Liz Cheney and Philip Perry: A prominent couple in Washington D.C.

By Gregory Nickerson
— July 22, 2013

Though Wyoming voters have known the Dick Cheney family for decades, some may not know much about Liz Cheney’s personal life, which is rooted in her experience as a member of the Washington D.C. political elite and her marriage to Philip Perry.

While such details may not be touted in Cheney’s campaign, they help flesh out how she lived before she came back to Wyoming in 2012, prior to announcing her run for United States Senate.

Meet the husband

Liz Cheney’s husband is Philip Perry, a fellow graduate of Colorado College. She took his name when they married, but continues to use the last name Cheney in her professional and political life.

Perry is a prominent attorney who is a partner for the large Washington D.C. law and lobbying firm Latham & Watkins. A call to the firm confirmed that Perry continues to work in the Washington D.C. office.

Philip Perry has had a successful career as a Washington lawyer who has alternated between government work and lobbying. He was counsel to the U.S. Senate investigation of alleged campaign finance abuses by Clinton and Gore in their 1996 campaign.

He was among the close circle of advisers in the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000. After Bush and Cheney won office, he served in several high-ranking positions including general counsel in the Office of Management and Budget, acting associate attorney general at the Department of Justice, and general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security.

Perry was the subject of an investigative story in Washington Monthly magazine in 2007, which painted him as a highly-intelligent man who knows how to wield power quietly. The article claims that Perry has used his influence to benefit industry while working for the government. For example, it alleges that Perry stopped the development of legislation granting authority to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate security at chemical plants in the wake of 9/11.

During that time, many were concerned that chemical facilities near large urban populations were at high risk of terrorist attack because of their inadequate security measures. The Department of Homeland Security and the EPA were working together to craft legislation to put more stringent security requirements in place. The article credits Perry as the person who scuttled that legislation before it ever made it to Congress. It also stated that Perry later helped put in place lax security measures that met the approval of the chemical industry while working as general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security.

The same article claims that in 2003 Perry worked as a Latham & Watkins lobbyist trying to get liability protections for Lockheed Martin and General Electric. Since leaving his Department of Homeland Security position in 2007, Perry has represented clients like Monsanto, Entergy, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Perry and Liz Cheney have five children. Several of the older children attended a private school in McLean, Va., where tuition is over $30,000 a year.

Homes in Wyoming and Virginia

Cheney and Perry bought a home in Wilson, Wyo., in May 2012. The Associated Press reported the listing price was $1.9 million, and included 2.4 acres and views of the Tetons.

Wilson is located just south of Teton Village in Jackson Hole. In recent elections it has become notable for being an enclave of high-powered political donors, including Foster Friess and a host of others. According to Forbes magazine, the community provided more than $1.8 million in political contributions in the 2012 cycle, most of it to Republican candidates.

Last year, Dick Cheney hosted a $30,000 per-couple fundraising dinner for Mitt Romney at his home in the gated Teton Pines golf community.

Dick and Lynne Cheney bought property in Teton Pines in 1993. They held a mortgage on that property for $455,000, which they paid off in 1995. (Incidentally, Teton Pines is the same golf community where Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill attended a luncheon in November 2012, earning criticism from Department of Education employees who said the trip was unnecessary.)

Mary Cheney holds a bible during Dick Cheney's second swearing in as vice president in 2005. (White House Photo)
Dick Cheney takes the oath of office for the second time in 2005, placing his hand on a bible held by Mary Cheney. His wife Lynne Cheney and Liz Cheney look on. (White House Photo/Susan Sterner — click to enlarge)

In 2000, Dick and Lynne Cheney moved from Texas to Jackson Hole to become Wyoming residents. They likely did so because a president and vice-president cannot be from the same state.

Liz Cheney’s sister Mary Cheney also owns property in Teton County. She graduated from Colorado College in 1991 and worked for the Colorado Rockies and as a public relations manager for Coors Brewing Company. She later served as director of vice presidential operations for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign. She now works as a vice president for Consumer Advocacy at AOL. She married Heather Poe in 2012 and they have two children.

Liz Cheney and Perry still own their home in McLean, Va., a seven-bed seven-bath home with a pool on a cul-de-sac, roughly 23 minutes from the center of Washington D.C.  This has been their base since 2006, shortly before Perry left his work at the Department of Homeland Security and returned to Latham & Watkins. Homes in the neighborhood are valued at more than $2 million.

For an in-depth story on the Liz Cheney family, read this investigative piece from New York Magazine.

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  1. She has no actual connection to Wyoming and is just an East coast elite. I don’t think she’s ever actually lived in the state she is supposed to represent.

    Good riddance to her, at least she doesn’t have to worry about moving since she never actually lived in the state she was representing.

    Shady people in that family. I’m sure Harriet Hageman will really represent Wyoming and operate in the best interests of the people of Wyoming. They deserve that for a change.

  2. Liz is commiting political suicide…why? What did Trump do that starter that fire? Did he at sometime step on her Dad’s toes? I really don’t get it. I just did a crossword puzzle that had the word “obsessed” in it. Could have used her name for the clue.

  3. Millions of illegals coming into America!
    Why didn’t you fight to have Dominion voting computerssss inspected so we know the facts, you support not knowing to facts!
    When Washington needs to put an iron fence around it there certainly is something not right. Whatever you do don’t look at the real problem, just blame someone else.
    I will not vote for you

    1. Dominion sued the pillow guy and gulionni………they lied. Nothing was wrong with the voting machine. Trump lost! That’s all. Trump is a lying con man!

  4. Liz Cheney has lived in her current residence in McLean, Virginia since 2006. She bought a vacation home in Wilson, Wyoming in 2012…..still lives in McLean???? It truly feels as if Wyoming has little representation but worse, East Coast representation. We deserve someone who knows our values. Not someone who partners with Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Liz Cheney is a Conservative who believes in the truth and that integrity matters….she is admired for her ethics and strength of character…she and Pelosi do not agree pooiticallty but Donald Trump lied and is still lying about the election -people died.

      1. Making Liz Liz Cheney the face & voice of the Jan 6 committee was a huge mistake. Donald Trump broke her mind. She’s obsessed with destroying him at the cost of her political career. She doesn’t care about the constitution. None of the DC elitist politicians do. I had to stop watching the hearings because she creeped me out so bad. This is a hell of a lot more than someone offended by Trump. That ol gal is totally obsessed.

        1. She is obsessed with all the republicans that lied about the election. She is obsessed with the terrorists that believe trump and broke the law. She is brave to stand up against a lot of Powerful Political trump cult members. They believe a lie. He lost. We know that now. There is no reasonable doubt. Trump lost, he is a spoiled rich man that has lied and hurt a nation.

          1. Well said. I agree completely. Our Founding Fathers were also “obsessed” with creating a new Nation of, by and for the People, and thank goodness they were. We need people of integrity who put The interests of the Nation before their own. Can anyone imagine a con artist like Donald Trump ever sacrificing anything, ever putting the Nation’s interests and needs above his own? No! Because he has a long history of acting in his own interest. Here you have a person who risked her whole career because of principles in which she believes. I would welcome Ms.Cheney to stay in Virginia and run as a resident of this Commonwealth. We boast having been the home of our Nation’s greatest political leaders like Washington, Jefferson, George Mason. We recognize good talent when we see it.

        2. “HANG MIKE PENCE!” Did you even hear them? Liz Cheney, who voted with Trump roughly 97% of the time, has decided to stand up for the truth and the rule of law.

  5. I’m a Massachusetts resident and an independent voter who tends to lean more to the democratic party policies, especially when it comes to environmental issues. I would like to express my appreciation for Rep. Cheney’s commitment to truth, honesty, and commitment to the constitution. Thank You and to Adam K. for the stand you have both taken. Will you run for president at some point??

    1. You lean toward the left on environmental policies. Do you know how the Cheney’s got filthy rich? Her husband is an attorney representing chemical plants, he fights against the plants having too many environmental regulations. On his spare time he’s a lobbyist for Pfizer. Way to pick your battle tho. Wasting even more time & money on the futile endeavor to get cuffs on Trump. Never gonna happen. He was a U.S. president. He knows the secrets of every swamp creature elitist politician in DC. He has leverage & lots of it.

      1. I think trump is losing support. I think he is going down. The truth is that he lost the election and tried to start a civil war. That is a enemy of the USA. He has no defense.

        1. Trump’s supporters just don’t care what laws he has violated. They do not seem to believe what their own eyes see or what their own ears hear. They offer no support for the rule of law. They apparently are anarchists.

        2. He’s losing support even though he just took Liz Cheney’s job and removed her from office with little effort. I don’t think you’re being realistic.

  6. I’d footnote this for some context by adding that Liz had a fairly high powered post at the State Department , created for her out of the ether in late 2001 if you believe the New York Times and Paul Krugman , or a languishing vacancy conveniently filled by Liz upon the recommendation of Colin Powell. She left that post 2 years later to campaign for dear old dad and Dubya , then returned to a very similar post with a different name in 2005 , a spoting that was notable for some dark clouds and duplicity. Cheney’s work with the Iran Syria Policy Operations Group and some covert arms deals certainly deserves more scrutiny than it got at the time…

    In fact , she needs to be put under the microscope for a lot of scrutiny on a lot of things. A Wyoming microscope would be nice.

  7. It is so nice to see that they have left DC behind and can now focus on Wyoming. I am sure their house in Virginia will be in the DC area realtors guide very soon. I am sure Philip has already given his 2 weeks notice and will start work at a Jackson Law firm soon, or do free country lawyering for the poor people of our state.Their concern for Wyoming will show if these things start to happen. Wake up Wyoming. None of those things will happen. The home in Wilson is their summer home. After Enzi defeats Liz she will move back to DC. I personally think that Mary Cheney is the class act of that family by a long shot.