths is disgusting, shameful, embarrassing, and unacceptable,” Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman Joe Barbuto said in a statement. “Time and time again, he has shown his true character through abhorrent comments and behavior — the legislative leaders of his party need to take a firm stance in condemning this nonsense and make it clear that there is no room in their caucus for rhetoric designed to incite violence.”

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  1. Tony Fauci is definitely a liar and trying to cover up his really stupid mistakes. A criminal like Fouci should be produced to the fullest extent.

  2. 1,000,000% the virus came from the Wuban Lab and WAS RELEASED ON PURPOSE BY THE CCP! THERE IS NO LONGER ANY ARGUMENT TO REFUTE THAT!!!

  3. Hooray patriot Anthony. All the traitors are IDíng themselves. Bolsheviks belong in Ukraine, not trying to steal Wyoming.

  4. 10-28-2022 – Let’s update the above story:

    “Conspiracy theorists have speculated that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab and was either accidentally or deliberately released into the public.”

    Using the words “Conspiracy theorists” is, of course, meant to dismiss the idea that the virus originated in a lab.

    The World Health Organization’s Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens said that the lab scenario remains on the table.

    On October 28, 2022, Propublica (with help from Vanity Fair) wrote about the origin of the virus and said this:

    “Without the cooperation of China’s government, we can’t know exactly what did or didn’t happen at the WIV, or what precise set of circumstances unleashed SARS-CoV-2. ”

    It is worth reading.

    WyoFile’s contributors, like too many news organizations, pushed the liberal narrative as definitive when those “facts” were clearly not settled.

    We all can look back at the foolishness of closing schools and other precautions and see over-reaching mistakes, some good-intentioned mistakes but mistakes.

    One thing that is not excusable are essays accusing reasonable people of being conspiracy theorists when the evidence does not back up the idea. Under those situations the real conspiracy theorists are the people accusing others of being conspiracy theorists. WyoFile should do better, and can.

  5. From day one here in Seattle I had serious doubts about what was being shoveled it all just add up and Now BAM,,It’s all been BS,,There is so many ways to see common sense

  6. Nuremberg II needs to start in the U.S. now before Pres bi-den gets us into a war with Russia, China or both. Bill( no, I never went to medical school) Gates needs to be apprehended tried and hung till dead more than all of the nazis ever deserved to. Steve sizolak, Gavin nuewsom, HAnS ( PENDAR, DONT FORGET HIS TITLE, PENDAR) SWAB, K.HARRIS,the CEOs and corporate officers of all ALL the PHARMICUTICAL CORPORATIONS NEED TO BE ARRESTED TRIED AND HANG

  7. Fauci must take the natural consequences of his misdeeds against humanity as a whole. He is guilty of misinforming the public on medical issues, of miscrediting natural cures with no “side effects” or “adverse reactions,” of harming children and future generations, of fraud, of scientific misconduct, of an absolute lack of moral standards and principles, of breaking his oath as a doctor. He has called his own downfall upon himself. May God be able to forgive this man. Few humans are. Good bye.

  8. Why is it not possible for the American people we the people to sue Dr. Fauci personally for all the destruction this has caused throughout the US.? OR IS IT?

    1. Excellent question! Fouci is an abomination to the American people! He committed Treason, in addition to his evil attack on We the People of these United States! Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/Jen Psaki, etc. should also be tried for Treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors!!

  9. Repubs are right.
    Dems have let us down.
    Please read Robert Kennedy’s book The real Anthony fauci.
    This isn’t genocide its speciecide.

  10. Building Bioweapons with the CCCP that then escape onto the world is probably a crime against humanity. If you kill millions of a single race or culture it’s genocide, if you kill millions of all races and cultures?


  12. It is very interesting why, claims to be unbiased, but, is so far from the truth of that statement. One can see very clearly their agenda by the way the article is written! Please do tell, why you didn’t write about how Anthony Fauci and the CDC own the Patent rights to COVID-19 virus! Along with making a deal with Moderna for the vaccine making Billions from murdering millions!!!
    Fauci is as evil as, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, and Bill and Melinda Gates!!!

    1. This is the truth. This is just another mass media owned outlet claiming no bias or agenda when they clearly have one. Fauci is just a shill for a the cabal and it has been proven he is trying to get rich off this pandemic. He applied for patents on this virus YEARS ago, as well as his current job of working for a pharmaceutical giant pushing this shit they’re pumping into you. How can you call it a vaccine when it doesn’t prevent you from getting sick or spreading it? It makes the symptoms less? This virus just needs to work it’s way through the population. If we all get natural immunity, with our body creating antibodies that are way more effective in ensuring you don’t get sick again, or at least preparing your immune response with a mild sickness to any mutated form; then we can move past all this governmental control and their fascist policies (see Australia). This is all about controlling you. This is all about a few people making money off of worldwide suffering. Open your eyes people and stop letting the government and the worldwide bankers and “philanthropists” making your choices and telling you what to do. WAKE UP

      1. Yeah, you said a mouthful! Let’s all reject evil vaccine conspiracies, like tetanus for example. Let’s all skip the boosters and then walk around barefoot in junkyards and landfills. Natural immunity for certain sure! Hmm… Wait a tick. Tetanus has been known as “lockjaw” since the days of the pharoahs. Greek physicians coined the term “opisthotonus”, referring to muscle spasms so severe that the person is hyperextended into an arching semicircular posture. But hey, we’re tough guys, right? Just shovel in the valium, and keep some curare on hand just in case. We can take it, and then hey presto!…natural immunity. Oh hell yes!

  13. I stand with Senetor Bouchard, we have all suffered and are tired of all the lies. However it’s constantly shoveled all over us. We can’t trust our leaders or institutions anymore, and it rapidly engulfed our lives with a darkness that you can feel.
    In 2017 Dr. Fauci announced, “This Administration is going have deal with a surprise viral outbreak”. I guess he has a crystal ball. Two years later Corona outbreak. We know all roads point to him. How many people is it OK for him to kill?
    How many animals is he allowed to torture to death? We used to call that a Monster.

  14. I stand with with you Sen. Anthony Bouchard. All people who try to deface America and our right to freedom should receive the same as you mention,

  15. Fauci’s own peers had issues with his gain of function experiments. Instead of posting memes that make all anti-Fauci look like violent criminals, They need to keep posting and reposting and sharing all the information about this testing it is easy to find. Even Newsweek posted a story way back during the first shut down. We need to get this information out to the public into the stupid network TV who keep toting him as a hero. Email all the networks the stories. Keep pummeling them with facts including how he handled the AIDS crisis in the 80’s , research and interview the gay community, they will tell you. This unelected technocrat needs true whistle blowing on him to wipe that patriarchal smug smirk off his face. And MORE research about all the blood clots going on after the vaccinations (including my own!) and boosters that the media is hiding or ignoring. We need facts, maybe blood tests to predict who is at risk for clots…pressure our scientists to challenge these lies and ask harder questions so we can be prepared for side affects instead of protecting the Sacred Cows of Fauci and pharmaceuticals.

  16. The timing was just too convenient to get Trump out of office as they killed millions deliberately. Fauci should walk the plank or face the wrath of the near future and NIH should be closed…I used to work for BD Pharmingen i sold antibodies for reaearch to NIH for years and had no idea this crap was taking place. Democrats are evil supporters of a criminal empire and we the people will have our revenge. People need to be put in prison including Fauci. God Bless Donald Trump! 2022 and 2024 will be turning points if not there will be many assassinations in this country no doubt and we will be then no better than Paraguay of which i am a legal resident.

  17. Fauci, is liable. Gain of function, is not right wing conspiracy. He is liable according to his emails where admitted being man made. First no masks, then masks, then two masks. Come on .He played politics and people have died.

  18. Dr. Fauci said you have to be 6 feet away from each other how come it’s okay to be on an airplane sitting next to somebody 2 in away who you don’t even know and you’re breathing the same air. Who’s paying who

  19. Fauci needs to pay for his crimes, including torchering puppies. He’s evil and has killed millions for his gain of function research.

  20. Agreed! Fauci (not a genuine doctor) has helped to inflate COVID numbers, devastate the economy and, has “borderline intelligence” in terms of analyzing any piece of medical evidence-especially if you source most of your statistics from the corrupted C.D.C.; my five-year-old has more common sense.

    — He has committed treason!

  21. “Conspiracy theorists have speculated that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab and was either accidentally or deliberately released into the public”….really ? Did you really write that ? Is the Chinese virologist, Dr. Yan, who escaped China so that she didn’t “disappear” (her words) a conspiracy theorist as well….let me know after you speak to her….disgusting tone in this uninformed piece you did hear…i’d be ashamed to put my name to it you partisan fool !

  22. dr fucci does need to be put away for crimes against humanity. when will your leaders wake up.all of these covid deaths are fucci’s fault. his money funded it.

  23. The Biden Harris regime is taking all their orders from China and following them to the letter it’s obvious! 👉🏼The Biden/Harris administration has committed multiple counts of treason. For the past five years Obama Clinton Mueller Pelosi Schumer Comey Kerry Biden Harris Waters, Schiff, Nadler and now Fauci & Every mayor and every governor that’s supported BLM & ANTIFA, and now The Biden Harris regime is responsible for this travesty in Afghanistan- the list goes on and on! These people All have been committing multiple counts of treason! We’re living in the aftermath of a coup d’état because of them. They surrounded themselves with a 30 foot wall with razor wire. They protected themselves with the People’s military. As if they were their personal security guards. They are scared. And they should be. And here’s why:
    “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and …. “ it’s time for the good people in our government to do the right thing. Before we lose our country forever😢. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  24. Senator Bouchard might just be stating the law? There are crime’s against humanity like the nuremburg treaty that clearly state the death penalty. So if you belive Dr David Martin’s theory and you can proven that covid19 is all a conspiracy then the immunity that covers everyone involved will not count. Personally I’d like to know as there’s just so much lieing going on there’s got to be a lot of truths yet to be told.

  25. I believe fauci is guilty of being involved with what has happened to our world. How did he know to disclose that a deadly virus was going to attack our country before it happened? Dr fauci tv interview that was aired at the beginning of the pandemic displayed someone that was unsure about the cures needed, was visibly uncomfortable during the course of the interview, he acted very guilty during the interview. Judy miscovitz came forward as a witness to fauci demanding highly sensitive papers that miscovitzed had in her possession. He demanded and got the papers while miscovitzs career has been ruined. Rachid buttarr a renowned doctor in the infectious disease field claimed many wrongdoings by dr fauci, his career also has been ruined. The whole thing in my opinion has been fishy from day one

  26. The things that Dr. Fauci has perjured himself on and the horrible deaths that he has caused that alone he should be prosecuted to the full extent correct?

  27. Dr. Fauci really needs to step down and be punished! He has let a lot of innocent people down. Had us fooled, we didn’t see it coming! It’s Time, we had him out. I can’t stand that hateful man!!! I will always vote against socialism. It’s totally different and far worse, than these younger generational people think!!

  28. I agree that Fauci is involved in promotion of the virus and may be involved in the Patton of it. He deserves to be prosecuted for treason.

  29. This is the same Bouchard who in January – after Matt Gaetz visited to tell us what to think about Liz Cheney – told us he was watching Texas’s discussions on secession. Secession? What is more anti-American than secession?

  30. You can hear a pin drop overtop of the public outrage about *real* violence.

    9/14/21: Chicago is on pace this year to have the most homicides in a quarter-century, with at least 60 people shot, seven fatally, last weekend alone.”

    And a meme gets all the attention in Wyoming.

    1. George, a single post on Wyofile hardly qualifies as getting “all the attention”

      You’re being a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? ;-/

    1. Curt- I see you are from Florida. So is Anthony Bouchard…early on from California but spent his formative years in northern Florida . We suffer him in Wyoming after he emigrated here under a cloud.

  31. FYI to all in Wyoming who don’t yet know that Fox “News” is not, and hasn’t been for years, news, nor is it a real network. It is in fact a propaganda vehicle and the FCC hop to and revoke its broadcast license, pronto.

  32. Bouchard, a professed-but-not-convicted felon himself, is quick to exact penalties for many others, including Dr. Fauci. Once again he has crossed the line of civility and open discourse. As to the “vax, don’t vax” debate, I continue to question how all those that reject the science of vaccination so readily flock to the hospitals for science-based relief from contracting COVID? At what point does personal responsibility follow that if you reject the science of vaccinations, you will not be considered a candidate for the science-based treatment of hospitalization since you voluntarily exposed yourself to the disease? Kind of like the “my body, my choice” folks stuttering when asked if their stated position does not also applies to abortions? It boggles the mind how some people think…. or don’t think, for that matter.

  33. Remember anthrax being shipped to folks in DC and VA area in 2001. It was a biodefense killing bacteria that affected the lungs and was produced in Fort Detrick , MD UNITED STATES . I don’t believe anyone was held accountable for producing this. EVERY country is experimenting with these biological warfare agents , The real question is who is monitoring this.

  34. Regardless of the source of Covid – let’s just talk about personal responsibility. Bouchard is almost following the Trump playbook to a tee:
    – deny you did anything wrong – skipped this one because apparently nothing is “wrong” anymore
    – say how what you did really wasn’t that bad
    – justify that if it was that bad it’s really not your fault because the other guys did it first
    It kills me that after 4 years of nothing but lies out of Trump that the thought of anyone they don’t agree with lying totally triggers people like Bouchard. A simple – “I think he lied and should be held accountable” would have sufficed….but that would have gotten him all this attention now would have it.

  35. This is disgusting, obviously the result of Republicans scared of science, and public support of health. It only takes a cursory view of the news to see where these irresponsible views have taken us.
    We cannot move past this pandemic as long as Neanderthals are running so many states.

  36. Wyoming doesn’t need this type of bad-boy rant threat of violence. We need smart, forward thinking leadership that can work on making Wyoming a better place to live.


    – cover up,
    – sweep it under the rug
    – destroy the documentation,
    – put a spin on it ( spin doctors ),
    – change the topic in public meetings,
    – release another version of the matter which is more favorable,
    – fire the whistle blower or destroy their credibility,
    – buy silence ( Stormy Daniels ),
    – threaten and intimidate,
    – have the source of information killed ( Saudi killing in London and Russian silencing ),

    As you can see, politicians are so afraid of being EXPOSED they routinely employ the above mentioned in order to cover up the facts. The worst thing you can do to them is EXPOSE them. That’s why there is a group of investigative reporters who have to work hard and dig deep to get the facts. Our whole democracy is dependent on exposing them.

  38. Both parties have fringe lunatics and the only way we the voters have of knowing that is by exposing them. Its the medias responsibility to equally expose them otherwise we would never know about their true beliefs. As distasteful as it may be, we need to know. EXPOSE.

  39. Not nearly enough has been stated in the media coverage about candidate Bouchard’s day job. Anthony Bouchard and spouse presently run a septic tank pumping service. Yup.

    So the real question on primary election day ( if Bouchard miraculously persists on the GOP slate for another 13 months ) becomes a simple query : Is Anthony Bouchard more useful providing a public service to the people of Wyoming in his current job description , or as a member of Congress ? Granted , there are many similarities between septic tank pumping and modern Republican Party legislating . Would not Bouchard better serve serve Wyoming by remaining in his current vocation, regardless ? I believe so.

    All politics is local. We need Tony here doing the people’s important work as a proven purveyor. It’s dangerous for him to be on the supply side of the product he so capably manages now on the demand side…

    1. Yes, not the Wyoming and Wyomingites I remember either Mary. This guy is totally embarrassing as some others are also. Wyoming politics has gone from serving the state, communities, etc to serving themselves by saying the most outrageous thing and then fundraising off same. I actually thought Wyoming would be better than this and the rest of the country but sadly I am wrong.

  40. “**Conspiracy theorists** have speculated that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab”

    Are you kidding me Wyofile? Do you all follow the news? Try reading the NY Times, Washington Post, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Economist, or whatever isn’t written by far-left conspiracy theorists (I know, it is hard).

    They have all come around to the idea that there is more to the story than what the liberal media originally peddled to the public about Wuhan’s lab. Including more to Fauci.

    As for:

    .”…no room in their caucus for rhetoric designed to incite violence.”

    Apparently, there is room for those posing as outraged over a comment clearly not intended to invite violence.

    Sure, the worst possible interpretation of political rhetoric is always fun and easy picking for the opposition party. And, sure, some bozo without critical thinking skills might not know the difference between hyperbole meant to drive home a.point and more measured discourse but both WyoFile and Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman Joe Barbuto know exactly what’s up with this peep show.

    Leadership from thoughtful grownups may have left the stage but that doesn’t mean WyoFile needs to keep the spot light on that stage. Find the grownups. Wyoming needs to hear from them.

    1. Publicly and falsely declaring a federal official is guilty of some unspecified crime then gleefully speculating on the manner in which he should be executed isn’t violent?

      I for one would love to find the “Grownups” in the Republican party, but that is proving to be a fruitless search…

      1. ———–+
        “Publicly and **falsely** declaring a federal official is guilty of some unspecified crime then gleefully speculating on the manner in which he should be executed isn’t violent?”

        Nope, not violent because you miss the intent of the memes’ message, and already have certainty that Fauci is being unfairly targeted when the issue being debated could be seen as less favorable toward Fauci by reasonable people (currently).

        Hyperbole in memes is standard fare on the internet. It is just juvenile school yard behavior that one finds everyday, and which has been *normalized* by both sides on any issue.

        The underlining message uses dramatic imagery to drive home a point about Fauci, mostly as it relates to gain-of-function research at Wuhan Labs, and if US funds might have aided that research directly or indirectly. If the virus escaped from a lab funded with US taxdollars then maybe the outbreak and deaths were a direct result. That is the issue as I see it.

        Read what the NY Times has to say:

        “But the larger truth — obscured until recently by fervent efforts **(including by Fauci)** to dismiss the lab-leak theory for the origins of the pandemic — is that the U.S. government’s scientific establishment did support gain-of-function research that deserved far more public debate than it got. Also incontrovertibly true is that beneficiaries of that funding engaged in deceptive tactics and outright mendacity to shield their research from public scrutiny while denouncing their critics as conspiracymongers.

        In one State Department meeting, officials seeking to demand transparency from the Chinese government say they were explicitly told by colleagues not to explore the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s gain-of-function research, because it would bring unwelcome attention to U.S. government funding of it,” Vanity Fair’s Katherine Eban reported last month in an exposé of the government’s internal debates over the source of the pandemic.”

        Say what ya want, but keep in mind that our intelligence agencies can’t dismiss the Wuhan Lab as the source of COVID, nor if any US funds were ever directed to Gain of Function research, even if unintended.

        Either way, it is all political theater, and not an attempt to execute Fauci or move in that direction. Get real.

        1. Well spoken, George. I am tired of the rhetoric that suggests that controversial pronouncements originate from only one political position. I identify as a citizen of the United States. I am not offended by opinions expressed by my fellow man. I believe that all of this rhetoric serves no purpose than to severe any chances of uniting us as Americans. People……THINK… is not illegal, yet.

          1. George and Steve, it looks like the Socialist Media has done it’s job of brainwashing the public. Government bureaucrats are to be put on a pedestal and never questioned or called out for bad judgement…they are only there to help us! We are not allowed to consider treatments that could aid in reducing the severity of illness and gain a speedy recovery. Just let people die until big pharma rolls out a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread, (but is really profitable), then everything will be ok. But we can’t call it medical malpractice, lest we offend the government deities and their followers. People used to chuckle at political cartoons and move on, but now the images are animated and the snowflakes are offended!
            The bigger question here is what is the benefit of gain of function research, which is basically making a virus more transmissible among humans? Yes it’s important to expand the science of virology, but at what expense? Did anyone ask the world population if they would mind being lab rats? The only other possible reasons for making a virus more transmissible is biological warfare or obscene profiteering from vaccines. One goal has certainly been achieved: The majority of Americans are now more compliant than Socialist Europeans who are massively protesting mandates!

        2. Is the use of memes the new “locker room talk”? Calling for someone’s execution is not “schoolyard behavior,” especially when it comes from our elected representatives. Words have meaning, and if January 6th taught us anything, it should be to take the hyperbole of our politicians and their followers seriously.
          Also, you say that this is a both-sides issue. I don’t see prominent Democrats calling for the execution of people because they don’t like their scientific opinion. This is not an issue to blow off as hyperbole or bothsidesism. We have a serious crisis of leadership from our elected representatives, especially in our state, and we need to hold them accountable for the things they say and do. People like Bouchard have proven themselves incompetent of the trust we place in them, and we need to remember that in our elections.

          1. “Is the use of memes the new “locker room talk”?”

            You will be outraged at memes for the rest of your life.

            There is probably a meme for being outraged at memes.

            As I said, WyoFile gives voice to those who fail the grown-up test. Now you are outraged that someone exercised their 1st-A. contempt for Fauci with a meme.

            How you read the political posturing is up to you. If you think Bouchard would actually put a noose around Fauci’s neck and hang him in the public square, so be it.

            I can make a meme mocking Bouchard with his neck in a noose and Fauci starting a fire under Bouchard.

            What does that mean? To you it means I want to kill AB. Perhaps, in fact I am only mocking his meme.

    2. It is at our collective peril that we excuse Bouchard’s Fauci meme as “hyperbole”. This continued public pardoning of violent images is only one of the dangerous results of American’s becoming inured to hate-speech in all its forms.

      1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Jacque Shaw:

        “It is at our collective peril that we excuse Bouchard’s Fauci meme as “hyperbole”. This continued public pardoning of violent images is only one of the dangerous results of American’s becoming inured to hate-speech in all its forms.”

        Na. Bouchard’s meme is as insignificant as a dead fly in your backyard.

        His meme is but one of millions upon millions of memes. And it was on his facebook page. Who reads that? The press.

        True, the debasing of public political discourse is not a good thing. Ain’t stopping that. Who covers it with gusto? The press.

        It is YOUR opinion that the meme is a “violent image”. It certainly isn’t a good meme.

        Want to see violent images? Try Hollywood.

        I love this one:

        As for real violent acts, there are millions in America. Being outraged over a dumb meme from a nobody politician is an insult to everyone suffering real violence.

  41. I have been saying that the Doctor of Death Fauci should be on trial for crimes against humanity for quite a while.

    Where is the condemnation of Fauci now that more documents have come to light with his involvement in this virus running thru not just the USA but the world?

    Isn’t Nuremberg still in existence?

    Your bias is showing if are trying to convince folks to get the “vaccine”.

    How about a story on how many folks in Wyoming who have gotten the vaccine and still became deathly ill?

    Bet you a fat cow you don’t have the ethics to do so.

    And yes I do have a fat cow in the fattening pen right now…

    1. i’d bet you your fat cow that none of the numbers or statistics you are referencing are correct.

      i’d also bet you your fat cow that the covid vaccine DOES NOT go against the nuremberg accords.

      fox news and the politicians who are railing against a vaccine mandate have ALL been vaccinated themselves. you should ask yourself why it’s politicians that are telling you to NOT get the vaccine, while they themselves have taken the shot.

    2. How about putting Bush2. Cheney the father, and the leaders of their administration on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity, not to mention all the lies they peddled while in office?

  42. ??????
    Can we say…”Over the Top???”
    If this guy was shooting for a guest host spot on I think he may get it.
    Holy Moly.
    Yes, Fauci is a crook. But half of Washington belongs in Shawshank.
    40 years of crooked judicial appointments means they all walk and no judge will hear the real evidence about 911, Bengazi, election fraud, or Covid, or any other contrived event that points to a conspiracy of household names. There are too many skeletons on the beltway and he just demonstrated that he doesn’t understand the game. No one goes to jail.
    Now Liz can make him look crazy and his goose is cooked.
    If he doesn’t drop out this should be a fun winter…. what a way to start the weekend!

    1. Tell the Whole Story. And Yes we need research and will continue to fund that for the good of the World. Note the date of this report, the report referred to by Mr Bouchard.
      Chinese Bats are Likely Source of SARS Virus, Researchers Report
      October 30, 2013
      Scientists say they have produced the clearest evidence yet the SARS virus originated in Chinese horseshoe bats and that direct bat-to-human transmission is plausible. The 2002 severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) pandemic was one of the most significant public health events in recent history and researchers have been studying the virus to better understand how it is transmitted to prepare for future outbreaks.
      Additional U.S. government funding for the research came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH (R01AI079231), a Fogarty award supported with International Influenza Funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (R56TW009502) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT initiative. The State Key Program for Basic Research and the National Natural Science Foundation of China also provided support.
      Additional U.S. government funding for the research came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH (R01AI079231), a Fogarty award supported with International Influenza Funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (R56TW009502) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT initiative. The State Key Program for Basic Research and the National Natural Science Foundation of China also provided support.

      1. You are defending biological warfare experiments.
        That is your prerogative.
        But it is in direct violation of UN agreements and domestic as well as international law. Fauci is intentionally preventing proven treatments for a disease he paid to develop on our dime. He is pushing illegal mandates of experimental gene treatments on soldiers and nurses and children.
        The list of crimes is as long as your arm. That does not even tough upon his crimes during the HIV crisis. Ethics matter. Lives matter.

          1. But the “vaccines” can cause irreparable harm, or death, and there is growing evidence of the dangers and low efficacy of the “vaccines”. CDC just redefined “vaccine” to no longer meet the long accepted standards of “vaccine”.

            Mandating a medical procedure is unconstitutional, and precedence was established in such Supreme Court cases as:

            United States v Charters (right to refuse unwanted physical invasions is a part of the individual’s constitutional freedoms)

            United Sates v. Stanley (cannot be subjected to experimental drugs or therapies without your consent, even if you are in the military)

            Cruzan v Director Missouri Health Dept. (right to refuse medical treatment including interventions that may save your life).

            Washington v Harper (forcible injection of medication into a nonconsenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty).

          2. Not experimental

            Doesn’t change your DNA

            Not against Nuremberg accords

            Quit being ignorant and selfish and get the shot

          3. Okay. Keep believing your lies and fabricated news.

            You are an absolute patriot sir. You sure are sticking it to the libs by ignoring sound medical advice and science. The medical community is a bunch of fools for going to school all those years. All anyone has to do these days is watch some YouTube videos and read some Facebook posts and they are just as smart as the doctors and researchers who’ve spent their entire adult lives in their fields.

            Throw in regurgitating of opinion tv hosts thoughts to validate your beliefs and you’re damn near a doctor already… right?


          4. Incorrect propaganda. It is NOT a vaccine. It is a chemical medical device designed to induce sickness.