Wyoming’s primary elections turned out a record number of registered voters Tuesday, but few surprises.  

U.S. Representative Liz Cheney was defeated by Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman, as several polls predicted. The congresswoman conceded the race early in the evening when it became clear there was no longer a path to victory. During remarks at Mead Ranch in Jackson, Cheney told a crowd of supporters that she “easily” could have kept her seat, like when she won 73% of the vote in the most recent Republican primary election. 

“But it would have required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election,” Cheney said. “That was a path I could not and would not take.” 

In Cheyenne, Hageman celebrated her win at an election party on the Cheyenne Frontier Days grounds. WyoFile was denied access to the event.  

“Wyoming has spoken on behalf of everyone concerned that the game is becoming more and more rigged against them,” Hageman told supporters. “And what Wyoming has shown today is that while it may not be easy, we can dislodge entrenched politicians who believe that they have risen above the people they are supposed to represent.” 

Hageman will face Lynnette Grey Bull in November, who beat two other Democrats to earn her party’s nomination.

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney leaves the stage at the Mead Ranch in Jackson Hole after delivering a concession speech to a crowd of supporters. (Angus M. Thuermer, Jr./WyoFile)

Gov. Mark Gordon cruised to an early victory with more than 60% of the vote. Gordon told WyoFile he’s confident going into the November election where he will face Democratic challenger Theresa Livingston of Worland. 

“I’ve never lost sight of working on the issues that are, I think, important to Wyoming — diversifying our economy, making sure our freedoms are protected from the federal government, doing our best to make sure that we have a lean government that’s closest to the people and we’ll just keep on that,” Gordon said. 

In one of the evening’s tighter races, Rep. Chuck Gray (R-Casper) won the Republican nomination for secretary of state. Gray had based his campaign largely on the premise that Wyoming’s elections are not secure and secured an endorsement from Trump. When the race was called by the Associated Press, Sen. Tara Nethercott (R-Cheyenne) trailed by 8%. Nethercott will remain in the state Senate. There is no Democratic challenger to face Gray in November. 

State Auditor Kristi Racines secured another term after running uncontested. State Treasurer Curt Meier beat challenger Bill Gallop with more than 50,000 votes. 

The race for superintendent of public instruction came down to incumbent Brian Schroeder and Megan Degenfelder from a crowded field. At press time the secretary of state’s unofficial results had Degenfelder winning by 882 votes but her campaign felt it was too close to call. The winner will face Democrat Sergio Maldonado in November.

Early voters in Casper on Monday only had to wait a few minutes to obtain a ballot to vote in the Wyoming primary election. (Dustin Bleizeffer/WyoFile)

Tension between the Wyoming GOP and lawmakers that party insiders deemed RINOs (Republican in name only) defined numerous statehouse races. In the end, challengers ousted several incumbents. Most notably, in District 29. Bob Ide beat incumbent Sen. Drew Perkins by 302 votes in the costliest legislative race in Wyoming history. Perkins has served in the Legislature since 2007, including a term as Senate president. He takes with him considerable institutional knowledge. 

Like Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne, Ide was in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 2021. The two of them can be seen in photos and video that show them close to the Capitol during the attack. 

Other prominent lawmakers targeted from the right escaped their primary challenges, including Reps. Albert Sommers (R-Pinedale), Landon Brown (R-Cheyenne), Sens. Ogden Driskill (R-Devils Tower) and Cale Case (R-Lander), who was censured by his own county party.

The general election is Nov. 8. 

Maggie Mullen reports on state government and politics. Before joining WyoFile in 2022, she spent five years at Wyoming Public Radio.

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  1. The Cheney/Hag primary highlights my biggest concern about the future which is the deep split in the USA that affects friends, families, churches, cities, states – everything. I can list a thousand ways the other side is wrong but for what benefit? Or – I can tacitly go along with them by remaining silent. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” comes to mind. I know that the next time I’m trapped on the wrong side of a one-sided dinner conversation (usually a long, long rant) I will react and lose that friend. I don’t see a way to avoid a civil war. A civil war will be the end of the USA. Don’t drink the orange Kool-Aid!

  2. The once productive and powerful Republican Party nationwide has degenerated from being the GOP to the HOP… Hypocritical Oppressive Party. Nowhere more evident that right here in Wyoming. For a congregation that claims to defend freedoms and uphold liberties in the name of the state and nation Constitution, in reality the Republican authoritarians are restricting freedoms , giving liberties only to their select recipients (based on fealty) , and shredding the Constitution. When facts, truth, integrity of law , and principles no longer are the determinants of policies and actions taken, that is all the proof we need to show that neither Wyoming nor the nation are engaged in a working Democracy. Welcome to the American theocratic autocracy.

    The Republicans have mostly succeeded in corrupting the entire country after the 40 year slog from Reagan’s reign. The irony is Ronald Reagan would not win any elections these days, because his party has Doppler shifted so far into the extreme red and infrared that it is almost invisible . Only a few large bright objects stand out , like the red giant star Liz Cheney.

  3. Trump endorsed WY candidates for several races. This cycle, he did not endorse a candidate for Governor. He endorsed Curt Meier for State Treasurer despite the incumbents record of striking investment failure on Wyoming’s $25 Billion portfolio. Under Meier mismanagement, WY State Treasurer Office generated 3 year cumulative returns (29%) that were 25% lower than Cheyenne neighbor WY Retirement System 54.5%). Trump endorsed that incompetence, and Meier won.

  4. If you are as “far right” as the trumpets, everyone, including the members of your own party, looks like a leftist.

  5. I am sorry you did not get access to the Hageman event. All of those represented need a look into who represents them, and in what ways they do that representing. Her team and now her path of representation fall into the same trap they accuse others of setting, which is to leave them out.

  6. How many people voted in Wyoming? And if it is as few as I think, why would that determine anything about the Republican party and which way it’s heading? One city in Calif., or New York, Illinois, or Washington has more voters than the whole state of Wyoming.

    1. Good point. With a 15/85% blue/red split, it isn’t worth the trouble to vote in Wyoming. 170k voted in the primary out of 584k residents. That’s not a bad % but it is nothing compared to the rest of the USA.

  7. Not so funny how the Republicans backed Cheney until she called out Trump. This is 100% percent about Trump, not Cheney. His excesses, obscenities and lies don’t matter to a party bent on power and burning it all down in the process, nor do any actual vs alternative facts in the matter. I am disheartened as a native of this beautiful land I have held dear, which Trump has stolen for his own gain, never ours.

    1. No Deb. I think people are ready for change. Obama preached change. Voted in. Done nothing. Got second chance done less. There lot of frustration out here. On Both sides. Chaney had done very little actually. She did enrich her self. 600% her wealth grew. 600%!! Did your wages/investments/retirement or S. S grow that much? Like him or hate the man. Trump has hit a nerve with the population. Now Democrats and certain GOP see the end of game if he continues. We need Term limits. We need leaders to look out for average Billy Bob/Cindy Lou. We need to look out for USA and to stand to bullies like China/Russia. First Covid. Now Monkey Pox. Both bio engineered. By whom? There are suspects. One may be in DC. Folks even if Trump is indicted/convicted he can still run in the election. This BS raid is likely exactly that. Remember STEELE DOSSIER had fake phony affidavits as well. All proven to be false. For first time folks in 2022 election no Bush’s Clinton’s Chaney’s no family Dynstys hopefully that continues in 2024. Time for change. Top to bottom. What we have sure isn’t working for USA

  8. After reading all of these responses to this article, I’m completely AMAZED at how ignorant anti-Trump Wyomingites are to reality. As a retiree, who moved from Maryland to Casper, WY in FEB 17 to live by the values of the Cowboy State, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching the issues of the day, have seen the election fraud data, and concluded that the 2020 General Election was stolen via computer algorithms and fraudulent ballots. Having our Secretary of State election databases hacked and manipulated before, during, and after the election is a serious matter because it destroys our Constitutional Republic where people are SELECTED by Democrat and RINO elites and not ELECTED as required by the United States Constitution. Liz Cheney has violated her oath to the Constitution by not researching the 2020 General Election Fraud that occurred. How anyone can be a Democrat in America with the pain of inflation and international embarrassment that is plaguing us now from awful Democrat policies shows that Democrats who still vote Democrat or RINO are lost to the facts of reality, and instead vote on emotion, believing falsehoods as truths. If you don’t want to live by Wyoming Cowboy Values, then go move to a blue state.

    1. You are to be commended for your careful research but you do realize libs and their RINO pals flee from facts as do cockroaches from the light.

    2. Regrettably you live in a made-up world. Liz Cheney lives in the real world, in which real things happen. What you have here is nothing but fairy tale. Maybe read it to your children in the evening. They’ll be snoring in no time.

    3. Phew…. I’m finally relieved. All the country needed was a retiree that had “1000’s of hours” of available time to furiously “research” on Facebook, fox News, and truth social to finally prove that the election was honestly stolen. You sir, are a patriot to the Nth degree.

      It’s amazing to me that the thousands of experts; lawyers, judges, secretaries of states, election workers, poll workers, and auditors couldn’t find ANY proof. But, a transplant retiree cracked the case…. LOL

      In all seriousness, you are gullible and need a hobby.

      1. Mr Davis, If you want personal data, first time Steinmetz ran for the House, she was

        not i n Huntley Precited, But was on the Machine and not on Paper Balot, that would be 6 elections ago, I reported it to county clerk, my voter privilege, Thank you

    4. Thanks for your insights, Nicholas. 60+ lawsuits couldn’t find any evidence of election fraud, but you have figured it out. Impressive! Regarding inflation, it’s a global phenomenon. The Director of Research for the Economic Policy Institute recently reported that inflation has little to no connection to any Biden-specific policies. COVID and the war in the Ukraine are the main factors driving inflation. But I get it – inflation hurts so let’s blame Biden. As for Wyoming Values, a PAC by that name supported “Trump- Endorsed Harriet Hageman”. Spokesperson for the PAC was Donald Trump Jr. What do you suppose he knows about Wyoming values?

      Enjoy and be well.

    5. How are you researching the issues? By watching Fox news and joining truth social??
      I agree the elections were rigged and that is why so many tRumplicants won in Wyoming.

  9. WyoFile, I can see why the Hageman Campaign banned you from her victory speech. Your article emphasizes Cheney over Hageman, when it should have emphasized the winner Hageman. Your article is tainted with a RINO bias that is failing to listen to Wyomingites who are America First. Get on board with the America First Policies or get out of Wyoming!

    1. Well I’m staying right here. You put those c’boy values on like a pair of chaps when you get here? No sir, I’ll keep the liberal Catholic DFL values my US History BA dad raised me by. Please don’t suggest we should faction off and leave if we don’t buy the big lie. Sounds like arrogance. Sounds like your hero. It’s not all tax dodger transplants and selfish others in Wyoming.

      1. Hi there, I thought we were the Equality
        State, which to me Politics is politics, What were the Hag;s hiding that they did not want an open meeting

    2. You just moved here and now are telling people to leave if you don’t like their POV! People have been moving to WY these last several years for the wrong reasons–no state income tax, open carry, to create a haven for right wing extremist views.

      WY is a beautiful state with a lot of public lands to enjoy–to hunt, fish, and one of the last states in the Union with the full suite of wildlife. WY’s moniker is The Equality State. Those are reasons to retire here.

  10. I am from Massachusetts, I know what you’re thinking, but be assured I am far from bleeding heart liberal, but what Wyoming voters have done to Liz Cheney is disgraceful. Her reward for speaking the truth was to be thrown out of office by what I can only conclude was an ignorant electorate who kneeled at the feet of the most despicable human being ever to walk the halls of the White House. I’d be embarrassed to say I was from Wyoming, a state that I visited many times and truly love, but I’ll never visit again and hope people from across the country feel the same way.

    1. I don’t feel ignorant. I’m upset that Cheney is leading a Stalinist show trial that is a partisan persecution of her political enemy. I’m interested in objectivity, comprehensiveness, equal treatment under the law. Liz Cheney is on a vendetta. It appears that you are, too. I don’t quite understand the level of vitriol that affects those with TDS. Sure, he can be abrasive, but objectively he was a terrific president. Great on the issues that are important to the country. Why make it so personal?

  11. Not allowed access to the victory party of the Hag’s? She is denying the media just as her doltish leader wants her to. True colors showing. Do you think he’ll remember the scalding things she said about him before he decided to pick her to defeat Liz? I doubt it.

  12. Liz Cheney’s big problem with Donald Trump is that he kept the US out of war for four years. Her family believes in war, more war, bloodshed, torture, more war, profiting from war…you get the idea. That’s why her dad filmed an ad (turn the sound down and it looks like a Depends commercial) calling Trump a “coward.” Trump = peace through strength. Cheneys’ = profit from war.

  13. Cheney ran probably the worst campaign in Wyoming history. It had nothing to do with Wyoming and everything to do with her personal vendetta against Trump. Reality, proving election fraud in a court of law is very hard to do: requiring two elements, proof of fraud and secondly that the fraud was enough to have change the outcome of the election. In an environment where the rules of the election were suddenly changed in the months before the election, mail-in ballots, and no voter identification requirements in many states it was easy to commit fraud without there being any evidence. And of course the media played into it by hiding such things as the Hunter Biden scandal. Widespread fraud only needed to be done in a handful of four or five states to change the outcome of the election; which is precisely what occurred. Without voter ID requirements, once the envelope is separated from the balance, there is no evidence. The perfect crime.
    The Cheney was blind to this, and her ridiculous belief that Trump caused the riot at the capital, was something the voters in Wyoming understood and voted accordingly. She deserved to lose. Unfortunately, we will continue to have to hear from her on the national stage.

  14. “WyoFile aims to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions by producing independent, unbiased reporting that is free and accessible to all. Donate today to help keep Wyoming empowered and informed.” – This article is pretty fair, but Do you really think that in general your reporting is unbiased?

  15. Denying the free press access to the election party? Regardless of your political bent, that’s chilling.

  16. To be sure, this election was a mixed bag. Liz Cheney’s defeat was a crushing loss for all of us who shared her vision of fighting for truth, the constitution, and democracy against Trump’s corrupt and fascist influence. It was interesting that the two counties Cheney won are home to Wyoming’s most educated citizens. The implications are clear. The state now has no representation in Washington who can be counted on to protect the constitution or American democracy.
    Particularly disturbing, was Chuck Gray’s election. How so many people were duped into voting for someone so unqualified, malicious, and loathsome is appalling. Thankfully, several legislative races were won by moderates who defeated those who supported and promoted Trump’s laughable Big Lie. Perhaps there is still yet hope for Wyoming.

    1. Chuck Gray was elected for the same reason Harriet Hageman was elected. tRump endorsed them so all the sheep voted for them. That was all it took. tRump wouldn’t endorse Gray over Hageman so he found another office to run for hoping for that endorsement.

    2. Ron Smith your comment shows how you support the coastal and political elitism that is destroying our country. Liz Cheney lied, falsified documents and refused to allow any counter defense from President Trump. If that is what you believe our Constitution stands for you need to leave Wyoming…

  17. Typical Wyoming election, where the fascists win every time. Gets sort of boring and predictable. At least the scenery around the state is still great for the most part. And, so far at least, the fascists haven’t been able to privatize all public lands…but it’s probably not far off.

  18. Hageman leaving you out says everything about your known bias. ‘Nuff said.
    Thank you Harriett for remembering Wyoming and not being the “Deep State” DC rep we had.

    Amazing, Liz’s husband DC law firm represents Epstein, her kids go to DC schools, she grew up in DC, got all her campaign money from DC and NYC.
    What the heck did Liz do for Wyoming? Look at your Democrat neighbors that voted for her, Biden and are happy with 87, 000 new armed and carrying IRS agents. We know who is for the middle class.

    1. So instead, we have the lead attorney in an attempt by Colorado to steal Wyoming water as our sole rep in Congress. Really doesn’t bode well for us.

    2. Uh, the Colorado Press reports Luz got a lot of money, mostly from Republicans and some from Democrats from Coloradans, too.

  19. It is a sad day in the state. Harriet will end up in the basement of the house of representatives building and will never make a difference.

    Let us just hope that nothing happens to Governor Gordon as Chuck Gray will become in charge of the state. It’s amazing how the people that cheat and lie get elected. Wyoming should be ashamed of itself.

    At least Liz to now concentrate on the Criminal that she is investigating. Go Liz

  20. There was a whole slew of moderates who beat far right challengers. It may be less sexy news, but the far right did not blow out moderates yesterday, especially in districts where people were organized and didn’t assume they’d win.

  21. Sole reason it good to see Lizard Chaney lose is very simple. It breaks the Chaney Dynasty that becoming all to common in USA politics. It doesn’t matter which party one supports. These family dynasty’s are bad. Term limits in congress are badly needed. As is once term limited out. One can not become a member of Lobby group for xxx number of years. Also long past time to strictly limit overseas Libby efforts as well. Take care of USA first. No world power has given out money and support like we have for last 50 years. Yet our school system is broke. Our inturstructure is crumbling. USA first. No reason USA is cutting emissions and China the #1 polluter in world is made to do ZERO. Yes world heating up. But your not going to stop it nor control it. We already past the threshold of where experts said we would perish.

  22. It is a sad day for Wyoming when Republicans vote In Trump sycophants to represent Wyoming at the state and federal level. That they prefer to bow down to the altar of a man who would destroy our democracy instead of standing up for Liz Cheney who was willing to sacrifice her congressional seat to stand up for our Constitution and our democracy. You will reap what you sow. Unfortunately the rest of us will be negatively impacted. A very sad day indeed.

    1. It’s a sad day when WY Democrats support 87, 000 armed IRS agents and approve of the invasion of the former presidents home for one more Liz Cheney approved witch hunt.
      FBI and DOJ – just like Russia Collusion, then Mueller spends $40 million taxpayer dollars on 16 attorney’s for 2 1/2 years and found ZERO on Trump.
      Now we learn with documented evidence it was all a lie. Same as Impeachment #1 and Impeachment #2 and Liz’s 1/6 charade.

      1. Trump is now the object of several serious investigations. And one of them is in Georgia, not exactly your Democratic bastion.Also hold your fire until we find out what he was concealing at MAl. It’s predicted to be terrifying.

      2. Invasion? Really??

        Put the Kool aid down and just admit that you think chrump should be above the law. You people are only for “law and order” when it relates to people of color and those that aren’t as gullible as you.

    2. Peggy Caldwell Wyoming is a great state with really good people that love God, the land and our way of life. Liz Cheney didn’t do or give a damn about Wyoming… she has lied, falsified documents and refused to even allow President Trump to provide a dedense for the Jan 6th lies Cheney is peddling. Good riddance Liz Cheney and God protect President Trump from the evil in our country that wants to destroy one of the best Presidents our country has seen because he exposed them all for what they are….power hungry and Liz sold out for money as all the Democrats have and Rino’s

  23. One of the reasons I left Wyoming after so many years there is as a lifelong Democrat from a Democratic family I wanted my vote to count. ( I don’t know if I could have become a Republican to vote for Liz, who is on her way to bigger and better, but, I hope, not too much bigger and better. ) And in Colorado, once a red state, too, my vote really does count ! It’s a good feeling. I say let the Trumpies have Wyoming! I can’t believe that Wyofile wasn’t allowed into the victory party and the legislature is trying to shut down the Women’s Study and Gender program at the U!

      1. I lived there for more than 20 years, and it wasn’t so much like it is today at first, although I saw plenty of signs it would be.

  24. With the defeat of Ms Cheney and the selection of Ms Hageman to be our sole voice in the US House of Representatives it will be interesting to see how much she takes her marching orders from Donal Trump and the oligarch authoritarians that support Trump. Then of course we have Mark Gordon who may be kneecapped by the far right in the legislature constantly trying to pass abrasive unwanted and un needed laws that fix nothing. Meanwhile Chuck Gray will make our elections absolute chaos, extremely more expensive, a much higher rate for error and difficult to vote in. All based on a lie by a man who has no idea what the truth is. As Public education as we know it comes to a end in Wyoming where already the flight of educators and teacher has already begun and the application for supposed charter schools is rising on a daily basis we can only wonder if the education that our youngster receive will be addressed and adequate to move Wyoming from the 1880’s into the 21st century with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference!

  25. It’s an embarrassment to Wyoming and America that anyone who based their campaign on lies won. If that is your only reason to be elected – and for many candidates the loudest thing they said was “Endorsed by Trump” and “The Election was stolen” – the majority of Wyoming voters have no standards or expectations for their elected officials and you deserve what you get. Unfortunately those of us who actually would like qualified elected officials with integrity are also forced to live with your decisions. Being endorsed by a criminal is truly pathetic.

  26. You quote Ms. Hageman: “Wyoming has spoken on behalf of everyone concerned that the game is becoming more and more rigged against them,” Hageman told supporters. “And what Wyoming has shown today is that while it may not be easy, we can dislodge entrenched politicians who believe that they have risen above the people they are supposed to represent.”

    Denying WyoFile access to her campaign event last night might be taken as the first sign that Ms. Hageman is well on her way to becoming one of these “. . . politicians who believe that they have risen above the people they are supposed to represent.”

  27. The fact that Wyofile was denied access to Hageman’s event speaks volumes. Already, like Trump, she’s refusing access to media that is not sycophantic. Harriet “rides for the brand,” alright, but this toxic lawyer’s brand is that of a would-be autocrat. It is not the independent, frontier ethic of Wyoming.

  28. All these winning Trumpers, who claim that elections are rigged and stolen, should demand recounts to be sure that they really won

    1. Exactly! For the past 2 years, all we heard from the Trumpanzees was “elections are rigged…the winner stole the votes” ….so here we are, election year 2022. Since all elections are rigged then certainly Hageman and Gray and the others are still very concerned about election fraud so….shouldn’t they be leading the charge for a recount? But, look what we have, a sly water stealing attorney and a daddie’s boy bumbler now in charge. Very dark days in the Cowboy State

  29. “I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: There will come a day when tRump is gone, but your dishonor will remain!” Rep-WY (R)- Hon. Liz Cheney, 9. June 2022 – 6. Jan. Insurrection Hearings, US Capitol

    Although not agreeing with Ms. Cheney on several important issues (abortion, 2nd Amendment), thank you for your efforts to put nation over party, democracy over authoritarianism, truth over lies! Steven L. Hanft & Family