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Menopause is a biologdeical condition which may prompt many women to seek medical attention. Should this be covered by health insurance, even insurance purchased by religious organizations? I think everyone would agree to a yes answer here.

Pregnancy is a biological condition which may prompt many women to seek medical attention. Should this be covered by health insurance, even insurance purchased by religious organizations? I think everyone would agree to a yes answer here.

But apparently having sex without wanting to have a child right away is not a condition for which women can legitimately seek medical assessment. It is a sin (says Rick Santorum) and a crime (says Rush Limbaugh).

Limbaugh trashed an earnest Georgetown University Law School student as a “slut” and a “prostitute” because she wants contraception, obtainable only under doctor’s orders, to be covered by health insurance. He wanted to know who bought condoms for her in junior high. Rush’s unseemly prurient streak, suddenly emerging, is stimulated by what set of personal frustrations?

Hey Rush: don’t I remember you had a hydrocodone dependence problem? I bet the pills and the rehab, unsuccessful, were covered by health insurance. And who paid for YOUR contraception and other expenses while you were wandering around in a stoned daze? Oh gee, that’s right, I forgot: men can have sex without contraception, so they don’t need to pay for it. Only the women who can be impregnated need to actually worry about, and pay for, contraception.

Rush followed up the insults by demanding that the Georgetown law student post videos of her private sexual activities on the internet “so we can all watch.”

Time to re-publish my very favorite joke:  What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg? One is a flaming gasbag and the other is merely a dirigible.

Hey Rush, you won’t care any more because AOL dropped you, but how many AOL subscribers had NO IDEA that AOL had been sponsoring your rantings for years? Those independents, Democrats and Republicans will be signing out of AOL like fleas jumping from a sinking lemming. I am shorting AOL tomorrow, together with Carbonite, Quicken Loans, Sleep Number Beds, Citrix Systems and LegalZoom, all of whom sponsored your hate-mongering until you finally alienated them. Rush, can I short YOU?  Are you publicly held? Ewww, gross, say my nieces.

Did your mother, bless and forgive her, actually name you “Rush?” She probably named you something like Norbert or Willard but you later decided that a persona with the self-control of a slavering horn-dog and the personal charm of a king cobra needed a jazzy name. Guess what? Moms across America will NOT be naming their kids after you.

Meanwhile the Democrats do NOT want you to go off the air, so maybe George Soros will step in to keep your vile trash-mouth reverberating across the landscape, only to galvanize every woman in Americato go to the polls to make sure that no candidate who might adopt one percent of your ideas gets elected.

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  1. A modest suggestion…
    “How’s that for the ultimate nanny state?”
    Inky – It is no wonder why this country is going downhill so fast! It is because of people like you, with such a narrow and sheltered mentality. I do pray for you! I pray that someday, before you die, you do start believing in God!
    So now you are blaming all men for pregnancies? You are the typical liberal who cannot stand to take responsibility for ANYTHING and are dependent on others to take care of the mess you have created. How very sad you are and how sad your parents must be that you turned out this way.
    Sometimes I wonder how wonderful the world would be if all that fight for, and think, that it is a right to have abortions were aborted themselves. If this would have happened, then by now there would not be any more people fighting for the right to murder an innocent baby. Plain and simple – If it isn’t a baby, then you’re not pregnant. I am not saying I want anyone dead, I am just saying that all those people who want to murder the innocent should really think about what they actually are doing. May God come into your life!

  2. RT – “I don’t know what a Jubal is, unless a Confederate soldier. I spent nine years in Mississippi. In the 2nd grade I was the leader of a playground Confederate gang”
    Inky – “And out of this, Rush and the right-wing invented out of thin air, a baseless lie about Fluke’s sex life. In this case, truth indeed has a liberal bias and you two should be ashamed for swallowing Rush’s rants as Gospel.”
    Wow, great comments!!
    You are both missing the point – It is the left-wing socialists that are trying to make the issue of ME paying for abortions and contraception to woman’s rights. Sorry but America is waking up and realizing just how far left you people want to push this country! Right to Communisim. Sorry, but Americans do NOT want this! You can mix and mash your rhetoric however you want but we (Americans) do not want that! We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. To bad this administration and the left-wing is trampling all over it.
    By the way, Georgetown WILL allow for contraception pills for medical reasons, other than birth control. I cannot believe how the left has made their blind followers believe that pregnancy is a disease!
    I am sure you are both pushers for abortion (the killing of babies), arent’ you?

  3. A modest suggestion.
    Since conservatives don’t want anyone to have sex outside the bounds of holy matrimony and purely for reproductive reasons, let’s cut to the chase. The problem is not young women, but young men. If all these sex-crazed young, single men could be calmed down, then we wouldn’t have unintended pregnancies, no abortions.
    So how about we systematically dose all single, young men with saltpeter and eliminate the problem? How’s that for the ultimate nanny state?

  4. I don’t know what a Jubal is, unless a Confederate soldier. I spent nine years in Mississippi. In the 2nd grade I was the leader of a playground Confederate gang; I was the Swamp Fox. I outgrew that. We moved to Wyoming in 1961. Excepting a few years in school in other states, I have lived here since then. But Wyoming resident credentials are not the point. I won’t take the pitiful bet offered by jubal; that misses the point too. A woman should be able to express her opinion about contraception without being trashed. Rush has not earned such respect, as he traffics in trashing. Maybe Jubal should apply for Rush’s job; would fit right in.

  5. Dear Wyoming Jubal,
    It is painfully obvious that you, coyote_song, Rush and the right-wing pundits that have been defending Rush NEVER ACTUALLY LISTENED to Ms. Fluke’s testimony, which is available here:
    This Georgetown University law student (Rush flunked out of his first year of college) never once talked about sexual activity (her own or anyone else’s), but focused on a fellow student’s travails when she could not get, from the University’s insurance policy, a contraception prescription to moderate her erratic hormones as a way to treat her ovarian cysts.
    And out of this, Rush and the right-wing invented out of thin air, a baseless lie about Fluke’s sex life. In this case, truth indeed has a liberal bias and you two should be ashamed for swallowing Rush’s rants as Gospel.

  6. RT, I see without a doubt that you are a sad substitute of a journalist, if that is what you think you are. It is clear you are one of those left-wing ideologues that believe that if everyone saw the world like you it would be a nice, happy place. Well, sorry, but the real-world is not built that way. As far as this Fluke lady, she is 30 years-old and should get a job and start working to pay for her sexual habits! I do not know ONE Father or Mother that would be proud of their daughter for saying; I am having so much sex I cannot afford my contraception! And as most liberals do, she is now changing her story saying it is not about her! I would also put a dollar on a dime that says that if you knew someone that bragged about all the sex she was having, you had some pretty choice words for or about her! Guaranteed!
    The things you said about Rick Santorum and Rush prove that you are just a bitter little lady that has to lie to justify your stance. Neither Santorum nor Limbaugh said that women cannot or should not have contraception; they said that the churches and people like ME should not have to pay for others sexual activities, especially abortion. But, anymore the left-wing journalists have NO credibility in what they say. They do amuse liberals, but I believe that 95% of the people know a lie when they hear it! The remaining 5% are just too far left to tell the difference. Too bad that someone like you, RT represents the Great State of Wyoming. Just wondering, when did you move here from California, or was it Massachusetts?

  7. Thank you Coyote_Song! You get it. I am continually amazed and disappointed that the left believes in the First Amendment, as long as it goes with their demented ideas. If you are contrary to them, they drag you through the coals. You are right! The debate really has nothing to do with restricting contraception, just who pays for it. It is incredibly sad that there are so many people, like RT and Inky, which have this entitlement mentality. This is NOT how America became the Greatest Nation, but it is how we will be taken down, if it is allowed to continue.

  8. One of the reasons why Wyofile permits me to stir the pot is to engender lively debate on issues of broad public interest. I have previously heard coyotes sing, and usually they are melodic and intriguing. Not so this time. Whoever is hiding behind the “Coyote_Song” moniker has succumbed to a type of paranoia. The problem with reasoning with a paranoid is, you can’t. Rush may have thought, in his own deluded reality, that trashing a law student as a whore was a useful metaphor for trashing public health care policies. He was wrong. This was not a useful metaphor. It was vicious, mean, and indicative of a loss of rational faculties. Kind of like a real coyote.

  9. Dear coyote song,
    ElRushbo pounded on the Georgetown student for three days. This wasn’t a case of heated words in the moment of passion. And ElRushbo also had her Congressional testimony completely wrong — it wasn’t about sex, but about her friend who needed a contraceptive prescription to moderate her hormones as a way to treat ovarian cysts.
    Please note that 28 states have an identical policy to what Obama enunciated and no one — no bishops, no politicians, no talk radio poo-baas ever said Boo!
    And what makes this a worth-while fight, when 98 percent of women (including Catholic women) ignore the dictates of dried up old men and exercise control of their own bodies? If the bishops were serious about contraception, they would declare their use a mortal sin and excommunicate any woman who doesn’t want a dozen kids. The fact that they have not done so indicates a smidgen of rationality, in that they understand the pews would be even emptier than they are now!
    Methinks you want women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, because it really is a matter of contraception not constitution. (There are far more unsettling Constitutional issues than this, like whatever happened to habeus corpus?)

  10. The first amendment to the Constitution is a marvelous thing. Not only was it written to protect religion from an over reaching government, but also to protect speech. That includes the truly amazing stupidity of the author of this editorial. Sadly, the grouse apparently is totally oblivious to the underlying facts concerning the recent Obama, or most recent, blatant Constitutional infringement, i.e. dictating to religious organizations what they will be required by law to purchase. Even the slight of hand shifting the mandate to private insurance companies which the religious organization use doesn’t pass Constitutional muster. THAT is what the brouhaha was about, not birth control, ignorant one. Notwithstanding the transparent trick to shift the focus to birth control by the leftist, not one of the presidential candidates has indicated government control of birth control, nada. Nor did Rush. The outrage elucidated by Rush was not anti-birth control, but rather the outlandish concept of big government paying for it, albeit secondary to the disregard for first amendment rights. Sorry grouse, but on this you are truly an ignorant fool. Nice try, and prayerfully your readers aren’t so easily duped into thinking the constant barack barrage against the Constitution should continue beyond November.