MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell chats with Hageman-Trump rally goers in Casper May 28, 2022. (Mike Koshmrl/WyoFile)

Mike Lindell is not the purveyor of election integrity truth. 

Lindell, peddler of pillows and promises, traveled to Wyoming in late May to speak in conjunction with a political rally. While here, he took it upon himself to allege publicly that widespread election fraud occurred in our fair state. He went on to declare that anyone who does not agree with him is a traitor to our country.  

As the chief election officer for the State of Wyoming, it is important for me to ensure that each of you know that Mr. Lindell’s statement is false. Not only is the allegation he made untrue, it is designed to influence your opinion and obscure the truth. On behalf of Wyoming’s 23 county clerks,  and my office, I offer you the truth about Wyoming’s elections.


When Lindell began advertising his 2021 cybersecurity conference that would “prove” fraud across the country, my office reached out to his organization. We were eager to find out what evidence he held. Our goal was to become informed about any proof he had so that we could take action. Their response was simple. “If you want the information, you will have to attend the conference.” Think about that for a minute. If you had proof of a crime of Constitutional proportions, wouldn’t you be eager to share it with anyone who asked?  

Unwilling to dismiss any allegation of fraud, we followed Mr. Lindell’s direction and I had my deputy secretary of state and my communications director attend the 72-hour conference virtually — watching the entire thing. There was no evidence presented. Of course, we did see during the conference, scrolling across the screen, that one could buy his products at a deep discount. We then reached out to Frank Speech, Mr. Lindell’s organization, several times to again request proof of his allegations. They provided us with nothing. 

As of today, the only information we obtained from Mr. Lindell was unearthed by our own staff researching on his website. Each of his claims have been disproven by the work of my staff. Mr. Lindell’s “facts” include the following:  

Lindell’s claim: Wyoming had Dominion voting equipment for the 2020 election. 

Fact: In May of  2020, all counties received brand new election equipment with state of the art security. It was first used in the 2020 election and was not manufactured by Dominion.

Lindell’s claim: 20,000 votes were stolen from Donald Trump in Wyoming. 

Fact: Graphics that we found on the Frank Speech website regarding election fraud in Wyoming are full of a myriad of numbers of flipped votes from 20,000, 11,222 and 22,444. He can’t even keep his own fraudulent  numbers straight. Even his own cyber-security experts have stated he has no credible evidence to support his claims. 

No credible candidate for any office in Wyoming can say Wyoming lacks election integrity.

Secretary of state ed buchanan

Lindell’s claim: Wyoming IP addresses from his website provide “evidence” of actual computers intercepting data regarding the election. 

Fact: The IP addresses provided on his website pointed to computers outside of Wyoming and were not the IP addresses of any county clerk in  Wyoming. Further, many of the dates of the alleged “interception” were after the election took place. All 23 county election totals were received by my office on election night and did not change when the State Canvassing Board met a week later and certified the results. 

Lindell’s claim: Wyoming voting machines are connected to the internet. 

Fact: The voting  equipment purchased in 2020 and used across the entire state contains neither hardware nor software to allow for internet access.  

And finally, I offer each of you some of my own evidence that your vote was counted exactly as you cast it.  

Fact: Wyoming voting equipment undergoes both a pre-election and a post-election audit. The 2020 results of the general election indicated 100% accuracy across the entire state.  

Fact: In the 2020 election, President Trump won by 70% in Wyoming, which is consistent with historical trends we have seen in Wyoming with past presidential elections. The only candidate to receive a higher percentage of the vote was President Ronald Reagan, winning 73% of the vote in 1984. 

Mike Lindell — the man with the “proof” — has never contacted my office directly or indirectly to share it. He has never provided anyone with a single piece of information indicating that Wyoming’s elections were tainted. When given a national stage to share his evidence, he simply resorted to calling me, and our county clerks, traitors. While that creates contemptuous pity for Mr. Lindell, I will simply respond with a quote by the great philosopher Socrates, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” 

No credible candidate for any office in Wyoming can say that Wyoming lacks election integrity. We consistently make improvements to our technology and processes to match the changes that time inevitably brings and will continue this practice to maintain that integrity. 

Edward A. Buchanan is Wyoming's secretary of state. Gov. Matt Mead appointed him to the position in March 1, 2018.

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  1. So you Buchanan Biden followers are all for the dismantling of our country one tank of gas at a time. And our voter rolls have problems that need solved still and some are currently working on this time consuming task. But for many it’s just easy to sit back in your comfortable lives and just say we are the Gold Standard for voting. This is all about One World Order. Sold out Dems and Republicans alike are spoon feeding the masses through propaganda that isn’t even noticed because people are still to comfortable to look further. Right now the price of one piece of plywood is 100 dollars. It was 38 dollars a board approximately 2 years ago. How dismantled to things have to get before people wake up? Wyoming is being fooled. Buchanan is part of the Fools Gold machine.

  2. Doubtful it is coincidence that this media corporation provided two similar editorials today on “election integrity”. Here’s a question no one in the establishment media will ask: Was Mr. Buchanan guaranteed the judgeship BEFORE he abruptly reversed his publicly announced decision to seek another term? No doubt he’s got the job, but the optics are awful, and will show the “good ol’ boy” establishment is alive and well in Wyoming.

  3. The Big Lie continues! Several people I have talked to believe this and nothing or any amount of lack of proof will convince them otherwise. This is the cancerous poison perpetrated by those who lack enough integrity to see the damage they are perpetrating on both honest citizens of Wyoming and the many volunteers who take time out of their schedules to do the duty to make absolutely your time and effort to vote counts. This is something I am proud to do and in fact have done this wherever I’ve been a resident for so many election cycles that I cannot recall how many I have done! In Wyoming, Texas and Nebraska as a poll,watcher, poll worker or a polling judge I’ve worked under the leadership and tutelage of the Republican representative for that precinct. In fact I actually looked forward to the job simply because his wife made the best enchiladas that I have ever tasted and was a bonus for a long day. In the 30+ years that I’ve worked as a poll worker for my fellows never violated our oath, many times bending over backwards to make sure a voter was at least able to vote as a conditional voter allowing them to later give evidence that they were able to vote in our precinct and our election. The single time that a poll worker violated that trust he was a minister that was handing out prefilled ballots telling, according to him, fellow church members how to vote. He was caught and immediately remove from the election polling station. I will continue to work as a poll worker, as long as I am able to and with due diligence continue to work to make sure you legally vote, make sure your vote is counted and the results being what they are correct, verified and honest. This is what I pledge to do on voting day and will continue to do so as I play homage to my oath and the Constitution of United States as well as to the Constitution of the State of Wyoming the Equality State.
    Charles W Randolph – Chugwater Wyoming poll worker

  4. Supposedly a quote from a respectable mind:
    “When fascism arrives it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the bible.”

  5. Thank you Mr. Buchanan for your service to the citizens of Wyoming as our SOS. Your definition and demonstration of integrity in this piece is the standard I hope the generations of successors to your throne adhere to vehemently. As for mr. lindell. A nice warm bucket of tar and the contents of one or two of his finest pillows should cover his shortcomings rather nicely…….

  6. I agree with not creating an issue where there is none. And I also am tired of all the verbiage of “false allegations” – this makes it seem like there is even a grain of truth when there is none. Lets say what it is, make it simple – they are LYING! They are spreading LIES. Just like when they say “there was not evidence of wide spread voter fraud” makes is sound like there was evidence of “more localized voter fraud”? How about there was less that 1% evidence of voter fraud or the same very miniscule percentage (or less than normal from what most statistics have shown) as there has been in the last 50 years of elections of ANY voter fraud! It just amazes me how everyone has been just fine with the status quo, no one on either side questioning election results for decades – then all the sudden the system breaks down because of Trump???? And this was even before he won in 2016???? I’ll never understand how his base didn’t see (didn’t want to see, didn’t care) his pre-election excuse all teed up and ready to go if he had lost. No one questioned the actual results of that election – the issue was the influence outside agents had on voters (again with LIES) before the election. But obviously they had the right group of gullible people in their crosshairs!

    1. I have watched 2000 mules and the evidence of fraud in just the few states they tested was overwhelming. I also watched Standing in the Gap where it proves the online capabilities of Es&s which I believe are the machines we use. I know we can not get a hand count audit unless we pay for it which is shady in itself. Why can’t we be transparent and why can’t people watch documentaries showing proof before they open their mouths. Are you afraid to watch the evidence? The truth is coming out. I pray that no one in Wyoming is guilty of fraudulent acts. I pray that we have elections we can trust and the will of the people will be heard.

  7. Thank you, Ed. Alas – I’ve lost confidence that any amount of reason or “truth” will have any effect on the next election. Most of my own Representatives are divisive.

  8. Thank you Ed, for speaking up about Wyoming’s election integrity. It is critical that Wyoming residents, and all Americans have faith in our elections. Efforts to perpetuate the Big Lie are a serious threat to our democracy. Truth should not have a political affiliation, it is tragic how so many politicians continue to lie to the public and demonize anyone who speaks the truth. To paraphrase Mitt Romney, this is all about one selfish man’s injured pride.
    Let us never forget the brave and patriotic Capitol policeman who were injured and died defending to our democracy on January 6. That mob who attacked and the people who continue to lie about the election and the violence that day are not patriots they are traitors. God Bless America and

    1. Watch Dinesh D’Sousa’s “2000 Mules” and explain away ALL the evidence presented that the results were valid !!

      1. Google “2000 mules debunked” and you can read and see the lies that you conspiracy theorists think is gospel.

        You can’t swallow every lie and falsehood and expect the rest of the country to be as gullible as you are.

    2. Mr. Layborn, the same Capitol Police that on the opposite side of the building was holding doors open for people to walk in and taking selfies with them? Oh ye hypocrite, remove the log from your own eye and then ye shall see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

      1. Another apologist for rioting and treason. The hypocrisy of those who try to minimize and rationalize the events of January 6 is breathtaking.

    1. Con artists prey on the gullible. I’m surprised that it has taken the “pillow patriot” this long to visit the chrump lemmings here in wyoming.

  9. Thank you Mr. Buchanan,
    I know in these times it takes courage to speak out agsinst all these fraudulant claims abour election integtity. The fact that you went above and beyond to research Mike Lindell’s bogus statements tells me that you have my vote and my admiration.

  10. Thank you SO much for providing this information to the public. I tell all my friends that no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you simply must pay attention to what source you use for staying informed, and who you listen to. Check the facts! Ed Buchanan has helped us cut through the BS from Lindell by checking the facts for us.

  11. Good for Ed Buchanan for speaking the truth even when the lunatic wing of the GOP does not like it and will call Ed a “RINO” or as Lindell said “traitor” for speaking the simple truth. Anyone who believes Lindell is either living in a fantasy world or is a moron.

  12. As James Boswell wrote in his biography of Samuel Johnson, “Patriotism having become one of our topicks, Johnson suddenly uttered, in a strong determined tone, an apophthegm, at which many will start: ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.’ But let it be considered, that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak for self-interest.” The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791.