Wyoming task force to take over federal lands will accept public comment

— May 9, 2013

Wyoming’s “Task Force on Transfer of Public Lands” will meet at 8:30 a.m. June 6 at the Technical Education Center at Gillette College.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear information related to the transfer of federal lands and a history of public lands within Wyoming. The Legislative Service Office will distribute an agenda for this meeting at a later date and the agenda will be available on the legislative Web site at: www.wyoleg.gov.   

Individuals who plan to provide written information to the Committee during the meeting should bring sufficient copies of the information for members of the Committee, Committee staff, and interested members of the audience. In addition, provide an electronic copy of the materials to Committee staff at the meeting.

All materials provided to the Committee in written form will be part of the official record of the Committee’s meeting and will be on file at the Legislative Service Office. Minutes of the meeting will be available on the legislative Web site at: www.wyoleg.gov.

Members of the Task Force on Transfer of Public Lands:

Senators: Eli Bebout, Larry Hicks

Representatives: David Miller, Kermit Brown

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