Georgia June

Ladies and Germs, I have an announcement: The Sage Grouse is not always a grouch. Can you fathom the possibility that something could turn a Grouse into a warm mushy fool?

Georgia June (RT Cox — click to enlarge)

Believe it or leave it.

Twenty months ago Georgia June’s mother Jenny, who is married to our son Matt, delivered a gorgeous daughter who has since melted my flinty heart. Even my mother would be astonished. My spouse certainly is.

Georgia June scared the poop out of all of us by arriving prematurely. Since then she has learned how to stare skeptically at broccoli, charm strangers, win over dogs, embrace her Nana and wonder about this grandpa character who is constantly photographing her every move.

At her home all of the kitchen cabinets are secured with latches. At our home, they are not (yet). In October, Georgia visited the kitchen and discovered, to mixed delight and horror, that the cabinet door enclosing the big pots and pans came right open at her tug. The expression on her face, part surprise and part guilt; she knew that she was not allowed into the cabinets.

Georgia June gives Dad's nose a honk. (RT Cox — click to enlarge)

After a few long moments, when no disaster had occurred and no angry remonstrances had been uttered, she looked a bit relieved, enough so to feign an expression of innocence. A few more seconds passed and she realized that the opportunity to skip lightly away from this penalty-free indiscretion was upon her, so she did.

At Thanksgiving we got the big news that Georgia June will soon be a big sister. We will see how long that innocence lasts.

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