U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach President Donald Trump set off a torrent of praise, criticism and speculation about her political future, both in Wyoming and on the national stage.

Her principled stance was dramatic, if not a true game changer in Congress. For all the hoopla she generated, though, Cheney did move the goalposts and helped position her as a leader in the GOP’s post-Trump world.

If she’s trying to follow in the footsteps of her father, Dick Cheney, who served as the most powerful vice president in our nation’s history, it must be a pretty heady moment — especially since he agreed with her position.

In the wake of her vote, some Republicans branded Cheney a traitor to conservative ideals, while Democrats hailed her decision as a profile in courage. Regardless of party, many viewed it as a calculated political move.

But no matter how much ink, airtime and online punditry is spent on those issues, they are still secondary to the fundamental question: Did Cheney do the right thing?

Unquestionably, she did. In a statement, Cheney outlined the tremendous threat Trump unleashed on democracy by inciting a Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. His malicious goal to stop the counting of certified state electoral votes followed two months of lies that the election was stolen. 

The effort failed, but the riot caused five deaths, massive property destruction and immeasurable shame in what Cheney called the sacred house of our republic.

Incumbent Liz Cheney, a Republican, is defending her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. (U.S. Congress)

“[Trump] assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack,” she said in a statement. “None of this would have happened without the president, [who] could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not.”

Cheney then summed it up with stunning words that had Trump fans across the country howling: “There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

Cheney, head of the House Republican Conference, is the third-highest ranking GOP official in the chamber. Trump’s hard-core supporters, including members of the far-right Freedom Caucus, reacted to her vote with calls for her to resign her leadership position or be removed.

The caucus circulated a resolution that says Cheney’s position “does not reflect that of the majority of the Republican Conference and has brought the conference into disrepute and produced discord.” 

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) didn’t sound very neighborly when he said ignoring the pro-Trump views of Republican voters makes Cheney “unfit to lead.”

To her credit, Cheney said she won’t be bullied. “I’m not going anywhere. This is a vote of conscience,” she told Politico. “It’s one where there are different views in our conference. But our nation is facing an unprecedented, since the Civil War, constitutional crisis.”

“Its (sic) a statewide embarrassment that our only voice in the House of Representatives, Liberal Liz, is included in this list of hyper moderates!” the Wyoming Gun Owners posted on its Facebook account, linking to a story that named Republicans who voted for impeachment. “What a joke.”

Far-right primary challengers, line up here. If you think you’ll defeat a Cheney in Wyoming, the joke is on you.

The Wyoming Republican Party released a statement that erroneously claimed Cheney denied Trump due process because “she judged the ‘evidence’ before it was presented and refused to listen to the arguments made.” 

The House decides if a federal official who allegedly committed treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors should be formally accused. No hearings are required, and in Trump’s case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) decided they weren’t necessary to charge him. 

“This president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion, against our common country,” Pelosi said as she opened the debate. “He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love.”

If a simple majority in the House votes to impeach, the Senate then conducts a trial, which is when evidence is presented and arguments made. The House vote to impeach Trump was 232-197, with Cheney and nine other Republicans joining the majority.

A two-thirds Senate majority is required to convict. Trump will already have left office by the time his trial begins, but if convicted, he could be barred from holding office again and lose his presidential retirement and other benefits. 

The official Wyoming GOP response claims Cheney has “aligned herself with leftists.” In case you are curious what that means, Republicans spelled out the unsavory types their former golden girl is now hanging around in dark alleys.

“We have watched the leftists and progressives in this country riot, burn, kill, maim, loot and destroy cities and communities for seven months, often with Democrat[ic] leaders egging them on, bailing them out and refusing to condemn their actions,” the statement read.

First, such claims parroted by right-wing media are false. But even if they were true, what would it have to do with charges that the president incited an insurrection to directly interfere with the election and retain power?

At a rally outside the White House before the insurrection, Trump castigated his own ever-loyal vice president, Mike Pence, for correctly saying he couldn’t change the Electoral College outcome when the votes were counted at the Capitol.

“So I hope Mike has the courage to do what he has to do,” Trump said. “And I hope he doesn’t listen to the RINOs [Republicans in Name Only] and the stupid people that he’s listening to.”

Then the crowd marched to the Capitol, where they crashed the proceedings while many shouted, “Hang Mike Pence!” A gallows with a noose was erected outside. 

It will be up to the Senate to decide if there was proper cause-and-effect in Trumpville to convict.

For the record, the president also called Cheney out at his pep rally. “In a year from now, you’re going to start working on Congress and we got to get rid of the weak Congress, people, the ones that aren’t any good, the Liz Cheneys of the world,” Trump said.

Wyoming’s congresswoman has supported Trump’s positions in about 95% of her votes during the past four years, but it hasn’t kept her from breaking ranks with him on key issues. 

The biggest clashes have been over the president’s Mideast troop withdrawals. He’s blasted her as the spawn of a “neocon” warmonger; she says he’s helping Russia at the expense of our allies and own interests.

I admit I had to smile last June when, after Trump was loath to put on a mask in public during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheney tweeted a photo of her father wearing one. The accompanying hashtag said it all: “#realmenwearmasks.” 

I’ve had friends tell me, “You know, I’m not a fan of Liz Cheney,” and then express surprise that she had the guts to say something negative about Trump. There’s usually a gleam in their eyes.

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I’m certainly not willing to give Cheney a pass for all the times she’s enabled Trump’s race-baiting, misogyny and general off-the-rails behavior. Nor would I think for a nanosecond that she could ever be a RINO or a closet liberal.

But even if we discover that Cheney’s vote to impeach was just an effort to eventually position herself to run for speaker of the House, or perhaps the White House, I won’t think ill of her for it.

Too few Republicans were willing to hold the president accountable for the Capitol’s darkest day. So, Wyoming GOP, if you don’t mind, I’ll stand over here, in the shadows of the 70% of your members who voted for Trump, and offer a token of — dare I say it? — gratitude for Wyoming’s representative.

Veteran Wyoming journalist Kerry Drake has covered Wyoming for more than four decades, previously as a reporter and editor for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle and Casper Star-Tribune. He lives in Cheyenne and...

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  1. Why would you “FORCE COMPANIES” to do anything like that. That is the end of free enterprise. The end of free enterprise is the end of freedom.

  2. Gulp. I agree with you, Kerry Drake.

    Cheney did the right thing, even if she could have taken more time to consider her voice and get facts. But she voted her conscience, which is what we elect her to do. That’s what its about.

    1. Well maybe you vote for people to go to DC vote their conscience. I vote for them to go represent me. We already have too many of them representing themselves.

      1. I vote for people whose conscience’s I trust. This is to say that I give them room to vote for things I may not completely agree on, but if their conscience always points away from mine, I don’t vote for them. I don’t expect 100% lockstep.

  3. With the current drought and waning fossil fuel market, it seems Wyoming needs help from wherever it can get it. Start with the federal government. Cheney is your best bet right now. Wyoming needs some fundamental change it seems. Do you really want to sink with the cult? Real long term solutions are needed. Maybe a representative with some principle can help? Look to the future, not the past that did not work out.

  4. Thank you Liz Cheney. As the bible says: “What profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.” To do the right thing brings peace. You can sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror. I pray you find joy and comfort in this brave act.

  5. I grew up in and lived much of my life in Wyoming; in Sheridan, Buffalo and Laramie. I will always consider it home. Like many, I left to pursue opportunities that could not be found within Wyoming’s borders. The Wyoming I lived in was deeply conservative but principled. I remember a time when Wyoming was represented by statesmen like Tino Roncalio, Gayle McGee and Ed Hershler – principled Democrats who looked out for the people of Wyoming and were returned to office in a Republican state because of that fact. I remember when the people of the state turned against a Republican president who had betrayed his oath – Richard Nixon. I cannot imagine the people of the Wyoming in those days ever embracing the likes of Donald Trump.

    It seems that many in the state today have abandoned their principles, and I am disheartened to see residents decrying the principled stand taken by Liz Cheney and calling for her removal from office. While I am no fan of Ms. Cheney, the current version of the GOP and the people of Wyoming would be wise to take note of and emulate the principles she displayed in this matter, or their future is indeed bleak.

  6. Liz Cheney, you did the right thing, and it took a lot of nerve to do that in Wyoming now. I was born and raised in Laramie, my husband in Gillette, and we were Wyoming residents for over half our lives. The Wyoming we new, although conservative, is not the Wyoming that exists now, The Wyoming we knew actually elected Democrats in Campbell County. The state elected Gale McGee as a Democrat U.S. Senator. The Wyoming we knew understood how to do the right thing. The Wyoming people we knew would have worn their masks to keep their families, friends and neighbors safe. The Wyoming we knew would never have have celebrated the antics of the former President as he urged the protestors on toward the Capitol to loot, scream “Hang Mike Pence,” or plant pipe bombs and beat up capitol policemen. Or kill. The Wyoming we grew up in was truly a great state, but I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

  7. Liz Cheney, from where? She doesn’t even live here in Wyoming and you only see her in the elitist areas with her own “kind” speaking with people at fancy dinner parties and socials. I was a resident of Dubois for 32 years, Laramie for 7 years and now Wheatland for 27 years all of which are areas of diverse populations and affluence. In each the name “Cheney” has never been linked with the laborer or average everyday person and certainly has had no communications with their Wyoming constituents. We workers of Wyoming have experienced the fluctuations of our economics and diversification, the boom and bust episodes in our history. We are strong and conservative in nature and ideals because of those instances. We are a state of being rural and because of long distances in our region we travel and communicate with people like minded often. Liz Cheney does NOT reflect or portray the true Wyominites feelings or belief systems and has no idea of what our concerns are. In speaking with family, friends, workmates, and diverse group of community members it is our view that the election may be certified, but NOT proven to be fair and equitable because the courts did not allow for unbiased, bipartisan record review etc. It’s not the same if the fox is in the chicken house sittin’ with a big fat grin on his face! We Americans demand a clear and fair election system and must follow the Constitution of the United States of America. My family watched every testimony of the swing states legislatures and personally witnessed testimonials from an emensly diverse group of people in those states who all spoke honestly with sworn signed testimonies. Their testimonies included very believable descriptions. Why the courts would not hear their evidence is beyond me as we saw illegal improprieties . Why would they not fully investigate if everything was on the up-and-up? My family, friends, and community members also witnessed President Trump’s speech which we agree with reports that stated that he did NOT incite insurrection. Liz Cheney does not represent Republican Conservative ideals and should not be considered a Republican period.

    1. I hear you. There is some validity to what you are saying. But the boom and bust economy you mentioned in Wyoming isn’t boom and bust anymore. Its just busted. It is time we embrace new ideas and ways to build a stronger Wyoming while keeping our CONSERVATIVE views alive. You say Liz is not a republican. I say Trump is not a Republican either. Trump was FAR from conservative. We need to embrace green energy while caring for the oil, gas , and coal workers. We need to force these multi billion dollar companies to train employees to maintain wind turbines, solar panels and such. We could produce enough electricity in Wyoming alone to power the entire country. Why are we not? The big companies and the lobbyist that go with them. Its time to build a strong Wyoming for the future. While maintaining our conservative views and our agriculture growth as well. We can have our cake and eat it to. We just need someone willing to stand behind us and fight for us. Sorry, Liz should be praised for standing up for true Wyoming beliefs such as honesty and tradition. True Wyomingites know about hard work, honesty, fair play, family, community, and standing up for and supporting our neighbors. You seem like a good Wyoming person. But its not about Left or Right. Its about truth and unity as Americans as Wyomingites.

  8. The root issue here is that when Rep. Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump, 201 of her fellow House Republicans did not…

    They voted Trump over Party, and Party over principle. How Un-American of them. QED.

  9. Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump during a rushed 24 hour impeachment hearing with NO evidence to support her claims.
    Trump was still giving his speech to his supporters when the insurgents on the Capital began. The FBI on the 15th of January reported that the insurgents were BLM and Antifa supporters with a few Trump supporters caught up in the mayhem.
    President Trump was a great President who lost reelection thru massive mail in voter fraud, the Democrats were so successful at this, they have purposed to make mail in voting permanent.
    Liz Cheney was voted into office to support the people of Wyoming, NOT to protect the swamp creatures that infect our government. She deserves the criticism she’s received. Too bad Wyoming law doesn’t allow a recall election, because she would be voted out. We now have to wait 2 years and watch the damage Biden and the Democrats will inflict on our great country, will Cheney support them or defend our conservative values?
    I no doubt will be voting once again to remove her from office. I’m an American Patriot and I will only vote for politicians who support Americans first, and support less taxes and less government. Liz Cheney just proved to many Wyominites that she supports the political elites first….not Wyoming.

    1. Again, the capitol riot was NOT blm or antifa. It was all trump supporters. I don’t know if you are being naive or just straight up dishonest. Either way, it’s becoming apparent that you need to read and research more before posting your alternative facts driven theories.

      There was no fraud, the election wasnt stolen, trump lost. Accept the facts

      1. thaaaaaaanks i dont understand how any human can contest reality if they are honest and believe in our constit law or reality in usa majority wins re election happens when youve done a good job fox news is poisening our party along with failure trump

    2. Who told you that the FBI said that the mob was Antifa and BLM? My Google search failed to find any sources, but plenty of negative comment from fact checkers. Do you have a reference?

      I grew up in Wyoming and spent over 30 years living there.

  10. I applaud Liz Cheney and am proud to tell my Arizona neighbors that I am from Wyoming. That said Liz is not from Wyoming, she is from Virginia and moved back to Wyoming to be elected to Congress so she could move back to Virginia. I suspect the Cheney family has had long term plans over this.
    Cheney/Sasse 2024

    1. and no one should care thru liz cheney many things for wy were done during trump term ANYONE THAT THINK SELF SEEKING MATT GAETZ MR FLORIDA is going to do anything for THE STATE WYOMING IS JUST DUMB keep our state on capital hill

  11. The blind allegiance of my neighbors to the MAGA movement and Trump is mind-boggling. Trump has done very little to benefit our state. Did he save coal? Nope. The industry is in worse shape than it’s ever been. Oil and gas? Nope, also in terrible shape. Pro-gun? Not really, he was more of a gun-control President than Obama. Cut Federal spending? Ha-ha! His deficit is record-setting even before COVID hit.

    He’s not a conservative and he achieved very few of his campaign promises. Folks in this State need to look in the mirror and start voting in Liberty minded and fiscally-conservatives candidates. Neither Rs or Ds are doing anything that benefits Wyoming.

  12. Hell must surely have frozen over! I never thought I’d live to see the day when I supported anything Liz Cheney said or did. But . . . she did the right thing. It’s sad to see some in Wyoming castigating her in these comments for “not voting the way her constituents would’ve wanted.” She is a profile in courage. And how sad that a principled position has to be identified as courageous when it comes to upholding the Constitution! That says more about her constituents than it does about Rep. Cheney. Even if a majority of Wyoming voters don’t understand it, Rep. Cheney does. And if, eventually, that decision costs her her position, so be it. But I suspect that history will show her to have been on the right side, and she may well climb the ladder in Republican politics because of her principled decision. If so, more power to her. I’ll go back to disagreeing with most of her decisions at that point, but I will always admire her for her stand on this critical issue.

  13. Spot on as usual Kerry. Two more points:
    1) As someone who ran on Country Before Party in Wyoming, its clear that we are now approaching a time when it really is no longer primarily about “D” vs. “R” (although valid policy debates will always highlight those differences), but pro-democracy vs. authoritarianism
    2) The Capital attack was not about “Freedom” or the “Constitution” – sadly, it was a partisan attack. The attackers and those that incited them believed the “Big Lie” (that the election was rigged and fraudulent) because they simply could not accept a Democrat winning the election. Therefore, see my first point above.

      1. “Rigged” – the new saying of those without much of a grasp on reality.

        Your preferred talking head does NOT know more than the judges that were involved in the 60+ court cases that were thrown out. They were thrown out for a reason. The reason was that it was not true….none of it. It was all a straight up lie.

        The courts found nothing. Secretaries of states found nothing. The soon to be former senate majority leader found nothing. The trump BFF attorney General found nothing. Do you see a pattern here? There was no fraud, there was no stolen election. Chrump lost. Accept the facts.

        I’m still amazed at the trumpkins willingness to let their orange savior pee down their back and convince them its just the rain.

  14. I resigned my membership in the Republican Party in disgust for reasons of disrespect, lies, narcissistic egotism and monarchy. I do not favor the democratic party either. I am a pragmatic centrist. I like many others did not agree with many of Senator Cheney’s choices, but to see the stand she has taken has renewed my trust somewhat in recognizing betrayal for what it is. It took a lot of courage to stand against further disgrace of the United States of America. Maybe Senator Barrasso and Senator Lummis can find the courage to put aside the self serving attitudes and join the effort to reclaim our country’s integrity. If those who still hold on to the vigilante mindset who are insistent on violent rape, pillage and plundering our democracy and study the reasons why Abraham Lincoln left the Whig party to join the newly established Republican party and return its original intent , the Republican Party might stand a chance of surviving. For now it is in a self destruct mode. I would hope that Governor Gordan will stand with Senator Cheney and that the “angry birds” (State Republicans} can channel its anger and work for . . . “a more perfect union, . . . insure domestic tranquility, . . . promote the general welfare, . . ” and put aside the self serving interests and work together with all parties to heal the divisiveness and distrust that has plagued this nation!!
    I am a born and raised Wyoming native [78 years] and would love see this State be the “Equality State” for my children and grandchildren.

    1. She is trying to gain power it’s all about power and money she doesn’t care about us in Wyoming

  15. Too bad we don’t have more politicians with the courage to place country above party. I agree with others who have commented on the stupidity of blind allegiance to a party, any party, that puts it’s thirst for power above the needs of the country. And that certainly characterizes the two main parties in this country today. Thanks Liz.

  16. Bulls eye Mr. Drake.
    But the bigger question is, “why are male legislators content with being part of the fifth-grade-boy pack and female legislators are the ones with the backbone to speak truth to power”?

    It’s concerning that Wyoming’s two male senators NEVER spoke out against the president’s racism, and derogatory pronouncements, NEVER said the president’s disregard of women doesn’t represent Wyoming, NEVER mentioned that in Wyoming, we help our neighbors, Never pushed back against the tweet scathing, hateful remarks against Americans. NEVER acted like they actually are from Wyoming, where our rural distances encourage us look out for each other. Senator B was too busy positioning himself behind the Senate Majority leader so he would show up in photo shoots and Senator E was simply AWOL.

    Though I don’t agree with Rep. Cheney on all her views, I appreciate that she’s willing to say, in essence, “no, that type of action is not condoned in my state, the people I represent are decent hard-working folks who take care of each other and refuse to indulge in self-serving, power hungry, truth denying, princess prancing across fantasy political lawns.”

    It’s like a breath of fresh air is blowing. Finally.

    1. Good letter. I wrote Wyoming’s Congressional delegation dozens of times in the past 4 years mainly asking them to at least say something about Trump’s lawlessness. With a few exceptions by Liz Cheney they never did. It was a frustrating exercise. It’s a sad fact that the sacking of the Nation’s Capitol last week was because Trump lied about the election results and refused to accept his loss.

  17. Did not always agree with Liz.
    In this case my hats off to her.
    Wyo has a rep for women first.
    Maybe the world needs more cowgirls:

  18. I have come to realize Lander is the San Francisco of Wyoming. Others in Jackson and Laramie should move to San Francisco, with Liz Cheney. You’ll feel right it home.

    I am moving next week to Sheridan, near Weatherby. And will contribute heavily to whomever runs against Liz.

    1. Just what we need here. A California resident that thinks he is going to change the state once he moves.

      If you’d read the comments you’d realize that there are wyoming residents who appreciate honesty and integrity even if it is a case of too little too late. Those people come from all over the state of Wyoming, not just the places you listed.

      Keep your ignorance in California.


    2. Well, guess that means the average IQ in CA will rise and it will drop even further in WY as a result. Are you moving to another exclusive gated community like Coto de Caza?

      1. You people who praise
        Cheney for voting her conscience then chastise someone who doesn’t agree with you are showing why there is no unity in this country. Try respecting everyone’s opinion.

        1. When I hear a word like “unity” being uttered in a political context, it always puts me in mind of the Third Reich, as code for group think or, “… no room here for dissenting views”.

  19. Thank you Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney! The GOP has been highjacked for sometime now with perpetual misinformation and conspiracy theories, ratified and promoted by President Trump.

    I will never know nor understand how so many lies can be taken as truth to support what happened on January 6, 2021. You know….”truth is not the truth” or “alternate facts” coined by two infamous President Trump staffers.

    It’s unconscionable, and our Representative Liz Cheney has voted her conscience and for her country, knowing all too well the possible backlash. I sincerely hope it’s the beginning of a restored cooperative and participating GOP with real patriots, just like Liz, who sees the truth is the truth and there are no alternate facts.

  20. For those who don’t think Trump “incited” a riot – the fact that he continues to spread lies about a fraudulent election is cause enough;. His attacks on his own staff who have stood up for the truth is cause enough. The words of those on the stage with him that day were cause enough. The three hours it took for him to give his “I love you but go in peace” drivel is cause enough. Also, for those who think you have to vote the way the majority of your constituency would is just wrong (just as the majority of her constituents can be wrong). A majority does not make you automatically right as I’m sure you all will point out over the next two years when the Democrats have control of the House and Senate. By your reasoning – the majority of Americans didn’t vote for Trump and didn’t think he did a good job, so that (according to you) makes it true. End of discussion.

  21. The wise lady I’m fortunate enough to have shared the last 43+ years is always reminding me, “Everything can be justified”. Simon and Garfunkel had a lyrics in their song The Boxer, “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards all the rest”. When I lived in Laramie in the early 70’s a dear friend counseled me on bad hombres,
    “give em enough rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves”. Time will reveal who was right and who was wrong in these turbulent times. History continues to patiently teach us in repeated lessons.

  22. In looking at Trumps speech at the rally in D.C. I’m at a loss to see anything that “incited” a riot. The phrases the media put forward that they claim incited the crowd were ” we will never give up”, “we will never concede.”, and “we will stop the steal”.

    The first two are phrases that nearly all politicians use at one time or another. Should we impeach them too? The last one was Trump appealing to his voters to not give up on what they believe is rampant fraud. I don’t see any burn the capitol down statements in those there. In fact, on the contrary, he stated that they needed to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. Don’t see much incitement to riot in those words either. Apparantly Drake does.

    So what really going on? Well, Trump’s criticism of Rep. Cheney’s father obviously is the major reason she voted to impeach a president on a dubious, meaningless charge days before he leaves office. She doesn’t like Trump and saw this as her best opportunity to get in one last jab before he left office.

    What this say’s to Wyoming voters who overwhealmingly opposed impeachment is that Rep. Cheney will put personal vendetta’s and agendas over the desires of the people she represents. Isn’t this the very thing we hate most about politicians?

    1. Robert Crooks – did you somehow fail to notice a couple of crucial things during the insurrection ? Namely that Trump was not whisked away to a secure bunker once the Capitol was beached , nor did Trump lift even a pinky finger to stop the mob he was watching in real time on television from the White House where the mob mustered ? He stayed home, above ground, probably with a big ole sh_t eatin’ grin on his face the whole time…” these are my people …”

      The words of a President matter. Read the transcript again . Not only did Trump incite the riot when he addressed the morning crowd that later became after lunch berserkers at his behest , he did nothing to discourage them at any point. Trump’s unmistakable power to stop the mob was nowhere to be seen.
      It gets worse. Why do you suppose the surrounding states’ National Guard units were held back for a crucial three hours +/- ? Normally the Guard is under the direct command of the states’ Governor, but in this case those Governors all stated unequivocally they were constrained by a higher authority when the DC Mayor and police chief asked for them in the heat of battle . Only one entity has that kind of override or slowwalk control of federalized troop deployment … guess who ?

      The unmistakable evidence shows Trump was complicit. And was impeached for it. We were fortunate that the berserkers were unbelievably stupid going about their banana republic throwdown… no coherent strategy , terrible tactics, and woefully incompetent untrained amateurs. Thousands descended on the Cpatol… hundreds made it inside… but the handful of leaders trying to execute an insurgency were as far from SEAL Team 6 as you can get and still be in North America. The Atlantic Magazine said it best : ” worst revolution ever “.

      I despise Liz Cheney . But in this instance I stand with her in voting her conscience with great resolve to uphold the Constitution , not discard it. Contrary to your beliefs, it is not just possible but entirely probable given the unimpeachable actualities entered as evidence , to wit: States’ 1-50 Exhibits A-Z , also known as the verified certified 2020 Election results , that 75 million Americans and 70 percent of Wyoming voters can in fact be completely on the wrong side of issues . You would see that and know it in your heart of hearts if you had only not gone over to the Dark Side by denying the relevant Truths . By elevating dishonesty, mendacity, cultism , white nationalism , false populism , Jim Crow version 2.0 and whatever QAnon and the Steve Bannons spewed to replace Truth . you and all the other Trumpists were Hornswaggled Big Time , as we say in Wyoming. Somehow , the Cult of Donald Trump ( disguised as Republicans ) were able to convince a hundred million Americans to turn off their higher brain lobes and just run on the reptilian limbic brain for five years. Emotions, not facts. Except a real democratic constitutional republic mandates that we be forever truthful .

      Liz Cheney voted her conscience. Donald Trump does not even possess one…

    2. Agree and facts well stated. She abandoned over 50% of the WY voters opinions. Thought elected officials were supposed to work for the people of her state first. She also voted with no hearing on evidence. I find that strange for anyone who is responsible to uphold the laws of the land and make new ones.

  23. Trumpublicans are going to squeal like stuck pigs, but she did the right thing. Too bad she has so few like thinking republicans in Congress. Thank you Ms. Cheney for putting country ahead of party.

  24. Sorry, I totally disagree with your article. Ms Cheney appears to be out of touch with her constituents..,.oh….no wonder she doesn’t even reside in Wyoming!!! She apparently thinks she knows better than the people she supposed to represent… wrong!! Which is why people are upset. She apparently needs to spend more time listening to her constituents and less time in Washington and South Carolina or wherever it is that she lives.

    1. Can’t blame Cheney for not wanting to send wasted time with the Wyoming “knuckleheads”, as the governor calls them.

  25. Good article, I totally agree with everything you say. Thank you and thank you Liz for your courage!

  26. Not one thing Liz Cheney does is with any thought of Wyoming. Wyoming was an easy target to get her to Washington to do what she really wants to do. While this seems like a heroic stance and a vote of conscience, I believe she took a very calculated risk to move up the political ladder in the future.

    1. Thank you for stating this truth so clearly, Ms. Twist . That said, Cheney at least took the lawful and correct position. Sort of incredible that we are thanking a Congresswoman for upholding the law?

      Indeed, as Mr. Gruber says, Cheney does not listen to or care about her supposed consituents, the people of the Equality State.

  27. Yes, I agree. I support Senator Cheney. It is the constitution and rule of law that makes our country. Most of the time I do not agree with Liz Cheney, but I support her stand on the basic constitutional ethics and the rights of the Congress.

  28. Excellently said Kerry, as usual. I think these demands for party loyalty, no matter what, is a major reason reason we have such a divided congress and country.

  29. Liz Cheney is wrong about many things but she is right about this. I think that because she has a “hard right” political ideology she recognizes Trump for the ignorant, dishonest, opportunist and fraud that he is. Her conservatism is not merely hatred of liberals, as is the conservatism of o many numbskulls who call themselves conservatives. Her conservatism has a positive (although I think mistaken) vision. Unlike some other Wyoming Republicans she was unwilling to play along with the obvious lie that Trump had won the election or been cheated out of a victory. She also understood, I think, that Trump and his close associates had arranged and orchestrated the seditious riot and invasion of the capital by Trump’s most degraded and moronic MAGAbilly thugs. As a result, conscience dictated she vote to impeach.

  30. Yup, She saddled up and road. Good for Liz! It’s about time Wyoming showed some True Grit. So proud of her!

  31. Mr. Drake:
    Thank you for writing this piece. As a Republican woman, it was so refreshing and comforting to see that there are still women like Rep. Liz Cheney that not only serve in the U.S. Congress but also have the courage to say and do the right thing–irregardless of bullying by others, especially men. In the wake of January 6th, many Republicans felt the same way, but they were too scared of President Trump and their voters’ retribution back home to vote for his impeachment. Rep. Cheney and the other nine Republicans who voted with her for their respective reasons did so because unfortunately President Trump maligned our constitutional federal republic when he disregarded the Electoral College back in December–he abdicated his inherent duty of helping his voters come to terms with his loss and to accept incoming president-elect Biden so that our nation can continue its journey. January 6, 2021 became his moment of infamy in U.S. history and although the House impeachment doesn’t effect real consequences, it is the deafening statement that despite our partisan differences we the people want to remain united for the future generations.