WyoFile columnist RT Cox says he yearns for a no-fluff GOP presidential primary debate. (Flickr Creative Commons photo by Peter Stevens)
RT Cox
RT Cox

(Opinion) — I am a Democrat part of the time, a maverick sometimes. I have been seen at a Republican function or two, sometimes leaving early. I live in Wyoming, which means I have a lot of Republican friends. I switch party registration as is expedient. If you don’t like that, stop reading. Whichever litmus test you favor, I will flunk it.

It’s winter and I am somewhat homebound, so I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC and follow the Republican presidential debates. I am a political junkie.

Several months ago I thought the only serious qualified Republican candidates were Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Chris Christie — all former or sitting governors. I still think that. But, here are my comments from the GOP debate this week, sent to a few liberal friends:

GOP Debate December 15, 2015:

Jeb Bush needs electricity; he doesn’t have it. “I know what I don’t know.” He should be a college professor.

Rand Paul is obsessed with civil liberties. He should be a law school professor. Provocative. I don’t think he quite gets the idea that terrorists exploit our indulgence of civil liberties and privacy to terrible results. There is a balance out there he does not see.

Dr. [Ben] Carson should go back to neurosurgery. Nice doctor pretending to be something he is not.

Governor [John] Kasich should be in someone’s cabinet; too cerebral to be a candidate. Secretary of State. A friend pointed out that he already was in the cabinet, as George W’s OMB [Office of Management and Budget] director. This guy is smart but he lacks jazz.

Donald Trump should be in charge of marketing. For what, I don’t know, maybe: Sneering, leering, curmudgeonly behavior, bad manners.

Ted Cruz is a jingoist. He knows no boundaries. He is dangerous.

These candidates should retire from the field.

Who is left?

Christie pounds his chest as a New Jersey prosecutor, but he has some cred there.

[Marco] Rubio is in a crescendo every day.

[Carly] Fiorina is the master of details: If you want talk ask a man; if you want decisions, ask a woman. She wants to bring back [David] Petraeus. She bares her soul, backs down from no one. Techno expert. Not warm in public. Can she be head of Homeland Security? With unrestricted access to the Oval Office? Please yes.

The undercard has one credible person, Lindsey Graham.

Footnote: Kasich as Vice-President.

I want a no-fluff debate: Graham, Christie, Rubio, Fiorina.  

The problem with this academic exercise is that Hillary [Clinton] will be elected President and all of these people will drop into oblivion for two years. Unless she hires some of them.

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Flickr Creative Commons photo by Peter Stevens.

RT Cox is a retired Gillette lawyer who formerly served on WyoFile’s board of directors. He wrote The Sage Grouse column for WyoFile for many years.

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  1. Well, Wyofile. You really have to explain yourself on this one. The presidential picks of a snow-bound Democrat in Campbell County. Was it the latter — amazement that there’s a Democrat in Campbell County — that prompted this article? It’s not that I don’t sympathize, even identify, with RT’s musing — my musing would differ considerablty — but what are we getting at here?

    I will make one point. It’s interesting that RT dismisses any candidate that expresses himself in such a way as to suggest that he uses his brain, offers a considered perspective, and — most importantly — seems adverse to throwing more raw meat to the Republican base. Either entertain us, or get the heck off the debate stage. Guess reality TV is the new politics.

    Nick Fuzessery

  2. Ron Gants, I’m sure if you write a column, WyoFile will consider publishing it. Why not try it?

    Richard Grayson

  3. The Dems are so powerful in Wyo,
    no member of the Wyo Dem party
    has been elected to a Federal position for
    about 45 years, since the late 60’s.
    U S Senate and U S Congress
    has been on a black list for Wyo Dems)
    Even when Cheney was in Dallas with
    Halliburton he gamed the WYo GOP
    to get elected.
    Is the real issue, why is the Den party in
    Wyo a total joke?

    Jim Hagood

  4. Sadly, when the Wy. Dems became too effete and pseudo intellectual to be the party of the Wy. working man & woman, it became “snowed in” and housebound year round. Still, good to have the sage grouse back.

    Paul Cook