Dozens of photographers and wildlife lovers on May 4, 2022 awaited the arrival of Bear 399 and her four 2-year-old cubs, pictured here off the bank of the Snake River just below Jackson Lake Dam. (Tom Knauss/Courtesy)

Citing “increasingly dangerous behavior,” the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday authorized the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to kill a sub-adult offspring of famed grizzly bear 399.

Residents of the Upper Green River in Sublette County told WyoFile this week that a grizzly bear had been frequenting a residential area on the fringes of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. A local resident had even spotted the bear on the deck of a house in the neighborhood.

One resident reported hearing a gunshot in the neighborhood where the bear had just been seen and later reported that Wyoming Game and Fish Department had trapped a grizzly nearby.

A Fish and Wildlife spokesman wrote that he understood Wyoming Game and Fish had euthanized the grizzly — officially marked as no. 1057 — in Sublette County somewhere near Cora. Game and Fish did not return a call by presstime to confirm the location.

“A resident attempted to haze the bear from their front porch with warning shots [but it] showed no reaction.”

USFWS spokesman Joe Szuszwalak

The bear’s dangerous behavior “included an interaction wherein a resident attempted to haze the bear from their front porch with warning shots,” the Fish and Wildlife Service said in a statement. “[T]he bear remained on the porch and showed no reaction.”

State wildlife managers recorded 13 conflicts with the bear since May of this year, the federal agency said. Fish and Wildlife “authorized this action out of concern for human safety as this bear became more emboldened in [its] behavior while seeking food rewards and habituation to the presence of humans,” the statement said.

Grizzlies remain protected by the Endangered Species Act. Trapping and killing one requires authorization by the federal agency.

Two of 399’s cubs — half of a litter of four that emerged from a den near Grand Teton National Park in the spring of 2020 — left Jackson Hole earlier this year after being weaned by their mother. They showed up along the Upper Green River.

Grizzly 399, perhaps the world’s most famous grizzly, has raised litter after litter along the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, some 50 miles or so from the Upper Green River. In the park and nearby she and her offspring became an annual spectacle as thousands of visitors from around the world watched them from nearby highways.

‘Incredibly unfortunate’

The demise of a beloved bear brought sorrow.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate,” photographer, author and bear advocate Tom Mangelsen said of the latest incident. “It’s very sad to me.”

Some attribute 399’s reproductive success in part to her home range near highways and people. Hanging out near humans may have kept her cubs away from male bears who sometimes kill offspring to turn the mother back to breeding.

Grizzly 399 and her four 2020 cubs of the year seen in Grand Teton National Park. (Thomas Mangelsen/Images of Nature)

But living among people has its drawbacks. Mother 399 took her four cubs on an extended walkabout in 2021 that ranged across Jackson Hole and involved several incidents or conflicts when the family obtained rewards of unnatural food like agricultural bee hives, horse feed and other unsecured attractants.

By the time two of the four cubs showed up along the Upper Green River in Sublette County earlier this year, at least one had apparently become habituated and unafraid of people, a state generally considered unnatural and dangerous.

Grizzly advocates consider 399 an ambassador for her lifelong public profile and the educational opportunities she provided. Despite her so-called “rock-star status,” wildlife officials warned that her cubs would receive no special treatment if they came into repeated conflicts with people.

The Fish and Wildlife Service said it works with the Wyoming Game and Fish and others to educate the public about reducing conflicts. “We continue to ask for the help of residents and visitors to secure attractants around homes, rental properties, and businesses,” spokesman Joe Szuszwalak wrote.

“The actions of those living [in] and visiting grizzly bear country remain vital,” he said in an email.

Game and Fish was busy earlier this week with grizzlies along the Upper Green River. Following “several depredations” of cattle, the state agency Friday captured and relocated a young male grizzly that had killed a calf, hoping the move would convince it to mend its ways.

“Things are picking up it seems across the board,” Game and Fish Large Carnivore Section Supervisor Dan Thompson told WyoFile in an email.

Mangelsen called 399 “an incredible animal,” recalling her breaking trail through chest-deep snow to lead her brood back to a den one winter.

“What she goes through to raise these to sub-adulthood is phenomenal,” he said. “To end like this is really tragic, heartbreaking.”

Angus M. Thuermer Jr. is the natural resources reporter for WyoFile. He is a veteran Wyoming reporter and editor with more than 35 years experience in Wyoming. Contact him at or (307)...

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  1. This is so sad! I’m sure it was a very difficult decision. So sorry it came to this. Thank you Game and Fish for handling things when hard decisions had to be made. I’m sorry you get so much conflict from those who don’t understand.

  2. People needs to do better. Respect wildlife. We had moved into your area. Relocate the Bear or stay away from from. Don’t kill what God also created.
    Do better by the wildlife

  3. No matter what people say? The Bears are High Bread. Bears causing problems go to zoo`s or are destroyed. The Healthy Existing population avoid Humans. If They intrude on people they are shot painfully with rubber bullets and Pepper Sprayed. Thats for the best. No matter what the Anti people Greenies say? We all have a right to enjoy our National Parks. I like the present program. Doing Great!!

  4. Yellowstone is the bears home. People intrude, act like its an amusement park, no respect, and the bear pays the price. The fact that 399 spent 2 years successfully raising 4 cubs is incredible. So, we just kill one of them. How sad. Stronger penalties, jail time, should be imposed on those who don’t follow bear policies. More land preservation for wild life. If you want to set up camp in the woods, it’s your problem. The bears were there first. Heartbreaking news.

  5. Various studies collectively conclude a successful relocation rate of 10-35%.
    With exception, bears that have been relocated:
    • Quickly return to where they captured, likely to resume their problematic behavior
    • Remain in their new location, continuing problematic behavior in a new place
    • Are killed in their new locations as a result of conflicts with other bears
    • Are killed in attempts getting back to their original home range territory

    Sample study findings/statistics:
    1) “Statistics show over 90% of relocated bears are killed within 3 weeks of being relocated.” – Colorado Parks and Wildlife
    2) Kevin Wright, district wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said “the success rate for relocated bears is only 30 percent.”
    3) Approximately 80% of black bear relocations from 1989 to 1993 in Yosemite National Park failed, with bears resuming problematic behavior leading to recapture. Another study elsewhere showed a post-relocation survival rate of around 30-35%. 
    4) The Nevada Department of Wildlife relocated eight bears from the Lake Tahoe area one year and tracked them using radio collars. Seven of the eight quickly returned to the Lake Tahoe basin and the eighth was struck by a car. The furthest was taken 70 air miles away – across two mountain ranges and three valleys. It returned in 18 days, covering over 200 miles.

    Quotes from wildlife managers:
    1) “Nobody goes into this business because they want to put down bears. It’s probably one of the toughest parts of their jobs. That said, they (wildlife officers) have a responsibility to protect the public safety and when people fail in people’s responsibility to take care of their trash or their bird feeders or their pet food then we do have to step in and it’s our obligation and we will continue to do that job even though it’s not popular.” — Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, Randy Hampton
    2) “When bears must be killed, agencies shouldn’t hide it. You need to use it as a learning experience, explain to people what led to it and why you were forced to do it. Many people will be furious, as I am when I’m forced to kill a healthy bear. People need to understand that these bears are victims of their communities or wherever they were continually attracted by and rewarded with food.” — Rich Beausoleil, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

  6. 399 and her cubs are important national icons and should all have been treated as such. You simply do not kill national icons. It was an enormous mistake to kill her male cub. You train, educate, and relocate troublesome wildlife to very remote areas. Road kill elk or deer can be provided in these areas to encourage the grizzlies to forage in these new locations.

    1. Mam, with respect too you and not wanting to show your ignorance but Yellowstone and Green River, Sublette County are hundreds of miles away. The bears relocated themselves and caused havoc

  7. This once again shows man’s ignorance on all levels. These bears were our responsibility to lovingly take care of and protect, and you killed them all. Charge more money to enter these parks and set aside all that money for the bears. These innocent bears didn’t have to die. There is always a better solution. I am crying for the bears and all the deplorable suffering of animals by the hands of man. In a court of law, I would sue every human involved and have these beautiful animals 6relocated for a better life. Pay an animal loving citizen such as myself very well to relocate these animals, so I don’t have to read about another bear being euthanized, because of man’s stupidity. If you set up a Go Fund Me and news media awareness to raise money to relocate these bears farther away, the loving animal people like me in this world will listen. You are all criminally responsible for the euthanization of these bears and the people who perpetuated this tragedy. You killed these bears out of convenience. You could of raised money and public awareness to advocate for these bears, but you didn’t. Also you could of made a quarantine area for these bears until you could find them a new home, but you didn’t.They didn’t deserve this, and they didn’t have to die so tragically like so many do. Put a quarantine area in place for these bears when you capture them. Gouge the public more on park fees and take that money to fund the bears transportation to be relocated in a wild area, animal reserve or somewhere away from man’s stupidity.Please email me back to a matter that is close to my heart. Leslie Nevaux

  8. Could that bear not have been taken to a zoo? We are encroaching on their habitats and therefore responsible for their changes in behavior.

    1. Zoos are like sentencing someone sane to an insane asylum. Bears and other wildlife that live reasonably quality lives in zoos are generally only able to do so because they were taken into captivity while very young (born in captivity or orphaned early.) Once acclimated to the wild, wild animals do not generally fair well (cognitive decline and mental disorders, and general health decline.) The reality is, its more jail than sanctuary.

  9. It’s okay for the government to kill these creatures after stealing their natural habiitat
    “The only promise the White Man ever kept is ‘I will take your land'” Crazy horse

    1. Agree completely! Too many people in Yellowstone, too close to the wildlife habituating the animals to humans. AGAIN, the animal pays the ultimate price!! Disgusting!!!!

    2. If you think this is bad, check out what the Bureau of Lznd Management (BLM) is doing to our wild horses and donkeys. It is deplorable.

  10. Lethal shooting without a legal hunt or substantiated reason as an attack should not be warranted a capture by darting and or baiting for relocation of the majestic Grizzly should be warranted and any other approach on Native American soil should be grounds for dismissal of such person or persons taking any action against and without justification should not be warranted and also a secondary course of legal action against corruption within a bigoted manner can be tried by Native American courts.

  11. Why kill the bear that people live in his world. It could have been trapped and relocated some where far away from the present location. I’m an avid hunter, but I don’t believe that any animal should be killed for going into a neighborhood that once was part of their natural habitat.

  12. This is a very sad ending
    to a life that should of
    Bern amazing well it’s
    nature’s call I guess Thank
    You all for doing a Tremendous
    Job at trying to save & help
    these amazing
    animals. Bear 399 is an
    Extreme example of Motherhood
    this is a wonderful story
    I am greatful to you all
    Thank you.
    The writing was great! 🙂

  13. Fish and game should have looked closer to the history of this cubs raising and they would have realize with the upbringing by his mother she taught them that it was safe to be around people and take food from them. If fishband game had a heart or a working brain, they would have trapped and ( relocated) that bear to a far remote area away from people. Unnecessary killing! What a shame on fish and game.

  14. Was the grizzly offspring of 399 that was killed from this most recent litter?

  15. That is so cruel. The bears could have been relocated. Humans are the most dangerous animals there is.

  16. THE BEST GRIZZLY BEAR HABITAT IN WYOMING AND YES: The Shoshone National Forest has the highest percent of wilderness area of any national forest in the lower 48 – an incredible 85%!!! There are only 2 highways crossing it ( north fork west of Cody and Togwotee Pass west of Dubois. There are virtually no subdivisions in the forest except for private land along the north fork. Very little intrusion by man in the Shoshone. It lies adjacent to Yellowstone and is not overrun by 4 million tourists per year. Wonderful habitat and even better for the great bears.
    The Shoshone and Bridger Teton forests were no brainers for inclusion as core habitat when the management plans were developed. Primo habitat like this is very limited in the US and that which does exist has already been identified as core habitat; unfortunately it is saturated with grizzlies bears already and is not a good area to relocate more bears to. However, this is the positive side of the grizzly bear recovery plan as a T&E species. Sadly, we’ve just run out of room in Wyoming for more bears – its time to delist folks.

  17. People don’t get it bears are bears and being Grizzly Bears they are nothing like Black Bears, if you want them to carry on then leave them alone. Stop moving into bear country quit subdividing large ranches. Just stay on the east and west coast. Maybe you all need to be relocated!

    1. Makes one of us. Maybe people shouldn’t continue to move into areas where the bears have already been pushed into limited space. It’s like crying when you live in Florida and a hurricane hits.

  18. Prayers for All the Young Bears! And Mama. Could this gave been avoided? Don’t know alot about this particular situation, but do know that we Humanz have been screwing up things for the NonHumanz for Ages and Ages.

  19. It was the right call. Way to many overly emotional people. Probably time to delist them anyway.

  20. Grizzlies are wonderful, social animals and we should learn to not only respect them, but also cherish them while they are still here sharing their habitat with the other animals in the wilderness before they become extinct like so many thousands of breeds that are no longer around. There are animal sanctuaries around where this bear could and should have been relocated to so it could have lived out it’s life . By simply killing it just sounds like an idiotic, inexcusable solution when the root of the problem wasn’t it’s fault. They are simply trying to survive in their ever decreasing habitat. We ( Humans) are increasingly encroaching on theirs. How about showing them something we are losing touch with more and more as a so called advanced society in modern times like Dignity, Love , and RESPECT ?

  21. Yeah we can’t have bears near any of the affluent rich folk, the safety of the wealthy is paramount. What a joke, relocation was the obvious choice here. Whatever it takes to keep the Jackson area full of the wealthy I suppose eh.

  22. @Millard Tillette. I wonder how many Neanderthals and early human species and small prey were made extinct when Asians migrated to America. Man has literally been killing his way through this world since leaving Africa. And I’m Irish family didn’t come to America until 1910 with nothing. My grandfather worked the railroad, cotton fields and finally landed a job at John Morrell as a hammer in the stockyards. Raised 10 kids in a 1 bedroom shack with dirt floors.

  23. The way to stop this needless slaughter is to educate locals and visitors how to live peaceably with grizzlies and other animals. Help support the various wildlife education projects, especially for Grizzly 399 and her cubs.

  24. Too bad they couldn’t give it a spanking. Just had to hit one of the puppies with my wife’s work shoe (not hard) just enough to scare them they saw Blu get whacked now they are all scared of Momma’s boots

  25. How sad to kill a bear because of this maybe relocate the human poor bear just want its home back the people that did this should be put in jail for murder and harassment of wildlife

  26. Couldn’t they have used a tranquilizers and moved the bear from that area,we are to quick to kill these beautiful animals

  27. These are the same as*×oles that roundup and kill wild horses! They don’t care about the animals, they only care about controlling them because they are so arrogant and want to control nature. And unfortunately nature usually comes out on the short end!

  28. The BAD bears should be put in a zoo or a roadside attraction for all of us to enjoy. Especially the children. Even have a small portal so we can hand feed them. Like cookies, twinkies and such. Now that would be cool.

  29. This decision is beyond pathetic. Let’s make a few futile attempts to alleviate the situation, and when they failed just kill them. It blows my mind how quickly a situation can escalate to kill when it comes to animals. If there are neighborhoods around animals natural habitats, try looking at all options before death. Ever heard of fencing ? Relocation of her and her cubs ? Justify your choices as you see fit, tell yourself whatever you need to help you sleep at night. Frankly, I believe there’s a special place in hell for the wildlife officials responsible for this asinine decision, where you too, will get ” no special treatment”

  30. Extremely sad and unfair.Why not catching them and releasing them in Alaska,or Federally protected area away from intruding human residences!!!!!!!!
    Cost should not be a problem for these endengered animals.

    1. There is no need to fly this bear all the way to Alaska. The grizzlies in Alaska are much larger than the Yellowstone grizzlies, that I think would eventually become a death sentence for the cub. There is plenty of forests and habitats in Wyoming and other N/W states. This is just heartbreaking, the bear should have been relocated

  31. It’s my opinion Wyoming fish and wildlife are making horrible decisions killing grizzlies! These so called “conflicts” do not justify killing a family of grizzly bears which are supposed to be a “protected “ species. It’s a miracle 1057 made it to sub adulthood thanks to his mom, bear 399. I don’t know how Dan Thompson sleeps at night. He is not protecting any one, because no one’s life was in any danger from this bear! You are blessed to live among such beautiful animals. I travel from Florida just to catch a glimpse of a grizzly a couple times a year and I know I’m not the only one. Go after the people who choose to live among the grizzlies and don’t secure their attractants! That bear would have left the front porch eventually. I’d have been so excited to see that! Poor guy.

    1. I couldn’t agreed more. The world is watching and more educated and connected than ever IMHO… and thank goodness. The head officials responsible for this decision needs to be voted out. Im no emotional wimp, been through a lot but this is inexcusable. 🧿🍀✌🏾🌻

  32. They shouldn’t be living in bear country. 200 mile Area around Yellowstone should be extended & evacuated by humans. Bears in holocaust for human existence. How many bears & how many humans that can live somewhere else. I live in Puma country & can’t afford to move but we chase them away & live with them as well as possible.

  33. I am outraged and so sad about 399 s cub being killed !!! It s absolutely wrong that her cub wasn’t given the humane choice of relocation! Another tragedy in which animals lose .

  34. Unfortunately I am not a Wyoming resident,but love to visit as often as i can.
    When bears become acclimated to human encounters I’m not in favor of relocating the danger to another loction. Missouri has reintroduced Black Bears into a region of overpopulated humans.As they migrate north more frequent encounters are occurring in rural suburbs.They are protected to be humanely euthanized.😔

  35. The story is just another example of the war we have with animals. It reminds me of this letter to the editor I wrote:
    In 2019, Wildlife Services (arm of U.S. Department of Agriculture), killed 1.3 million native wild animals. This may read as something questionable because to the average person, why are these animals being killed?
    A study at the Weizmann Institute of Science reports, in the last 50 years, Earth has lost half of its wildlife as habitat is being destroyed making grazing land for free range cattle or to grow mono crops of corn or soy to feed to the livestock. It continues by listing sentient life on earth in the following percentages: humans’ makeup about 36%, livestock is 60% and wild animals are a dwindling 4%.
    On Saturday April 23rd 2022 there is going to be a Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Project protest happening at state capitals at 3:00 p.m. (CT) to provide public awareness of how taxpayer money of 1.4+ billion dollars is being given to the Bureau of Land Management to manage (unfairly in my opinion) the population of wild horse and burro while allowing evasive livestock such as cows and sheep to increasingly grow on public lands. It wasn’t until most recent I learned about these wild horses and burros who earned their rightful freedom as equal contributors building America being robbed of their freedom by being aggressively rounded up and many times sold as meat overseas.
    “People cannot be free unless they are willing to sacrifice some of their interests to guarantee the freedom of others.”~Saul Alinsky
    I believe the cost of doing nothing is turning the world into one big feedlot and then the only places to see once wild animals will be zoos who also provide ‘overpopulated animals’ to the public in forms of hot dogs and hamburgers at their concessions. We will then have successfully eaten wild animals into extinction.

  36. This world is over populated and that won’t stop, we technically live in their territory. My grandparents live in Wapiti Wyoming and you know what I learned over the years over population. WE LIVE IN THEIR HOME WE NEED TO CO EXIST, SOMETHING COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BESIDES MURDER. of course they’ll get human food, you disgusting humans over populate and treat the earth like shit. Killing that bear was wrong.

    Hey America if you can’t feed em, don’t breed em.

  37. Grizzlies need a large range. Good habitat where there aren’t people already has all the bears it can properly support. When they overpopulate, they move to where there are fewer bears and encounter more people. That is why relocation is no longer a good option sometimes.

  38. Responding to Frank Knight’s less than brilliant question about “Who got the skin?” And he can’t wait to get another one to match the skin on his wall already. My philosophy is if you kill it you eat it. Which is what actual sportsmen do. Something Frank isn’t likely to be.

  39. The cubs 🐻 should survive but need the mother’s protection to survive and.male grizzly s will kill the cubs if they catch them so its sad 😥 to know one grizzly is dead let along 5 total hopefully the 4 cubs survive they are important to maintain the balance of the land to maintain the wildlife thats addvasive the cubs should be brought to yellow stone park and cared as ❤ a state flag symbols of California

  40. Killing a bear because people habituated them to want human interaction and food is the real crime. You all should be ashamed ! – Weak laws, weak enforcement and intergalactically stupid people in charge of animal welfare. You are inept, incompetent and much worse – and should all resign your jobs NOW !

  41. Bears like that need a far more remote area instead of making an poor excuse for killing a grizzly like this it should have been taken to a far more remote area and let it live it’s life out

  42. I think it is shameful that the only solution the authorities could come up with was killing the bear. How about a less drastic solution

  43. This is heart breaking, it shouldn’t have gone on long enough. Wasn’t there opportunities to move him to far back into the high country to keep him away from people???
    Maybe the rock star status has ruined them by giving them so much human attention. I pray in the future this doesn’t have to happen again.

  44. So sad so wrong so unfair to the innocent bears
    Praying hard for justice and freedom for the bears
    No bears deserves to be treated this way or die for any humans 😡
    Theres more humans on the planet than there is bears
    Humans seems to forget that its just NOT our planet, it also belongs to the bears too, if not more
    Leave the bears alone and let them live their own lifes with their families just like us

  45. Should have gotten the poor thing fitted for hearing aids. Google has the story of Treadwell. LOL. He loved bears. The bears ate him and his girlfriend.

  46. What a terrible tragedy. I wish US Fish and Wildlife Service would have found other means for resolving this. I am very disappointed to learn of the action taken.

  47. got no use for grizzly bears or wolves. they eradicate moose, elk, deer, buffalo, caribou. All of which people eat. They are giant pigs with claws and fangs. Good riddance. P S I grew up in Wyo & Mont, not Chicago, etc

  48. My heart aches from reading this about the bears. They could have been relocated. Humans are to blame.

  49. It’s sad that people do not obey the laws of wildlife causing the animals to be killed, we destroy so much just to fulfill our own selfish wants.

  50. This is tragic, they belong there we don’t, what do we do kill everything in our way because several greedy people decide they need a once a month or two visit to a remote cite fits their financial budget. Keep your extra wealth go stay at a hotel and let nature thrive untroubled in your very welcomed absence. I too would like to have a place where snake and wolf do better than man but for me AND FOR THEM pictures do the job.
    I honor their life by restaining mine.
    I am happy knowing they are there NOT THAT THEY ARE NOT!!!!!

  51. People move into their home then murder them. We are a parasite on the planet.

  52. Yes. We fear wildlife, especially predators, because we humans want our homes and properties just for ourselves. Maybe a dog or cat, or a cow or a horse. Keep those wild creatures with teeth and no respect for us away. The bison in Yellowstone that had the nerve to gore a visitor, a wolf that has the nerve to tangle with a calf , a bear that has the nerve to visit garbage, the shark that has the nerve to mistake a swimmer for a fish, the cougar who has the nerve to look for a mate in another state……we can’t deal with it. Kill. Get rid of them.
    Maybe global warming will solve everything. Humans will not to able to survive either. Then a new web of life will begin.

  53. This is due to human activity, not bear activity. Euthanize the humans not securing food/trash/livestock.

  54. So sad to hear of the cub being killed. After Mama 399 worked so hard to keep her babies safe.

  55. Why kill the offspring? This is like killing the children of serial killers for their sins.

  56. These people are butchers bears are not dangerous. Only when provoked or approached Most are timid and will retreat from confrontation. People are the ones that have to behave and respect the bears and keep a distance eventually they will move on peacefully.

  57. Biden appointee Martha William’s who was also a Montana director of fish and wildlife in the past an Obama appointee years ago, in his administration, is the Director of the department of fish and wild life . She is in charge. Holding the position since Biden appointed her.

  58. Why can’t fish and game figure out a way to scare the hell out of those grizzlys when they get to close to humans, I’m sure there is something that can be done instead of killing

  59. It is very very sad that this has happened. Especially from bear 399. Yes she is a rock star. was there no other way to relocate this bear? it is understandable but very heartbreaking.

  60. What a truly sad day. But I am not surprised. The first humans that landed on this continent viewed “NATIVES” as a threat and tried their best to eradicate them because they saw them as a threat.
    I see no difference in what happened to the Native Americans and the dispicable killing of the grizzly and many other creatures that inhabited Earth long before humans.

    1. Good grief. Does EVERYTHING have to be about hatred of generations before?
      I’m sad for the bear too, but let’s live in the moment.

    2. The native Americans did attack and threaten the new settlers. They weren’t exactly innocent in what happened. Beside, estimates predict that 80% to 90% of the natives died of disease brought by these settlers. It’s a false narrative that the Europeans/Americans practiced genocide and killed them all. That’s utter nonsense!

    3. I agree. So sad, humans keep building homes and taking wildlife homes. Breaks my heart.

      1. So…you don’t live in a house?
        Wherever you live was once wilderness…burn down your home and return the property to the wildlife.
        If you think it’s a good idea for others maybe you should practice what you preach.

    4. Everyone blaming fish and game. When the responsibility belongs to all that leaves food out for bears whether it be lazy home owners or ignorant tourist. True the human race is to blame but not fish and game. Fish and game does have to deal with the wildlife that we ruin. Relocate it. Then when your out hiking,camping or hunting. You know enjoying nature and you or your loved ones get mauled or eaten. Who do you blame?. I agree it’s a shame. These are not teddy bears though and they don’t get put in cages at night. They roam and do what bears do. They steal, kill and evade property. Yes they are beautiful. It’s humans that break the rules, but at the end of the day it’s fish and game that has to deal with the problem.

  61. The people loved that bear 🐻 and I’ve never heard of a attack,they should have left it alone.

    1. This is also true. People think if they feed them they are helping them, they are hurting them .

    1. “Statistics show over 90% of relocated bears are killed within 3 weeks of being relocated.” – Colorado Parks and Wildlife

      The Nevada Department of Wildlife relocated eight bears from the Lake Tahoe area one year and tracked them using radio collars. Seven of the eight quickly returned to the Lake Tahoe basin and the eighth was struck by a car. The furthest was taken 70 air miles away – across two mountain ranges and three valleys. It returned in 18 days, covering over 200 miles.

      With exception, bears that have been relocated:
      • Quickly return to where they captured, likely to resume their problematic behavior
      • Remain in their new location, continuing problematic behavior in a new place
      • Are killed in their new locations as a result of conflicts with other bears
      • Are killed in attempts getting back to their original home range territory

  62. Did ever occur to anyone that the bear was deaf hence the no reaction or even flinch?? Could have put down a bear that needed to re located instead of killed. And why when WE INVADE THEIR TERRITORY to build that bigger house closer to nature and forest do they die. It’s about time we put limits on how far we can build into their territory.

  63. Why couldn’t they have relocated this bear? I just don’t understand their decision makings.

  64. I get so tired of hearing about animals being killed because of humans. We are in their territory. We continue to expand into their home and they pay for it. They aren’t protected they are slaughtered because the agency designed to protect them don’t really care about them. It is becoming so discusting that they pay with their lives because we are invading on them and harassing them.

    1. Totally agree. Humans have invaded their territory and the animals have to pay the price it is unacceptable. Humans only care about themselves.

  65. REALISTIC SITUATION IN WYOMING: The recovery of the grizzly bear populations has been WILDLY SUCCESSFUL to such an extent that the census of their numbers greatly exceeds the goals set in the EIS and recovery plans. In addition, there are so many bears that they have occupied all of the designated habitat and are out migrating onto private land and BLM land where they were never intended to go. The Wyoming Game & Fish Department and the USFWS have achieved everything expected of them and much more. In Wyoming, sportsmen and sportswomen pay the cost of grizzly recovery not the tax paying citizens of the US and/or Wyoming.

    Euthanization of excess bears which have out migrated from their core designated habitat is unavoidable under these circumstances – its just that the recovery program has been too successful and the state and federal grizzly management personnel are blocked by Federal court rulings from hunting – the bears are still listed as a T&E even though they numbers achieved the original population goal of 700 bears many years ago – 2004?? We’ve done our part in Wyoming and more, much more; and, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is fully capable of managing the grizzlies numbers as per the approved recovery plans. However, in the meantime, euthanization is one of the few tools available to bear managers – please not that the designated habitat in the YES is full, saturated, or over populated with grizzlies. This euthanization of 399’s male cub is not the fault of the wildlife agencies – they have performed admirably.

    1. So who are we to “designate ” an area for wild animals, that have to have a certain amount of space individually to find food and survive? Who are we to expect a bunch of bears, wolves, mountain lions to just stay put? Just because YOU think they have enough space, obviously Mother nature has given them the instincts to know that they need more space to find dens , caves, food, water without crossing another predator territory. Animals follow natural instincts, not human dictation. Oh you thought they should all live in herds?

    2. Finally, a comment that has some brains behind it. Thank you for your commen sense. And I totally trust the fish and wildlife for supervision of these beloved creatures

    3. Thank you for being the voice of reason. I live on the west side of the Tetons and grizzlies have attacked and killed my neighbors dairy cows and another farm’s chickens. They have been there more than 50 years with griz activity in in the last 5 years.

    4. Thank you for offering a balanced viewpoint.

      Ursus horribilis is an honorable part of the natural world, and has a right to its place there.

      Homo sapiens is an honorable part of the natural world, and has a right to its place there.

      If a bunch of young Homo sapiens are running around, encroaching on dens, stealing food, showing no fear, scaring and occasionally injuring/killing one of the Ursus kids, you would want to remove them from the situation, and you wouldn’t be surprised if one turns up dead pretty soon.

      If it’s some of the Ursus kids taking on those evil ways and it turns out the same way for them, who’s to wonder?

      There is nothing to be done with a monster the size of Ursus who shows no fear. If you are unarmed in his presence, he will kill you – aggressively, accidentally, or absentmindedly – within a few minutes.

      Seems to me the authorities in Wyoming handled this problem thoughtfully, humanely and appropriately.

  66. Gee, I wonder who got to keep the skin? I took one in Alaska years back and I still get compliments on how beautiful it looks on my trophy wall. Hope to bag another this season..

    1. Why do men have to kill animals for a trophy wall??
      It has been like this forever.
      I think the animals far more benefit the environment then become wall art.

    2. And you think you are so brave for doing this,go out and hunt with single shot black powder gun

  67. This is disgusting and absolutely brutal and unnecessary! A lot of the people that move into these areas come from cities and they should stay there if they don’t know how to live with wildlife and are unwilling to take the small risk. The fish and wildlife peopler mostly hunters and trappers and they make a little effort in trying to solve a problem in a more humane way without killing! After all that is their side hobby… This is a generalization but unfortunately it’s often true particularly in those states. The department of the interior needs to take action and provide incentives for humane resolution of problems caused by humans and punish those that abuse wildlife in the manner just seen

  68. Too many people. And when are we going to go after the human beings who prey on others, the worst of the worst, and eliminate them? Instead, it takes years of wranging through the courts, or we charge the police officers who actually do something, and let the criminals go. An animal commits an offense – it is dead. A human commits an offense………….let them go so they can do it again!

  69. Impressive amount of emotional vitriol directed towards the government from a readership which generally supports government.

    Can you imagine if this were a private citizen forced to defend themselves? It would be a real cyber-lynching. The poor soul would be harassed, doxxed and probably have to lawyer up.

  70. This makes me sad and angry. A beautiful animal had to be put down because of something started by humans. Why can’t people obey the rules concerning wildlife? Is that really to much to ask?

    1. Possible deafness was my first thought as well. I can’t imagine no reaction whatsoever to a close gunshot.

  71. Let me guess… another rich person decided to visit their vacation home for a week and couldn’t go outside and enjoy their cocktail!! Stay your Butt in the city!!!

  72. Disgusting…these bears had zero reason to be killed. Bears are starting to migrate ong paths of old and we are in vain try to build land bridges to facilitate that and then useless killing occurs ..why? Why do we take one step fwd with conservation and then back. Things in life do not have to be so polarized. Poor poor bears…this is very sad and this particular case shameful. Does anyone care?

  73. I am troubled by this. I wish the bear could’ve been relocated instead of being destroyed.

  74. I am from upstate New York and I have watched the progress of 399 since she brought her cubbs into the open. I have loved all 5 bears and have been hoping that little rascal would not have to be put down. My husband has been on several guided hunts in Wyoming and we hold the wildlife there in high regard. While I would not want to live in griz country, I want them to survive people and some of the stupid things they do. I am incredibly sad. We were in Wyoming this spring and planning to go to Dubois again very soon.

  75. Sounds like most of the commenters would do a better job than the criminals currently occupying the bureaucracy. This ongoing tragedy of killing of bears is like an episode of Shazam or wonder woman or something where the evil politicians/ bureaucrats are bought and paid for by unseen scum.

  76. When will people stop encroaching on wildlife habitat they’re pushed to the brink of Extinction and pushed into various corners and they can’t even have that. People need to quit breeding people and we need to quit encroaching on wildlands I don’t care how much money you have you don’t have the right to take away wildlife habitat or move your Mansions into pristine areas that are the only thing left for wildlife.I’m sick and tired of this.I wish nothing but death and destruction for those that encroach on our wildlands

    1. Yes, 100% agree that people need to quit breeding people. give other forms of life a chance. We, the hordes of us are killing oceans, rivers and lakes. The housing for us is so scarce that the rent has gone beyond most people’s ability to have a good home. One thing I would like to say since you mentioned the over population of humans is to thank and congratulate the men who have gone out to get vasectomies since the demise of Roe. There are lots of men out there who do not want to raise any children in these times we are in. Thank you, thank you.

      1. I’m assuming you have children .. everyone wants less people, but no one wants to be the one to do it. 🤣🤷‍♂️

    2. People move out into the wilderness because city’s are cesspits of trash and crime , I think you would have to be mentally challenged to “ desire” to live in a big city . That isn’t life

  77. Ever hear of relocate? Sorry but the people who live in what used be home range for the bears can foot the bill. Call the cost for living in God’s Country. I can’t believe they killed him!

  78. Wow! Don’t live there get humans out of there!! Should not be allowed to live there, as long as it cost a bears life!! Hunters are wanting to kill 399, they expect her life to bring the hunter big bucks! Refuse to let that hunter reap any money!!!

  79. This is sad. I had a juvenile Black Bear hanging around my house and I waited till he came around the corner and sprayed him with bear spray. He has not been back.

  80. I said it before and Ill say it again, too many bears are being euthanized!!!!! This cub was killed doing what it learned! Why couldn’t they have moved it to the back country in Yellowstone? So so sad!!!! They kill these bears way too often, need new management!!!

  81. Why couldn’t they hurt the grizzly a few times so he would relate pain to humans….Did they try that at all..? It really sucks that they killed it..

  82. Here,s another pure example of mankind thinking that we are the rullers of all the animal species on the planet of which one,s are a bother to us that we kill them when ever we want for sport trophy hunting or there in are space after we destroy there habitant and move into there area then complain that there by us and there a danger so kill them doesn’t matter if the animal is big or small there all Gods creatures that are put on this earth like us but they are a lot smarter then mankind to were they take what they need to survive and take care of there family or try to if mankind don,t get involved like on how many of each species of animals should be able to live or die by what we think is a right number that is not are authority! Mankind can,t control are selves without destroying everything in are way doesn,t matter if it,s the land or sea and the animals that live there we should look at how to preserve the land the sea and all the species of animals around us because at the rate it going there not going to be nothing left and the agency’s that are created to protect the animals and the land seams to give into when anybody either complains that the animals are bothering them or they what to destroy the habitants for there development for mankind progress which if you look around hasn,t been to good ! So with the grizzly 399 there could of been a better solution other then killing her but no body didn,t want to look into it so killing her was easier and it made the people that moved into her habitant happy to were they can enjoy there space because we are mankind and we control everything!.

    1. Sorry large-eared flying elephant.. if you want to bring God into this discussion then read HIS entire book.. HE gave man dominion over ALL creatures on Earth.

    2. Grizzly bear #399 wasn’t killed, it was a Male offspring of hers that was killed after it had killed a ranchers calf and had continued to go into populated areas to get into easy food sources,and not taking food as grizzly bears are supposed to.

      1. I made the mistake of saying that #399’s offspring had killed a rancher’s calf, it was another Male grizzly that had done so.

  83. Another grizzly life, because People couldnt keep their property Bear protected. If you leave the bears alone they will go away. I am so sad, I figured they wouldnt have a chance. Hope the people are happy. Heartbroken, animals often behave better than people.

    1. Yes but like people some become criminal in nature and like the bad behavior ones being released to further their bad behavior we end up with a Chicago run mentality with bad behavior run amuck. They Game & Fish department realized this bear broke probation to many times. Why dont you bleeding hearts thank them for once .

  84. So so unfair. These cubs did No wrong. Stupid selfish humans have no regards to the beauty of nature and what God has provided. Again… and again wildlife suffers. . It’s time humans take the blame and suffer the consequences.yes I be all of God’s creatures who have every right to be here. More than humans. Shame on you

  85. All I’ve been reading this year over and over is how the Fish & Wildlife Service are trapping and killing bears. I don’t understand how we can claim an animal is protected, but we’re trapping and killing them rather than trapping and relocating them. These animals haven’t hurt anyone. In a court of law, we release prisoners because we can’t punish them for things they might do, but for animals if they “might” be dangerous we kill them. Shame on us. I have no respect for the F&WS. I feel they should try other methods prior to making such a final life ending decision. I agree with everyone else’s comments. F&WS is lazy. I guess if you can’t have the easy task of giving someone a ticket for fishing without a license you can shoot off your gun at innocent animals. I hope your all proud of yourselves.

  86. These creatures can be redirected with food. It is an unnecessary practice to murder … Starving animals that humans are stewards of on behalf of future generations.

  87. This is the fault of the Tourist .. They get too close and leave food to get Animals close for photos .
    cubs and Bears then grow up with no fear, leaving them vulnerable to feeling comfortable enough to walk on property’s in the area to find food .
    This shooting of this Bear is very Sad and unfortunate.

    Then shot because they

  88. Why, why is the only solution always to kill. Maybe humans need to move out and away from their habitat. Maybe there is just to many stupid humans taking over and killing anything that gets in their way. Kill the wolves, kill the bears, kill the bison, kill the mountain lions and the list goes on and on. Heck, even trees and woodlands are destroyed so more homes can be built, roads put in, stupid tourists being downright ignorant then crying foul when they get hurt and demanding something be done to that dangerous animal for human safety. Humans are the problem constantly encroaching on what should be the bears natural home.

  89. It is done, it is over and there is nothing anyone can do to change the situation and the outcome. Why was this cub not relocated? Why didn’t the residents in Cora take better precaution with food sources? I have so many questions as to why was this cub euthanized without giving it an opportunity for at least one relocation effort? This is a sad day to many of us who have followed Bear 399 and her four cubs. 😢

  90. These guys can’t wait to kill bears. They are a disgrace to the world of animal management. Shame on these small minded minions of money grubbing politicians

  91. Game and fish just too lazy to actually do their job..all they want to do is kill the bears, try doing your job right, for once. Sedate and move the bear to undisclosed location. Can’t depend on game and fish on local, or federal level to do the right thing for the animals.

  92. It’s unfortunate that Bear 399’s offspring that had become accustomed to finding food around people , couldn’t be trapped and relocated. It just isn’t fair to the animals whose territory is invaded by us, their greatest predator.

  93. Might as well shoot them all. That’s what’ll happen eventually anyway. With these rich ranchers and people encroaching on the last little bit of their territory. Paying off our corrupt government officials to get what they want. It’s kind of like native Americans and treaties that were broken by the white man and less and poorer land we shoved them on. Killing off thousands of bison to take away their food source. Yellowstone was created for the animals and for future generations of people to see these animals. By much greater men than these putz’s we’re governed by today. I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life, but as I get older I’d rather see the wildlife than shoot it. If we don’t stop it, there’ll be nothing left for future generations.

  94. SHAMEFUL Wyoming! There MUST be a better way than killing an animal that people have endangered by not taking the responsibility of keeping “people” food from these awesome beasts. Come on people, save the bears by doing your part and not causing yet another thinning out of yet another animal in its natural surroundings.

  95. The tragedy of Bear 399 and her 4 cubs that are no longer cubs is that they keep getting into trouble. One cubs is dead. The others will suffer the same fate. Grizzly populations are growing as human populations expand into their habitat. Grizzly population outside Glacier and Yelliwstone NP exceeds 1,300. Selling tags provides revenue for management and scares grizzlies away from humans by hunting them. Hunting is a viable management tool.

    1. Yes to everything you said. The Disney Do-gooders need to shut their mouths as none of them understand the facts of managing wildlife. They run down the wildlife service, they hate any body that doesn’t agree with them. They never have lived around wildlife so shouldn’t even have a say so as to how to manage a dangerous top predator as a Grizzly bear. They never understand what or why the Park services does what they do. They really need to just shut up and move along with their unreal unintelligent opinions! They need to leave the management alone that are highly educated to know how to manage these animals.These ignorant people live in a world so different then the local people that have to deal with these wild animals on a day to day basis. Many of these locals have owned their homes and ranches for many generations. You have no business telling them they don’t belong there. As I said before You Ignorant commenters need to just shut up and go find another cause that maybe you know more about. You certainly know nothing about managing wildlife!

  96. I’m not sure why 399 Cub was not captured and relocated like many other bears that get into trouble. Why was it euthanized?

  97. Maybe humans need to be more responsible. And we need to stop moving in territory of nature of these beautiful creatures. Just cause we can.

  98. Take the bear to an isolated environment, far away from people. Don’t kill them! Organizing hunts?? We just can’t kill everything off fast enough, can we? Perhaps we should hunt humans.

  99. They need to lay off the bears and the wildlife. Unspeakable murdering these precious animals. The bears did not harm anyone. If people are going to live in the animals habitat learn to safeguard and coexist. What you do comes back 10 fold.

  100. What a great way to educate people about wildlife. I put down my rifles and picked up a camera. I love taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes.

  101. Hate to say it, but people including park mgmt. need to protect our wildlife. Stupidity is not an excuse!

  102. Sad! To have an animal kill by not reason, the bear has done anything, they should capture it an dropped in another location, according with the terrain, and out public trails, locations.

  103. Fish and wildlife should be ashamed did the bear kill someone . No . Why kill the bear. People leave food out that’s there own fault. Not the bears. They could of relocated the bear. How sad this is because of agun. A life of a young bear has ended. A

  104. Sad ending for devoted mother & 4 offspring…& Poor decisions by authorities in my opinion…rather than relocate &/or use methods to discourage bears from frequenting residential areas… reminds me of black bear cub shot by Sheriff’s dept. In Florida as it was trying to flee into woods after climbing down tree in residential area… pathetic.

  105. I don’t think any Grissley out to be put down, unless it’s really important for saving a life. Just relocate the Grissley to different states.

  106. I would like to see quite a few shot in and around Yellowstone Park for the safety of Humans. They are not endangered any more. I bring a road construction Product into the Park. This need for road construction has changed drastically since the recent flood.
    There is a ban on Firearms in the Park. This leaves Me quite vulnerable while I am there.

    1. Maybe those roads should be vacated. Give Yellowstone back to the Grizzlies. Game management in the Park could only improve with out F&W killing the endangered species that do not conform after being baited by dimwit property owners with no brains. BS

  107. So sad, and so preventable. The wild are not pets, zoo animals for our enjoyment, or toys. We need to take responsibility for habituating the wild when they are cute and cuddly, and realize our lazy habits are much to blame.

  108. I very sorry about this event it’s not the bears fault it’s because we have taken their territory and they really do not understand where they are supposed to be . We put out our garbage and they find it so who’s at fault? The are hungry and need food also . And they are snoopy. The Bear should not be killed for our actions.

  109. Why can’t the bears be relocated to a place thousands of miles away, instead of killed. Mistakes of people should not end its life.

    1. Where “thousands of miles away” would you suggest? Unfortunately, it is mostly because of their fame and being accustomed to humans that put them at danger. Everyone that stops and takes photos or watches them while the bears can watch the human in return adds to their lack of fear of humans. If there is an alternative answer I can’t think of what it might be, other than chasing them into as far back country as possible, and then that back country would have to be closed to any human use at all. I would not want to be the person who had to make the decision to euthanize that bear, nor fail to do it and have humans killedby the bear.

      1. Marion – it is 235 air miles from where the bear was killed to the center of the vast Selway-Bitterroot wilderness area on the Idaho-Montana border. That’s less than 2 hours helicopter time. The bear could’ve been relocated in a place where chance of encountering humans, houses, dumpsters , or tourists are slim to none. A place that is prime griz habitat, home to healthy griz in the 19th century but nearly devoid of them now. That needs to change.
        From Cora in Sublette County it is even a shorter flight to the Unita Mountains of Utah , or the same distance to the 375 square miles of the White River wilderness in NW Colorado. If Wyoming has too many bears according to some bureaucrats, but nearby states have millions of acres of formerly flush grizzly habitat but are currently empty of bears, the solution is a No Brainer. That’s the problem …no brains.

  110. 399 has totally amazed me, I have been a follower of her and her cubs since the beginning . What is 399 up to now? Thank you for keeping us updated.

  111. The Bears are smarter than the humans that manage them, as it is easy to correct the savage actions of the Bear via medical drilling of the Bears brain to eliminate the Bears savsge nature. Otherwise the Bears will require being killed as I would give up my life for all the Bears on earth, make the Bears domestic via brain drilling. I would not be near any Bear without my .44 magum and could care less about any laws to protect them if my life is in danger. Fix the Bears brain or they will go extinct via killings, good thing is I would never visit anywhere there was Bears.

  112. This is horrible and cruel! If you had him trapped why didn’t you just relocate him further away ?? Disgusting what was done to that poor Bear

  113. I find this to be extremely sad and disturbing. A bear looks for food, if they find food at a location, that place becomes part of their route. They will circle around and come back again and again. I also realize they have a very large radius for territory. I find it very hard to believe they cannot transport this bear or any other bear deemed a “nuisance” to a new location a few hundred miles away. Lord knows there’s enough room up in those territories to do that. It is humans that are encroaching in their territory not the other way around. Pretty soon there will be no areas left where we have wildlife, they’ll all be in zoos or dead.

  114. I for one think the Wyoming game and fish did a great job with the Grizzlies capture. He was not allowed to harm anyone. The public who made them super stars are the ones to blame for its death. You could tell from the beginning the young bears would end in conflict. The should have been captured early on and moved away from the public to the back country.

  115. Wyoming’s grizzly population is something like 200-300 bears over the goals set in the recovery plans and management plans yet the state and USFWS have been blocked from delisting by successful rulings in Federal courts. Since the great bears can’t be managed by hunting the only alternative is to euthanize the bears when they expand their range into human/bear conflict interface zones outside of their designated habitat which is primarily the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. And, the designated habitat is completely saturated with bears leaving almost no unoccupied habitat for bears needing relocation.

    Grizzly bear habitat requires huge blocks of Federal land well over 2 million acres lying in one unbroken block with minimal or no roads. In the lower 48 that means Idaho, Montana and NW Wyoming. The high Sierras of California is a possible grizzly bear habitat but they can’t be reintroduced there without Environmental Impact Statements, state management plans and public support. At the least, the paperwork takes about 7 years to authorize a new habitat where Wyoming’s excess bears can be relocated and thus avoid hunting/euthanization. The bottom line is that the grizzly bear populations must be tightly controlled or new habitat designated in other states. Compare to the over populated wild horses in Wyoming – they can be relocated to wonderful private ranches where they spend the rest of their life running free protected from slaughter or shooting. Not so with excess bears. I just can’t think of potential out of state habitat large enough to accept our excess bears other than the high Sierras.

    In addition, Wyoming has spent somewheres in the neighborhood of $65 million on managing grizzly bears only to have the state’s management plans blocked in court. That’s a lot of money which is generated by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses. Its inevitable that euthanization of excess problem bears will occur as long as the bears remain a listed T&E species – its the law of unintended consequences caused by the Federal court rulings maintaining the bears as T&E. If I remember correctly, Game and Fish trapped 42 grizzly bears last year and had to put 30 of them down because there was no more available designated habitat.

    To give you a better idea of the magnitude of the grizzly over population problem one only needs to compare to wolves in Wyoming which are managed for a population of about 300 wolves in Yellowstone, 14 designated habitats adjacent to Yellowstone and the Wind River Indian Reservation. The grizzly bear population in the same ecosystem is almost 4x higher than the wolves – approximately 1100 to 1200 bears. Wyoming would like to keep the grizzly population at about 900 bears but is blocked from doing so by Federal lawsuits. Sadly, it results in problem bears being euthanized.

    Give some thought to other large Federal acreage in the lower 48 where Wyoming’s excess bears can be relocated to – I have, and the options are very, very limited.

  116. You arm chair Monday morning quarterbacks are funny. How many of you were up in arms when the lady in Teton County refused to stop feeding the bears – including the 399 group? Or others in Teton County who refuse to put their bird feeders out of the bears reach – along with trash and other attractants. An ounce of prevention would have possibly saved this bear.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad that the bear had to lose its life, but it’s not all on the USFWS or WGFD. There are quite a few others behind the scenes that led to this tragic death.

    1. Far from being any kind of quarterback here but I do recall these instinct. As I recall, more people were wanting these people heavily fined or even jailed than not. Maybe, just maybe, now that will become an option.

    2. Great comment. Some people don’t see the whole picture and need to be educated before commenting

  117. New Hampshire relocates should a bear become a problem. It seems to work well. I’m not a fan of killing to eliminate the issue. At least try other options first. These animals are a precious treasure and should be managed appropriately.

  118. 399 is an amazing animal as are all grizzly bears but living amongst people Create a whole new complex set of rules. It is sad that 1 of her cubs came to this fate .I only hope that the other ones move far enough away from people to not meet the same same fate. It’s a it’s a good thing that we honor 399 and her offspring but the reality of the big picture takes president.
    You should know I am an avid bow hunter and no one respects wild places and critters mote then me .

  119. Totally outraged. We’re destroying, invading THEIR homes and yet we can keep multiplying a d destroying.. disgusting.. karma

  120. Why not punish the humans leaving food out where bears can be attracted to it? (creating the “un-wanted” interactions between bears and humans)… stop punishing bears for being “bears!” If they are “endangered” then stop killing them! Guess it’s fun playing GOD!

  121. MEMO to US F&WS: expect a great deal of male bovine excrement to be impelled through a high RPM ventilation devide pointed directly at your senior management’s hardwood desktop, forthwith.

    Less facetiously, in the Northern Rockies and the long spine of the Continental Divide there are millions of acres of unoccupied grizzly habitat, much of it interior wilderness ( think Selway- Bitterroot ). That prime habitat once held a high quantitude of griz. WHY fergawdssakes do we go from free ranging grizzly to being an extirpated dead grizzly withput passing thropugh TRANSLOCATION ? Why is the gun or the tranq dart the only tool in the conflict management toolbox ? If a Giant Panda bear can be moved from the bamboo jungles of southern China to the Berlin Zoo or the National Zoo in Washington D.C. , surely the PhD’s and tenured bear wranglers of USF&WS and the state game agents can parole a problem bear 100 air miles to unoccupied habitat where it could not possibly encounter a dumpster or a beef cow ?

    That it does NOT happen or even be considered as an alternative course of action is a total utter condemnation of any notion that USF&WS and the state game agencies really have the recovering bear’s better interests in mind. They … do…not.

    The prosecution rests, your honor.

  122. Get ready, Montana is having a meeting to discuss how many grizzly bears to kill this next hunting season. Meeting Aug. 2nd. Their commission consists of hunters, guides, and anyone who wants to hunt grizzlies. Montana wildlife will be there , at the detriment of the bears because they want the revenue this bear killing will bring. How many Griz in Montana? They want to keep 800, and kill the rest! Come on folks we need an overhaul of this sick and menacing idea of wildlife management!

    1. Fish and Game aren’t doing everything they can to secure the safety of the Grizzlies. It’s sad that they take the easy way out. You know they’re going to encourage a hunt to gain revenue. It’s always the way.

    2. The scientific management of wildlife includes hunting. The last time the state proposed hunting it was for 10 animals. The take was going to be strictly regulated. That is scientific management, not emotional management.The wildlife in the state are a resource that can be utilized as well as managed. There is no specific species that should be unmanaged. The population of the bears is capable of sustaining hunting and there is no scientific reason for them not to be hunted. It is much the same for the wolf population. People are emotionally attached to the animals and therefore refuse to Allow the scientific management of the population

    3. I live in Indiana and love following videos and photos of 399 and all bears. We had a blessing in early June to se 6 Brown Bears in Clarke National Park in Alaska. We kept our distance and took as many photos as we could. Beautiful animals. I agree to leave the bears alone. There is enough predictors that take them out, humans should not be one if them. If people don’t want to encounter bears, move to Indiana. I would love to see them, I know they can kill, but just a beautiful soul.

    4. Not WOKE for sure.. take notes if you can write. The money collected from the real people concerned about the wildlife population.. i.e. HUNTERS.. is used to protect wild game (bears included) from becoming extinct!

  123. When you live in bear country you expect a bear on your porch. I don’t think your entitled to have it euthanized. 13 conflicts, please, that’s your statement. Just kill it, so much easier than managing it. Disgusting behavior by U.S. game & fish. But there won’t be conflict #14. You saw to that!!

    1. My thoughts exactly. With Wyoming Game & Fish there is no ingenuity in their tactics. The thoughtless murder of this bear is very sad indeed.

  124. Hers a thought euthanize the older male that kills the cubs and maybe 399 won’t feel like she has to take those cubs around people to protect them

    1. Better idea ,let us hunt the male bears. I didn’t realize that this back and forth was going to consist of folks that never had to deal with grizzly bears or stare one down on a trail with no where to go . It’s easy to love them until one wants to eat you

  125. UNBELIEVABLE! You folks really have NO idea how horrible it is that y’all killed him!!! Why not try again to remove him far away from the area he was frequenting??? ONCE AGAIN, YOU WY WILDLIFE OFFICIALS ARE JUST LAZY!!! Makes me not want to spend any money in your state!!!🤬🤬🤬

    1. Actually the number of bears in Wyoming because the federal government outlawed the plan to hunt cannot be sustained. The bear population has to be managed scientifically not emotionally. The problem bears do not stop being problem bears simply because they are relocated. Oftentimes bears will travel hundreds of miles to get back to situations that they know.

  126. Why don’t they capture and put these problem subadults in the Discovery Center, zoo or someother habitat used to educate?

    1. Our little zoo in Lufkin Texas would have loved to have any one of the babies (sub-adults). Sad

  127. In a state with the riches that Wyoming has, the fact that they can’t make plans to relocate these 4 grizzlies sickens me. I don’t jump to conclusions, my family are hunters, But they allow these bears to live beside their homes and along our roads as cubs, drawing in the millions of tourist dollars, and then kill them when they reach adulthood. As they’re considered cute and manageable no problem, they will even trap them and collar them then, but when they reach adulthood they’re burned. Poorly done federal government, poorly done Wyoming.

    1. Perhaps its way past time for the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wyoming Game and Fish to move beyond simply “asking for the help of residents and visitors to secure attractants around homes, rental properties, and businesses…”? A zero tolerance policy and hefty fines assessed at the first infraction of feeding the bears or failure to secure attractants might demonstrate that individuals will be held accountable for actions that result in bear conflicts in which humans are complicit.

      1. Right On! G&F could show some courage if they would confront and fine massively anyone who mishandles food and attracts bears. First time, big fines. Second time a month in the hoosegow. I bet people would wake up and pay attention. G&F should be more creative and make Montana join in a management group that treats these bears like the magnificent creatures they are. BS

      2. You are one of the few posting here with a clue!
        Unfortunately, Fish and Game have no authority to fine people. Even the town of Jackson, which just passed a resolution regarding making the town “bear safe” is not enforceable. If all the outraged, directed their rage at all the town governments, or petitions the state to pass an enforceable law requiring bear safe conduct, there is little Fish and Game can do. Direct your rage where it belongs, not at the poor folks left to do the unfortunate work dealing with these poor animals.

    2. How can you put a price tag on one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Unfortunately everything in this country is about the almighty dollar. It’s a very sad state of affairs. Too bad we can’t eradicate some humans when they start bothering people. 🤔

    3. So you killed it ? It was doing nothing wrong! Hanging out on a porch how is that dangerous. This makes me tear up and feel angry!

    4. Right on point! Really feed off the glam of mama and four cubs whice o followed for 2 years,them kill them. Ya close up encounter qith bears are scary but that is what our wildlife management folks are for. I always believed they wanted to help the animals not kill them.qe take away their habits them wonder why they are coming around. Stupid humans. Very stupid humans that live I. Areas that contain bears then don’t take precautions to keep them away. Let’s just kill them. What a solution. These game wardens should be ashamed!

    5. I agree with you. I’m a Hunter from Montana 71 years old. I appreciate all wildlife incurding Grizzleys. This young bear could have had much better care somewhere else. Wyoming you did this one wrong. Maybe 399 should teach you all something. She had higher plans for her cubs. Manage wild life Wyoming !!

    6. You know the old saying “be damned if you do and be damned if you don’t. We all know that there are a lot of tree huggers in those western states. Some prefer and then some don’t. From what I’ve seen and heard the most of them would prefer that the tourists and the rest of the tax paying citizens finance anything to do with wildlife or environmental issues. They don’t like parting with their funds. Check out their tax paying records. That’s obviously why they have extravagant homes in those beautiful places. You know they don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. The bear is on his own as far as they are concerned.

      1. You can thank yourselves for this happening. Yep, everyone of you. Anyone with a once of animal knowledge would know that Everytime you lined the road to get pictures you were desensitizing these bears to humans. Simple put taking away their fear of humans. Having bears coming on peoples porches is the next step then wandering in stores with people and kids inside. As bear and wolf populations grow they move to new areas which puts them in populated areas. We currently have far more grizzly and wolves that what some of these organizations would like you to believe. Hey, they make their living by getting you to donate to their cause.

        For those complaining about humans living in animals habitat are hilarious,. Apparently you don’t acknowledge the fact that YOU live in some type of animals habitat. SMH.

        I live in Montana, our fish and game offered to send bears and wolves to every western state. Not one replied. You want wildlife in their natural areas as long as it’s “not in your backyard” (nimbs). Anyone here from California? Have you looked at your state flag and why? Wolves historical range will include every state but Hawaii, grizzlies a high percentage of states will be included. Please send our fish and game your address and we will be glad to send you the next problem animals. Show us how much you are on board with the keeping these animals in their natural habitat.

        Wilderness areas are road free and most don’t allow aircraft to land, not sure how you expect them to be relocated to these areas???? Bears and wolves are territorial and will kill when you introduce new animals to their territory.

        You think you are making great suggestions and arguments, when in fact you are just showing emotional knee jerk answers that while sounding good to you are full of holes. None so far have a chance of being a responsible or reasonable solution.

        1. You’re right Jeff everyone wants wolves and grizzlies in Montana and Wyoming but not in their backyard!!! All of the states which originally had wolves and grizzlies need to do their share of the work to re-establish these species. Interesting to note that Montana offered free wolves and grizzlies to any state that would take them and got no positive responses – that pretty much sums up the current dilemma. Impose wolves and grizzlies on Montana and Wyoming but not in your state – and then sit back and criticize Montana, Wyoming and the USFWS.