An anti-vaccine activist holds a sign at a demonstration outside of a meeting of the Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services in Casper on Sept. 16, 2021. (Nick Reynolds/WyoFile)

A group of activists that included healthcare workers commandeered a meeting of the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services Thursday to demand legislative action against COVID-19 vaccination requirements at medical facilities around the state.

After the meeting, nearly 80 people gathered outside to demonstrate against vaccine mandates. 

Though COVID-19 vaccinations or mandates were not on the labor committee’s agenda, activists from as far as Gillette and Worland took up several hours of the meeting to express concerns with workplace vaccination requirements, particularly at Banner Health facilities in Worland and Casper. The Phoenix-based healthcare provider mandated employee vaccinations at all of its facilities nationwide on July 20, citing the rising prevalence of the more contagious delta variant and the disproportionately high rates of hospitalization among unvaccinated COVID-19 patients.

Banner did not immediately return a request for comment.

The committee had advanced legislation to limit employers’ ability to mandate vaccinations at its June meeting.

The presence of the group, which featured Wyoming Medical Center employees, naturopaths and former state legislator and pastor Scott Clem, appeared to surprise committee members. However, members of the activist group, Wyoming Medical Freedom Advocates, told WyoFile they attended on the urging of committee member Rep. Pepper Ottman (R-Riverton), who praised them for their bravery in speaking out during the meeting. 

“We want people to know they’re not alone,” said Chandra Wagner, an organizer of the group, who said she left her job as a nurse at Wyoming Medical Center over its vaccine requirement.

Not on the agenda

The meeting was scheduled to begin with a discussion on Wyoming’s aging population and the consideration of several pieces of legislation to address its needs. Before that began, however, the committee allowed four medical professionals — including an ICU nurse, an anesthesiologist and a dentist — to present. They had come to express concerns about vaccination mandates issued in recent weeks by healthcare providers and President Joe Biden.

After their presentation, other activists — most current or former medical staff — took to the podium to echo those concerns. The several-hours-long discussion delayed most of the committee’s agenda for the day. 

Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) speaks to protestors after a meeting of the Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services in Casper on Sept. 16, 2021. (Nick Reynolds/WyoFile)

Some said the vaccination mandate had created an environment of “tension and hostility” between those who had been vaccinated and those who had not. Others raised fears over the possibility they could be fired for refusing to be vaccinated or that some professionals might leave the field, with one deriding hospital administrators as “fascists.” Others parroted questionable claims the COVID-19 vaccine has led to thousands of deaths and lamented a lack of access to the veterinary dewormer Ivermectin, which has not been approved by the FDA to treat the virus. 

One person to testify, Gillette physician’s assistant Alison Brady, claimed there were an equal number of vaccinated COVID-19 patients on ventilators as unvaccinated ones at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, a fact refuted by the hospital’s statistics. (Just 15% of CRMC’s ventilator patients were vaccinated as of Friday, according to hospital CEO Timothy Thornell.)

At a rally following the meeting, Sen. Troy McKeown (R-Gillette) told attendees to “stay strong” and resist getting vaccinated. Other lawmakers urged attendees to challenge hospitals desperate for personnel amid the state’s current shortage of medical staff.

“Make them fire you,” Rep. Bob Wharff (R-Evanston) told attendees.

While Wyoming Hospital Association staff said staffing issues persisted well before the pandemic, WHA officials acknowledged COVID-19 vaccine mandates have played a factor in recent staff shortages statewide.

Mandate opposition 

The group’s attendance was part of a growing movement against vaccine mandates that includes Gov. Mark Gordon and members of Wyoming’s Legislature.

President Joe Biden announced on Sept. 9 a mandate that would require vaccines or regular testing for businesses with at least 100 employees. In the wake of the announcement, Gordon joined other Republican governors in seeking to defeat the rule, and announced that there may be a special legislative session as early as October to address the issue.  

Groups like WMFA have distributed flyers around Casper encouraging opponents to rally against the vaccines, and protests have taken place from Worland to Cheyenne. 

During Thursday’s post-meeting protest, one speaker praised the state’s low overall vaccination rate.

“We are the majority!” she claimed to cheers.

Some 37% of residents were vaccinated as of Sept. 13, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

Protesters demonstrate outside of a meeting of the Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services in Casper on Sept. 16, 2021. Roughly 80 people were in attendance. (Nick Reynolds/WyoFile)

Pressure on lawmakers to take action is high. In his own testimony before the committee, Clem told lawmakers that if government doesn’t do its job, “the people will do it themselves.” Others encouraged active resistance to the vaccine mandates, and to continue showing up to committee hearings to make their voices heard. 

“Politicians will not respect you unless they fear you,” Congressional candidate and Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) said during Thursday’s rally.

Hospital staff vaccinations

Wyoming Hospital Association Director Eric Boley told WyoFile that while his organization supports vaccination, rates among providers vary widely, and often reflect the politics of their county. 

While some nursing homes in Teton County have vaccination rates from 70%-90% among staff, facilities in other jurisdictions are closer to 30%, he said. While hospitals do not track vaccination rates for staff, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Data show just over half of nursing home staff in Wyoming have been vaccinated, among the lowest rates in the nation.

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Because of the political nature of the discussion, those in favor of vaccine mandates have been rarely represented at committee meetings, committee co-chair Sen. Fred Baldwin (R-Kemmerer) said. The conversation has gotten increasingly difficult, he added, since the Biden administration announced its mandate.

“We have not heard a pro-vaccine word,” he told WyoFile after the meeting. “Nobody wants to put it out there, I don’t think. They’ll just get beat down to death. I hear people who are pro-vaccine who think you should get it, but anti-mandate.” 

Vaccine mandates did not appear on the committee’s published agenda, and no public notice was given of the presentation, giving no opportunity for vaccine advocates to attend or respond in real time. Wyoming Legislative rules allow committee chairs a wide berth to conduct meetings as they see fit, Legislative Service Office director Matt Obrecht said.

“Chairmen have broad discretion for the effective conduct of their meetings and agendas are always treated as changeable,” he said. 

Recent polling has shown more than half of Americans approving of vaccine mandates at work.

On Friday, an eight-member majority voted to draft legislation banning coerced COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of its next meeting in November. Bouchard made the motion. A previous version of the bill failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee last winter by a 4-1 vote.

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  1. I have noticed that Campbell county has one of the lowest vaccination rates not only in Wyoming but far below the nation wide average. I feel bad for those people. I can’t help but think that they are the people who believed that Donald Trump would save their coal mining jobs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The utilities that purchase coal are turning to other methods to generate electricity and the Federal Government’s role is limited. For gosh sakes by this time the covid vaccine has been give to billions of people thus far with no other effect other than providing protection against the disease.

  2. I think one thing that people on both sides need to keep in mind is that one might never get COVID and suffer those consequences but anyone that takes the vaccine has definitely knowingly exposed themselves to the unknown and possible long term effects of whatever is in the vaccine. Health care providers that have seen the consequences of both COVID infection and vaccine side effects that are adamantly refusing to take the vaccination probably have educated, well-thought-out reasons for their choices. We should not force people to take something that they truly believe will be detrimental to their bodies. We all need to take responsibility for our own health and do what it takes to build our immune systems so we are not susceptible to every virus that comes along. I have researched this subject extensively and support them in their decisions to refuse to be vaccinated. I do not believe that those who refuse vaccination do so out of lack of caring for others.

    1. Well said. People are making assumptions based on a marketing scheme designed to push experimental treatments. The FDA letter is clear. These treatments remain experimental and years of clinical results are still pending. Those who witness the effects have legitimate concerns.

    2. The vaccine is out of your system in 8-12 weeks after getting the shot. There is no “long term” effects that it is capable of contributing to. If there are reactions to the vaccine, they will present themselves shortly after getting the shot. Which have popped up in hundreds of cases. Compared to millions of people vaccinated, that should be considered as a high success rate.

      Let’s be honest with everyone and admit that your “research” consists of finding articles that fits the narrative you are looking for. You have done NO actual research like the medical and science field have accomplished. To say your “research” uncovered a conspiracy is a slap in the face to the real research that has been done by those who are qualified.

      1. I guess I would also have to question your statement of the vaccination being out of your system in 8-12 weeks. Where do you have proof of this? Does this also included the long-term side-effects? My “research” involves reading what a lot of the scientists that test vaccines have said. Do you rely on information from scientists or the media, I would have to ask? If these vaccines are so safe, why are the pharmaceutical companies protected from any liability and why are dissenting scientific views and studies being censored?

  3. There are very interesting facts coming out about this subject. Do your research. Doubt is your friend.

  4. In Wyoming and Montana and Idaho the Willfully unvaccinated death numbers continue their steady increase. Good for the states long-term.

  5. I am 74 years old, a graduate of Evanston High School and the University of Wyoming. Please put me down for the third vaccine if that’s what it is going to take to get rid of covid 19. I have my camouflage mask and plan on wearing it along with washing my hands. I had chickenpox, mumps, and measles when I was young. I have a smallpox mark on my arm so I don’t have to worry about smallpox. I am a Viet Nam era vetran. I volunteered. I have the balls to stand against the antivaxers. Anyone with me!!! I don’t want you antivaxers getting us senior citizen, my kids or grandkids sick.

    1. Kudos to you Mr. Sather.

      It’s a shame that these anti-vax people are arrogant enough to believe they are more educated and informed than the scientific and medical professionals. We won’t even address the fact of how selfish each of them behave. They don’t give a damn about their own community or neighbors. Only care for themselves. To the point that they make up false information and try to peddle it as truth.

      Hope you are yours stay well and healthy.


  6. Misleading headline. Why “anti-vaxxers”? Sound to me like they are PRO-FREE CHOICE, a real American thing. Your bias is showing.

  7. Seems that if one gets past the rhetoric, the problem is that vaccinated people would rather not associate with unvaccinated ones and vice versa. So, segregate society. COVID on one side of the street, vaccinated on the other. Same with health centers, supermarkets, restaurants, libraries, churches, parks–even cemetery sites.
    An administrative problem, yes, but still, the two groups could then try to conduct civil debates, have plowshare softball games, maybe competitive team mini-marathons as lung capacity allows.
    The antivaxers could organize trips to Canada to buy less expensive Ivermectin. FYI, I’ve dosed my horses with Ivermectin for years and not a single one has come down with COVID. Now, that’s scientific field work.

  8. There are many places to find information regarding the subject of Covid.
    Please do your own research and make up your own mind.
    The authoritarian perspective is not the only one.

  9. “Though COVID-19 vaccinations or mandates were not on the labor committee’s agenda….”.

    “Vaccine mandates did not appear on the committee’s published agenda….”

    If readers actually go to the agenda published by the committee, they will see that these statements are simply not true: “The Committee will discuss the potential vaccine mandate for nursing home staff proposed by the federal government.” (

    The presence of the group . . . appeared to surprise committee members…”

    The group, however, advised media that committee member Pepper Ottman had invited them to present at the meeting. This was also confirmed by Committee member Sue Wilson who posted in the comments section.

    As they were invited, it was not a “surprise”, nor was it “commandeering”. These peaceful presenters and protestors did not disrupt or commit crimes, yet they are labeled “activists”.

    It’s obvious to the discerning reader what is going on here.

    1. Well researched and well said.
      I enjoy your rational comments.
      We definitely need more reasonable discourse around here.

      Always a pleasure.

  10. I have read your article. The innovation and conveyance of a protected antibody in record time ought to have effectively been embraced by all American residents that put stock in the Constitution.

  11. If you self-identify as a foreign economic refugee…..
    You can be as anti-vax as you want to be.
    They will gladly give you Ivermectin as well. No questions asked.

    That is all you need to know, as a citizen of the USSA.
    Now get back in line and be quiet.

  12. Hey Nick,

    If you are are still calling it a “horse dewormer” you might want to catch up on your reading.

    RE: “some lamented a lack of access to the veterinary dewormer Ivermectin, which has not been approved by the FDA to treat the virus.”

    FYI: The scientists who discovered Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1975. It’s on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Ivermectin shares the podium with penicillin and aspirin for having the “greatest beneficial impact on the health and well-being of humanity.” Ivermectin is FDA approved—for humans as well as horses. The CDC recommends it for almost all parasite-ridden refugees from the Third World.

    1. Yes there is a human acceptable version of Ivemectrin. But it isn’t sold at AG stores and it doesn’t come with a picture of animals on it.

      If you process the quote you put in your response, it said “veterinary”. Veterinary refers to livestock not human. Sheep would be a good example of livestock.

      Apples do not equal oranges

      1. She is the sister of Harriet and teacher at LHS. Does she not know that a virus and a parasite are different?

        Sure you can take most horse medicines as we are mammals, but using Ivermectin for Covid only increases your use of toilet paper and does nothing for Covid. I suppose thinking about going to the bathroom takes your mind off breathing?

        1. I fully understand Ivemectrin and what it is prescribed for. Perhaps your explanations would be better spent on those who believe the livestock paste version is a cure all for covid.

          Much like the myth of hydroxychloroquine…

        2. I know of people who have been prescribed Ivermectin (human version) and I know people who are asking for that to be a possible treatment. I do not know anyone who has used the veterinary version. That has been greatly exaggerated because it is a lot more fun to imply that people are stupid than to recognize they just might be doing their own research. Other countries are finding success in battling Covid with Ivermectin. Unless, Nick can show me that people at this hearing were actually asking for “horse dewormer” instead of the human version of Ivermectin, I stand by my first comment.

          1. The increase in calls to poison control centers in regards to the side effects of the paste should tell you that it’s not an anomaly. Couple that with the anti-vax crowd sharing information on availability and dosages on Facebook, parler, fox, and any other clown show would lead me to believe it’s more prevalent than you are admitting to.

            Ivemectrin (livestock or human versions) has not been cleared by the fda in use of treating covid. Wasn’t FDA approval a deciding factor to you anti vaxxers? Now that the vaccine is FDA approved, why would you want to use the untested and non-FDA approved ivermectin?

            The logic (or lack thereof) makes no sense.

          2. Rolling Stone ran a fake story about Ivermectin overdosing. They had to retract, but other uninformed media ran with it because it served Big Pharma and the Plandemic. All a hoax.

          3. Thank you for providing useful information. Knowledge is hard to come by these days. Slogans and grandstanding have a way of dragging down the quality of discourse. The near future will prove that inexpensive and known treatments were always the way to go.

          4. Yes, rolling stone was busted trying to capitalize by trying to overhype a story. While their story can’t be taken at face value anymore, that doesn’t negate the story. The reason they chose to even follow it is because there were documented cases of people ingesting horse paste, albeit at a much smaller instance than they reported. One proven false story doesn’t make all the other stories false as well. It’s not absolute.

            It still doesn’t answer the fda approval thing. If hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or hydrogen peroxide solutions for breathing treatments ever got approved by the fda, the goal posts would be moved……..again. The one honest resistance to the vaccine has now been solved with FDA approval. Suddenly, FDA approval isn’t as important to the anti-vax folks? Instead, the push is to allow access to non-FDA approved treatments because people “researched” themselves?

            It’s tough to keep up with the ever changing outrage of the day.

  13. If this was 1970, I would be totally in favor of the mandates. Sadly though, this is 50 years later, and politicians–both parties–medicos, drug companies and the so-called nooze media have told just too many lies during that time…about every conceivable subject. It is getting to the point that I believe NONE of them (including vaxxers and antivaxxers, neither of which I trust). I listen to a little nooze every day, just to see what may be happening in the country and the world–in terms of what actual events have a reasonable chance of having actually happened–but when the jabber starts, I shut off the radio and turn on whatever may remain of my own ability to reason.

    That’s what happens when people live under a system where the wealthy call the shots for the rest of us, and spend billions propagandizing and conditioning us so that we meekly accept whatever they peddle.

    1. Very well said.
      Trust no one. The truth is out there….
      But it is up to us to research and make up our own minds.

  14. Tough times for Wyoming’s one party (Soviet style) system of incompetence and misinformation. Imagine that a policy that promotes health and safety for families and school age children during a global pandemic is now called tyranny. How can 680K deaths with more looming be ignored? A Governor afraid to take care of his state and State Legislators ready to enforce policy that threatens the well being of school age children and their families. Own the Libs and Get Covid and Spread It is their mantra. Avoiding vaccination because the elected President is for it. This is like watching a train wreck over and over again. Let them be angry to the end. Unreal!

  15. Amazing how laymen Democrats…
    Know more than a large percentage of nurses and doctors and epidemiologists and police and firefighters worldwide.
    Conflate proven vaccines with experimental mrna treatments that have never ever been proven safe and effective for animals or humans.
    Doubt the sanity of anyone who disagrees with their love of the Trump Shots. Haha
    Have not bothered to listen to the evidence.
    Don’t see that the case numbers are booming where vaccination rates are highest.
    Can quote JFK without realizing he was a Catholic. Haha
    Stunning. Just Stunning.

  16. Don’t even come close to disliking the headline. Antivaxxer needs to be thrown out. These people and others are pro choice. We can think for ourselves and trying to force us to do something we don’t want to do isn’t going solve a thing. Quit calling names and show us this vaccine works. More and more threats won’t work. Thanks Pepper Ottman for inviting these folks to speak for themselves.

    1. Given that you have already chosen to simply just ignore everything that already exists showing that the vaccine works, I’m not sure why you think you are owed anything else beyond folks just bluntly calling you out for what you are at this point: Disingenuous, deeply inconsiderate, and wrong.

      Those emphatically and irrationally opposed to and unwilling to take a free, safe, and effective vaccine based only on innuendo. political pageantry, and pure narcissism have rightly and accurately earned the title “anti-vaxxer” and any and all negative connotations it may carry.

      Willingly, irrationally, and unnecessarily endangering others around you is fundamentally NOT a “personal choice”.

      And from just the few public meetings I’ve attended or watched in recent weeks where this particular demographic has turned up to ‘participate’, it is VERY apparent from which side the actual ‘threats’ are being issued here.

  17. I too, oppose mandates. I have always believed in personal responsibilities and one accepting the results of their own actions. Unfortunately, anti-vax proponents are passing their personal responsibility avoidance practices onto all Wyomingites by overloading the health care system. I continue to be amazed at the rationale behind rejecting the science of FDA approved vaccinations only to seek science-based treatments in hospitals once they contract the disease. Do they not see the hypocrisy of this mindset? I listened to the “medical professionals’ in the Joint Labor Committee. A couple were well reasoned and brought up some relevant points. However, a couple of them discredited the entire medical community by espousing completely false and inaccurate statements. Some folks do indeed have legitimate reasons for not getting the vaccines. They likely must also reject all other vaccines as well. But in reality, these folks are an infinitesimal number of citizens. Religious based objections give me great pause. Once they get the disease, does that mean it’s “God’s will” that they get sick and die? Yet, these folks too seek medical intervention once sick. I think God gave us brains to practice “free will” responsibly. The reality is that this debate has been turned political and as a result, people are dying. Can’t wait to see the 2021 Darwin Awards …. “And the winner is ……”

  18. If there ever was a demonstration of the failure of the Wyoming education system it is evident in the anti-vaxers.

  19. Remember the “death panels” that the republicans were crying about when president Obama came out with Obama care? Take a good hard look at yourselves.

  20. Health care workers, not wanting the vaccine. Wondering what do they know about the ingredients in the drug that the general public hasn’t been informed of.??

    1. There is no conspiracy. There is nothing dastardly in the vaccine.

      They’ve been influenced and brainwashed by politicians and opinion hosts. Ironically, the anti-vax figures they are listening to have all been vaccinated and most send their kids to private schools that require mask wearing to attend.

      If the vaccine is magnetic/bill gates GPS/ causes fertility issues/ population control, why have the politicians and opinion hosts gotten the vaccine while telling their lemmings to NOT get it?

  21. “During Thursday’s post-meeting protest, one speaker praised the state’s low overall vaccination rate.

    “We are the majority!” she claimed to cheers.

    Some 37% of residents were vaccinated as of Sept. 13, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.”

    The new-age conservative slogan…
    “America First…. In preventable death by disease!”

  22. It’s hard to follow the rules about keeping it civil when we have people bragging about having the lowest vaccination rate in the country with the highest number of deaths of any country in the world. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy.

  23. Actually, the vaccine topic WAS on the agenda, which was posted 2 weeks before the meeting. The 8:40 Aging Wyoming discussion was posted to include “Potential Federal Requirement to Mandate Vaccine for Nursing Facility Staff.” This was planned as early as August, when CMS came out with the proposal to mandate vaccines for nursing home workers. After President Biden’s announcement about expanding the mandates, the committee co-chairs asked the Department of Health and others to speak more broadly about all the mandates. It is standard practice to take public testimony on topics that are discussed, and we do not ask citizens to get approval from us ahead of time. Earlier in the week the doctors requested and received permission to give their public testimony early in the day so they could get back to treating patients. Any person desiring to provide testimony on the announced topic of “Potential Federal Requirement to Mandate Vaccine” was free to do so.

    1. The agenda read “potential Federal requirement to require vaccine for Nursing Facility staff.” But what was actually discussed by these antivaxxers was not a Federal requirement but Banner Health’s own requirement – and for its hospitals, not nursing homes. It was off topic and out of order.

      Neither Banner, we who operate Wyoming businesses and need to keep our employees and customers healthy and safe, nor those who might need to be treated at one of those hospitals and would be justifiably concerned about going to one where staff were unvaccinated had an opportunity to rebut the horrendous antivaxx quackery we saw at the meeting. Wyoming is already the least safe state in the US, with the lowest rate of vaccination, and we’re headed for a tragic and harrowing Thanksgiving surge if we don’t get our shots. The state government, which itself is too cowardly and partisan to impose mandates, certainly should not oppose efforts by responsible private businesses to do the right thing for our state. And the committee’s failure to invite responsible voices to comment was inexcusable… though, alas, it would probably plug its ears if any did show up. Ms. Wilson, your district is among the worst impacted by Delta, with hundreds of kids out of school and quarantined and the area’s hospital dangerously full of COVID patients. Yet so far, it seems that you are a partisan puppet and not representative at all of citizens’ interests. You seem even not to care if they die. Horrifying.

  24. I would hazard a guess that 90% of the anti-vaxers have had many vaccine injections in their lives.
    Stop the slander. Perhaps things would be different if genuine public debate was allowed in the Banana Republic of Americanista.

    From Sydney Australia

  25. Unbelievable that health care workers don’t want to get vaccinated. They are on the front lines but appear to want to either get very sick or die. I believe that not getting vaccinated will risk Wyoming like other states such as Idaho that as the virus continues to spread it will begin to show up as personal shortages in our hospitals. The next thing that will happen will be the inability to take in other patients other then Covid-19 patients which will create a collateral damage among critical patients that have other health issues then Covid. I also want to express dismay of the fact we are not getting updates of the number of children in the state that have contracted Covid, the number who have had to be hospitalized, the number on ventilation and the number who have died. I also have not see statistics of the spread of the disease in the schools to both staff and students. Do the anti vaccine and anti maskers have something to hide?

  26. I just do not understand why a crowd that decried the increased costs in healthcare because of Obamacare are actively destroying the medical delivery system in Wyoming?

    The invention and delivery of a safe vaccine in record time should have actively been embraced by all American citizens that believe in the Constitution. It is clear that the medical community deemed this virus to be a pollutant which is subject to regulation if that pollution enters the public space. The government went through all the scientific hurdles required to prove to the citizenry it was safe for use. The Federal government could not mandate the chosen remediation for the human pollution until it met the burden of proof.

    The government proved to its citizens that it did its job as designed by previous administrations, so now is the time for true Americans do there’s – get the vaccine. The government has every right to keep you in your house if you are polluting any part of the People’s House. Also any business has the right to keep your polluting body out of their businesses as well.

    If you are a healthcare worker that is refusing the vaccine, then adios as it goes to show you really do not care about science or people.

    Lets let the first Catholic President tell you anti-vaxxing, anti-Americans what American citizens should do….

    “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

    My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” – GET THE SHOT.