Megan Degenfelder raises a fist in celebration moments after delivering the fateful shot during the fifth annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt (Steven Girt)

Sometimes it’s what’s not in the frame that makes a photograph great.

Here photographer Steven Girt captures and conveys the feeling of a successful Wyoming pronghorn hunt — exhilaration, relief, pride, gratitude — without so much as a glimpse of the prey or even a human face.  

Hunter Megan Degenfelder’s raised fist and guide Wade Land’s forward lean pull the viewer right into the intimate moment. It’s enough to inspire phantom whiffs of cordite and crushed sage. You can almost hear your ears ringing.

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The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt was created by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation in 2013 to give more women the opportunity to share such experiences.

“The event develops new hunters by offering scholarships and hunter education to women who otherwise may not get the opportunity to hunt and pairs them with conservation-minded guides and experienced women hunting partners for maximum learning opportunities,” according to the group’s website.

Matthew Copeland

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