A fly fisherman casts on the Green River above "The Narrows" at Warren Bridge in Sublette County. (photo by Angus M. Thuermer, Jr.)

As the summer draws to a close, WyoFile staffers seek to ensure they don’t miss out on Wyoming’s best season, so they’re taking most of the next two weeks off to go fishing. Instead of the usual collection of original stories and columns, this week we’re offering a look at some previously published, but still relevant, work. We encourage readers to explore our archives and use our search tool to find Wyoming news they might have missed.

Eclipse one year out

We are one year away from the total eclipse, which will happen Aug. 21, 2017. So if you want to see where the sun will be — how high and at what compass bearing — at eclipse time next summer, this is the week to scout. “Shadow money; Moon eclipses Tetons as coming attraction” explains the phenomenon and how people are flocking to Wyoming for the event.

High plains archeology

A site in the Shirley Basin suggests an ancient culture may have used both the basins and the high alpine areas of Wyoming as seasonal homes year after year, Kelsey Dayton wrote recently in her Peaks to Plains column, one of our most popular stories. Work by a University of Wyoming researcher has uncovered more clues about an almost-forgotten people.

Affordable care comment

Columnist Kerry Drake has penned his opinions here weekly without pause for three and a half years. During his first break, you can look back at a forceful piece on the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare isn’t to blame for death of Lummis’ husband.”

WyoFile’s Dustin Bleizeffer says North Platte trout have an odd genetic glint to their skin that make them appear blurry in photographs unless you hold them closer to the camera. (Dustin Bleizeffer/WyoFile)


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