Morning frost glitters across the landscape, aspens flutter in shades of gold, hunters hit the field and scrub oak reveals all manner of crimson. 

Just like that, summer has ended in Wyoming. 

Before the snow flies in earnest, WyoFile offers an opportunity to savor the season of long days and lush greenery with these images from young photographer Kinley Bollinger.

Sunbeams burst through the clouds in the Wood River area of the Shoshone National Forest in July 2021. (Kinley Bollinger)

Both were taken in July, high season for big hikes, tall wildflowers and days spent in the mountains. 

“The most interesting part about this image for me is the combination of terrain that I was able to capture,” Bollinger told WyoFile of the latter image. “On one hand, the image displays a very dense, lush forest, but on the other side and in the distance are barren, rugged mountains. In my opinion, this hodgepodge scene is a perfect representation of Wyoming.”

Katie Klingsporn

Katie Klingsporn is WyoFile's managing editor. She is a journalist and word geek who has been writing about life in the West for 15 years. Her pieces have appeared in Adventure Journal, National Geographic...

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