WyoFile reporter Angus Thuermer, left, near the headwaters of the Green River. (Leine Stikkel)

WyoFile reporter Angus M. Thuermer Jr. paddles Heeshma down the Green River below Squaretop Mountain, checking out a corner of his natural resources beat. The Bridger Wilderness in the Wind River Range is one of his favorite haunts and he frequently reports about the Bridger-Teton National Forest. His groundbreaking reporting this year includes:  

First to report about an effort to reclassify wilderness study areas, and about a gas field that threatens an entire county’s sage grouse population. He broke the news about a secret deal between Wyoming and federal government regarding how many grizzly bears should remain in the Yellowstone ecosystem after delisting, and filed the only report on what a father called a “joke” $13,120 fine imposed on a company where his son worked when he was killed by a bear.

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