A fresh dusting of snow on the Absaroka Mountains could help a hunter find his prey. Or perhaps he’s found it already in the scene itself. (Landon Blanchard / @landonblanchard)

Sportsmen and -women spend millions of dollars each year on Wyoming hunting licenses and take them afield in pursuit of experiences as diverse as the hunters themselves. Ask a random sampling what they’re after and you’ll hear a litany of explanations — everything from meat for the family to exercise for the dogs. But don’t expect them to leave it at that. Each will also struggle to convey less tangible attractions: Time, breathing room, tradition, connection, awe, beauty, gratitude…

Like so many desires of the human heart, sometimes the “why?” of hunting just doesn’t fit into words.

So Landon Blanchard fit it into a picture instead.

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Matthew Copeland

Matthew Copeland is the chief executive & editor of WyoFile. Contact him at matthew@wyofile.com or (307) 287-2839. Follow Matt on Twitter at @WyoCope

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