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Ron Paul Prediction

— Editor’s note: In advance of Super Tuesday, WyoFile’s “Sage Grouse” offers this special commentary.

So far The Sage Grouse’s political predictions have been about as useful as a stock tip from a drunk. But, never bashful, here’s another one:

Ron Paul will mount an independent campaign after being rejected by the GOP; he has too much invested in this game to just quit. Why do I keep thinking he looks like Ross Perot; oh, that’s because he will be remembered as another Ross Perot when the incumbent Democrat wins re-election.

Can we create a Spoilers Club: Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul.

George Wallace didn’t make it into the then emerging club where the sole admission criterion is whether you cratered a Presidential election in favor of the candidate you most hated.

Ron Paul is well on the way to membership.

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  1. Paul has stated he will not run. People can take him on his word as he said the same in 2008 and actually did not run independent. If the GOP does not end up selecting Paul, the election is done and Obama will be re-elected. Once the candidates leave Republican waters, they will face the GENERAL consensus of Americans of with their warmongering, religious zealotry, and hypocracy.

    Only Paul could really mount a challenge in the general election. Romney will be destroyed by the minority, independent, libertarian, third party, democrat, and muslim voters staying home or voting democrat who see him as nothing more as a fake flip flopper. Paul’s greatest difficulty was getting the old retiree republicans to vote for him who like their wars and empire. The dynamic will flip if he gets the nomination and goes on to general where his strengths of diplomacy, honesty, integrity, will show people that there is a clear difference in the candidates.

    Paul could care less about being a Ross Perot or Nader. He is concerned for the future of his crusade for Liberty and the Constitution.

  2. You have it backwards. If Paul is ousted by the GOP establishment that alone would be the point where the win is handed to the incumbent Democrat. Any of Paul’s actions after this point would not alter the eventuality in any significant way, beyond perhaps providing the GOP establishment a scapegoat. Due to sore loser laws and the negative impact that joining the club of which you speak would have on Paul’s legacy, I have a feeling your prediction is incorrect.