Gov Dave opts for family life.

Meanwhile, on the GOP side there’s a farmer and a National Guard commander and a prosecutor and of course a Simpson (hey, there’s always a Simpson running for governor, right?) jockeying for position.

And, there is suddenly a huge vacuum on the Demo side.  Do you hear Ross Perot’s giant sucking sound?  (Well no, we don’t, actually that’s a different metaphor.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if Gov Dave had disclosed his family’s thinking earlier?  If I were a Democratic candidate, I would be irritated.  However, I am not…….

But, wait!!  Maybe The Sage Grouse COULD be a candidate.  I hear the phone a-ringing; could be another university fundraiser or fake pollster, or instead …. finally ….. destiny calling.  I could switch party registration again, for the zillionth time; hey, don’t give me crap, that is an honored Wyoming tradition.  If you registered as a Republican in 1992 you could vote twice against Dan Quayle, in the primary and the general.  I voted against Dan Quayle every time I could, even though that meant nothing in Wyoming.

Ooops, having been registered as a GOP person, there go my yellow dog credentials.  Oh well, I am probably more of a blue dog, or actually maybe I am more of a red dog, whatever that is.  No color of dog gets much traction in the Demo party if they spent a number of years registered as a Repub.

But, sudden epiphany strikes:  My dogs pee on conspicuous targets like bushes and hydrants, maybe I better stick to that role for selected politicians and sacred cows.

Or should I run? You decide.

[Editor’s Note: The Sage Grouse’s political platform, shaky as it is, can be found through a careful reading of his columns on the front page of  As a putative candidate, for example, you would learn that he loves dragonflies, abhors the idea of tolls on I-80, thinks animal shelters should euthanize pit bulls and thinks bear baiting is lazy, and maybe even cowardly.]

Update from the Grouse April 2, 2010:

Political Aspirations Get Complicated

It must be because I wrote about Dan Quayle.

I had this dream, and Lloyd Bentsen was berating The Sage Grouse, saying:  “I knew Hunter S. Thompson and you’re no Hunter S. Thompson.”


Now it’s REALLY time for a pity party.

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  1. run Sage Grouse he would be better then Simson if he gets in the Wyoming maffia also known as cattlemens ass. well get ther way agin and there goes the wolf yes you can print this