Undermining the status and power of Wyoming’s sole representative in Washington, D.C., is bad for business. Which is why, for the good of our state’s economy, we need to leave Liz alone and let her do her job.

By now, there’s probably not a person in Wyoming who isn’t aware that Rep. Cheney was one of only 10 Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump. Considering that Trump won 70% of the vote in Wyoming, her decision was certain to upset many of her constituents. But that was Jan. 13, and now the process is before the Senate. There is no further role for the House of Representatives, nor for Cheney.

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney(R-Wyoming). (U.S. Congress)

Which is why we need to stop shooting ourselves in the collective foot. Censuring our own representative might feel good for the GOP power elites in Carbon, Lincoln and Johnson Counties, but it diminishes our Congress woman’s ability to do her job. 

Welcoming Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) to Wyoming to grandstand on our Capitol Building steps and ask for Cheney’s resignation might be good for Gaetz’s personal political ambitions, but doesn’t do Wyomingites a bit of good. 

Remember, we have a mess on our hands. Our state budget is in shambles and we currently have no viable plan to address this situation. If there is a solution to be found, much if it will involve Washington D.C. Half of our land is controlled by the federal government, and we survive off an energy-based economy quite dependent on national policy.

For example, the Biden administration is placing a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on federal land. A whopping 92% of the drilling for gas in Wyoming is on public lands — this shift in policy is a big deal for us. While it’s unlikely that Cheney can reverse this policy altogether, she can work to obtain some concessions or economic offsets that could be beneficial to our state.

We also just learned that the Trump Administration failed to file an opinion on our state’s lawsuit with Montana that seeks to open exports of our low-sulfur coal to Asia. If we succeeded in shipping Powder River Basin coal to countries like Japan, we could displace Chinese and Indonesian coal, which is more toxic to the environment. 

During my 2018 U.S. Senate race, I commissioned a study demonstrating that exporting Wyoming coal would reduce, not increase, greenhouse gas emissions. President Joe Biden is committed to meeting the targets in the Paris Accords, and here in Wyoming we have a way to help achieve that. But without a powerful advocate in Washington, our coal will never have a chance of reaching the Pacific coast.

During his inauguration address, President Biden said that uniting the country was what he cares about most, going so far as saying his “whole soul is in this.” Since his environmental policies are intended to benefit the whole country, we need advocates who can carry our message to the Biden administration and remind them that uniting the country must include consideration of how policies can disproportionately burden some communities. 

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For voters who want to see Cheney replaced in two years, you’ll have your chance in 18 months when the primaries are held. But meanwhile, we need to do everything we can to give Cheney the standing and support and power to fight for our state. 

It’s just plain good for business to have someone who is the third-ranked member of the Republican leadership representing this state. And it’s equally bad for business to cripple her when we desperately need help navigating a Democratically controlled Washington.

Continuing a kamikaze mission to destroy Cheney’s authority within the GOP may offer some hardline Republicans short-term solace, but it comes at the terrible price of our own wellbeing.

David Dodson is a resident of Wyoming and an entrepreneur who has helped create over 20,000 private sector jobs. He is on the faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he teaches courses...

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  1. I have never voted for any Cheney, and will continue that trend. That said, just like a broken clock is right twice a day, Liz got that vote right. A no brainer as the President’s action were seditious. Unfortunately, our elected Senator Lummis was part of the legislative scheme of canceling legal votes. She should be held accountable too!

  2. Thanks Liz Cheney for doing the right thing. Our Ex-Presedent is so morally bankrupt that he ran roughshod over our entire federal public health apparatus which has resulted in at least a third more Covid deaths than would have otherwise occurred,, blackmailed Ukraine to obtain false accusations against Joe Biden’s son in an attempt to influence the 2020 election, and started claiming election fraud long before a vote was cast.

    You may recall that he made the same kind of election fraud claims just prior to the 2016 election when the opinion poles were against him., however, that claim went away once he lost the 2016 popular vote, but won the presidency on the electoral college vote.

    He has now followed up by once again claiming fraud and stirring up his believers to the point that they attracted our nation’s capital. Contrary to an earlier commenter he was impeached while still in office and other office holders (although not presidents) have been impeached and tried after leaving office. Lets drop the phony excuses for ignoring “The Donald’s” behavior..

    I hope Our two senators show Liz Cheney’s remarkable courage and do the right thing for our country when voting at the impeachment trial.

    1. Cheney and most of Washington suffer from selective conscience and outrage. Where are the consequences for Obama
      and Holders fast and furious, Pelosi’s, Shiff, and Nadler’s constant lying, Clinton
      and Comey’s criminal actions in the last
      election, vp Harris’s applause for riots,
      and the Biden’s obvious influence peddling . Why are the “hallowed halls”
      of Congress more sacred than some mom and pop business that is looted and then burned to the ground?
      Impeach them all.


  3. SHAME, SHAME on Liz Cheney for stabbing our great former president Donald J Trump in the back with her vote to impeach. Although I am not in Wyoming, I , as an American am disgusted with her vote on this sham impeachment. Donald Trump NEVER incited a riot through his speech he gave on Jan. 6, 2021.

  4. Liz Cheney was elected to be our representative. Her responsibility was to represent us, not to vote her conscience. The majority of wyomingites voted for Trump. Her choice proves that she not in tune with her constituents. Wyoming may not have a large population or a lot of political clout in D.C., but we aren’t just going accept a representative violating our wishes. Money be damned, our principles are not for sale. We don’t want anyone practicing politics in our name at odds with our values. Impeaching a man who is no longer president is a travesty. We don’t need or want a politician in favor of this political stunt. Liz Cheney has proven to be a political capetbagger, elected based upon a famous last name and little else. If we don’t give her the boot now, we will next election.

    1. Actually she has a responsibility to uphold the Constitution of the United States which she did. People of the USA including Wyoming, were LIED to by Donald J Trump and his enablers like Guiliani, Powel, Lin Wood, Graham, Gaetz and and extensive list of others. Open your eyes for the sake of the country and to save the freedom former generations fought and died for..

      1. agreed and we have a weapon og mass distraction still lingering in the halls of congress 20 years on.

  5. I disagree with your assessment. Ms Cheney works for the citizens of Wyoming. I am a citizen of Wyoming and she works for me. I will continue to communicate my feelings about how she is voting FOR ME in Congress and that is my job. I have not been as active in this job as I should be. She took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and I intend to communicate with her with kudos or disappointments in her votes.

    I plan to be civil in my communications, as I have in the past, but I will not agree to “leave her alone” as long as she is my employee and is supposed to be doing what the voters hired her to do. If she does not think that that is important, it may be time to replace her as our employee.

    1. I am also a voter in Wyoming which means Rep. Cheney also works for ME (using your logic) — although I am not a Republican and typically don’t agree with most of her views, I do wholeheartedly applaud her integrity, bravery and willingness to stand up to the ridiculous direction the GOP has taken the past five-plus years.

      1. Proud of Liz for staying true to her beliefs. We need more people of integrity and truth. Leave her alone!

  6. I am shocked to see that money is your only justification for not beheading Liz Cheney. Not because of principle. Not because of country. Not because she’s right. No, she must be spared for the sake of money. And money alone.

    With the GOP, there is no other consideration. Profit or death. Y’all are shameless.

  7. After all the great things she has accomplished, she blew it with her stand on impeaching an out going president who happened to be our biggest advocate in the survival of Wyoming’s economy. That was a decision that many in Wyoming will not easily forget. We need to fill that seat with someone who can represent the views of the citizens of Wyoming.

    1. After 4 years, what did he do for coal?

      After 4 years what did he do for oil and natural gas?

      I think you too, need to clean your rose colored glasses.


      1. As someone who made my living through coal for 40 years I agree with your first statement, “after 4 years what did he do for coal.” Nothing as far as I can tell. His statement that he “digs coal” was all just a big scam. I feel bad for all those coal miners in Wyoming that voted for him thinking he would save their jobs. That’s just not how things work. In order for him to do that he would have had to nationalize the utility industry – a pretty socialist play. The government owning the means of production. The way things work in our capitalist way is that people chose the cheapest product, all things being equal. Utilities have chosen to deliver electrical power by the cheapest means which at this time natural gas fired turbines, wind and solar. The product is the same, electricity, and utilities are looking for the cheapest means to produce it. Coal is not it.

      2. Born in Casper. Raised in Basin. My Dad worked for one of the oil companies. Life took me to Ohio as an adult. In the last four years I read how the coal mines had laid off workers and they were struggling to survive. Now I’m listening to die hard Trump supporters claim Trump has done so much for the coal industry in the State of Wyoming. I’m confused. What are the facts??? Has Trump, in fact, done the citizens of Wyoming any favors??

  8. Taylor Haynes, MD, Trump was still president when this was voted on in the house. This is known by most everyone and this information was certainly available to you. Are you. Going to run for governor of Wyoming again as a person living in Colorado?

  9. Prior to her vote, Cheney’s office called constituents, including my mother near Pavillion. It wasn’t a poll. After they asked their questions, they asked for comments, answered questions.
    It took a lot of time. It was a great move – my mom has been disenchanted with the GOP under Trump. She’ll probably vote for Cheney.

  10. Most of the time I agree with most of what Dave Dodson says. Today, Liz Cheney is either an American hero for speaking truth or a conspiracy laced villain for speaking against an American traitor. I will call her a hero.
    Where Dave is misguided in this piece is when he points to Asia as a solution to Wyoming’s fiscal problems.
    Just as Liz should speak truth to the Crazies, Dave should speak truth to the fundamental global shift away from fossil fuels. Asian markets for coal are dissolving as we speak. China’ coal fired plants are running at a 50% capacity and Japan is showing alacrity in transitioning to an energy future that does not include coal.
    WyoFile deserves high praise in offering a forum for Wyomingites to respectfully speak their diverse views.

    1. she has never spoken the truth they got is the patriot act drilling in other peoples lands and a continous war in the middle east what has a cheney done for wyoming a more appropriate qiestion might be what has a cheney done to wyoming?

  11. I admire Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach. It seems like to me the vote was a no-brainer. Unfortunately I don’t see where Barrasso or Lummis will vote to affirm the impeachment in the Senate. I only see dark days ahead with Trump hanging around and inciting further turmoil.

  12. “Which is why we need to stop shooting ourselves in the collective foot.”

    Personally, I love it when republicans shoot themselves in the foot. It’s good for the country as a whole. Sadly, the other major party isn’t much better.

    I respected her for doing the obviously right thing, on one issue of many, but I will never vote for her, for any public office.

  13. I agree with Dodson and I, a moderate Republican, support Liz Cheney. I think she has the skills to help Wyoming.

  14. Dave, wasn’t there ‘something’ she said that is really important context beisdes the meek description “….who isn’t aware that Rep. Cheney was one of only 10 Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump.” If I follow your logic, it’s no big deal since who wasn’t aware that she was carpet bagger when we elected her the first time.

  15. It is a very sad day when we have to thank our elected (salary paid by taxpayers) U.S. representative for upholding the U.S. Constitution.
    It says a lot about the increasingly anti-democratic and anti-American state of the Republican party that people want Cheney removed from leadership because of her stand on this one issue. As we all know, she is very, very far right on just about everything: a constant critic of Obama who supported torture and railed against the Department of Justice for providing legally mandated lawyers for Guantanamo detainees. (She asked whether those lawyers were working for “the Department of Jihad,” which got her considerable blowback by other conservatives.) Her anti-choice and anti-gay-marriage positions are extreme. So I think the attempts by her colleagues to rebuke her shows how far the Republican party has become a personality cult and pretty much devoid of ideas.

  16. We did not elect her to vote her conscious but to vote the desires and needs of Wyoming’s residents. Weather you like Trump or not he did great things for America and especially for veterans and all public land users.

    1. You are mistaken on two counts. Most elected officials ARE elected to vote their consciences, rather than looking forward to the next election. That’s how a democracy can remain viable. And secondly, you totally overlooked what the author was saying: Rep. Cheney IS doing what is best for Wyoming. Read it again. She’s the third most powerful Republican in the House. From that position, she has a good deal of power. That is what is good for Wyoming, whether (as a former resident) I would agree with her decisions or not. Getting rid of Rep. Cheney might make some people feel really good, but I think of that old saw: “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

  17. Liz Chenney violated the Constitution in voting to
    impeach a private citizen. If there was a crime he should have been charged in district court.

    1. And you are embarrassing the republican party with your loyalty to a man that cares about no one but himself.

      Maybe if you post a few op-ed pieces, you’ll get the recognition and attention from your orange deity.

      1. Best economy in the history of the United States. That’s not all about himself. One must look past personalities and look at policy.

    2. Wasn’t Donald Trump still President on January 13th, 2021 when Liz Cheney voted to Impeach him?
      Also, don’t you live in Colorado? Or do you still keep an ‘apartment’ in the back of that Pet Store on 3rd street for Voting and Political Candidacy purposes?

    3. It seems claims of constitutionality run the gamut. You are entitled to your opinion just as we are entitled to ours. It is a mistake to confuse opinion with fact and then base your logic on an arbitrary opinion and expect others to respect your conclusions.

      You feel Cheney’s act was unconstitutional.

      I don’t.

      That we settle in court.

      If you are rich and can afford lawyers, you can take it to court. Well, if you have standing and lawyers, you can take it to court. .

  18. Liz Cheney not only shows integrity, but also, great courage, knowing her opinion would drag the anger it did and that her political future could depend on it.
    I am 88 years old, and have been a Republican all my voting life. I am switching to Independent next week as my party has left me. I intend to reregister Republican in time to vote for Liz Cheney in the Primary 2 years from now whether I agree with all her stands or not. Knowing her integrity and courage is to me of primary importance.
    Yes, let everyone move on.

  19. When Liz Cheney represents the “reasonable” wing of a political party, you have a party which has gone off the deep end.

  20. Thank you for a well written, well reasoned response. If only followers of the EX-president followed reason and were reasonable, this wouldn’t have blown up in the first place.

    It’s exciting to see EX start his own political party so he can bestow favors on his besties. He doesn’t care that it will throw the nation into Democratic control for the next 10 years as he splits off his base and smashes any hope of a winning coalition. By golly, he’ll have his adoration and another moment in the sun! Take that, all you GOP members who voted for the country instead of a calamity.

    Even though I don’t consider myself a Cheney fan, I do applaud her courage. She had already seen the bloodbath bestowed on other GOP members who didn’t tow the line. She knew the not-so-proud-boys of the House would come after her (looking at you Gaetz, like a pre-pubescent boy with your high pitched voice at the capitol) but she stood her ground and voted for America. Hang tough Liz, Wyoming needs you!

  21. Liz Cheney not only shows integrity, but also, great courage, knowing her opinion would drag the anger it did and that her political future could depend on it.
    I am 88 years old, and have been a Republican all my voting life. I am switching to Independent next week as my party has left me. I intend to reregister Republican in time to vote for Liz Cheney in the Primary 2 years from now whether I agree with all her stands or not. Knowing her integrity and courage is to me of primary importance.
    Yes, let everyone move on.

  22. This is so well written and on point. I saw Florida’s Rep. Gaetz denounce Representative Cheney and declare that he was coming to Wyoming to “educate Wyoming residents that we MUST Impeach”, (NOT CENSURE) Representative Cheney due to her disloyalty to former president Trump. Those were his words that day; I guess he softened his stance on an issue that doesn’t really concern him.

    I did a little research and found the Florida Rep. would most likely read a message on Twitter. So I sent him a tweet: “Rep Gaetz by all means come to WY as a sight seeing tourist; we need the tourism revenue lost in 2020. But, residents of The Equality State don’t need a Florida Rep to “educate” us on @RepLizCheney; we know her well and have elected her. You’re out of your lane sir!”

    I’ve always taken great pride in Wyoming! The people of this state more than anywhere else I’ve seen do for ourselves and we TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. We do not need ANYONE to “educate” us on politics, we’re not UNEDUCATED, we know exactly who we’re voting for! Most of us have probably had a cup of coffee, or been to a wedding with our County, City, State AND FEDERAL elected officials. We know their kids, they’ve stayed at our house, or vice versa. We’re always focused on our sole US Congressperson and our two US Senators. Representative Cheney voted her conscience. THAT is what Wyomingites EXPECT. We may or may not agree with her, but we expect her and each other to be honest, straight shooters. If ever the motto “The world needs more cowboys” fit a situation this is it; Representative Cheney, KNOWING she would face backlash for her vote; Cowgirled Up and for that I’ll give her Wyoming respect!

    Mr. Gaetz, you should go on home and deal with that horrendous iguana population your state has. Here in Wyoming: we got this!

  23. Thanks to both Dave Dodson and WyoFile for the well-written commentary. Last thing we need right now is someone else from somewhere else to stir people up to more craziness and disrespect. I am making a habit to call Republicans across the country and leave messages supporting them when they stand up for what they know is right and for actions of reason at this difficult time.
    Thanks for standing up for our country while there’s still time.

  24. Thank you for being a voice for reason. We desperately need some cooler heads in both the state & nation right now. As a Democrat I have disagreed with Rep Cheney on many important issues, but I applaud her for stepping forward in support of our democracy. The WY GOP has to grapple with their own loyalties, but the whole state shouldn’t suffer from their internal struggle. And they don’t need help from crazies outside the state.

  25. Excellent post. I have yet to hear anything from Trump-obsessed Wyoming legislators about their vision for the future. What exactly do they think Wyoming will look like in 2030 and how do they think we should get there? If their only mission is to support the former president or make laws making our already pro-gun state more gun-friendly, we are in trouble. This cult mindset is going to destroy our state (and the nation).

  26. Well done . Responsible Journalism. It is not our Representatives jobs to parrot the rage of constituents. It’s her job to work not only for Wyoming but the best interests of our nation and vote her best judgement.

  27. Great opinion!! I was very glad to read what you wrote and I totally agree. Trump may have
    won Wyoming with a large majority but I would imagine some have changed their minds or are concerned with the storming of the Capital Building on Jan. 6th! Five people are dead and our lawmakers wer in danger. Our VP was being sought out and rioters were calling for him to be “hanged”. The Speaker of the House was in danger of being killed according to those who entered the Capital Building illegally. They broke windows, stole Congressional
    items and mail. We are lucky more were not killed. It was horrible and this group was incited to action by our own President who lied about winning the election and stating that it was “stolen”. Biden won because more folks in the states of our country voted for him, 80 m.illion voters, more than Trump. Biden won the Electoral College vote by the same margin Trump did in 2016, President Trump called his win a great victory . Former President Trump’s actions of lying about the election, promoting folks to go to Washington DC to “fight” for a failed election and his own words in from of the “mob” is an Impeachable offense. The votes are not in the Senate to uphold the Impeachment but a trail will take place and we will learn about the investigation that is currently going on about this horrible stain on our country. Liz Cheney is an adult in the room. Trump blew it big time with his actions. Leave her along and let’s get through this horrible virus and get our economy and country back to a better place.

  28. I have never voted for Liz Cheney and probably never will because I disagree with most of her stated policies. But. I would rather have a representative, I disagreed with, vote there conscience and show some integrity than have one who only votes for what might help them get re-elected. She has worked for what she thinks is in the best interest of Wyoming and voted 95 percent of the time with Trump. That is what we should be talking about not condemning her for doing what she truly believes is in the best interest of our country.