U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents and associates have hazed world-famous grizzly 399, and her four yearling cubs, five times after she raided beehives and livestock feed in southern Jackson Hole.

The federal wildlife agency and other officials increased efforts last week to monitor the grizzly and her family after the group traversed Jackson Hole, including residential neighborhoods, several times since August. The gang of five has secured illicit food rewards 10 times, the agency said in a statement Saturday, increasing the likelihood of additional, potentially dangerous encounters.

The USFWS will increase monitoring and hazing “with the goal of preventing further conflicts for the remainder of the season,” the agency said.

Why it matters

Grizzly 399 is arguably the world’s most famous grizzly bear, a successful mother who has raised numerous offspring in roadside areas of Grand Teton National Park. She has a fan base of photographers and grizzly bear advocates that closely follow her movements, even as she has begun to roam farther from her home in northern Jackson Hole. 

Sunday a video camera recorded her on the west edge of Jackson where a four-strand electric fence can be seen protecting several small bee hives on a wall.

Advocates call 399, her offspring and other oft-seen grizzlies “ambassadors” who hold “rock-star status.” As such, they teach the world about grizzly ecology and behavior and generally promote support for wildlife, advocates say.

But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is worried about public safety. Although 399 has a good record, grizzlies can be aggressive when defending food or their young. As 399 has frequented residential areas more often, she has forced the federal agency to act.


Federal authorities hazed another roadside bear — called Felicia by her followers — on Togwotee Pass earlier this year. Officials said gawkers created traffic hazards on the highway between Dubois and Moran so they enforced no-stopping rules and scared the grizzly and her cub from the roadside.

The federal agency has authority over the grizzly bears because they remain on the list of threatened species protected by the Endangered Species Act. The USFS and Wyoming have overseen successful recovery of grizzly bear numbers in the Yellowstone Ecosystem but court challenges stopped Wyoming, which had planned a hunting season, from overseeing management.

The Fish and Wildlife Service statement said it would continue to haze 399 where appropriate. The agency occasionally traps and relocates problem bears and has euthanized conflict bears in the past, including, recently, one of 399’s female offspring.

Who said what

Raiding beehives shouldn’t be seen as an unnatural grizzly bear act or count as a strike against the family, photographer Tom Mangelsen said Friday. He blamed “sloppy people” for creating part of the problem.

Wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen speaks at the opening of an exhibit of bear art at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

“You can’t blame 399, or any bear, for smelling meat” or honey, he said in a talk at the opening of the exhibit “While They’re Sleeping: A Story of Bears” at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Some beekeepers in Jackson Hole have successfully protected their hives with electric fences but still, “we are losing a hell of a lot of bears,” Mangelsen said.

The Jackson Hole News&Guide last week called for action in an editorial. “Bear-proof garbage cans should be required now, including municipal waste cans around town,” the paper said. Fully 6,800 persons in the county of 23,331 residents have signed a petition calling for mandatory bear-proof trash cans throughout the valley.The USFWS must contend with public safety, and it urged residents to follow its grizzly bear standards. Valley residents should “take immediate steps to secure attractants such as garbage cans, livestock feed, and compost piles,” spokesman Joe Szuszwalak wrote. Monitoring and hazing are designed to “prevent the need for further management actions,” he wrote.

This story was corrected to reflect that other agencies besides USFWS were involved with hazing 399 and her cubs, which are accurately labeled yearlings — Ed.

Angus M. Thuermer Jr. is the natural resources reporter for WyoFile. He is a veteran Wyoming reporter and editor with more than 35 years experience in Wyoming. Contact him at angus@wyofile.com or (307)...

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  1. I actually have more of a question. Will grizzly mama 399 hibernate with her 4 Cubs this year? That would have to be one huge den since they are now nearly a big as she is.

  2. This is all about humans being stupid and not respecting that we are invading the lands of the grizzlies. They are killed because of our stupidity.

  3. Bear 399 and cubs have been closed to humans which is how she has lived to be 25 raising many many babies successfully. I think this is a ploy to end her rock star status because she holds the power with so many people behind her. For several seasons she has gotten into livestock feed and this has not made her more aggressive towards humans or stopped her from hunting and gathering her own food.

  4. I seriously hope that 399 & her Cubs are not harmed cause if those bears are harmed it will be hell to pay. I’m in North Carolina and we love those bear. Please keep them safe and let them be bears.

  5. Have bee coming to jackson hole (the valley) since 1947, long before there were any bear proof garbage containers. Over the years, I have had numerous encounters with both grissly and black bears and for the life of me, I Cannot understand what these people are doing that get attacked.. This is not to say I do not understand the need for safety measures like bear proofing garbage containers. The real problem is all the parks are being over run. In late August of 2014, I hiked to lake solitude. Ounce , above “Insertion Point” I probably did not see 10 people and when Ireached Lake Solitude, I was completely alone. In 2019 and again this year, I was almost trampled to death by the crowd of people.

  6. The article should explain the meaning of “haze” in this context. While Bear 399 is known to be non-aggressive and rather nonchalant toward humans, too much bear-human interaction carries dangers for both species. Mothers with cubs and bee keepers can become very defensive and over-react. So my understanding is that the purpose of this kind of hazing is to change the bears’ behavior, and that the means is by “shooting” them with pellets that sting, but not bullets that could kill. It is meant to be safety oriented, and I don’t know what better alternatives would be possible or how successful it usually is. It may be difficult in this case as this is an elderly bear with some history of preferring to hang around human habitations.


  8. I feel that the feds need to make the safety of these bears a priority. As people encroach on grizzly country they are the ones who need to be held accountable for making sure their properties are bear proof!!!

  9. Lee,
    Rather than paying $80,000 to the ranchers for lost inventory, why not try to set up a program that helps the ranchers create better barriers to preserve their livestock? Maybe more expensive in the beginning, but wouldn’t it help in the long run?

  10. I really think the focus should be on educating the public and demanding that the species that is supposed to be the smarter of the two engage in the most effort to protect the most vulnerable; the bears. It’s not fair that we reside in their habitat and expect them not to be drawn to things that we put in their environment to which they would naturally be drawn. It seems to me we have already lost too many bears to stupid and/or selfish human beings. If every time they got hazed the human behavior that caused them to be in that situation was also strongly addressed, possibly we can see a resolution to this issue sooner than later. For instance, if people who live in their habitat insist on having beehives without putting up reasonable defenses against the bears, they should be penalized. Stiff penalties and or forced forfeiture of the items that caused the problems is one idea.

  11. What is meant by hazing them ? Yes, it’s only natural for them to go after bee hives. So are they going to be punished for being natural ? This was actually their territory first. She’s a good mama and trying to teach her babies how to fend for themselves.

  12. Securing all trash in bear-proof receptacles must be strictly enforced with hefty penalties and possible jail time. Without enforcement and penalties offenders will continue to cause the relocation or death of our wildlife. Bear 399 and her 4 cubs are only trying to survive everyday in the wild in a constantly changing world which is extremely tough. People that live amongst bears must learn how to properly keep their beehives and livestock safe and secure if they live in bear country. Grizzlies must live in selective habitats that provide room to roam, plenty of specific food sources and water, along with proper shelter to raise their young. Unlike humans that could live just about anywhere on this planet, grizzlies cannot. If you’re living in grizzly territory and having problems living with grizzlies than YOU are the problem! You can move away to a hundred other places where grizzlies do not exist and your life will go on. The grizzlies do not have this choice. Humans need to use their so called “superior” intelligence and get educated on what steps they must take to peacefully coexist with the surrounding wildlife. If you can’t or won’t do this, than do yourself and the animals a favor and relocate. Enforce the mandatory use of bear resistant trash receptacles, remove all food attractants, and properly secure all beehives and livestock. Bear 399 has survived here for 25 years, not an easy feat for surviving in the wild. Her 4 cubs have miraculously survived the toughest first year of their lives. Please allow them to live out the rest of their wild lives in peace. They’re just trying to survive like you and I.

  13. The humans are responsible.They should be kept away from the bears!! Senseless reasoning..tempt them with human food& exspect no reaction from the bears?The bears have been taught these humans will share their food.Fines should be leveed on the origional parties responsible!The family of bears can be relocated to a bear sanctuary!! The selfish killing, robbing the animals of their& habitat..Shown love& then the animal is tortured/ killed!?For believing its ok to share with humans!?Which is how it Should be!Pot calling the Kettle Black!!Stop the Hate!Stop the Senslessness& Killing of Gods creatures!


  15. “Why it matters”

    Do we really need to know every twist and turn of these bears and the humans who fetishize them? No. Has it helped the bears? No.

    These bears are not wild bears. They have been corrupted by humans. This is what happens when you invite 4 million people into NW Wyoming. And this is to be expected when the population of bears expands to the degree that it has.

    People have been hazing bears since settlers first moved here. They will continue to haze, and kill, bears well into the future. Get over it.

    And lastly, inviting more people to visit does not help. Photographers, and tour operators are part of the problem. They go after these bears like a mouse to cheese. They are not wildlife advocates. They are shaking the money tree.

  16. Leave the bears alone! It’s their natural habitat. We have invaded their home, so what do we expect???

  17. Bears living in bear country aren’t the problem….humans overpopulating the planet inhabiting & destroying every inch in the name of greed, ego, selfishness, narcissism & stupidity are and always have been the problem. Every other species have just as much right to live and raise their families safely from persecution as humans. If you don’t like bears walking through your backyards don’t move into their neighborhood! Don’t haze them, don’t shoot them, don’t relocate them….MOVE humans and let the bears live as they have way before humans with their self important ignorant attitudes arrived!

    1. People have to stop trying to be Grizzly Adams or the Wilderness Family. The bear isn’t going to sit down at the table and eat with you, they might eat you ( I know bears are mainly vegetarians). Let’s haze the humans for not doing bear-proofing if they live in bear country. I cannot believe that people who live in bear country would not already have bear proof trash cans and other measures in place to not try to attract bears or that the resident feeding the bears was not charged or at least fined. The bears have plenty of food in their habitat, but like dogs fed from the table, they prefer the easily acquired human food as soon as they taste it. Feeding a bear is like markng it for death and that is cruel. Maybe training should be required before living within a certain area to make is safer for the bears and the humans. Maybe some property shouldn’t be developed if it is inhabited by a target population of potentially dangerous wildlife. Humans are encroaching on the bears’ habitat.

  18. Humans are overpopulating the planet to excess destroying every inch due to greed, ego, ignorance, narcissism and plain old stupidity. The other species have as much right as humans to live & raise their families safely without danger of retribution. Let’s face it if any other species conducted themselves as selfishly & recklessly as humans, humans would end them!!!! Leave the bears alone! If you don’t like them wandering into your backyard, MOVE! THEY WERE THERE FIRST!

  19. WHY in the double H did they wait until 10 encounters to haze that bear?? Guess that’s the way of the Fed: Wait until there is a last minute crisis (that’s been growing for years), then spend months or years to come up with a plan and implement it.

  20. Bears will be bears. People need to realize that and quit relying on the government to play peace maker and pay for damage. You chose to live in a bear area the cost is on you . I am a hunter and still believe that all animals should be able to do thier thing.

    1. Chris: A Wyoming state court ruling stated something like this ” the States ownership of wild animals is akin to a private individuals ownership of a dog, and should that dog run loose and kill someone else’s chickens, the dogs owner must pay damages. Likewise, the State must compensate for damages inflicted by the wild animals owned by the state.” Stems from mountain lions killing sheep in the Ten Sleep area many years ago – after this ruling the State began paying damages and the legislature adopted our current statues. In many cases, the States wild animals ( predators ) are coming onto privately owned lands and inflicting the damages. So, the livestock owners do not have to absorb the losses without compensation.

  21. Beer 399 is loved and admired by her fan club. I know there is a delicate balance between nature and mankind , however we should side with the animals on this one. We should require people to make it very difficult for any bear or other animal to come on their property for food items that could be normally stowed away and under lock and key.

  22. Let’s face it the greatest threat
    to almost every species on the planet, including homo sapiens, is man! We are all God’s creatures and we need to get along and respect all the wonderful species he has put on earth. We need to stop being so selfish and encroaching on every single animal’s turf. It is humans who must learn to adapt…

  23. 399 is elderly. Her teeth might be aged. She should be darted and examined…..

    Prayers for all 5 bears….

  24. My Mother would pour some bleach or ammonia into trash bags before tying , and it kept the wildlife from tearing open the bags 😊

  25. The bears were here first, too many dam people, you can’t fix stupid or idiot proof the world.

  26. On the side of the bears and believe they are only doing what comes natural, eating and looking for food and a place to stay warm.

  27. What does hazing bears mean? Are the bears forced to drink many beers and then get paddled on the their bare beartocks?

    1. Hazing includes loud noises and non-lethal rounds fired at the bears. If the bears do not stay away after the 14 days, Cooley said they will be relocated. Some people worry that hazing can hurt the bears.Jun 11, 2021
      https://www.wyomingpublicmedia.org › …
      Grizzly Family To Face Hazing After Consistent, And Illegal Roadside …

    2. Hazing does sound ominous. Instead of attempting to correct the bears harmfully,is there a way to find out why sufficient foods are not available in the wild for them anymore? Wild fruits,berries,bee areas,fish in streams. There has got to be a reason the bears continue to come close.As well Someone is rewarding them with food so they continue to look near humans as food source. She has a lot of hungry bellies to fill,and they just aren’t finding it in the wild.

  28. The bears need to be relocated up North country. And bear resistance for trash cans. Anyone that doesn’t follow the protocol should be fined.

  29. Bears are bears & she has 4 cubs to take care of. When people have food or other sources of scent to a bear, what do they expect? Keep your food in & quit tattling on 399. We all want to see the 4 cubs grow up to be adults, especially when they have come so far already.

  30. Time to manage the people, not the bears. If you live in bear country expect to encounter bears. As houses are built deeper into the woods and higher on the mountains, the bears are left with less territory to roam and encounters are inevitable.

  31. Let the Bears be Bears!People back off and stop the slaughter. Numbers show 42 dead Grizzlies this year in Wyo.1 Human hand bitten!Some protection.

    1. If they’re so concerned with bear 399 and her yearlings because they are searching for food into residential areas it’s because they’re hungry so why don’t they move them up to the northern part where there’s normal food for them to hunt for and they won’t be endangering any residential areas and that way they’ll be safe which is the most important thing especially for her babies

  32. Mangelsen is absolutely correct in my way of thinking. It’s “sloppiness” by the residents, and that needs to be rectified! Slap the offenders with a hard and fast very large fine followed by a minimum of 6 months in jail and an increased fine for subsequent offenses. If their sloppiness and refusal to comply with common sense actions and legal regulations results in the killing of a bear, the fine should include the value of the animal. Failure to pay the fine, even for reason of inability, should result in one month of added jail time for each month late in paying the fine in full. THAT should help get peoples’ attention and in all likelihood cause offenders to comply. We’re far to easy on these folks, so what is the incentive for them to stop causing so many relocations and euthanizations? Also, start publishing addresses and names in statewide newspapers and announcing them on the radio. Make the public aware!

  33. Humans are the problem, not the bears. Stop encroaching upon their territory through overpopulation and the problem will be averted. There’s too many people on this planet as it is and the vast majority are oxygen-thieves, meanwhile the decent ones are doing all they can to care for and protect the wildlife from the corrupt feds. When will the expansion of humanity end? When the entire planet becomes one massive city and the beauty of nature is all but lost to urbanism and buried beneath human refuse? Leave the bears be.

  34. I am on team animal, so I side with the bears. Humans need to stop encroaching on wildlife or learn to live with them on their terms. When we take their land, it’s not just space they lose. They loose food sources, water sources, and shelter. Call me a proud member of the animal kingdom. Some days I’m not so proud of being a member of the human race

    1. Absolutely correct, humans are destroying this planet at an alarming rate. We’re so arrogant, we think that we can fix anything. Why don’t we stop destroying in the first place. Sincerely Red from New England

  35. I am 100% on the bears side. I have been around these bears for many years. And when you are camping in their house or living there keep things secured. If there is no food they keep moving…simple

  36. My husband and I visited Grand Tetons National Park and Jackson Hole in May. I agree that PEOPLE are the problem Not the Bears.

  37. Some area have brought in Karelian Bear Dogs, which are very good for chasing the bears and deterring them from returning. Bears also love bird feeders. I’ve heard the saying, “A fed bear is a dead bear”.

    1. I saw a documentary about those dogs. One thing on their mind, to chase bears away. Very very stubborn, but they do their job.

  38. Maybe I missed it. But, you talk quite alot about hazing, but, didn’t define what it is. I was interested to know which was why I opened the article to read. What does hazing a bear consist of?

    1. Hazing includes loud noises and non-lethal rounds fired at the bears. If the bears do not stay away after the 14 days, Cooley said they will be relocated. Some people worry that hazing can hurt the bears.Jun 11, 2021
      https://www.wyomingpublicmedia.org › …
      Grizzly Family To Face Hazing After Consistent, And Illegal Roadside …

  39. Can bear collars be fitted with a shocking device activated by rangers or by remote input tied to the collars GPS location. I other words if the bear went into dangerous territory it would be shocked and learn to avoid areas of conflict. Maybe it could keep them inside the parks also. Most the technology is available. Better a shock than a shotgun slug or a mauled person.

  40. GATED COMMUNITIES??? We’re probably heading towards gated subdivisions, gated communities and gated individual rural housing in order to separate the grizzly bears and humans – particularly in those areas adjacent to designated grizzly bear habitat. Expensive but we could live together that way.

  41. I really like that they try to push the bears away by hazing. I agree that bears can smell honey witch is a natural food for bears, and shouldn’t be held against them as a strike. My sister keeps bees runs hot wire, and also put her hives behind thick wood walls. She never looses a hive. The bees fly though slated wood on the top of the enclosure. Maybe in your state people could secure their hives better.

  42. If anyone starts feeling brave or careless …I hope they will remember poor Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amy.Please…stay far,far away from the bears.

  43. The humans have to fix the problems .it starts with them .trash cans (only bear prof ) cooking out ?? Please clean up your mess .please DO NOT feed the bears or any animals .YOU are living in their home .I can go on with a few more but just fix your part.thank you

  44. NEW NORMAL: Living with the grizzlies in the southern Jackson Hole and the town of Jackson will be a on going situation forever so the human population should bear proof everything and prepare yourselves for the loss of your livestock and pets and bees. Livestock losses generally are suffered by cattle and sheep; however, confined horses are very much at risk – you will be able to submit a damage/loss claim to Wyoming Game and Fish just like the ranchers do. Many Wyoming ranchers already are incurring significant losses as the grizzly bears out migrate from their designated habitat onto private and BLM land – expansion of their occupied habitat is a reality primarily because their population has grown to well over 1000 grizzlies. The State of Wyoming will shortly submit a petition to delist grizzly bears from the T&E list – should the USFWS agree, it would lead to managing the grizzlies by hunting. 399 is awesome and a true rock star and you must learn to live with her and other grizzlies as the new normal and that new normal will come with losses – certainly more maulings and possibly more human fatalities. Hunker in and spend the bucks to protect your property and livestock there’s no other option.

    1. Prove that people are losing that much livestock. Ive lived with the grizzlies nearby and live cattle and sheep just arent lost at this rate. And the very few that are owners are reimbursed in full. Bears naturally are attracted to honey so make more of an effort protecting your hives! Our neighbors have raised large scale bee operations, and with a little effort have never lost a hive to bears in 30 years. Look into fact don’t just repeat fiction. They were here first.

      1. Di: Each and every kill that is submitted to Game and Fish must be fully documented by the rancher AND a Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife biologist to ascertain it was a predator kill and didn’t die of another cause such as disease. The High Island Ranch and Crandall Creek Ranch each submitted claims for predation losses in the $80,000 range for last year – they are in very exposed locations and large ranches so their losses are significant. Wyofile ran an excellent article about the High Island earlier this year. Wyoming statute allows for a 3.5 factor; that is, for each documented livestock loss where a carcass is found – it is assumed that 3.5 dead animals were not found. Losses are due to black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and bobcats and possibly eagles ( the HD runs sheep ). Each loss claim is basically a signed affidavit submitted by the owner of the dead animal. Documented losses are becoming a very significant cost for Game and Fish which is now spending about $2,000,000 per year on our grizzly program alone all of which is paid for by license sales not tax dollars. The money spent on reimbursed losses takes away funds which could be used by Game and Fish for other projects. The livestock loss claims can be expected to continue indefinitely – no end in sight.

        1. P.S. Angus wrote a truly superb article earlier this year about livestock predation losses especially on the High Island ranch – if any of you have questions about how loss compensation works – please search for Angus’s earlier article – it is the very latest info on the issue – and factual of course as is all of Angus’s journalism. There’s parts of it you won’t like or agree to but it is what it is – just the facts please.

        2. Compensation for deer eating lettuce???? I found an early Wyoming Supreme Court case where the court awarded damages to a high school boy from Casper whose 2-3 acre lettuce patch was destroyed by deer while he was in school – it dates to about 1938 – he was awarded something like $1700 for wildlife damages and the case went all the way to the Supreme court – the reason, the State owns the deer and is therefore responsible for damages the deer inflict. Amazing. So it isn’t just grizzly bear losses that claims can be submitted for compensation.

        3. SHOCKER: If you want to research a real shocker do a Google search for “grizzly bear personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuit. In some cases the State and even the Federal government have been successful sued for injury and/or death. Other cases have been dismissed as was a recent case by Federal judge Nancy Freudenthal – the deceased had ignored signs and direct warnings about the presence of a bear – ignored the warnings and took his daily walk straight into the area he had been told to avoid. Da.

  45. This upsets and concerns me. I wish we could leave these beautiful beasts alone and stop conditioning them to be around people by pursuing them for the perfect picture and perfect encounter. Yes, I have seen these bears but for their sake I personally hope I never see them again because I want them to remain wild. Everyone needs to stop pursuing them, including the photographers. It is my hope that GTNP and Jackson can come up with solutions because it would be a tragic loss of 5 beautiful lives if we lose these bears. We must not destroy these 5 marvelous animals. We must educate everyone on a personal and public level to leave these bears alone! I feel limits should be made on tourist numbers and development and housing growth to insure these wild areas and animals survive. Easier said than done, I know. I was so sad and shocked when I returned to the area recently. The crowds and growth were truly disgusting and depressing. Jackson CAN put a cap on growth, I have seen it done successfully in Boulder CO.

    1. Patricia: Subdividing and growth is a major threat to Jackson Hole and the Rocky Mountain west in general – growth implies loss of wildlife habitat. Wyoming is traditionally a very strong property rights state – to such an extent – that measures like you alluded to in Boulder – are not possible here. What we employee are conservation easements, outright purchase by non-profits, and keeping land in agricultural production ( ranching ) in order to discourage subdividing. Almost all of the Rocky Mountain front has been lost to growth from Montana south to New Mexico. Subdividers are interested in profit only and the prices for the new parcels of land have risen to historic levels. We must keep land in ag production in order to protect the wildlife. By the way, a ranching family I know in eastern Wyoming sold their land just north of Boulder as “open space” to the county and therefore avoided subdividing and used the proceeds to buy ranches in Wyoming – the right choice and the wildlife habitat will be protected forever. Yes, stop the growth and preserve.

  46. The population of people should have been/and should be controlled!! Over population is taking away, where the bears live and roam. Look how many elk are in the towns, are you killing them or controlling their population.

  47. Livestock and livestock farmers should be hazed and controlled, not wildlife. How you folks can allow yourselves to be ruled by a small group of self-interested, self-entitled livestock farmers who contribute a pittance to the national meat supply is beyond me. Is it part of your settler mentality?

    1. Harvey hits the nail on the head. People are the problem. I like the idea of basically hit the people who refuse to change with big (BIG) fines and jail possibility. It would be a start. BS


  49. Euthanasia should not be an option when there are competent sanctuaries and/or places away from humans they can be relocated to. It is time States worked together to ensure full recovery of all animals whether they are wolves, grizzlies or other species whose ranges have been decimated by the thoughtless and uncaring acts of man.

  50. The grizzlies and wolves are incredible natural resources and visitor-attractants for the whole world interested in our national parks and especially those interested in ecosystems. Caution must sometimes be taken however can a bear really be blamed for being bears around unreasonably stupid communities and humans? We need to protect our beautifully unique wildlife.

  51. Tell Mangelsen to quit following 399 and revealing sensitive information about her for his profit! And, to quit photographing 863 when the state and Feds told everyone that she would be hazed if they kept stopping out there on the highway to photograph her. Responsibility for those bears start with the people who follow them every single day while in the park because they become too comfortable around people.

  52. People need to be held accountable to the maximum safety standards – like electric fencing, proof trash cans, etc – every last citizen who SHARES their Wyoming home with bears and other wildlife. Euthanasia should be the absolute last resort. Humans do not have right to take over habitat and kill wildlife, transient or not. People: learn to get along with wildlife. I have more empathy for the bears!

  53. We should be protecting our wildlife. We as humans have pushed wildlife out of THEIR homes. They are doing. What is natural to them. Secure things people do not kill them for human stupidity. A mama with 4 cubs is rare. She is only trying to provide. It is sad how much OVER DEVELOPMENT their is and how much of THEIR natural habit is being destroyed. Rules should be set in place for HUMANS that want to live in these areas. Like living in a flood zone you know the dangers and should be responsible for the outcome. Don’t want a bear on your property live in the city.having a bear on my property is less treating than all the human crazies we have witnessed in past years.

  54. I believe that USFW should have started hazing the five as soon as they came to Jackson earlier this fall. There are too many residents, visitors, and restaurants in town to expect that the five would not find food rewards, so I think that steps should have been taken to discourage them from coming to town. The notion that it’s the bee keepers fault is absurd.

    1. Bull, it is surely the bee keepers fault!
      If you are in bear country and have bees hives you need to bear proof them….

  55. It’s almost winter, lots of snow and hibernation time ! Watch them yes, but run them further into the woods and leave them alone to hibernate and they won’t be around anymore it’s only a short time away.
    EVERYONE is watching this story so you can’t harm them !! It will cause MUCH outrage, trust me!

  56. How do the parks control bears looking for food? How about doing same in towns & rural areas? Sure, a bit more expense. But better for bears and humans in the long run! Love the parks & the bears!

  57. The feds cant have it both ways. 399 and her cubs are the stars of The Grand Teton ecosystem. The encounters are going to become more frequent as these 2 year olds become more adventuresome. Move the bears to Togowotee Wilderness area to protect them from the inevitable encounter that is surely to come. It is the feds responsibility to assure the best outcome for that remarkable family of bruins which have brought in tourists from around the globe.

  58. It is time that the entirety of Jackson Hole caught up with the rest of the mountain west in discouraging bears in the area. Of course bears hang around when the pickin’s are so easy!

  59. They need to leave 399 and her Cubs alone period. She has not hurt anyone. Damn government screws up everything. They harm 399 & her Cubs and it will be hell to pay!

  60. People should stop feeding the bears. Something should be done to these people. Please keep 399 and her cubs safe by relocating them.

  61. The resident of Jacjson Hole that feeds the ” Moose, Elk, etc” in her backyard, should be fined more than $100.00! The people who are enabling should face jail time with NO mercy. Garbage, livestock feed, bee hives, these are all attractants to the wildlife as most educated people know. Thus, the ones responsible for their actions should face the consequences not the wildlife.

  62. Don’t kill a bear for being a bear!
    I wish the housing being built around Jackson Hole would stop. Protecting wildlife that has the right to live in the area where their ancestors have lived for centuries.

  63. There needs to be penalties for anyone who doesn’t secure attractants. But there also needs to be educational programs and financial or materials for People to secure their properties.

  64. No bears should lose their lives because humans are failing them. The humans need to be held accountable.

  65. They need to start giving large fines to people that won’t get bear proof trash cans and up the fine until the do.
    Give tickets when people stop to look at the bears. If people want to live in bear country they need to give up livestock, bees, bird feeders etc! There are plenty of places in the USA you can live and have those things. Our bears, wolves and horses are being eliminated because of selfish humans. Only the DOW and BLM can work FOR the animals and its time they started! Euthanasia is not a solution, killing all the wolves is not a solution, rounding up and removing all the Wildhorse is NOT a solution. If we don’t start fighting for these animals they will all be gone in less than 10 yrs!! Save our wildlife and horses NOW run the cattle and people OFF the land!

  66. we chose to make our homes in a valley that is loaded with all kinds of wildlife- we can put some work into being informed as to how we can try to coexist- it might take some sacrifices from the human kind-