A journalist acquires a heck of lot more information than ever appears in a traditional news article, and that’s what makes a blog so useful. I can quickly scratch out a paragraph or two about something I’ve seen, like a trainload of wind turbine blades parked in Casper. I can pass along a few quotes that didn’t quite match the topic of a news story, or head off a rumor by making a single phone call, like I did in March.

No, DKRW Advanced Fuels LLC was not scrapping its Medicine Bow Fuel & Power coal-to-gasoline plant. The company actually broke ground on the project in November, according to the Rawlins Daily Times.

The aptly-named Wyoming Energy Blog marks the launch of my fourth energy blog in the past five years. I’ve covered the energy beat in Wyoming for more than 10 years now, so energy is the subject I feel most comfortable speaking about. But I won’t strictly stick to energy. As a Wyomingite and editor-in-chief of WyoFile, I will take the liberty of blogging about anything of interest about life in Wyoming.

Hopefully you will join the conversation. Blogging shouldn’t be a solitary activity. Some of my blog posts will be short, and some will be long. I promise not to prattle on too long without telling you something new or interesting. My plan is to write at least one new post every Friday, but new posts will appear without warning. A journalist has to blog when the opportunity arises. I plan to attend an energy policy conference in Berlin this month, and I’ll be able to file many short reports on the Wyoming Energy Blog. So stay tuned and, please, tell me what you see happening in Wyoming energy.

Contact Dustin Bleizeffer at 307-577-6069 or dustin@wyofile.com.

Dustin Bleizeffer

Dustin Bleizeffer is a Report for America Corps member covering energy and climate at WyoFile. He has worked as a coal miner, an oilfield mechanic, and for 22 years as a statewide reporter and editor primarily...

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  1. Looking forward to it Dustin. Conversations on Energy in Wyoming aught to hold the attention of the whole country.

  2. I really look forward to reading your blog. Your new position is great for the State and WyoFile. Hopefully it will be enjoyable and interesting for you personally.

  3. Thanks, Dustin. I look forward to reading both the blogs and the more traditional journalism. You’re a great resource for Wyoming.