Equality State Policy Center director Dan Neal writes about the debate over House Bill 74, the “validity of marriage” bill. Opponents of the bill have pointed out how religious dogma can be used for and against the measure, and ultimately shouldn’t drive lawmaking. Neal also writes about an effort to bolster open meetings laws.

The Senate Travel Recreation and Wildlife Committee on Tuesday morning approved HB 120 – Public meetings. The bill will require the more than 500 state, local, and special district elected and appointed boards to handle their meetings to assure the public’s ability to track and participate in them as appropriate. The boards must:

  1. Give at least 12 hours notice of any special meeting;
  2. Announce the purpose of all executive sessions;
  3. Make and retain audio recordings of executive sessions.

Holly Dabb, publisher of the Rock Springs Rocket-Miner, told the committee that the Sweetwater County Commission last year conducted more than 60 special meetings giving only 10 minutes notice of their plans to convene. The public simply had no opportunity to participate and observe as significant decisions were made.

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