The Wyoming Outdoor Council is among several advocates that helped kill landfill legislation in 2009 that they say didn’t provide enough protections for Wyoming’s groundwater. Now the group is pleased with the current draft of SF 121, according to Richard Garrett Jr., legislative advocate for the Wyoming Outdoor Council. In this post, Garrett writes that there have been attempts to water-down the legislation.

This year’s original landfills bill was crafted closely after a bill that failed in 2009, one which we strongly opposed.

We were against the 2009 bill and we were against this year’s original bill because each would have failed to accomplish what we know is one of the most important tasks for the state’s Department of Environmental Quality—water resource protection from the consequences of badly designed and poorly sited municipal landfills.

With the support of our members, we were able to encourage Senator Bebout, fellow conservation groups, landfill operators, and advisors from the DEQ to reach a consensus on a good substitute bill.

Assuming it’s not amended and is approved by the house, we will encourage Gov. Matt Mead’s signature.

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